It begins

The limo pulled up in front of a beach side mansion. Klaus and Claudia stepped out from the car and stretched. They had been driving for hours and they were quite stiff.

"Klaus, get the 'baggage' will you. I'm going to go make some calls" Claudia said calmly and walked towards the front doors, Sophie at her heels. Klaus walked to the boot of the car and lifted it up. Brittany squinted as the outside light hurt her eyes. The night sky was slowly starting to fade, being replaced by a light blue.

"Come on, let's get you inside" Klaus muttered and dragged Brittany from the car. She wanted to struggle and fight, but she was tired, and she didn't want him to hurt her again. She needed to keep them happy as long as she could until help could arrive. If she angered them, she might not make it until then. Klaus slumped her over his shoulder and proceeded inside the mansion. It looked similar to the previous mansion, however it was more tropical themed, with wall colorings resembling beaches and palm trees.

"I bet you've been so cramped in that tight boot weren't you?" Klaus mocked as he walked down a hallway.

"Well, I think I know just what to do to make you feel all better" he laughed as he rounded a corner. A stair case led to a downstairs cellar. Klaus removed her bindings and threw her down the stairs laughing. Brittany bounced down the stones steps and felt pain rush through her as she hit the bottom.

"Whoops sorry about that" Klaus laughed before slamming the door shut. Brittany could hear a locking noise come from the other side. Brittany sniffed back tears and hopped up from the cold hard floor. The cellar was relatively big. Towards the right side were six or seven kegs of wine and to the left side was a wine rack with different numbers of vintage bottles. There was a dirty window to the back of the room. Brittany walked to it and tried to open it. As she had suspected, it was locked. She let out a sigh then squinted through the filthy glass. Most of her view was obscured by bushes and leaves, but towards the top she could make out the ocean under the clear blue sky. She looked at it longingly. Oh how she wished she was out there right now, enjoying the beach rather than being kidnapped and locked in dreary cellar miles and miles from her family.

"I mustn't give up hope" she whispered to herself, Theodore's words still echoing through her head. She started to pace back and forth trying to thick a plan to escape. She took a look at the wine bottles and the kegs and an idea came to her head. She could try it now, but she didn't know whether Klaus and Claudia would come and check on her. She decided to wait until nightfall when they had gone to bed.

"I just hope I last that long" she whispered to herself. She sat on the floor and did the only she could think of to pass the time.

"One cement tile, two cement tiles, three cement tiles…"

Dave was still asleep in his hotel room, as was Miss Miller and Inspector Jamal, but the chipmunks and Chipettes were wide awake, already planning on what to do next. Eleanor had told Jeanette and Simon about Theodore's actions at the hospital, which had earned the blushing chipmunk even more praise.

"Wow Theodore that was so brave" Jeanette exclaimed, as Eleanor retold the story for the fifth time.

"Thanks guys, but we need to get back to thinking of a plan to save Brittany" Theodore said. They all nodded. They were sitting in a circle on the bed. Eleanor was resting her head on Theodore's lap while he stroked her hair. Simon and Jeanette sat opposite to them. Simon had his arm around Jeanette pulling her closer to him, a move which she immediately welcomed.

"Well so far we know that Klaus and Claudia have taken Brittany to Costa Rica. If only we had some more information, we could formulate a plan" Simon said, rubbing his chin with his hand. The four chipmunks sat in contemplation for a moment when Jeanette came up with an idea.

"Hey, what if we used a satellite to track their jet. We could pinpoint exactly where in Costa Rica they are" she said excitedly.

"Good thinking Jeanette. Once we track down their jet, we can check through the area's house listings and find out exactly where they are staying" Simon said hugging Jeanette in joy. She blushed and returned the hug.

"But how are we supposed to use a satellite. Aren't they in space?" Theodore asked curious. Eleanor let out a giggle. She didn't exactly know how they could do it either, but she did know that it wouldn't require them going into space.

"All we would need is a computer, then Jeanette and I could hack into an orbiting satellite and use its radio frequency to track down the aerial code. Then once we have tracked them, we would just need to sort through the area's house listings until we come up with a match" Simon said loudly. Eleanor and Theodore still didn't really understand what Simon was proposing, but Jeanette and Simon were smarter than them and they had no other ideas so the two younger chipmunks agreed. Eleanor however was the first to point out a fatal flaw in their plan

"Um guys… we don't have a computer"

Jeanette and Simon looked at each other for a moment. Simon looked as if he was going to say something, then stopped and sighed.

"Why don't we just go ask Inspector Jamal if we can use his computer to hack into a satellite" Theodore asked happily. Jeanette and Simon glanced at each other.

"Uh, Theodore. Hacking isn't exactly… legal" Simon said quietly, looking at the floor.

"Oh" Theodore said before sighing. The group looked at each other trying to think of a plan. Suddenly Eleanor jumped up from the bed.

"I have an idea guys. Huddle around" she said. The group got up and circled her as she whispered her plan. When she finished she put her hand out.

"Who's with me" she said confidently. Theodore placed his hand over hers.

"I am" he said. Jeanette and Simon looked nervous but they nodded and placed their hands in as well.

"We're in" Simon said. The group raised their hands in the air.

"Alright team, let's move out!" Eleanor shouted, and with that they put their plan into action.

Jamal was slowly getting up from his bed when he heard a knock at the door.

"Coming" he said loudly before slapping on his robe. He opened the door to see Theodore looking up at him.

"Can I help you Theodore?" he asked surprised that the little chipmunk was up and about so early.

"I uh, need your uh help with something" he lied.

"Help with what?" he asked raising an eyebrow curiously. Theodore tried to think of something to say.

"Um… I need you to… to… come downstairs with me to… to uh… find out what time the restaurant opens" he said finally picking a lie.

"Why?" the Inspector asked confused.

"Because… I uh… wanted to get everyone something nice to eat and… uh… I didn't want to wake up Dave or Miss Miller, and I didn't want to… uh go down alone… and I thought that because you get up early that you might… uh… be able to come down with me?" Theodore said, hoping the Inspector would buy his lie. Inspector Jamal looked at him oddly.

"Um… alright I guess. Just let me get dressed" he said after a moment. He was still a little confused that the chipmunk had asked him and not simply woken up one his friends or his father, but he was up so why not. Theodore hadn't thought that would work, but was surprised when Jamal re entered his room and returned dressed moments later. Theodore led him down the corridor. When Jamal wasn't looking he turned around and winked at Eleanor who was poking her head out of the door way. When the cost was clear she waved her hand and Jeanette and Simon followed her to Jamal's room.

"Alright, let's do this quickly before the Inspector comes back" Jeanette whispered as she and Simon entered the room. Eleanor remained at the door to keep an eye out in case Theodore and Jamal returned. Simon helped Jeanette up onto Jamal's office chair and switched on the computer. Moments later they had successfully hacked into a TV satellite hovering over Costa Rica and gained the exact co ordinates of the Vorstien's jet.

"Alright Simon, now I'll start checking the list of housing in the area and track down Klaus and Claudia" Jeanette said as she continued to type furiously on the computer with Simon giving her instructions.

"Hurry guys, they'll be back any minute" Eleanor whispered from the doorway. Meanwhile Theodore was struggling to keep the inspector distracted. They had learned the time the restaurant opened, learned in exact detail everything on the menu, and now Theodore had just lied that he wanted to go to the bathroom before they went back upstairs. Jamal was still confused and was a little irritated. He wanted to get back to work and start trying to deduce where Brittany might be before they had to fly to Costa Rica. After Theodore reappeared a few minutes later he decided that he had had enough.

"Okay Theodore, we have found out what time the restaurant opens, learned what they are serving and you have finished going to the bathroom. Now I need to get back upstairs keep working before we leave for Costa Rica" he said firmly turning to head for the elevator. Theodore knew that he couldn't stall Jamal any longer so he just nodded and followed him to the lift, hoping that he had given Jeanette and Simon enough time.

"Here it is Simon. The Vorstien's own a private mansion on the beach front. I'm printing out the location now" Jeanette said as she hopped off the computer chair with assistance from Simon. She blushed as he lifted her down from the large chair. The printer started to beep and a piece of paper started to come out.

"Quick guys, here he comes!" Eleanor whispered loudly as she spotted the inspector and Theodore returning. The printer was nearly finished.

"Quick Ellie, go stall him for a second. The printer is almost done!" Jeanette whispered back. Eleanor nodded nervously and slipped out of the room.

"Good morning Inspector" she said politely as Jamal walked past her.

"Good morning Eleanor" he replied and continued to head for his room.

"Uh, what are you two doing up so early?" she asked thinking of the first thing that came to her head. Jamal turned back to her.

"Well Theodore wanted some company downstairs so I accompanied him. Now if you will both excuse me, I have a lot of work to do" he said. A split second before he could turn around, Jeanette and Simon dashed out of the room and closed the door, hiding the piece of paper behind their back.

"Good morning Inspector" they both said in unison grinning nervously.

"Good morning" he replied ignoring the fact that they were directly outside his door. He walked past them and entered the room, causing everyone to let out an exhausted sigh.

"Great now that we have the co-ordinates and their address we can find Brittany as soon as our plane lands in Costa Rica. They all started to head off to their rooms when they heard Jamal in his room.

"Hmm, why is my computer on, and why is it on a government website linked to a satellite?" he said loudly. Jeanette and Simon turned and looked at each other.

"Uh we must have left the computer on. Heh heh heh" Jeanette chuckled nervously. Jamal's door opened and he stared at them.

"Would you four care to explain something to me?" he said lifting and eyebrow. The four blushing chipmunks all grinned nervously.

Alvin waited in the hospital. A nurse had told him about Theodore's action last night and he was amazed. He didn't know how to thank his little brother for what he had done, but he needed to say something. But as happy as he was for Theodore, the main thing on his mind was Brittany. She had been gone a whole night. He wanted to make sure she was safe, but he couldn't. He had pulled himself together since last night, but he still felt like tears could roll from his eyes at any moment. Suddenly Dave, Miss Miller, Inspector Jamal and the other chipmunks burst through the door to his room all panting.

"What's going on guys, why did you rush here so fast?" he asked surprised by the sudden entry.

"We know where Brittany is!" Dave exclaimed as he sat down to catch his breath. Alvin immediately sprung from the bed and rushed to him.

"Where is she! Quick let's go!" he cried and rushed towards the door.

"Uh Alvin, you might want to get dressed first" Simon said. Alvin stopped and looked at himself. He had been about to sprint out of the room in nothing but a hospital gown. He blushed and turned around.

"Uh, yeah, right" he mumbled and grabbed the pair of clothes that Dave held in his hands before rushing to the bathroom. Once he had left Dave, Miss Miller and Jamal all turned to the four remaining chipmunks, who were once again grinning nervously.

"So, would you four care to tell me why you hacked into a government satellite?" Dave asked sternly.

"W-we uh just wanted to find out where Brittany was and that was the uh fastest way we could think of" Jeanette said blushing. The three grownups looked at each other for a moment. Jamal was the first to speak.

"Because you guys were just trying to help and you did manage to find out where they are keeping Brittany, I'm going to ignore the legalities of it this time. But that won't be the case next time. As worried as you are, I won't allow you to break the law help" Jamal said crossing his arms.

"Okay. We're sorry" the four chipmunks chimed in unison. Dave and Miss Miller looked at them and sighed. This wasn't the first time they had pulled something like this to 'help'.

Suddenly Alvin burst out of the bathroom fully dressed. He was wearing his regular red sweater.

"Alvin, you're missing something" Dave laughed before extending his hand to reveal his long lost cap. Alvin's eyes went wide in astonishment.

"You found it! I thought I would never see my cap again!" he exclaimed and placed the red hat on top of his short furry hair.

"Alright, now that we're ready let's go find Brittany" Miss Miller said loudly and the group started to leave the room, but Alvin held Theodore back.

"What is it Alvin" Theodore asked.

"One of the nurses told me what you did for me last night Theodore. I just wanted to thank you" Alvin said quietly. He placed his arms around his little brother and pulled him into a hug.

"You have no idea how much this means to me" he said as they broke apart.

"Yes I do. I know how much she means to you. I would feel exactly as you do if Eleanor was kidnapped" Theodore said kindly. Alvin gave him a warm smile.

"Now come on, we need to go find her!" Theodore said excitedly and the two rushed to join the others.

"456 cement tiles, 457 cement tiles, 458 cement tiles…"

Brittany had spent the whole day in the cellar counting the cement tiles. Klaus had thrown down some scraps of food earlier but he hadn't been back since. As darkness started to cross over the sky, Brittany figured it was time for her to try and enact her plan. She rolled one of the kegs over to the window so she could stand at height level with it. Next she grabbed a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet.

"I hope this works" she whispered to herself. She clambered on top of the keg and balanced herself.

"Well here goes nothing' she said. She closed her eyes and lifted the bottle behind her back. She swung it with as much force as she could muster. The bottle smashed into the window and both of the glasses broke.

"What was that!" she heard voice scream from somewhere above her, then rapid footsteps approaching the cellar door. Brittany dived through the open window and into the bushes. She stood up and brushed herself off before running off into the night. She heard frantic screams from behind her, but she ignored them, concentrating on running. She stumbled over a rock and fell to her knees. She felt a flicker of pain and saw that she now had a scrape on her knee and leg, but she ignored it, pulling herself onto her feet and continuing to run.

Klaus and Claudia were sitting comfortably in their lounge room discussing what to do next.

"What if we hold her for ransom, we could try and hold her for the 5 million that they lost us" Klaus suggested, swirling his cocktail around.

"Somehow, I doubt that they will pay 5 million for her. They wouldn't have been so excited about winning 100 000 if they were rich. I say we simply kill her and get it over with. The little runt has caused us so much trouble" Claudia responded stroking Sophie who was relaxing next to her on a cushion. Suddenly a loud crash echoed throughout the house.

"What was that!" Claudia screamed. The noise appeared to have come from the cellar so Klaus and Claudia jumped from their seats and rushed down the stairs. Claudia burst through the door to see Brittany climb through the broken window and out into the bushes.

"Get back here you little rat!" she screamed and raced back up the stairs and out the front door, Klaus right on her heels. As they sprinted outside, they saw the small Chipette stumble over a rock before continuing.

"Klaus go catch her while I call the guards!" Claudia screeched and heading back for the door. Klaus grumbled and took off after her. Brittany had gotten a large head start, but Klaus was bigger than her and had much more energy. Within moment he was right behind her.

"Stop you little weasel!" he shouted at her and dived towards her. Brittany looked at him and gasped, jumping into the air and landing on his back as he hit the ground.

"Leave me alone you freak!" she yelled angrily and started to run again, she made it to the end of the street when she stopped and looked back. A group of guards were piling into a car ready to chase her. She squealed and kept running. The car's engine roared to life and took off after her. Within minutes the car was upon her beeping its horn menacingly. Tears came to Brittany's eyes, but she kept running. The car pulled alongside her and a guard dived out from the window and tackled her to the ground. She screamed and tried to struggle from his grip.

"I've got you now you little runt!" he growled getting a solid grip on her arm. Brittany swirled around and kicked him in the face. He howled and let go of her. Not looking back Brittany sprinted into some bushes and ran to the beach, hoping the car couldn't catch up to her. She stumbled out of the leafy hedges and ran along the sand. She was panting heavily, but her fear kept her going. Suddenly she heard a gun go off and a bullet missed her by centimeters pillowing its way into the sand.

"Leave me alone!" she screamed through her tears and kept running, starting to zig zag in case another bullet was fired at her.

"Stop running you little pest!" someone shouted behind her and she could hear heavy footsteps coming towards her. Another bullet whizzed past, even closer then the last. Suddenly the car burst out onto the sand in front of her and three guards jumped out ready to grab her. Brittany tired to head back towards the bushes but she felt a hand grab onto her arm and pull her back, causing her to lose her balance an fall flat on her stomach. Before she could do anything her hands and feet were tied and she was thrown into the car. Tears burst from her eyes and she started to plead to be released. Suddenly the car jerked to a stop and she was thrown onto the pavement, landing at Klaus and Claudia's feet.

"You miserable little animal!" Claudia roared and kicked Brittany in the stomach. Brittany let out a yelp of pain and her crying became even harder.

"Shut up!" Claudia screamed and picked the crying girl up by the front of her dress. She slapped Brittany across the face threw her to the ground with a sickening thud. Brittany started to cry hysterically as pain raced through her.

"Klaus gag the little runt and lock her in a cupboard, then we'll figure out what to do with her!" Claudia growled, giving Brittany another hard kick. Klaus pulled a sheet from out of his pocket and gagged the struggling Brittany before roughly picking her up and pulling her into the house.

"You should have just stayed quiet in the cellar you stupid fur ball!" he hissed and pelted her into a dark cupboard at the end of the hall. Brittany slammed into the wall and let out a scream of pain. Klaus shut the door and locked it, leaving the crying Chipette in complete darkness.

"Oh god they're going to kill me!" she wailed to herself. Her tears couldn't be stopped and she still hurt all over.

"Please help me someone!" she prayed, hoping that someone would find her.

"Alvin please save me, I need you!"

The group's plane landed and they rushed to the group of waiting policemen.

"Inspector Jamal we have the address you sent us, quickly hop in and we we'll there in minutes!" the officer yelled as the group approached. The all jumped into the car and it took off along the dark road.

"Hold on Brittany, I'm coming!" Alvin thought, hoping that they weren't too late.

Well that was an exciting chapter. I wasn't sure about the Brittany escape attempt but now I'm glad I put it in. It added a little spice! Can Alvin and the gang get there in time to save Brittany, or will Klaus and Claudia finish the poor Chipette off once and for all? We'll find out on the next update!