Space Sword

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Look What I Found!

Sokka sighed as he wandered through the Earth Kingdom forest. He'd taken to doing that whenever he got bored sitting around the old abandoned temple Aang and Toph had turned into their home.

He was lonely. Suki had been unable to join them, and things didn't feel right without her there. That was why he'd come out here today. Boredom, and missing Suki.

Three years ago, their group had defeated Fire Lord Ozai and ended the war. Three years ago, Zuko had become Fire Lord, Aang had recieved true, and unanimous recognition as the spiritual leader of the world. Three years ago, Zuko had asked Sokka's sister to marry him. But also three years ago, now that Sokka was thinking about it, he remembered he'd lost his space sword.

Sokka sighed again, sadder this time, as he thought about the metorite sword he'd thrown to save Toph and himself when they had been cornered on the airship.

"It's not fair," he groaned to himself, pouting. He looked up at the sky with a tight frown. "Universe, is it your purpose to give me bad days?"

All of a sudden, a squirrel-cat dropped a nut from somewhere in the branches above. It hit Sokka on the forehead.

The Water Tribe warrior let out a cry of shocked pain, and clutched at his forehead. When he looked up again, he saw something glint in a bush to his left. Cautious but curious nonetheless, Sokka made his way over to investigate.

It was a sword. Filthy, and tarnished, but unmistakeable. The blade was black as obsidian, and there was gold filigree on the handle.

Sokka's eyes went wide, and he snatched up the sword with a cheer.

"Space sword!" he cried, throwing the hand holding the sword up in victory. Then he saw something else that caught his eye.

Hanging over a branch was a piece of bone, carved and painted in blue and white.

"AH! Boomerang!"

Sokka ran and embraced the weapon, eyes welling with tears. With a great, teary grin, he looked up at the sky again.

"Thank you, Universe!"

Because I felt Sokka needed his weapons back.

So, has anyone seen the new movie yet? 'The Last Airbender' is incredible, for those who haven't. They pronounce the names as they would in Asia. For some reason, that makes me very happy, though I have no problem whatsoever with the American pronunciation (huh.).

Anyway, it's a darn good movie, please go see it. I hope you all liked the story, and review, please!