Chapter 1: A meeting of fate

He stood there waiting for the right moment. Waiting for twilight to take its peak point, around the same time that she had died.

Rima, the love of his life. The love that they were so close to having, love that had existed between them for countless years, hidden by their friendship, was ruined forever.

On the night of her wedding, the night she first told him that she loved him just as much as he loved her, the night that was supposed to be their beginning ended up being their tragic love.

Any hopes he had of ever loving someone had died that night with her as he had promised her as well as himself that he would not live without her and he would keep that promise, no matter what.

Ne, can you hear me, Rima? I'm coming soon. Will you be there waiting for me on the other side? You won't be waiting for too long he thought peacefully as he looked up at the darkened sky. He felt the wind around him pick up to a gentle breeze ruffling his hair softly. As he stood on the rooftop of his estate and watched the peacefulness all around him he knew he was ready to leave the world forever.

Bringing his finger to his mouth he bit it hard and watched as blood soon followed heavily and quickly hardened into his weapon. He would die fast and simple, his body would shatter and the remains would be carried away by the wind, far away.

Feeling it was time Shiki took a step toward the ledge and pointed his finger right on his heart.

Yes he thought as he waited to send his vine of blood straight through his heart. He would die the same way she had, he would grip his heart and crush it with his own hand, suffer the pain she had to suffer all because he had been to weak.

At that moment two things happened. Two things that stopped him.

He heard a noise, like a low yell that came from above him. And as he looked in the direction of the noise, he saw a body falling directly to him. Reflective instinct told him to catch the person which he did and he was shocked to see a girl laying in his arms. She wasn't dead, just unconscious he decided as he held her.

What shocked him more was that he couldn't tell if she was human or vampire, just that she literally fell from the sky.

Rima, What should I do? He asked looking back at the sky. The course of the wind softly changed, pushing him back towards the door that would lead him back inside his home, and he without another word followed in that direction.

`ok so i know this was short but hey im testing to see all reactions to this, think of it as a teaser so let me know what u think :)