A/N just a heads up, * denotes Toothless' observations, and when you see it in addition to these ", it means that this is what he is thinking. Also, please don't flame me. This is my very first completed chapter so while constructive criticism is appreciated flames are not. Thanks goes to Travis Church, my editor and Beta, and to Tensai from over in the Harry Potter fics who helped me to develop this story IRL. So thanks again to every on who has helped! Enjoy!

*It started as a change in My-Hiccup's scent. A hint of death and decay from where his new metal paw met met his wound and rubbed the blood-flesh off. This was months ago. Now the reek of void-wound-rot has spread through his entire being, eclipsing his own scent. That of saddle-leather and molten iron, sea-spray and thunderstorms, of dragon-nip and fresh fish. The heady aroma, which I now know to mean kindness, and friendship. All that is is gone now, replaced by the sharp sterile stench of healing herbs, obscuring the odor of death and decay. I overheard the Elder talking to My-Hiccup's-Sire,*

"The gangrene went unseen for too long, nothing can be done. He is lost."

*"No! My-Hiccup cannot die! I won't allow it!"*

*As my panic surges, and my mind races, searching. Seeking a way to save My-Hiccup. I recalled the stories my Dam told to me and my hatch-mates, about our people. Stories of our people using our powers to help others. My favorite was of how Hel gave us the power to return life to the dead, and to heal the living of their wounds, no matter how grave. And, along with these stories. Instructions...

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