Hey all! Sorry I've been gone, but I've had a bout of sickness that's left me on the couch watching Doctor Who, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and News shows. Did you know that (insert political thing you don't care about)? I think I'm going crazy. Anyway, here's the epilogue. So enjoy this #### word masterpiece, and prepare for the on coming storm.

Miles POV

It's been a while since Amy's brief but deadly rampage. We tried to hide what happened, but eventually it ended up front page news. That was a bit hard to deal with, but let me put this one thing straight: Amy did NOT have a relationship with Rouge.

That's been bugging me for awhile. Anyway, once the truth was out, I started rebuilding the life I left behind.

I wanted to go back to the mystic ruins, but unfortunately, the train dudes were on strike. At the moment, I've tried to reason with them, and have failed. If they do not sign the contract, I will bypass the station itself, and add a ladder leading to the hatch in the track above the city, thus replacing the station with a futuristic hiking path.

Anyway, ignoring my threats against the idiots keeping me from workshop, life has been pretty normal.

Cream POV

…..Aside from the threat, I complete agree with Tails. Amy's death was a bit hard, but when we realized she destroyed a better part of the poor in a poverty stricken nation, it was a bit easier to take.

I still haven't found the Mighty T. Anthony guy, so if anyone knows who he is, please contact me or him. That's about it.

Me and Tails are in a relationship, and have noticed Rouge getting looks from both Shadow and Knuckles, and no, Robotnik has not escaped, that's an unfounded myth.


And that is that. I've gotten all I can off of these two. I hope you readers enjoyed this book, and remember: keep watching the skis. No wait… Keep watching the skies.


"…..Looks like I've been found…" said an armadillo that had just finished reading the above bio. In fact, this entire story was read by him, although he skipped around a bit.

"Well, I better go meet this couple. You coming Banjo?" he asked.

"Sure, been awhile since I've been off the Isle 'o' hags."


That's all folks! Now that this over, I'll be working more on Night of the Flesh Eaters, and hopefully won't get another week+ cold, cause that would make me very very very angry, and I'd have to shoot someone with my Q42 space modulator. See you next time!