As Starfire awoke from her fear induced unconsciousness, she fully expected to be on a Psion ship, the cruel race prepping her for another series of experiments designed to strip her of her dignity, her sanity, and eventually, her life. However, the sight of the storm-tossed laboratory drove these thoughts from her head and she quickly scanned the room to find out what had become of her Psion attacker. A broken corpse answered her. "He's dead? Who…who killed him then?" She wondered aloud before noticing the snake bites in his neck. "Be…Beastboy?" she whispered, turning to look at the green Titan who was currently lying unconscious next to an equally unconscious Raven. Starfire had wished death upon that Psion for as long as she had been free of his machinations, and now, he had been killed, but not by her. As her hands began to glow with energy, she slowly walked toward the helpless Beastboy, "I know what I need to do."

Beastboy began walking toward the exit in Wisdom's domain when a thought occurred to him, 'You know, messing with Raven's emotions is entertaining, but I am a bit pressed for time. Let's try this stupid teleporter again.' With a quick activation of the teleporter, he again shifted through Raven's psyche. As his eyes adjusted from the flash of the teleportation, he found himself in a room that reminded him of a porno. 'Let's see, stains on the bed-check, an array of pleasure toys and lube on the nightstand-check, the scent of hormones and pheromones in the air-check. This must be Lust's domain. As if confirming his hypothesis, Lust walked sensually through a door at the back of the realm, her hips swaying and her breasts shaking.

Even though he knew he was in a hurry, Beastboy gleefully looked Lust up and down. She, rather than wearing an alternately colored leotard and cape as the other emotions did, wore instead what appeared to be a black dress, a dress which was slit up the sides, cut to reveal a large portion of her breasts and back, and short enough for Beastboy to see that she shaved herself very neatly. I'm gonna enjoy this. Beastboy thought before being startled by the sound of a voice.

"You know, it's rude to stare." Lust whispered breathily at the space he was standing.

"But how can I not stare," Beastboy began, as he uncloaked himself, "at such a sexy bitch?"

Lust smirked, "Such a flatterer." She whispered again, pressing her hand against his chest and licking her lips. "So tell me, what brings you to my realm? I know Raven and the Demonic one are fighting and based," She sniffed the air lightly, "on the scents you're carrying, you were in that area before Rage showed up but after Raven did. Did you have a hand in that?"

Beastboy grinned, "Guilty. I needed them distracted so I could…offer you a deal."

"Oh? What kind of deal, stud?"

"How does control of Raven's body sound?" Beastboy inquired.

Lust tilted her head quizzically at him, biting her lip as she did so, "And, what do you wish in return?"

"In return? I want you to serve as a follower/slave/assassin/cum bucket for me. Basically fulfilling any task I give you, no matter what."

Fanning herself as she had suddenly become very warm, Lust faked a swoon and winked at him, "You sure know how to treat a girl. But tell me; why not take Raven as yours instead?"

Beastboy shook his head at her, "Because she has all her emotions, such as you, Raven is very resistant to most forms of mental control, from coercion to outright hypnosis. Any control must get to both her and all you emotions and to each of you in a different way on top of that. However, if I get within her mind as I have here, and make you of her emotions subsume her, all I need to do is appeal to/control that one emotion, and Ta-da-One sexy Azarathian playtoy at my service, beck, and call."

Lust looked at him thoughtfully, "I see, so that's why you had Raven fight Rage, to tire her out so the emotion enveloping her would have an easier time."

"Partly, the other reason is to boost her power. Self-Demonic control will make her magic that much more potent for her briefly, and for you permanently, which as your future master, is all the better for me." Beastboy declared as a feral grin overtook his features.

"In that case, I just have one question" Lust began as she used her hand on his chest to grab his shirt and pull him taut against her, "Why should I let you get away with this and help you with it even, when I could attempt to stop you?"

Beastboy smirked at that point, cupped her ass in his hands and growled out, "Because I could fuck you into a coma and still have energy to spare, and you damn well know it. Now the question is, will you accept my offer."


Through sheer luck, Raven had dodged Rage's pounce with a roll to the side before bouncing up and delivering another darkness-coated blow to Rage's back, "Just give up Rage, you can't win."

Raven was startled as Rage began to laugh at that point, a deep, menacing laugh. "Queenie, queenie, queenie-That's where you're wrong. I can very well easily win. And you wanna know why? Because, I'm a fucking demon and I," Rage's eyes split into four, "can easily," her arms' muscle thickened and her claws grew sharper, "become your worst nightmare." Rage instantly disappeared, and Raven went on guard, only to scream in pain as she felt a slash run through her thigh. Rage reappeared in front of her, running her bloodied fingers along her tongue, "Far too bitter for my tastes." She quipped. "Don't worry, I'll kill Beastboy first after I defeat you, so he doesn't suffer."

Despite herself, Raven felt a wave of anger and of energy flow through her from that statement, and her clothes shifted white, as her wounds healed, "Not while I'm still breathing bitch!"

"THAT'S THE IDEA!" Rage shouted gleefully as she sprinted at Raven, claws bared and fangs snarling.

It appeared neither of them would hold back this fight.