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So here I sat, in a nice house in a forest in the middle of New York. I've lived here all 14 years of my life, and have never been in this place. Wow what kind of New Yorker am I? This looks like some sort of a camp. I mean like hundreds of kids running around in matching tee-shirts camp. Great. Organized torture. Don't get me wrong I love a fun time as much as the next girl, but I just don't understand why my Aunt dropped me off here without an explanation.

My Aunt. Don't even get me started on that woman. She's awful. She wants me to be a young lady and wear long dresses and gloves. She fricking makes me read the bible every day! Oh please! God, she drives me crazy! She's not even my mom! She was my mom's sister, but my mom died and I got into a car crash just two years ago, killing her and leaving me in a serious coma. But I snapped back. Now for no reason I come home from boarding school and my Aunt has everything packed and in the car. All she tells me is I'm going to a camp for "special children". Look I know I have ADHD and dyslexia, but that doesn't mean I'm in her words "special". Whatever I'm just glad to be away from her.

So she dropped me off at this grove in the middle of my hometown, yet I had never seen it. But strangely it felt like I had been there before. Then it clicked. This is a place I've seen in a dream. Camp Half-Blood, I've been here. This is so strange. I noticed it must have been free time 'cus kids were everywhere. I walked down to a large blue house and went in. A man in a wheelchair greeted me.

"Hello, you must be a new camper! Wait right here and fill out this form while I go get Grover to send you to orientation and explain things!" He said all of this with a huge grin and a slightly old fashioned accent.

I did as told and filled out the form.

Name: Acacia Eleanor Henderson

Age: 14

Birthday and month: July 17th

Hair color: dark dark dark brown like almost black

Eye color: Green

Parents/guardian: Lily (Mother) and Natalia (Aunt)

Allergies: N/A

Do you have ADHD or dyslexia? Yes, both

Anything we should know about you? Yeah I guess. I sing and dance a lot. I actually was in a few minor shows off and on Broadway. I hope spontaneous singing doesn't bother you…if so, sorry. My mom died, I live with my Aunt and I really don't like her. I don't have many friends; I get kicked out of too many schools.

I finished the form right as wheelchair guy entered with some gangly kid with a hat and baggy jeans who walked with a limp. He introduced himself as Grover and walked me into a room set up like a home theater. As I much as I love movies, I can't sit and watch something for more than ten minutes at a time. So I figured I'd just have him tell me.

"Look buddy, let's cut to the chase. What all this about? I mean what the hell is a half-blood?"

He looked nervous and then answered my question with a question.

"What do you know about the Greek Gods?"

Oh please, I aced every test we ever had ever on those in 6th grade. I mean, I learned it faster than all the other kids, and I could even read some stuff in Greek.

"There's, what 12 Olympian Gods? But Hestia is also powerful, but gave up her spot to Dionysus, which personally is pretty kind. Yeah I know all the myths, Echo and what not."

Thunder rolled over head

"Please don't say those names out loud. But yes you're right! What if I told you the gods were still here? Like they aren't myths at all?"

"I'd believe you."

"Oh that's reason- what? Did you just say you believed me?" He looked suspicious.

"Well yeah".

"Wait so no questioning, no yelling, and no looking at me like I should be on medication, not even a slightly shocked face?"


"Okay then, well um just watch this short 11 minute film and uh enjoy?"

After the film, I really only had one question on my mind. Who was my Godly parent?

I asked Grover this question, to which he replied.

"Well do you have anything that you remember having like all of your life? Maybe a necklace or a keychain?"

"Well I have this bracelet that was supposedly given to me by my Dad."

"Okay let's take a look"

I unclasped my charm bracelet. I was silver and had all sorts of beads and coral like rocks. It reminded me so much of the beach, my all-time favorite place on Earth. I gave it to him, but the second he had it in his hands, he gasped and looked up. I revolving holographic trident was spinning above my head.

"Oh my Gods, you're a daughter of Poseidon!"

"Um is that a bad thing?"

Now I was super confused, yet it all made sense. I mean I love the color blue, I've never needed swimming lessons, I've been attracted to fish, and I always dream about the beach. Not to mention my strange addiction to salt water taffy.

"Well I uh um no but, we need to talk to Chiron. And then Percy. Immediately."

I followed him out to the room I started in. Wheels was back.

"Ah, Miss Henderson, how nice to see you again!" he stated. "So now you know everything! May I ask if you have learned of who your Godly parent is?"

Grover cut in. "Sir her father is Poseidon."

The older man's face fell a bit.

"Oh dear, well I'm sure she will be fine. She said on her paper she doesn't like her Aunt, so she should probably stay year round."

"Right sir!"

And with that Grover ran out.

Then the older man directed his attention to me

"My dear child I believe I have yet to introduce myself. I am Chiron."

"You mean like the awesome centaur from all the hero stories?"

"The very same."


Today is my day! First I find out I'm a daughter of a God now, not I'm meeting the real ponyboy, and today couldn't get any better!

"Let me get out of this wheelchair and we shall take a look around camp, shall we?"

So he magically fits into the wheelchair. Mathematical! So I got a tour of the camp, ( which by the way, pretty legit.) and finally got to go to my cabin. This is what I was excited for. A real home for the first time in a long time. I walked in and was immediately welcomed by a sea breeze, calm and lovely. A voice cleared and I looked at Chiron. He motioned me to go in. I walked in, put my stuff down, and of course dropped something. As I was about to bend down to pick it up, a boys voice said.

"Wait; here let me get that for you."

I was going to thank him but my words were caught in my throat. This kid looked just like me. Same hair color, same eyes. Whoa.

"Acacia, this is Percy Jackson, he's your half-brother. Percy this is Acacia Henderson, your new sibling."

I was so happy to finally meet someone I felt like I could relate to. He stuck his hand out.

"Percy. Funny I've always wanted a younger sister." He smiled at me as I shook his hand

"Acacia. Funny, I've always dreamed of having an older brother!" I said this in a slight teasing fashion, but it was the truth.

He pulled his arm around me in a side hug kind of way and we walked out the door, chatting as if we had known each other our whole lives.

I finally realized what I was missing

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