A/N. Just something I thought up while watching the Two Towers again. I know I should be working on other stuff, but this wouldn't stop nagging me.

I looked around the body-strewn hills and tried to catch sight of my best friend. Where was he? I'd caught a few glimpses of him in the battle with the wolves of Isengard, but now I had no sight of him.

"Aragorn?" I shouted, but no one replied. Gimli looked over at me before looking around for the ranger as well.

"Aragorn!" an eerie laugh was his only answer, and I looked over to see a dying orc laughing weakly on the floor. Gimli got to him first and held his axe to the monster's throat. I stood behind him, hands clenched in anger. This was just another orc-I'd seen countless others. Killed countless others. I would've killed him, had he not known where my best friend was.

"Tell me where his is and I shall ease your passing!" Gimli threatened, and the orc managed to answer.

"He's dead!" I think I stopped breathing when the beast proclaimed it. Estel, dead? It wasn't possible. Estel never died. Sure, he got beat up and taken prisoner, but died? Never.

"Took a little tumble over the cliff." My eyes flickered to the edge of the cliff before I glared down at the orc. He was still laughing. (It was annoying). I bent down and grabbed the monster by his shirt, jerking him towards me.

"You lie!" Something sparkled in the dying orc's hand. I looked down.

It was the Evenstar.

A necklace I'd seen Aragorn wearing countless of times. I've never seen him take it off. Carefully, I extracted the precious jewel from the filth ridden hand of the orc and fingered it. Was he really dead? A few strides was all it took for me to get from the orc to the edge of the cliff, and I looked down to see a raging river far below, sharp rocks protruding out of it. (Some part of the back of my mind whispered that there was no way he would have survived.)

Theoden came up behind me and looked over the edge as well. We both stood in silence for a while until one of his soldiers came up.

"Get the wounded on horses. Leave the dead." My head shot up and I stared long and hard at the king of Rohan. Surely he did not mean to leave while there was still a small chance that Aragorn lived? But I could tell from his eyes that we were leaving. He turned away, leaving me alone to stare over the edge. Gimli was watching. (Nosy little dwarf.)

I would have to tell Elrond.

And the twins. I winced. The twins would be furious and heartbroken. One of them would surely kill me for letting Estel fall.

Not Elrohir, for while the youngest twin was very much like his older brother, he would have the sense to realise that I had tried my best (not really, I could have been there), and that it wasn't my fault. He would be mad, grief-stricken, and horrified, but he wouldn't be angry with me.

It was the older twin I was worried about-Elladan.

Elladan will kill me.

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