Chapter three! Woo let's get it on! Sorry I never update. This is more of a one shot then a chapter…hope you like it I own nothing.

We were all bored, seeing as it was the middle of winter. Percy and Annabeth were visiting me here at camp, but it was so freaking cold, we cut our loses and stayed inside. This limits the amount of things one can do. And that was when a brilliant idea hit me. We had to watch the funniest movie for half-bloods, ever. Disney's Hercules. Oh my gods why am I such a genius?

I had a magical DVD player that the Hermes kids gave me. It basically had a list of all DVDS ever, and I scrolled through and found it. Now I just had to get Percy and Annabeth to sit still and watch it.

"Hey guys want to watch a movie?" I asked

"Um...sure. Which one?" Of course that's what Percy cares about.

"Disney's Hercules, ever seen it? No? Okay be ready to be enlightened, 'cus it's awesome"

So we started watching the movie. By the first scene I could see the hilarity, yet I was also quite offended.

"Wait since when is Zeus an old guy who plays with his baby?"

"I'm pretty sure Hades doesn't have blue flames for hair…"

"Why is my mother PURPLE? And your dad is blue…"


"Is that what the fates actually look like?" I asked this question and was answered to quite loudly


Okay got my answer. Still this was hilarious, because it was so totally wrong. I think Annabeth however, was most offended…

"Wait he's singing? Greek heroes didn't have time for silly things like singing? What they heck is this? Go the distance what does that have to do with anything?"

I understand where she's coming from. At a half bloods perspective, it was terribly inaccurate. And where is Chiron? I'm pretty sure he trained Hercules. And every other hero mentioned.

The movie was watched intently, and interrupted by the occasional, "Gods Hercules, why are you so stupid?" "Nope that never happened. Get your facts straight Disney!" Or "Why would you go with creeper girl? Cus you're a loser that's why!"

I knew they liked it, but I didn't know why they hated the real Hercules. It wasn't really something spoken of. I would just let my curiosity get the best of me, but I knew this was a touchy subject. Oh well. We have to do this again sometime…it almost feels like…family.

So I know its short, and probably bad, but hey it had to be done. You know what's lovely? Nice reviews! Because niceness makes everyone happy unless your Snape. Kisses! XOXOXO,