Double of Blacklight to Vampire

Let us begin with how this all started. At around January of this year, I read a crossover fanfiction from the author Mic Mov that featured Tsukune and Alex Mercer. I was intrigued by the idea of this crossover. Unfortunately, this fanfiction no longer exists, yet memory of it persisted. Enough for my own fanfiction idea to take root. It was only recently did I began to put idea and pen to to speak and what you see before you is that idea taken form.

So let us begin this strange journey with a little legal notation

Disclaimer: I do not own Rosario + Vampire storyline, background, characters and similar media. Nor did I have any hand in the creation of either media. Other familiar concepts, ideas, and characters are also not my own. In short, I am not worth the lawsuit charges.

Oh and before anyone asks, I did ask for Mic Mov's permission and he said that it was fine with him.

Chapter 1: The Other Mercer

Pain. It was all that Tsukune felt throughout his body as the burst of supernatural aura burned through his skin. Yet he had to protect the vampire before him, to ensure that she survived and that she could defeat Kuyou as he reached for the Rosario and break the seal that held in check her true vampiric power within. The task succeeded and he fell to the ground, yet he lost consciousness long before his body felt the embrace of the Earth as the last thing he heard was that of Moka cried out his name in horror.

Tsukune then found himself atop of white linen sheets, naturally confused. He pulled himself up to see that he occupied a hospital room. Somehow, the room felt familiar.

"Well that was a rather stupid move on your part." Tsukune, now aware that he wasn't alone in this room, turned towards the voice to see a man who donned a hooded jacket and jeans. "Granted, I know just as much as you on monsters, but I have a feeling that Miss Akashiya will be able to survive it." Then the unknown man looked downward in thought. "Or was it Yokai? Ayashi maybe? I don't know, I can never be too sure about this whole thing."

"Who, who are you?" Tsukune asked.

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you don't remember who I am at all." The hooded man smirked. "Especially considering that I'm not suppose to be here in the first place."

It was then that Tsukune felt a wind blow around him, yet the windows were closed. From that wind, strange and alien memories flowed through him, as if he looked through the eyes of another. From those memories he found the man's name. "...You're Alex Mercer, aren't you?"

"Well," Alex Mercer began "I'm more of a fragment of Mercer's personality and memories, a psyche as it were. Not like Miss Akashiya who could be considered clinically suffers from multiple personality disorder, but it's similar."

"So what are you suppose to be?"

"I'm not suppose to BE anything. You're suppose to be th e dominant, and only, personality in this body."

"'This body'? Is this even my own?"

"As much as the original me was a viral clone of Alex Mercer." He then saw Tsukune's confused face. "I know, vague and very weird."

"So then what happened to me?"

"You remember that little trip with mom and pop about three years ago? To the states, and New York City in particular?"

"Yeah, we barely got out of there before those attacks occurred."

"Yeah, I don't remember telling them THAT cover story." Alex Mercer pondered. "But to put a long story short, you and your parents were able to leave AFTER the outbreak died down."

"What? But I don't remember-"

"Relax, it's all my fault. Well, not me personally, but the other me- look, why don't I just explain the whole deal and THEN you can ask the questions, alright?" Tsukune nodded before he listened to this psyche Alex Mercer explained how he was severely injured by one of the viral mutations near the end of the outbreak and was severely injured with a high potential for infection. There was little the doctors could do even if they were not overwhelmed with medical emergencies related to the outbreak. It was then that the physical Alex Mercer arrived and overheard the news that were told to the elder Aonos about their only child. With the need to do something remotely good out of the whole ordeal, beside the fact of saving New York from a nuclear explosion and other such hiccups by Blackwatch, that Alex decided to try and save this then twelve year old boy from death.

With the use of an unfortunate doctor volunteer as a medium, Alex absorbed Tsukune's body and repaired it so that he would survive along with some immunity to the virus. Before the job was completed, he altered Tsukune's brain and memories so that only Tsukune would be present instead of the countless memories and voices of those he had absorbed to get to the center of the conspiracy. The elder Aonos had then discovered the gruesome deed and were about to scream when Alex quickly silenced them and explained what had happened and warned them of his altered memories. "Everything else is a bit foggy on the edge of 'blank', but other then that minor detail, that's what happened."

"Then why are you here?"

"That's a good question. I don't even remember anything of myself between immediately after your little operation and right now. Just remember that my original self never even tried to duplicate himself, let alone a different person before you so there are bound to be some bumps in the road. In fact, I don't think I really existed until now."

"So what should we do know?" Tsukune questioned. "I mean, is there anything about my body I should know that's different then I remembered?"

"Originally, you were suppose to be indistinguishable from any other human other than the little immunity to the virus. But with me being here, there's no telling what could happen. I mean I could only do so much as a psyche."

"So could I be able to-" Tsukune began.

"I doubt you'll have the same abilities as the original Alex Mercer. It's highly improbable, but I wouldn't rule it out just yet. I have seen some weirder shit before."

"Yeah, I remember now. Almost as if I was Alex Mercer."

"Must be left overs from the duplication process." Alex hypothesized. "Even so, we have no idea how much had slipped through and it'll be a hard time to try and test things out without the others knowing. Especially considering that they just found out that you're human. Well, were human if it proves to be otherwise. Oh and you might want to wake up. Apparently Miss Akashiya is calling for you." Alex Mercer advised to Tsukune.

Tsukune blinked and saw that he had grasped onto Kuyou's neck and had delivered several brutal punches to the monster's face. He looked around in confusion before a sudden lack of energy caused him to collapse into unconsciousness. Psyche Alex Mercer was not there to greet him.

A bit short, but it get's the point across. So then, is there any interest on any continuation of this fanfiction crossover once I completed my current fanfiction project?

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