God's Mysterious Ways

Summary: Supernatural/X-men cross-over: The apocalypse has been diverted everything is great, so of course that s that's when God wants to interfere.

Warning: This will have slash. (Dean/Castiel and hints Gabriel/Sam)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except maybe the plot (and that's a maybe) if I did supernatural would have a lot of Destiel and Jean from the X-men would not have gotten in the phoenix stage or whatever.

What happened(Supernatural):(I'm not good with fight scenes (At least not this complex) So even this short summary of the fight will suck)Lucifer got thrown back in hell with the help of Gabriel. Gabriel joined team free will and got closer to Sam.(hint hint)After the apocalypse was diverted Sam still longed for a normal life and wished to go back to college ,Gabriel wanting to please his pup cleaned both Dean and Sam's records. Dean confessed his feeling toward Castiel. (If you call kissing Cas right after the defeat of Lucifer a confession)Lucifer s return to hell sucked up most of the other demons and few rom the earth. Because of Lucifer s return most of the supernatural creatures are staying low. So hunting has been slow that Dean had decided to settle down (for now).Cas had died (again) in the fight against Lucifer but was brought back to life and helped defeat Lucifer with his angelic powers, after wards he realized that he needed to sleep (Woke up next to a hung over Dean) and eat and do other human things, he also felt more emotion but Cas still had problems expressing himself to other people except Dean, Gabriel, and Sam.

What happened(X-men evolution):Okay this does not have a proper time line but it takes pace in season two ,Beast is in the X-men but they don't want to freak out the new mutants so Beast is eating in the lab or something.


/Telepathy or Thoughts (I don't think it will be that confusing if so tell me.)

Chapter 4

[As the two cars made there way to the mansion at a steady rate ]

*************In the Impala

"Okay,Cas you remember our story?" Dean asked His angelic lover.(1) "Yes,Dean." Castiel said "What do I do if they ask something we have not discussed?"Cas said.

"Well you suck at lying so we will have to stick as closely to the truth without reveling anything supernatural or you know wing it."Dean said as he sensed Cas's concern through their soul link. Although Cas's facial expression, that to some would look stoic but not Dean ,To Dean Cas looked almost worried ,so with no hesitation Dean grasped Cas's had long ago cast aside his no chick flick moments with Cas."Don't worry Cas we beat old Lucy back how hard can it be completing a mission from God.",Dean said with a grin while squeezing Cas's hand,Which Cas returned with a small smile showing Dean that his jester was appreciated and said,"Your right Dean." in a fond and affectionate tone as both of them lapsed into a comfortable silence with "Ramble On" going softly in the back ground.


" This is a School?Reminds me of those rich millionaires mansions.",Dean said as he looked up at the mansion with Cas,Who was also looking at the place they would live at until they finished there mission.
"Well come on The professor would like to meet you two."Jean said as she opened the door and lead them to Professor Xavier's office.

"Welcome." Xavier said as Jean and two young men entered the room with Scott behind them.

"Professor this is Dean um."Jean said as she just realized that that she did not know the last name of either of the two new mutants.

At that moment Dean steeped up and started introducing himself and Cas.

"Dean Hunter and that's Castiel Angelo. " Dean said with a charming grin while pointing at Cas.

"Wait I thought his name was Cas?", Scott said right after Dean introduced Castiel.

"It's a nickname."Dean said shrugging.

"Well Hello my name is Charles Xavier and Welcome and ."Xavier said pleasantly as he tried to analyze the new by looking at them he gathered that they are best friends they might even think of each other as family depending on how long they have known each other and how long they have only depended on one another ." , would you mind answer some of my questions right know before Jean and Scott get you too settled in your own rooms."

"Professor ..um they only came with us on the condition if they can share a room." Jean said

"May I ask why you too are willing to share a room if you don't mind.", Xavier said a bit curios.

"It's Dean and Cas or Castiel , and well",Dean said as he started to rubbed his neck but stopped when he realized what he was doing."I don't really trust you all and we got used to each other sleeping in the same room is all."

A bit surprised by how blunt Dean answered his question but replied with ,"Well I can assure you we will not harm you or your companion in any way but first can you answer some questions for me and then Jean will take both of you to your room,",Xavier said while wondering what could have happened to them to make them both so distrustful.

Dean and Cas nodded and Xavier ask his first question."How long have you too known one another and how long have you too been with out adult supervision.

"Three years and Were orphans ,and I don't think social workers can be called adult supervision since they don't stay very long. " Dean said with a joking grin while remembering some of the social worker he had seen while he was feeling Dean's anger tried to sooth it by putting a hand on Deans shoulder while sending out calming feelings to Dean.

Jean and Scott surprised by the new information stayed silent but Scott couldn't help but to wonder what would have happen if the professor had not found him while Jean and the professor were surprised by Castiel's act of comfort that did not seem necessary but if one looked closely one could see Dean's muscles Xavier quickly processed the new information and Castiel's act of comfort and wondered how strong the new mutants connection with each other could be just after three years?It's like they know what one another is to ask more questions but not wishing to push them Xavier decided that it must be a very stressful day for them and asked Scott to take them to their room while jean stayed with him.

"Professor"Jean said with pity in her voice.

"Yes,I know Jean but at least know they will make new friends don't worry Jean I am more then sure that they will fit in just fine.I also believe they won't appreciate your pity Jean."Charles said as he moved his wheel chair to a position where he could stare out of the window seeing the pinks ,yellows ,and purple colors from the setting sun go over the green grass and water fountain.

"Your right professor"Jean said with a small smile as she also looked out the window.

****************Dean and Cas's room 30 min later


Is what what startled Dean and Cas from their make out session on "Dean's" bed which they would share but the X-men didn't have to know making a frustrated noise got up to answer the door with Cas trailed behind him also a little annoyed that they had to stop kissing.

"What?",Dean said annoyance clear in his voice.

"Wow!Man, I just came to tell you too that dinner is ready and I'm also supposed to show you the way.",Scott said stuffing his hand in his khaki pants.

"Oh,Okay"Dean said losing his annoyance once food was mentioned. "Let's go Cas."Dean said as he subconsciously garbed Cas's hand while following Scott the whole way to the kitchen.


"Okay, I want all of you to be on your best behavior .This two young men have been through a lot . ",Xavier said as he addressed the original X-men while the new X-men students where asked to have other plans for dinner ,to not over whelm the new mutants that where not used to different object/energy/or powers flying around them.

Before anyone could reply Scott followed by Dean and Cas came into the the room.

The X-men where silent as Dean and Cas just sat down and started to eat not even looking at the X-men which were staring at them awkwardly, trying to get one of there peers to say something,Kurt how had been shifting in his sit finally cracked and asked "So what's your power."(2) his voice sounding much louder then it actually was in the silent room.

Dean and Cas, that where having a conversation about the world,as in Dean asking about drinking laws,driving laws, and gun/knife weaponry, were startled out of there conversation when they heard the foreign boy's question.

Dean quickly swallowed and said ,"nothing special. " but quickly added "My reflexes, strength,agility,speed, and sense's are better." ,After he felt Cas getting mad at him for disregard himself.

Kurt curious about Cas which had not even spoken since he got to the mansion asked "What about you,Whats your power?"

Cas turned his gaze towered Kurt which made Kurt flinch back a bit but answered in a deep monotone voice which surprised Storm and Xavier but only made Logan pay more attention to him ,trying to see through Cas's stoic face but creeping out everyone else.

"I constantly have an indestructible shield around myself ,super strength and I am also able to make people unconscious by touching there foreheads, "(3 )Cas said before returning to his meal.

Xavier, cleared his throat and asked"A few days ago there was a massive power surge which lead us straight to yourself and you tell us what caused you to release so much energy. " after the pregnant pause that happened after Cas spoke.

/Dean what do I say we did not speak of this before?/Cas said inwardly sensing his mate's panic,squeezed Cas's knee under the table which Logan noticed and told Cas to wing it.

"We...where attacked.",Cas said which made Dean mentally face palm for his angels hesitation "Damn it!I hoped that Xavier and everyone else just drops it.

No one at the table believed that was the reason for the power surge but didn't call them on it since they clearly did not want to talk about it.

Dean wanting to get away from the X-men's questioning suddenly said "Well it's been a Weird as-um day so Cas and I are going to bed, Nigh't" while grabbing Cas by the wrist.

"Dean I'm n-"Cas started to say till he got an elbow to his side and quickly said bye to all of the X-men while giving Dean a glare as he was dragged away.

AN: I know I suck I had most of this written like two weeks ago but my mom told me to go to bed and then my power went out,had school .Anyway I should have had this up a week ago but ...yea..I got lazy.I tried writing smut but found out that ,although I might be okay with the middle and end of smut but I suck at begging smut.I there are mistakes in this then to bad cause I just found out that if you use the note pad to write a fic in first and then copy and paste it on here it cuts off some off the sentences.I tried to fix it.

The whole wing it thing was an unintentional pun but I happen to like puns so it works.

1.Could not help it

2.I will not write accents (I'll try and put some of there slag words or something but dialog,HELL NO!),one -I can barley write , two- it's hard enough not putting in my Texan slag(I don't know that much Texas slang ,which is sad since I've lived there/here all my life ,but I do have some. ) which I constantly have to remind my self not to use , and third-I'm LAZY!

3.How else am I to explain Cas's cloths never being torn.

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