Time for a new story! While "Night of the Flesh Eaters" is about many, this story focuses on one Miles Prower. Because of that, this is mostly in Miles' point of view, which will be challenging as usually I prefer third person. So as a certain plumber once said: "I'm serious, that's your bill! Pay up or I'll see you in court!"

Miles POV

Hello. My name is Miles Prower, once known as Tails. I saved the world numerous times with my best friend, Sonic the hedgehog. This is the story of how I fell into despair, came out, and saved my friends from a friend turned bad. This is my story. You see, for years, we fought many enemies. Then one day, we finally defeated our main enemy: Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Well, in a sense. He was driven insane by his constant defeat. Unfortunately, his sanity lasted enough to force us into cells(Knuckles, Amy, and Cream were their as well.), where he enacted his final plan. I will now recount what happened up to this current point in time, with some help from my girlfriend, Cream. In my cell, I found a knife, which I used to try and pick the lock. I should've known I would be too good to be true. Robotnik, who figured I'd use the knife to escape, sat the half unconscious Sonic right in front of the door, head in front of the lock. You can surmise what happened next. And of course, Eggman had a nice video of my side and Sonic's to show the three others. Thankfully, he gloated about how he tricked me into killing Sonic, and used the video feed to prove it. Needless to say, when I finally got out, it was quite a shock. After shock, came disbelief and then rage at two people. These two people were Robotnik and myself. I did the only thing I could. I freed the others and without saying a word. I then went to Robotnik's inner sanctum, where I smashed through his legions of robots until I found him. I approached him holding the knife he made me use to kill sonic. He begged for mercy, and, knowing that's what Sonic would have done, I tied him to the chair and gagged him. Then, I wrote down the last things I believed my friends would hear about me until my dyeing day. It was simple, really. But in a way, that's all it needed to be. It said "I am leaving out of shame. Do not follow me. I will find a place where I will not be found, but I will have someone notify you when I die, whenever that may be. I am sorry for what I have done, but do not want nor expect forgiveness. Yours truly, Miles Prower." After writing that, I took one of Robotnik's invisible ships, activated, and left. That was five years ago. I am fourteen now. And now, after all this time, I've almost ran out of places to hide. I've been everywhere, and with a few still trying to find me, I'm nervous. Mighty was able to hide me for a few years, but when I heard knuckles was in the area, we said goodbye and I left. That was last year. And now, I've heard rumors of Cream being here. Confrontation was unavoidable but now I've got an idea. I know for a fact I'm taller, have a deeper voice, and a few scars, so, I decided to do something so easy, I don't know why I didn't do it when I was with Mighty. I died my fur black, put on my different set of clothing that I'd been hiding for a quick escape, tied my tails so they'd appear as one long one, and walked out the inn, asking the in keeper to not tell anyone my appreance had changed. And as I was about to walk out that door to freedom from the rage I was sure I would get if they ever found me again, she entered. She too was taller, but now had clothes on that would be normal back in station square, instead of the orange dress she used to wear. She was of course, holding a picture of me and was asking if anyone had seen me. Laughing a little inside about how she was still naïve, started walking to the door, where she tapped on my shoulder. Quickly adopting the accent of those around here, I turned around.

"Yes?", I asked. "How can I help, you Miss?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Have you seen this person?" she politely asked, holding up the picture of me. "He would be a bit taller and fourteen now." She finished. I decided to play long, knowing I could leave this area with everyone thinking I was here, when I could easily escape to Australia.

"Why yes, I did see someone about that age, who kinda looked like that person. He seemed sad most of the time. I think he said he worked at the city a few miles from here." I said. Before I could continue, the creepy guy who worked the bar pushed me out of the way. He then grabbed Cream and ran. I knew the guy worked for criminals on the past, but kidnapping and criminals only meant bad things, especially since Cream was young. I instantly knew what I had to do, even though it would blow my cover. I untied my Tails and activated my arm canon, and ran after the two.

Cream POV

The man had grabbed me and ran off with me in tow. I was panicked for about five seconds. Not because I had great control over emotions, because right about then, the fox I had talked to right before I was kidnapped came flying above us, with an arm canon. When I saw that parts of the tails were orange, I instantly knew it was Tails.

"Oh, you're screwed now." I said happily to the crazy man. That seemed to anger him.

"What makes say that you *****?" he said smarmily. I then pointed above him, as he watched in horror as a flying two tailed fox with an arm canon making a beeline for him.

He probably would've had said more, if he wasn't at that point shot with a stun blast by Tails, who grabbed my hand right before I hit the ground and pulled me up.

"Cream! Are you okay?" he said, ditching the local accent. "What are you doing here?" he said, seeming rather troubled. This made me wonder things, but I first decided to answer him.

" To find you! Listen, know one blames you…except Amy, but she's turned fairly crazy in the last few years. I think we may need to put her into an institution if she doesn't change." I said, a tear dropping from my eye over what had happened to my best friend after Eggman went crazy. Regaining my composure, I talked again.

"But that's not the point. You can come back. It wasn't your fault." I said. However, he closed his and shook his head.

"Cream," he started. "I knew something was fishy about the knife being there, but I ignored my senses. And I killed him." He said holding back tears. "I'm not here because of what you guys would do, because I deserve being exiled here." He said. I couldn't believe what he had just told me though. It wasn't like him at all. And after a minute, I realized we were at the airport. We went down to the ground, and walked to one of the terminals. He then handed me a ticket.

"Take this. Go back home, and never come back here, as it's to dangerous and the fact I'm leaving for somewhere else." He said. I didn't want to go, but I knew he wouldn't listen to me, judging by his demeanor. I sighed sadly.

"Why?" I asked. "Why are you acting like this? I know you were close, but really, I know for a fact that the most people grieve in your situation is usually a top of a year. You've been gone for five. Please, Just come back with me. At least give it a chance." I pleaded.

However, what came from Tails next tugged at my very soul. He shook his head.

"No." he said quietly. "If I did that I would be happy, and I don't deserve that." He softly said. Then a voice on the inter com said that my plane was boarding I gave Tails one last pleading look, and then boarded my plane, knowing I would probably never see him again.

Miles POV

I had just told Cream the truth of the matter. She tried to plead with me one last time, and left. I watched to make sure she got on the plane and didn't leave, and then left. I had just told the girl I had loved to leave me in my misery after I killed my friend and forced exile on myself. I thought one thing at that point: "Some person I turned out to be." Boy was I wrong.

Five hours later.

Cream POV

The plane had finally landed. I walked over to the terminal my friends would be waiting for me. When I got there and saw them, the all seemed to have different expressions on their faces some were knowing, others shocked, and Amy's was a mix of disappointed and excited. I probably should have known it then that she would cause trouble, but I ignored it. I explained what happened to them. Everyone seems disappointed at this. Then, Amy said good bye and went off to a terminal to by a ticket. It wasn't until a few hours later I realized what was going on. We had to go back and stop Amy from getting near Tails, or he could end up apologizing to Sonic in person.