Yo this my new fic by reading this you will know i am a really big "T.I." and Eminem" fan. Well if you don't know who they are well they're rappers. This will be a harem.

Don't ask how many cuz i haven't decided yet.

The way Naruto is gonna talk is gonna like street/rap talk like when he says ''or'' it's gonna sound like a ''oh'' or like when he says ''th'' in a word it's gonna come out as a ''D'' like ''that'' is gonna be ''dat' and ''My'' is gonna sound like ''Ma' and "your" is "yo".

You might not know how to talk like that but for people who were raised in the ghetto like me ya'l know how.

Warning He is not gonna be all super smart or godlike strong like my other fics .I assure you it's not gonna be like any other Naruto fic you have ever read well at least i haven't.


Strong Naurto

Street Smart Naruto

Badass Naruto

Talented Naruto

Potent Naruto (you will get my meaning)

Gangsta Naruto



Let's begin

P.S the technology is higher there will be cellphones and computers and TVs etc...

1 dollar = 1 Ryo

...A King's Freedom

Little Uzumaki Naruto was slowly walking down an alleyway as he just left the ANBU HQ. He was hiding from the black ops, he just wanted to know what the ANBU in their spare time. His private mission was successful until a man named Morino Ibiki caught him but he didn't say anything to him, he just stood there looking at him and offered him a seat before beginning to tell him about it was wrong to break into the HQ.

He showed him to a booth that you could see through a window and on the other side was a man with long blond hair with another man, that was tied up to the wall. He had his hand over the helpless man's head, causing him to scream so loud that he was surprised the glass didn't shatter.

He turned back to Ibiki, asking him why he was screaming and why he showed him this.

Ibiki told Naruto that people who broke into the HQ would have what they learned, swiped and destroyed from their memories and he told them that the Yamanaka clan had a special ability that let them go into peoples minds.

The two bonded for a while and Ibiki really liked Naruto, he was really smart for a kid his age. Ibiki told to him to leave before found out that he let someone, not of black ops, into the HQ.

Along the way out, Naruto was caught by a few soldiers and ran from them. So here we are, with Naruto still hiding from the black ops soldiers.

He looked towards the end of the alley and saw a bunch of guys dropping three big and full bags on the ground.

"We Gotta leave this shit here, if mom and dad catch us with it, we're dead meat" One of them said while the other nodded and they ran for dear life.

Naruto walked up to the bags, they weren't all that heavy.

They had some instruction on the back, it was written on tape, he didn't know why but he just ripped it off and put it in his pocket.

A few more minutes down the ally a strange and shaky man saw the bags he had and said.

"Hey kid, I'll give you 10 000 ryo for all the bags"

Naruto just stared at him oddly but nodded anyway and gave the bags but kept the sticker and took the money and ran home.

When he got home he checked the money to see if it was real and he was saw they were he almost wanted to cry, almost.

He was done crying, he cried when everyone ignored him and he was shouting for help but no one came, they all just watched him cry. The last he cried was when the principal at the academy told that he couldn't come anymore since he couldn't afford it and he wore blind that he would never cry ever again.

With that money, he went to his favourite place to eat, Ichiraku Ramen. The only place that didn't throw him out

The place was run by the Ichiraku family, if he remembered right, they had a daughter that two years older then him.

They were so nice to him growing up, especially the mother and wife, her name was Ayake. She always wanted to adopt him but he just kept saying no.

It wasn't that he didn't like them, no, far from it, it's just that he didn't want to see them hurt.

He was currently standing in front of the stand, but chose not to go inside since he didn't want them to ask about how he got the money.

It was A LOT of money for a few bags of grass so he was sure there was something that he didn't know.

At the tower

Naruto walked into the tower ignoring all of the ANBU black ops soldiers since he was sure that they knew that he was the on that broke into their base of operations.

Once he walked in, he saw the Third Hokage, or as he called him.

"Hey old man!" he shouts with enthusiasm.

Hiruzen smiled at him.

"Hello Naruto-kun, how are you?" the elder of the two asks.

"i'm great" he says before continuing. "Hey old man?"

The elder Hokage raises a greying eyebrow.

"Yes Naruto-kun?" he reply's.

"What's marijuana?"

The Sarutobi choke's on his pipe before regaining his posture.

"Why do you ask Naruto?"

"Because i saw this guy saying that he wanted to make it and make money" Even Naruto himself was surprised at how fast he came up with that.

Hiruzen nodded.

"I see...you wouldn't happen to know who this person was, would you?" he asks.

Naruto shook his head and got a sigh as a reply from the legendary shinobi.

"Well Naurto-kun, marijuana is a grass that one smoke's, like my tobacco" he showed him the inside of his pipe.

"It's illegal to have more than half a hand on you in public, and you may find yourself doing a few years in jail if you actually try to sell it"

Naruto nodded.

"Well uhh thanks old man, i gotta go" he said before walking out the room.

The Next Day

Naruto went to the village gates which had a huge line up of people trying to come in for the festival of the defeat of the Kyuubi no kitsune and managed leave unseen with 36 zip-lock bags just by walking out.

He went to a huge garden that you could see just as soon as you leave the village.

He was pretty sure they what he wanted. Once he got there, he saw a bunch of the farmers smoking, but these weren't cigarettes, it was something else and it didn't smell like smoke.

Without being seen, he walked up to one of little plants and began cutting it up before putting them, piece by piece, in each bag and ran away.

When he made it back to the village gate, he saw an even longer line and, once again, merely walked into the village without even trying.

Once he got home he followed the instruction of making it and buried the seeds in a multiple jars of dirt and cut up the leafs which he learned from reading the sticker was called "Kush" but he just called it ''the stuff''.

He went outside wearing a dark blue hoodie with the hood up covering his face and dark blue pants tucked in dark blue sandels with hidden smoke bombs in his pocket.

He chose the crowded market area as his "spot" so that he could "blend in" with everyone without being seen.

People began one by one walking up to him without being seen and because of the festival it was legal for people to be smoking it as long as there are no children around but only smoke it, not sell it.

Then came his final client came but noticed something odd about him first he never saw him in the crowd and second he looks kinda nervous and shaky.

"So where is the stuff? huh?"

Naruto looked at the guy and knew that he was a shinobi with his amazing skills... Okay that's a lie, the guy had his hidden leaf head band hanging around his waist.

The blond haired boy decided to make sure the didn't think it was him to begin with.

"I don't know what you're talking about, my mom and dad told me not to talk to strangers" It was no secret that Uzumaki Naurto was and orphan, so he was pretty sure that the guy didn't think it was him anymore, and if he didn't before, than he won't now.

He through a smoke bomb to the ground and made a run for the sewerage system. He made his way through to the hole in front of his apartment, how he knew the way you may ask...well... it was written...

Any way, once he home, he closed the windows and locked the door before beginning to count the money.

Once he finished counting he saw he made a grand total of 6, 800 ryo as he sold 34 packet and still had lots left. That night he went to sleep happy.

The Next Day

Naruto was trying even out his money but couldn't so he went to a corner store with his usual clothes. (dark blue hoodie with the hood up)

He went to the clothing section where they only had hats, glasses and rubber bands since it's a corner store and he bought s pack of four hundred rubber bands that are only two cent each so it cost 80 ryo.

Once he got home he wrapped up his cash one rubber band for every hundred ryo.

He left to go to his "spot" with pockets full of rubber bands and made 3, 720 ryo which he wrapped up in rubber. On the way home he saw the sign ''Welcome To Red District".

And it went on like that for four years but then he got caught red handed by a root ANBU soldier and was brought before the konoha council.

Everyone was shocked of this discovery even the civilians that the so called "Rubber band Man" was the ten year old demon.

Hiruzen felt like crying but he was the Hokage, he couldn't let any body see him weak so he tilted his hat forward to hide his face. In front of him stood Naruto on his knees with his hands cuffed with all of his "Stuff".

Hiruzen though still felt like crying his voice did not change.

"Why Naruto-kun?"

Naruto just stared at him and didn't say anything to him. He couldn't feel shame because he liked his rich life.

"ENOUGH! i propose he goes to prison for Ten years" Danzo exclamed with all of the civilians nodding.

"Ten years that is ridiculous i purpose he goes to prison for one year" said Hiashi. He didn't care for the boy but he had great weed for him and his friends during special occasions but he couldn't show that he actually like the boy.

"Are you kidding he is only ten years old and hated by every civilian in Konoha" Tsume shouted before saying. "It's not fair for him"

"I am an elder so i say he will be going to prison and as one of the Shodai's laws stand if a crime has been going on for more than a year, the person who has done the crime must be sent to prison depending the on the crime and he has been selling drugs for the past four years"

That shocked everyone who did not hate Naruto because it was a true law and so they had no choice but to send him to prison for four years.

The Next Day

Naruto was sent to prison but he was not stupid.

The day before he was arrested he hid all money by burying all the rubber banded money not that he saw it coming it was just in case.

They were in a carriage with ''They'' being Naruto and the root soldiers. When they got there they saw it.

The prison. Dubbed "Hi no Kuni Correctional Facility".

It was made of giant brown bricks and it was an island with a light house.

From there Naruto was taken by other normal shinobi they were surprised to see a ten year old but took him into his cell none the less.

His cell was small two bunk beds and a toilet and no roommate.

The Next Day

They had to do manual laber and other chores for money to buy things like gum, cigs, stereos and MP3s.

To pass the time they work out, draw art in the cells with graffiti, play basked-ball, play poker and join the fight clubs for cash.

The prison had four buildings the North, West, Est and the South with Est and West being for women and Naruto is in the south that is called the "Trap"

Every building had a nickname the North is the "Grind", the Est is the "House" and the West is called the "Hood".

Naruto has gotten a lot respect for the shit he went through it seems like even the female prisoners gossip.

Two Years Later

When Naruto turned twelve a female prisoner brought him to her cell where he became a man. Soon after that, he met these two best friends, they were in jail for 90 days because of vandalism, the first was Hideo Fuka. She was a daddy's girl and an heiress to the Hideo hotels all across the world.

The other was Ishioka Makie. She was heiress to the Ishioka restaurant, only one in the whole wide world, but people came from other nations just to get a taste of her family's cooking.

They were here because they went a little crazy at fashion show. Unfortunately for Naruto, he had sex with BOTH of them and was falling in love with BOTH of them.

You're probably thinking that it's a good thing but he just couldn't chose between the two of them.

Naruto later joined the fight clubs with the alias "King of the Trap" or just "King" and so far he has not lost a single fight most likely because he worked out his muscles for eight hours with his stamina to a point his punch could pierce through someone like the chidori.

His nicknames started from "The Kid" to "Fox" to "King" he was very talented in graffiti art, dancing and singing/rapping but picked up a heavy
smoking habit.

He bought himself a recorder, one that you could play music in the background with and began rapping and selling mix tapes. One of the guys that was close to him in prison was THE Dr Dre, who took his talent to the studio and Naruto got a work release of three months after Dre was released.

He only had three months to work on an album and he did it...sorta


Naruto walked into the studio, the legendary Dr Dre's Aftermath Entertainment studio.

Once he got there, in his orange jumpsuit, the whole room cracked jokes and laughed at him but once he got inside the recording booth, BOOM, smooth, like smoke, they were all stunned at his free styling ability. (Can you guess what song part of that line is form, it's a song by Eminem)

Since he kept off any cuss for more radio time and had to do it all in just three months, it wasn't very successful, it only sold 81 500 copies, 29 000 in it's first week and made it to # 46 on the billboard.

It was called "Sentenced" as a reference to his sentencing in prison. (It had all songs of Eminem's first album "Infinite")

Everyone at the Dre's label began telling him not to sign Naruto.

(Flashback End)

He got himself an Ipod, a beat box and twenty-two packs of cigs. He has created his first real song album that he is gonna release once he get's out. He called it "A King's Freedom" under stage name N.K. (it has the songs of the album Slim Shady LP)

So far it only had one song but he's working on it.

He changed a lot he was as fast a mid-chunin his body had muscles everywhere

Two More Year Later

After he made his album the two years past fast and next thing he knew he was being escorted back into Konoha and taken to the Hokage's office. Dre was releasing his new album.

His hair had grown (shippuden) but you couldn't see that because he had a black basket-ball hat with the word "KING" on it in white that was front positioned but the right side of the hat was higher on his head making it shadow over his left eye.

He wore a white hoodie that was zipped halfway with the hood up and over his hat with the words "King Of The Trap" on the back. Underneath the hoodie he wore a plain black tank top.

He wore baggy black jeans that he wore lower than his waist held there by a white belt with "KING" on his belt buckle.

He wore very light brown almost orange boots.(Timbaland boots) To finish his style he had a silver loop piercing on his left ear. (Cuz the right ear is the gay ear)

(Remember he talks hip-hop like)

"Yo old man...how's it hangin?"

Hiruzen was still in shock but after a minute, they began catching up with each other.

It seems like Konoha was well aware of his shameful (To him only) debut album. But they thought it was pretty good.

Currently, Naruto has a net of 866 875 ryo in his bank, made by Dr Dre by the way.

That day, Naruto went to where he once buried his 200 000 from before and had to stay at a motel because HIS apartment wasn't HIS anymore.


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