First Day of Survival

Dave waited at the airport patiently. Miss Miller was on her way to pick him up, and he was hoping that she would bring his boys as well since he had missed them so much. After awhile a pink convertible (I don't know what kind of car she was driving) came screeching around the corner pulled up in front of him and an old woman leapt out and locked Dave in an uncomfortable bear hug.

"It's great to see you Miss Miller but I can't breathe" he wheezed.

"Oh I'm sorry David" she said as she released him, "How was your trip, I would have loved to see Europe?"

"It was very nice Miss Miller but I missed you guys so much while I was gone" he said.

Miss Miller looked at him for a moment before saying "Guys… who else are you talking about David?"

"Well you and my boys of course" Dave said surprised.

"But your boys were with you remember" Miss Miller said looking confused.

"What are you talking about Miss Miller, I left the boys home so you could look after them" Dave said worriedly, hoping that Miss Miller had simply forgotten in her old age.

"I was but then you called me remember. You sounded quite odd like you had been drinking" Miss Miller responded beginning to look worried herself.

"Phone call? What phone call. I only called you the once to ask about the boys but you didn't put them on the phone… weren't they with you?" Dave was very worried now.

"But you phoned me the day after you left and said 'hello Miss Miller, I want Alvin, Simon and Theodore to meet me in Europe, Bye-Bye'" she said holding her hands together as if praying that this was all a joke.

"I never called and said… wait a minute I do remember saying those words… but not to you… I said them to… ALLLLLVVVIIINNN!" he wailed.

"David what are we going to do. If they aren't with you and they aren't with me, where could they be?" said Miss Miller as she started to shake worriedly.

"I don't know" he said depressingly, then suddenly a thought came to his mind, "Quick let's hurry back to the house. Maybe they left a note or something to explain where they are!"

With that the two raced to the car and sped off along the road.

Over night the fire had extinguished but a thin trail of smoke emanated from the scorched wood. Somewhere off in the woods a bird screeched loudly, waking Simon from his slumber.

"What where am I!" he yelped before slowly remembering the events of the previous night.

He looked around to find that his brothers and the Chipettes were still asleep, huddled together with their counterpart, except for Jeanette who was now alone since Simon's waking. Quietly Simon rose from the ground and looked around the area.

The sun had already risen and brightened up the once dark surroundings they had been stuck in. The groups were along the shore of a large river a few meters from the tree line. The balloon looked in even worse shape than it had the previous night. More than half of the basket was engulfed in water and mud and the fabric material had ripped further from the moving water.

Slowly Jeanette began to stir then she too awoke.

"Oh… Simon… what happened" she asked sleepily rubbing her eyes. Simon approached her and sat next to her.

"Jeanette we had a bit of a bad landing remember" he said quietly. Slowly Jeanette began to remember the events of the night before quickly grabbing Simon in a hug.

"Oh Simon, what are we going to do" she asked sadly.

"Don't worry Jeanette we'll think of something, we're the smart ones remember" he responded with a weak smile as Jeanette let go of him.

Jeanette nodded before looking around herself. She continued to look until her gazed fixed upon the damaged balloon.

"Well I don't know what good the balloon will do now. There is no way we can repair it out here in the wilderness" she sighed.

"Wait here with the others Jeanette, I'm going to go and see if I can get any supplies from the balloon. We were too busy last night to grab anything" he said before rising and heading towards the water.

"Be careful" was all Jeanette said before she sighed and turned back towards the others.

Simon swam out towards the balloon. The water was cold, but Simon ignored it. As he reached it he took in the full extent of the damage. Jeanette was right; there was no way that the six of them could repair the balloon out here.

Taking a deep breath, Simon dived under the water and swam into the balloon. Most of the suitcases had floated away through the night, but a few items remained. The heavy chest filled with the diamond dolls had shifted into the side of the basket and was fixed into a large pile of mud. Some tin boxes lay nearby it, which Simon assumed was some food so he grabbed it. He was about to return to the surface with the boxes when he noticed the rope that had been tied to the stakes was intact and was still latched to the side of the basket. One handed, Simon untied the rope while still holding the boxes, before slinging the rope over his shoulder and returning to the surface.

Slowly Simon started to return to shore where he could see that the other chipmunks had awoken. As he reached the muddy bank, Jeanette rushed towards him and helped him carry the boxes up to the others.

"Morning guys" he said as he placed the boxes on the ground and dropped the rope.

"Morning Simon" everyone else responded sleepily.

"Is the balloon alright, will we be able to fly it home?" Theodore asked as he gave his brother a hug, but frowned when he saw Simon's saddened face.

"No, the balloon is too badly damaged for us to use" he said causing the whole group to sigh.

"What are we going to do?" Brittany cried before slumping over and hugging her knees sadly.

"We'll think of something Brittany, don't worry. For now let's just see how much food we have left" Simon said kindly before opening the boxes.

Out of the three boxes that Simon had found, only a few fruits, sandwiches and bottles of water were inside.

"Our food was already running a little low, but I didn't think it would be this bad. Some of it must have been washed away with our clothes" said Eleanor as she picked up one of the apples that were inside the boxes.

"Well we have enough to last for today, but we'll need t gather some more if can't get out of here by tomorrow" said Jeanette while Simon nodded in agreement.

"Well I'm hungry so let's have some of it now" said Alvin. He still seemed weak and his voice was still very hoarse but it appeared that his sleep had helped him to partially recover.

Simon and Jeanette evenly split the food between the six of them, leaving a reasonable amount for later. Hungrily the group ate, not saying a word. As they finished they sat around their camp in silence. Brittany was the first to break the silence.

"So what are we going to do? If the balloon is unfixable how are we going to get home?" she asked loudly.

"Well, our best hope is to see if we can find some help. If we follow the river, maybe we can find a village or town that can help us" said Simon.

No one could come up with a better plan so they all helped gather the boxes and started off. As Brittany went to pick up the rope she noticed that one of the dolls was caught on it. It was an Alvin doll. Brittany picked it up and stuffed it into the belt that was wrapped around her waist before grabbing the rope and catching up with the others. Simon and Jeanette led the way with Theodore and Eleanor following behind them hand in hand. Brittany was next in the procession followed by Alvin. Alvin had insisted he walk on his own, but he was finding it difficult to walk and still felt very weak.

The longer the group walked the more the bruises on Alvin's back began to hurt and the harder it was to take another step. Finally he fell over letting out a sudden yelp. Gasping Brittany rushed to his side. She had been glancing at him over her shoulder every so often and had become worried.

"Alvin are you alright!" she yelled causing the whole group to turn. No one had noticed Alvin's fall but now they all raced to him and helped him up.

"I'm alright, I'm just… a bit weak… can we rest for a bit please" he asked quietly, wincing as he sat up.

"Of course Alvin, do you need some water?" Simon asked pulling a bottle from the box he held. Alvin nodded and accepted the bottle. He took a few small sips before handing it back.

The group all sat down on the ground in a circle. Brittany sat next to Alvin and started to gently rub his back, hopping to sooth his pain a little. At first Alvin enjoyed the gently movements but suddenly he cried out in pain as Brittany rubbed over one of the bruises.

"Oh, I'm sorry Alvin, here let me have a look at it" she said before turning him around and gasping. The bruises on Alvin's back had begun to swell and were now turning from purple to a sickening black color.

"Alvin we need to get you to some help soon before these get any worse" said Simon sternly as the rest of the group looked at Alvin's injuries. The group helped Alvin to stand but he still felt too weak to move. As he took a step he started to falter but Brittany managed to grab him before he fell.

"Here Alvin let me help you" said Brittany kindly before placing his arm over her shoulder.

"Thank you" Alvin whispered turning away from her. He wasn't sure why, but he didn't want to show his weakness to her. He couldn't figure out why but her opinion of him had always seemed to matter to Alvin, and now he felt embarrassed that he had to rely on someone else to help him. He tried to walk on his own a few times but every time he would fall and she would be forced to continue helping him.

"Alvin, please you aren't strong enough yet, stop trying to do this on your own you need my help" Brittany pleaded. She was very worried for him. She could tell that he was trying to be strong but she didn't know why he wouldn't allow her to help him. Sighing Alvin once again placed his arm over her shoulder and allowed her to help him. He still refused to face her though, causing Brittany to become a little upset. Doesn't he like me? Why won't he look at me? She thought to herself sadly.

Meanwhile the rest of the group had noticed the strange behaviour Alvin was displaying, but they were too preoccupied with their own thoughts to think of why. Would they be able to find someone who could help them? Would they be able to get home and see Dave again? Would they ever get out of this? The whole group pretended to have no doubts, but deep down, they were all frightened that these thought might become a reality. They all sighed sadly, but continued on, clinging to what hope they still had

Dave burst through the front door and rushed into his house, frantically searching for some sign of his boys. Miss Miller was right behind him weeping as she helped him search. They searched for hours, but finally Dave found something. Alvin's note pad lay on top of his bed. On it was the message that Miss Miller had heard over the phone. Dave looked at it before turning the page. On the second page was a check list with three to-do items listed. The first said 'Record Dave and fool Miss Miller'. The entry had a tick next to it. The second item said 'Meet Klaus, Claudia and the Chipettes for the race'. This entry also had a tick next to it. As Dave read the final item he gasped out loud. The entry read 'Beat the Chipettes in a race around the world'. This item had a tick next to it as well. Dave just stood dumbstruck. Miss Miller read the checklist as well before beginning to cry.

"Oh David what are we going to do. The Chipmunks and the Chipettes could be anywhere. How are we going to find them?" she let out between sobs.

"Where did the Chipmunks go before you got that message? Did they go anywhere with the Chipettes?" asked Dave who was trying to fight back tears of his own.

"They… they went to the ice cream parlor down the street… maybe… maybe we can ask someone there about what happened" said Miss Miller wiping her tears away.

"Quickly we need to find out where they went, and I want to know who this Klaus and Claudia are" said Dave before the two of them rushed outside and drove off towards the parlor.

As the sun began to set over the jungle the group decided to rest for the night. Throughout the day Alvin had slowly been getting stronger, but with every step he took, the pain on his back became more intense. As the group prepared what little food they had left, Simon announced he would get some wood and make a fire to keep them warm. Although they weren't the oldest, Simon and Jeanette had been doing what they could to act with leadership for the group, but they had their limits. After Simon had left, Eleanor, Theodore, Alvin and Brittany all broke into smaller groups chatting with their counterpart, however Jeanette was left alone. Sighing she walk over to a log and sat down. All day she had had to be strong for her sisters and the boys, but now she couldn't hold in her tears anymore. Jeanette covered her face with her hands as warm tears started to pour down her cheeks.

"Jeanette, are you okay?" Jeanette looked up to see that her younger sister Eleanor had approached her. Jeanette just looked at her before once again covering her face and continuing to cry.

Eleanor sat down beside Jeanette and embraced with her arms. Tears slowly began to run down Eleanor's face too, but she ignored them as she spoke to her sister.

"We'll be okay Jeanette. You and Simon have been so strong for us, but you need to be strong for yourself as well" Eleanor said as she slowly rubbed her sisters back, keeping her close in their hug.

"I know… but it's just so… just so hard…" she said through her sobs.

"I know it is, but we're all safe, and we're all here together and that's what matters" Eleanor said reassuringly as the two broke apart.

"I… I love you Eleanor" cried Jeanette as she hugged her little sister again.

"I love you too Jeanette. You aren't alone, all of us are here for you" said Eleanor as she hugged Jeanette back.

They sat together for a while before Eleanor guided Jeanette back to the rest of the group who seemed worried.

"Are you okay Jeanette?" asked Brittany moving over to her sister.

"Yeh… I'm okay. I'm just so upset about what's happened" Jeanette whispered back looking at the ground.

"It's okay Jeanette, we're all upset" said Brittany as she to hugged her sister. Slowly everyone came together and joined in the hug.

After a few minutes Simon returned with some firewood and began to rub some sticks together.

"Hey Theodore, could you give me a hand here?" he asked trying to keep the pile of wood steady while he rubbed the sticks.

"Sure Simon" he said as he approached his older brother.

Once the two began the fire, this time with more ease, everyone began to eat the remainder of the food and sat around the fire talking. Slowly everyone drifted to sleep, all except Brittany. She sat away from the fire down near the river staring into her reflection. She was still upset from earlier. Not only were they lost somewhere in Africa, but now it seemed like Alvin was upset with her and she didn't know why. Although the two always argued, they were very close friends. They had been through all sorts of things together, and deep down she really liked him. A tear dripped down her cheek and into the river causing a ripple around her reflection. Slowly more and more ripples began to form as Brittany sat there.

"Brittany?" said a quiet voice from behind her. Slowly Brittany turned to see that Alvin had approached her. He looked worried, and once he saw that she had been crying he pulled her into a hug.

"What's wrong Brittany?" he asked softly, stroking her hair as he spoke. Suddenly she pushed him away and he stared at her confused.

"Why wouldn't you look at me today Alvin? Have I upset you? I thought we were friends?" she sniffed as a new batch of tears started to fall from her beautiful blue eyes. Alvin looked at her saddened. He hadn't realized that she had noticed his avoidance of her.

"Don't be silly Brittany. You haven't upset me, of course we're friends" he said as he once again pulled her into a hug. This time she did not force him away. He allowed her to cry on his shoulder while he softly rubbed her back.

"Then why wouldn't you look at me?" she said once she had calmed down.

Alvin looked at his feet nervously. He wasn't sure what to say to her. He wasn't quite sure himself why he didn't want to show weakness.

"I… I… I didn't want to… seem weak to you" he said looking sadly at the ground.

"Why?" Brittany asked puzzled. She knew that Alvin never liked to show when he was weak, but somehow this seemed different. At first he didn't respond.

"Because… I… care about you… and I didn't… want you to…worry about me" he said after a while, still not meeting her gaze.

Brittany looked at him and smiled. She lifted his head so that their eyes met.

"Alvin, I know you don't like to show weakness, but I care about you to. You don't have to hide anything from me" she said before she hugged him again. Alvin smiled and hugged her back.

"Come on. Let's get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." He whispered after a while.

"Ok" she whispered back, before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek then quickly returning to the others and lying down.

Alvin blushed and placed his hand over where her lips had been, before smiling and lying down next to her.

"I'll see you in the morning" he whispered before the two of them fell asleep.

As the group slept around their warm fire, no one noticed the gleaming pair of yellow eyes staring hungrily at them.