God's Mysterious Ways

Summary: Supernatural/X-men cross-over: The apocalypse has been diverted everything is great, so of course that's when God wants to interfere.

Warning: This will have slash. (Dean/Castiel and hints Gabriel/Sam)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except maybe the plot (and that's a maybe) if I did supernatural would have a lot of Destiel and Jean from the X-men would not have gotten in the phoenix stage or whatever.

What happened:(I'm not good with fight scenes (At least not this complex) So even this short summary of the fight will suck)Lucifer got thrown back in hell with the help of Gabriel. Gabriel joined team free will and got closer to Sam.(hint hint)After the apocalypse was diverted Sam still longed for a normal life and wished to go back to college ,Gabriel wanting to please his pup cleaned both Dean and Sam's records. Dean confessed his feeling toward Castiel. (If you call kissing Cas right after the defeat of Lucifer a confession)Lucifer s return to hell sucked up most of the other demons and few rom the earth. Because of Lucifer s return most of the supernatural creatures are staying low. So hunting has been slow that Dean had decided to settle down (for now).Cas had died (again) in the fight against Lucifer but was brought back to life and helped defeat Lucifer with his angelic powers, after wards he realized that he needed to sleep (Woke up next to a hung over Dean) and eat and do other human things, he also felt more emotion but Cas still had problems expressing himself to other people except Dean, Gabriel, and Sam.

Chapter 1

Led Zeppelin blasted through the speaker's of the impala as Dean and Castiel drove though the country side. Cas could fly but preferred to be with his mate. They had just finished a job in Chicago when Dean saw Cas have a look on his face that could be seen as "adoration/obedience" on his face that was clearly not from hearing Lea Zaplin ,When there was suddenly a flash of light and then pitch blackness.

Dean woke up to police sirens and street lamps which proved to be VERY helpful in telling him that he was in a dark ally ,after that thought had registered he quickly stud up and began searching the ally for his angel.


"Dean" said a weak voice from behind a dark green trash can near the end of the ally.

"Cas, what the hell" dean said as he helped his angel to his feet and then tried to stead him which was proving difficult as every time he did the angel lost his balance until Cas just lost conscious.

"Great, We're in a dark fucking ally where I can't even see my hand in front of my face and now I've got an unconscious angel this is perfect"

Dean said as he set Cas down so he could scope out the area. As Dean walked under the dim streets lights ,that he saw from the ally way he realized that he was in a city and not one of those cities in the middle of no-where, no he was in a large popular city if the cars in the street where anything to go by. What surprised Dean was a 67 Impala parked right in front of the ally he came out of. Dean quickly grabbed Cas and put him in the front seat and set out to find a motel.

"Hey Charles what's up?"

"Hello Logan, Cerebro has just detected two new mutants but there seems to be something strange about them" Charles said with a confused look.

"What do you mean "strange"? "Cerebro is unable to locate their exact location; it seems that I m being blocked"

"Do you think it's Magnito"

"No I think we just have a powerful psycic if he is able to block his and his friends mind from Cerebro.I did get some information though"

"So you know what their power are? "

"No but Cerebro did happen to get a short description on both of them, which will help us locate them."

Name: Unknown

Eye color: Green

Hair: Light Brown

Sex: Male

Name: Unknown

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Dark Brown

Sex: Male

"We must find them quickly Logan" Xavier said with a grim face.

"What's the rush Charles?" said Logan as he glanced at Xavier's face and saw the grim expression on his face.

"Are they that dangerous Charles?"

"I am not sure but one of these two young men just released an enormous amount of energy.

"Huh...Well How powerful can a 17 year old be?"

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