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Chapter 3: Stare

Why did she look at me like that?

Why did she stare at me as if she knew something was wrong with me?

I wondered to myself as I walked back to my own chambers.

"Senri-sama," one of the servants spoke before I walked into my room.

"What should we do about the girl?" she asked.

Ever since I lost Rima, Minami, my most faithful servant never left my side and tried to look out for me as best she could. Was it because she had served my mother since I was an infant as well and was now worried about me?

"Leave her be, but make sure Kei keeps an eye on her," I instructed grabbing the doors gold knob.

"I want to be left alone until dinner," I added.

"Yes, Senri-sama."

Once inside and alone, I walked over to my bed. There lay the rabbit that Rima had loved so much, the one I gave to her as a gift.

I picked it up and gripped it tightly in my hands. The soft fur that kept Rima company when i couldn't, the obvious cuteness that made her smile when I gave it to her.

Her smile.

The one thing I would never again see in this life.

The one thing I would give anything to have.

I felt my fangs pierce my lip as I clenched my mouth shut, struggling to maintain control.

But I felt the streak of water that slid down my face before I could stop it.

Why should I fight it? My feelings were mine, the only thing that I had left.

There was no sense in fighting against them, so I let them flow naturally.

My anger for losing her, my hatred for my weakness, it all came rushing out.

Why couldn't I have protected her better? Why?


Holding the rabbit closer, I could smell the sweet scent that was Rima.

Laying on the bed, I clutched it to my side and closed my eyes.

"Ne, Shiki. You shouldn't be so upset."

I heard her voice before the light blinded me.

It was pure white.

"How can I not be upset? I couldn't protect you. I lost you, the only person that ever mattered," I quietly confessed to her.

"I'm so weak," came my own voice from somewhere else.

"I let them control me. I couldn't do anything to stop them. To stop HIM," my voice said, filled with pain and disgust.

Opening my eyes, I sat up in complete darkness.

Back in my room.

It wasn't a dream I was having.

It was a memory.

I thought back to that conversation. It seemed so long ago after everything had happened, when I was at my lowest and she had been there for me, like she always was.

I sat alone in a dark room. I could smell blood all over, not one source but many.

It felt like a war was taking place somewhere near.

How could I have been so willing? In my weakness I hurt Rima. I almost killed her. Why couldn't I be stronger?

"Ne, Shiki, you shouldn't be so upset."

There she was, laying on the bed to recover from the wound I inflicted. I bit my lip as I reminded myself it was my fault she was here.

"I'm so weak," I said aloud, kneeling beside her on the bed.

I hid my face in her hands.

"I let them control me. I couldn't do anything to stop them. To stop HIM," I went on filled with hate and disgust for my weakness, for my self.

"You're free now, aren't you?" she asked holding my hands.

"Look what happened to you, because of me," I cried out.

Why couldn't she see it? How weak I was? How pathetic?

"This is nothing, a scratch. It's healed," she softly comforted me.

"It's okay. Struggle all you want, I'll be right here for you. Ill always stay by your side. No matter what happens to me, I'll always be there for you. For eternity. I'll be you support, even when were not together," she softly said stroking the side of my face.

I looked up at her. My angel, my savior.

"Forever and always," she said. "Even if were not together."

Our silent promise.

Her words remained in my heart.

Even if were not together she had said.

Back then, those words saved me, but now they were keeping me alive.

A light knock came on the door.

"Dinner is ready Senri-sama," Minami announced.

Feeling as if some of the pain was eased, I got up.

"Shall I call her out for dinner as well Senri-sama?" Minami asked as we walked through the halls in silence.

But before I could answer, we heard the sound of someone crying coming from the second living room.

We made our way there to see Kei on the floor with Reira, who was crying. I watched as he gently stroked her hair, trying to ease her pain in any way he could.

I felt pity for her who seemed to be crying from the depths of her heart, but I was also envious at how she could cry like that and release her pain.

Something I could never do.

"Senri-sama," Kei called sensing my presence.

He started to get up but was held back by Reira's hold on him.

"I'm sorry, but I don't want you to see me crying like this," she confessed starting to get a hold on her emotions.

"I'll just go back to my room," she said making sure to hide her face as she motioned for Kei to cover her every move.

"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes," I told her.

"I'll be right down," she promised as Kei guided her out of the room.

I couldn't help but laugh at such odd behavior from such an odd girl.


"Minami, let's go have dinner," I said as I made made my way into the main dinning room.

~End of a sweet dream, But I'll show you another ~

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