I've gotten really into Shaman King this summer and addore this pairing; even though this isn't even slash but hush. I just thought I would write a little ficlet because I love it so much. lol.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, nothing at all.

"Does it ever bother you?" Horo asked, breaking the silence that was looming around the room like a thick blanket in the summer. Ren raised an eyebrow while closing the book he'd been reading as if to acknowledge the other teen and gesture for him to continue. "You know, the fact that we didn't actually win…" Horo stated and Ren just stared with a bored expression on his face, waiting for his friend to elaborate.

After a few moments of another silence he shook his head, "What are you talking about? Don't ask vague questions and expect me to understand what you're talking about." He lectured and crossed his arms over his chest.

"The tournament…" Horo rolled his eyes, "I mean, I know we helped save everyone and became elemental warriors and stuff; but we all set off to become the Shaman King and no one from our group actually succeeded. I mean, I spent so long wishing I could become the Shaman King and even though I don't want to be now…it still bums me out I never finished out my goal." Horo explained and Ren put a finger to his chin in thought.

"I suppose the thought crossed my mind, but it's not like you would have ever won anyway; whether Hao was in the competition or not, you never had a chance." Ren smirked and Horo sweat dropped.

"That's not what I mean and—hey! I had a chance!" Horo growled.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night…" Ren smirked and opened up the book again, however did not attempt to read it.

"I had more of a chance than you did!" The bluenette stated and gritted his teeth when the latter let out a genuine laugh at his statement.

"You could have never beaten me; not in a real fight anyway." Ren stated with a condescending smirk.

"I so could have and—how did we even get on this topic?" He asked and threw his hands up in the air in frustration, "This is why I don't try to have deep conversations with you!" He walked out of the room and Ren let out another small laugh and went back to actually reading his book.