Double of Blacklight to Vampire: Year One

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Chapter 8: The Inside Monster

After Tsukune was lead into the deepest floors of the academy, Tenmei Mikogami showed him and Alex a strange doorway that impossibly lead to another world. To be frank, they should not have been as surprised as they were by then. 'And this place is…?'

"Another world, an alternate dimension if you will of my own creation that I call 'Paradise'." Mikogami answered.

'Played "god" much?' Alex sarcastically asked.

"Oh no, this is quite a simple conjure project. Nothing as grand as an entire universe, more like a pocket dimension to put it into describable words."

"A pocket dimension?" Tsukune questioned as he observes a ringed planet upon the sky just beyond the door frame.

'Modesty just doesn't work with ya.' Alex admitted with some venom.

"Inside awaits your trainer who will show you how to control your excess vampire yoki." Tenmei explained. "Follow his orders to the letter and you will succeed. After all, he is quite knowledgeable on similar condition that you both have."

'Similar to our condition?' Alex questioned. 'This won't end well for us will it?'

"We have no choice." Tsukune stated as he stepped through the door frame and onto a grassy field. "It's either this or expulsion."

'Doesn't mean that we'd have to like it.' Alex mused. 'And for the record, I support the expulsion option. We're not lucky enough to expect otherwise with this little assignment of ours we have now.'

"Well this place seems nice enough to warrant the name 'Paradise'." Tsukune mused as he had a good enough view of the strange world around him. "I mean one wouldn't mind having a- Is that a flying whale?"

"Tsukune-san?" Tsukune turned to see Rubi some distance away, though with a leather collar and an attached chain.

"Rubi-san? What are you doing here?" Tsukune questioned the elder witch. "Are you supposed to be my trainer?"

'I'm more curious about the collar thing she has around her neck.' Alex noted. 'Wait…Didn't that headmaster say that the trainer was a "he" just-'

Just then, Tsukune and Alex heard the clasp of a hand cuff upon the right wrist. Tsukune turned to see a wheel-chair bound youth with bright red-orange locks who attached a chain to the holy lock and was in the middle of an installation of a strange speaker system upon the lock itself. "No, that would be me."

To say that both Tsukune and Alex were shocked and surprised would be a fatal understatement. "Wh-What are you doing?!"

'How the hell did he sneak up on us like that?!' Alex exclaimed. "He's in a fuckin' wheelchair for crying out loud!"

"I've had experience." The unknown individual explained. "Though none of them include mind reading, hence this little speaker here. Which, considering what I heard of the person who's suppose to help me with this, is probably a good thing."

"Wait, you know about-" Tsukune began.

"The name's Chester, Derick Chester." Derick interrupted. "And in case you were wondering, blame Tenmei."


"The Board Chairman and Headmaster of the establishment beyond the dimensional walls of this so-called paradise." Derick answered.

"So you're the one who's suppose to train us how to use-"

"Both the ghoul and Blacklight abilities." Derick answered once again to the surprise of both Alex and Tsukune. "Don't act so surprised. I was more or less briefed on your rather 'unique' condition before and after the conversion. But to be honest, I'm not really sure if what I had in mind would really work in the short term, let alone the long. Viral mutation and the supernatural don't tend to mesh well so I'm basically making this up as I go along."

"Such a vote of confidence." Alex mused.

"Haven't backed down from a challenge yet." Derick answered. "Though to be honest, I should start making a habit out of that."

"I'll take it that you're not exactly thrilled with this assignment?"

"With Mikogami involved, it's rarely a trill ride if ever." Derick stated before he added a moment later. "Again, the Headmaster."

"So what did you have in mind for our training?" Tsukune asked.

"First off are baby steps." Derick answered. "To be blunt, control and focus of that quagmire that's your aura. We'll save those Blacklight Abilities for another time, especially those radical biomass powers of Mercer's…..or was it Zeus? I could never figure stuff like that out."

"Just call it Mercer's abilities for simplicity sake." Alex answered. "I kinda prefer to be called Alex anyway since….well, I was pretty much called that for as far as I could recall."

"Fair enough." Derick agreed and then he turned toward's Rubi. "Tojo, the whip if you please?"

"Whip?" Alex said in sudden confusion and worry. "What does a whip have to do with the whole aura controlling training?"

"And why is Rubi-san wearing a chained collar-" Tsukune asked as well when he suddenly realized the handcuffs. "Wait, why are we chained together?"

"It's because it's part of your training to control your yoki, your lifeline even." Rubi answered as she handed Tsukune the whip. "You should hold it in your left hand."

"And this whip is for..?" Alex asked.

"For the training of course." The elder witch stated before her next trail of thought caused her to blush. "But it's not that I'm asking Tsukune to hit me with it! But…if he want to…"

"Wh- No thank you! I'm not into that stuff!"

"Yeah, once is a bad enough memory for me!"

"Mind out of the gutter if you don't mind? We do have a schedule to keep." Derick reminded Rubi.

"Okay." Rubi lamented from the choice, but continued. "The whip you're holding is called 'Belmont' that was used by a legendary monster hunter. It has the ability to cancel ou t magic of all types."

"….I'm not sure why, but I smell a lawsuit."

"How does it cancel magic?" Tsukune asked.

"From what I can tell, physical interactions. Touch to put it simply." Derick stated. "Anyway, give it a light crack and you'll have an idea of what I had in mind for your training."

With a shrug, Tsukune gave the Belmont whip a light swing that ended in a mellowed sound of the familiar crack. However, at the moment of the supersonic motion of the whip tip, both Tsukune and Alex felt a current of the ghoul yoki rush out of their body and conducted through the chain which then flowed into Rubi's body akin to an electric shock. "R-Rubi-san!"

"What the fuck is that all about?!"

"The basis of your training." Derick explained. "The holy lock you wear keeps your ghoulish aura in heck, suppressing it in other words. With the Belmont's magic canceling powers you can use those energies at will. But since you were…well for the sake of argument let's just say that you were human. Anyway, since you were human, you have no experience in wielding such supernatural energies and you take out so much energy that it breaks the physical seals of the Holy Lock itself. So Miss Tojo here is serving as a substitute for the Holy Lock."

"You did that knowing what would happen to Rubi-san?!"

"And I suppose that there's a reason why you didn't connect yourself?"

"Several actually." Derick answered. "One: I don't want to get shocked myself."


"Why you-" Tsukune began.

"I'm not finished." Derick interrupted. "Reason number two: You need a reliable form of feed back to tell you that you're using the aura correctly, that you put in enough energy and focus into an attack without going overboard. Three: You would take the training seriously if someone you cared about is on the line. Unfortunately, I read that part on your file."

"That doesn't give you the right to- Wait, I have a file?"

"Let me finish." Derick demanded. "Reason number four: Miss Tojo here volunteered to be the feedback for your training. And finally number five: She's a masochist. I mean this is probably her version of carnal heaven. Personally, it's kind of disturbing but I'm working with what I got."

"And you didn't have different ideas for training me?"

"This was the best I could come up with on such short notice. I mean you're no typical subject."

"It's alright Tsukune-san." Rubi stated as she got back onto her feet. "I wanted to help you learn how to control your yoki properly. It's the least I could do, especially after all that you and the others have done back at Witch Hill."

"Now that the explanation's out of the way," Derick began. "Let's do a few more swings and get a rhythem going."

"But I-" Tsukune began.

"This is for your own good." Derick answered. "Trust me on this, you'll live longer."

"And how do you know this exactly?" Alex question. "I mean you're stuck in a wheel chair for starters."

"Well, I have my ways." Derick answered before he closed his eyes for a moment. Soon afterwards the strange tattoo on his right wrist began to glow an eerie light and he touched the arm rest of the wheelchair, strange magics flowed into the frame like electricity as the simple contraption metamorphosed into an enchanted pair of exoskeleton legs which allowed Derick to walk as if he was a healthy human being. "Like this for example."

Both Tsukune and Alex were dumbfounded for several moments. Then Tsukune broke the silence. "What kind of monster are you-"

"Actually I'm human." Derick answered.

"You sure about that?"

"Humans can cast magic; however something must be givin' up in exchange."

"Which is?"

"Chester-san's life span." Rubi answered. "Each time he cast a spell or performs any kind of magic, his life shortens."

"What?" Tsukune exclaimed. "If that's true, then-"

"Relax! I go the whole thing handled." Derick reassured. "So long as I keep to the more simple, low level magic I only loose a second at most."

"A second?"

"Yeah, I was pretty unwieldly at first. Kind of like you right now." Derick commented. "Hell, before I got this little ability of mine I was slated to live up to ninety-four or so. Now it's…." The bright red headed youth then counted upon the digits upon his fingers as he performed mental calculations. "Sixty-eight is the longest I can expect to live. Barring any unnatural causes like a bullet wound to the head of course."

"So how did you control it?" Tsukune asked.

"Where'd ya think I got this training idea from?" Derick then turned back to Rubi. "Miss Tojo, a crow if you could be so kind?"

Puppet crow after puppet crow, Tsukune swung with Belmont to destroy the manifestation and each time the elder witch was jolted by the excess yoki his body produced with seemingly no improvement over the control. It frustrated to no end.

Derick Chester did little to alleviate the problem. "Mr. Aono, I know that you have a thing about keeping your friends happy and all, but this is training for YOUR benefit. So stop acting like a giggalo and focus!" Naturally, both Tsukune and Rubi blushed though for different reasons.

"Oi! Stop givin' the witch ideas!" Alex argued.

"How else am I supposed to motivate him?"

"How can I even learn to control my yoki with something like a whip?" Tsukune asked.

"And on his left hand of all places too." Alex added.

"That left hand represents his control of his aura." Derick answered. "If he can control the whip with his weaker hand, he can have a better gauge of how much of his power he is using in each strike than if he's using his superior hand. And stop treating the Belmont like its some unwieldly weapon." He advised. "It's much more accurate than you give it credit."

"How can I even tell if I'm improving or not?" Tsukune justly answered.

"Outside of the lightbulb you're now attached to?" Derick answered. "If you didn't feel it by now, then soon enough you'll feel the flow of the aura flowing throughout your body, the way the current moves as you move your body in combat. Once you do, the Belmont will be most helpful in having you learn how to channel those energies to where it's needed, economize the amount so that you don't use more than is absolutely necessary with each action, and focus that aura into the strike, preferably away from the Holy Lock."

"Maybe I'm just a bad student." Tsukune then sat upon the ground with his head hung low.

"Well it does explain your average grades." Alex noted much to Tsukune's chagrin.

"You're wrong!" Rubi exclaimed. "You're actually getting better at controlling the yoki." She then blushed. "That last one….actually…felt kind of good…."

"I'll take that as a good sign, disturbing it may be." Derick then turned back towards Tsukune. "It shows that you're improving compared to how you were at the start of it. You will learn to control and focus it effectively, but it will still take time."

"I guess." Tsukune mused. "I mean, you were able to work out your own control issues."

"Yeah, it's like trying to flex your Keagel muscles." Derick stated. "You have the gist of how to do it, but it'll take a while before you see the results of your efforts."

"My what?"

"You're too young to understand that one." Alex answered. "MUCH too young."

"Anyway, let's take a breather if we can. We'll resume in about fifteen minutes." Derick advised.

"What do you mean by 'if we can'-" Before Tsukune could even complete his question, a large quanity of liquid splashed upon his head. He turned around and saw the form of a wyvern. "A-A dragon?!"

"A wyvern to be exact." Derick corrected. "And that's the reason why I said that."

"Kya! I thought this was a sanctuary? A paradice?!" Rubi exclaimed in worry.

"It's kind of funny when you realize that those words are pretty relative." Derick noted. "To be exact, this place is a paradice for endangered monsters and creatures that are, um…let's say difficult to control for lack of a better phrase."

"You mean that you knew and yet you-" Tsukune exclaimed.

"Which means that we're now on the live combat part of the training, though I didn't really expect them to come this early."

"Live combat?!" Tsukune, Alex, and Rubi exclaimed almost in union.

"Yeah, it's pretty much keeping a cool head under pressure. Anyway, you know what to do so start swingin'."

"But Rubi-san-"

"Still has her part to play." Derick concluded just as more anthropod-like monsters appeared from the nearby wood and slowly began to surround the trio. "Huh, well this is interesting? Usually these bugs don't really dare come out of the open whenever there's a wyvern around. You must smell tasty to 'em."

Tsukune sighed in defeat as he readied the Belmont for battle. It was now a flight or fight encounter and the "flight" option was something he could not choose for numerous reasons, chief among them is the instinctual logic that these creatures could easly overtake them if they would ever try to run away.

The first to strike was the wyvern to which the Belmont struck against its impossibly durable hide as it only brused it at best and the reaction of the excessive aura was the same as Rubi was shocked by the unused portion of supernatural energy. The wyvern sub species member backed away from the range of the Belmont's strike but it did not leave the area. The stereotypical giant insects took the chance to attack Tsukune as well but were easily killed with each strike of the enchanted whip. Soon enough, they learned that the strange object within their prey's hands was something to be wary of as they each made their own individual strategies to out maneuver their target.

"Looks like they can learn." Alex mused. "Lot smarter than the average but, that's for sure."

"Yeah, they fear the whip." Tsukune agreed. "Perhaps we can use it to-"

"You can't!" Rubi declared. "It's more important that you learn how to control your yoki in actual battle, I will be alright."

"Uh…okay…" Tsukune reluctantly agreed as he readied the Belmont once more. "But there are so many enemies-"

"The original Mercer faced off lot more then that," Alex reminded Tsukune. "And they had guns, lots of em."

"But he didn't have such limitations as the Holy Lock." Tsukune argued back just after he sliced a bug-monster in half with a single stroke.

"Yeah, you got a point there."

"Think of it as practice for real combat." Derick advised. "Fights rarely are fare and you gotta keep in mind that its more of a 'fight to the death' kind of deal instead of a duel and you gotta do whatever it takes to make it out alive."

"I-I believe in you Tsukune-kun," Rubi supported in between all too pleasant shocks of electricity with each swing. "You can do it!"

"Well, it IS for our benefit." Alex noted, to which Tsukune reluctantly agreed. He continued to swing the Belmont to keep the other wild monsters at bay, occasionally slay one or two that have become embolden enough to attempt a much closer encounter. Each strike with the Belmont sent powerful electric-like shocks into the elder witch's body but instead pain, she found euphoric pleasure that inched her body ever closer to carnal climax. This and the fact that Tsukune was the one who caused such a reaction had made her blush immencely as her shrieks of erotic response grew louder until finally she had reached orgasm. And just as immediate as the sensation awashed her body, so did it left her body physically exhausted.

That final scream of euphoria was enough for even the mighty Wyvern to jump back a considerable distance from the long haired witch and held a stance which heavily suggested that they were beyond disturbed.

"D-Did she just-" Tsukune began.

"Yes." Mercer answered.

"All the while we-"


"And they just-"

"Yes, though I can't say I blame the bugs."

"Heh, didn't think that there's such a way to scare a dragon, even if it is a wyvern." Derick mused.

"What the hell are you doing with Tsukune-kun?!" Kurumu exclaimed to the elder witch a moment after a blur of blue climaxed in a fist to the crown of Rubi's head. "Even if you do act proper in front of everyone else, you're just too kinky!" The other female members of the Newspaper Club could hardly control the blush their faces held. Even though it was not the physical kind of carnal actions that would have suggested otherwise with the number of wild monsters both alive and dead that were present, but the pheromones tha the elder witch gave off were too strong to ignore.

"'Disturbed' would be the more accurate word." Derick mused.

"And who are you anyway?" Kurumu demanded. "What were you doing with Tsukune-"

"Training." Derick stated just as the other wild monsters had recovered from their earlier psychological shock and resumed their attack. Tsukune quickly reacted as he resumed his defensive strategy against the inhabitance of the other worldy pocket dimension known as Paradice. "And it appears that he's finally learned the lesson at hand."

"I guess the both of you can explain what's going on once we get rid of all these things." Kurumu noted before she began to discard her human guise to her true succubus self.

"Hai!" Yukari agreed. "We can't let Tsukune-nii have all the fun-"

"It's better that you don't interrupt." Derick interrupted. "He may have the theory pinned down but it'll be a while before he perfects the practice."

"Chester-san is right!" Rubi realized. "Tsukune-san's so focused in not only the fight, but also controlling his yoki! I'm not feeling any shock from it any more!"

"I'll take it that it's a big disappointment on your part, eh Miss Lightbulb?" The elder witch simply blushed in response.

'Gotta concentrate this yoki away from Rubi-san.' Tsukune nearly chanted as he swung the Belmont. 'Put it al lin the left arm rather than the right.'

"Just like the guy said, control it to where it's needed the most." Alex added.

Meanwhile, the female members of the Newspaper Club were in awe in not only how well Tsukune had in controlling his supernatural aura, but also the amount of which that was generated and was under his command. "But how could he control it now? He only barely started today?" Rubi questioned out loud.

"Seems like the kid over there is much more than some boringly average teenager if he's able to learn such supernatural subjects that quickly. Either way, it makes my job easier." Derick mused much to the chagrin of the other montster girls. However, it was just then that one of the antropod monsters surprised the human and used its mandibles to have a grotesque hold upon his left arm. "What the- Hey! Let go!" He demanded, but his reaction was far too tone for someone whose piece of flesh was nearly ripped off from his bone. All the other monster girls, minus the elder witch, wondered in horror just what kind of monster Derick truly was as after a few momnents of fruitless struggle, casted a minor magic spell which caused the beast to let go of its quarry and dash away.

"A-are you okay Chester-san?" Rubi asked in horrified shock as the exposed musckle in Derick's arm hung loosly upon the bone.

"Nothin' a magic spell won't cure." Derick mused as the tattoo upon his right wrist glowed again and the left forearm was restored to normal, abet in a disturbed and grotesque manner. "Still, it'll be sore in the mornin'." The bright red headed human noted as he rubbed the arm upon completion of the spell cast.

"So then are you some kind of warlock-" Mizore began to ask.

"Nope, human." This was a shock to all but Rubi.

"B-But how could you-" Moka began.

"Genetic mutations on the most part." Derick explained. "It makes it kind of difficult to sense pain. Granted, that and higher muscle acceleration give me the equivilant strength of your average human strongman. It also allows me to withstand extreme heat and cold as well, though I gotta be mindful about the long term effects and damage. The human body does have such a capacity, but it just isn't built for it. Might accidentally break a femur of something if I'm not careful."

"But how are you even able to cast magic if-" Yukari began.

"It's an exchange." Derick answered. "And in my case, it's my lifespan but I got a good enough handle of it so it's not too bad."

Some time later, with much of the wild monsters either killed or knocked unconscious, Tsukune collapsed from exhaustion. "We definitely overdid it." Alex noted.

"Yeah, I can barely move myself." Tsukune agreed.

"Is it really that much of a surprise?" Derick approached the exhausted youth with a bottle in hand. "You seriously need to pace yourself since you just learned how to control it." He then handed the bottle to Tsukune whom barely accept it it. "Take a swig; it'll help yah recover from that little bout from earlier."

He took a taste and turned back in bewilderment. "Chocolate milk?"

"With some whey powder mixed in." Derick answered. "It's effective and cheap, that's the important part."

Tsukune then looked back up into the sky and noted. "This place…may be paradise after all. There's something here that I've longed to have for some time and I think I had a hold of it earlier. And it's all thanks to you two, especially you Rubi-san." The elder witch simply blushed in response. "You put your life at risk in order to help me."

"No fair!" The blunette succubus suddenly embraced the battle weary Tsukune. "How come Rubi-san get's all the fun? I wanna train Tsukune-kun here too!"

"Heh, and here I though it's the wild monsters out here that might get him." Derick chuckled in reaction.

"Step aside." Mizore argued as she pulled Tsukune away from Kurumu. "Tsukune-kun will learn a lot more training with me."

"No way!" Yukari exclaimed as she slammed the conjured wash bin upon the yuki onna's head. "He's training with me!"

Just then , Moka noticed the discarded Belmont some distance away from Tsukune and the feuding monster girls. "Chester-san, what's this?"

"That would be the Belmont." Derick answered.

"Interesting…." Ura Moka noted just as the rest of the group realized the sudden arrival of the silver locked vampire. "An artifact that can cancel out magic spells and seals if I understand correctly."

"And you'd be right."

"What?! But I didn't even remove the rosario!" Tsukune exclaimed.

"Guess it extents to even that." Alex noted.

"This is how you've trained to use your yoki?" Ura Moka noted with a hint of amusement. "So you wish to become a monster as well Tsukune?"

"No! I just-" Tsukune began.

"There is no rush. I gurantee that you'll grow strong." Ura Moka stated. "After all, it is my vampire blood which now flows through your veins."


"I'm not likin' how this train of though is goin'…" Alex stated with unease.

"But if you're impatient, why don't I train you?" Ura Moka offered as she cracked the Belmont. "You do wish to become more powerful, is that not correct? Who better than myself?"

"I-" Tsukune tried to reason.

"I think I'll take up that offer of yours." Derick replied. "Martial Combat isn't really my forte but I think you'll be perfect for that part of Mr. Aono's training to better wield both his vampiric and Blacklight abilities. Granted, I'll have to clear this with Mikogami but knowing him, he'll allow just for laughs."

"Who?" Ura Moka asked, though the other monster girls of the Newspaper Club were equally curious.

"The headmaster. Worked for him in the past, never fun." Derick answered. "Anyway, I hope both you and Mr. Aono here are morning people since I'll expect the each of you to be in here bright and early for training."

"You know what?" Alex began. "I think our chances are better with the Marines." Tsukune agreed.

The day after, and barely recovered from both Derick's and Ura Moka's training regiments so early in the morning, Tsukune followed the directions given to him by the Board Chairman himself that lead him to a rather rundown looking building. The building now housed the School Festival Planning Committee Headquarters.

"So... this is where I'll be working from today onwards..." Tsukune then thought back to the introduction of this new assignment.

"'Job'..?" Tsukune questioned the headmaster within his office.

"Tsukune-kun, if you don't want to be expelled then you must work hard." Mikogami warned Tsukune. "There is a reason behind your new training and it is not simply for your benefit." He then handed the youth a hand-drawn map. "Join the committee and make the school festival a success. That's your 'job' Tsukune-kun"

Tsukune then looked back to the building to which the committee held its meetings. That one glance was barely enough to give the young man second thoughts about the entire deal he made with the Board Chairman.

'Yeah, I'm not feeling any good about this little "arrangement" of ours either.' Alex noted.

"...Tsukune-kun? You're the First Year, Class Three Representative Aono Tsukune correct?" Tsukune turned around to find a bispectical youth who literally towered over him.

'HOLY SHIT HE'S TALL!' Alex cursed in surprise. 'I thought you Asian guys are supposed to be short?'

"I've been informed by the faculty. As of today, you are the newest member of the committee." The Student Council member of the festival committee stated.

"Ah...yes!" Tsukune barely spoke as he still mentally recovered by the fact of how tall this new individual was, especially how he towered above him.

"Welcome, Aono Tsukune-kun!" He smiled.

Later on within the building, Tsukune entered a chamber space that looked more in place to some government institution or even appropriate to the United Nations if not for the League of Evil like organization. He could not help but feel unease by the very atmosphere of the meeting room.

"Come, enter Tsukune-kun. They are the committee members specially gathered for the school festival." The taller student invited.

"How is it? Are you relieved that they look dependable?" The tall glasses wearing student asked Tsukune, who felt even more uneasy from the strange and less-than-human appearance of the committee members. A single look did little to cement Tsukune's confidence.

'Yeah, we gotta remember the difference in values and such with monsters.' Alex mused.

"Thank you for your hard work, President." One of the committee members bowed in the direction of the tall student. Soon enough, the other committee members bowed in thanks.

"President...?" Tsukune then turned towards the tall, glasses wearing senior.

"My apologies, I haven't introduced myself." The senior then turned towards Tsukune. "I am the President of this committee Kaneshiro Hokuto. Nice to meet you Tsukune-kun."

"Alright everyone, the meeting of the committee will now commence!" Hokuto announced as the debates and discussion began with the glasses wearing senior in the lead. Tsukune simply sat there in nervous wrecked silence.

"...Shocked?" Tsukune nearly jumped from his own skin before he turned towards a messy haired youth. "Hokuto-san has good leadership skills."

"Intelligent and good martial art skills, talented, decisive, trusted by the faculty... Actually, most of the members of the committee were hand chosen by Hokuto-san." The messy haired committee member spoke as the Committee President continued with the planning of the festival via the blackboard. "This is enough to show his charisma."

The messy haired member then turned towards Tsukune. "Speaking of which... what about you? What is your reason for joining?"

"Eh?" Tsukune asked.

"Well, it's mostly because there have been some strange rumors as of late."


"Okay, let's proceed with the next topic! How to deal with 'Anti-Thesis'..." Hokuto began. "... I believe that everyone gathered here knows that there is a group called Anti-Thesis which opposes the values set forth by this academy. As well as interfering with our efforts in organizing the school festival!" He then slammed his hands upon the conference table. "Besides Anti-Thesis, students are more violent than before and because of that, students have died! But listen to me, everyone! We cannot allow this violence to continue! We must end this inglorious era! I sincerely want this school to change. One day, it will achieve real peace! Thus, we cannot back down from Anti-Thesis! We must stand firm and do well in the organization of the school's festival which symbolizes peace!"

Some time after the committee meeting had concluded and as Tsukune walked back towards the student dormitory, he couldn't help but ponder upon Hokuto's words from earlier. How sincere, honest, and pure they sounded.

'Yeah, so did Adolf Hitler and look how well that went.' Alex warned.

"But you can't deny that there was a hint of sincerity in those words."

'Which makes me feel all the more worried.' Alex argued. 'For all we know, he's a very good manipulator and we shouldn't be too trusting of the guy.'

"But why would he-"

"Hey! Wait up Tsukune-kun!" Tsukune turned to see the same messy haired committee member rush up to him. "We're going in the same direction, so let's walk together!"

"Ah, you're that guy..."

"Ueshiba Mizuki, but you can simply call me Mizuki. Nice to meet yah Tsukune-kun." Mizuki greeted. "So how was your first committee meeting?"

"To be honest, I never thought a guy like Hokuto-san really existed in this school. He desires peace, and proves it with his action. I'm a little touched." Tsukune confessed. "I only fled when trouble comes... What a big mistake.. I shouldn't have joined the committee in the first place. However, after looking at Hokuto-san, I want to try and maintain the peace in the school with the committee. I feel that there is a strong force encouraging me on."

"You seem like a good guy." Mizuki smirked in response.


"I did say that there was a rumor, didn't I? That rumor states that there's a mole from Anti-Thesis among our committee members?"

"WHAT?! A MOLE FROM ANTI-THESIS?!" Tsukune exclaimed, to which Mizuki responded with a shush before he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

"It's not convenient to talk here, follow me." Mizuki warned as he dragged Tsukune through and beneath an overpass. Just moments after, Kurumu and Mizore walked towards where both Mitzuki and Tsukune had previously occupied.

"...Eh? Didn't you hear Tsukune-kun's voice just now?" The bluenette questioned.

Both Mizuki and Tsukune arrived at a remote location littered with ruins one might interpret as the remains of an earlier school building.

"Mizuki-san, is it true what you said earlier? That there's someone on the committee who's from Anti-thesis?" Tsukune asked.

'That would explain what the headmaster had in mind for us.' Alex noted. 'Not a good sign.'

"You really don't know anything? Didn't you hear something like this when you joined the committee? No one cautioned you to be careful?"

"I wasn't told... I wouldn't have joined if I knew..." Tsukune answered honestly as he internally wondered if the Board Chairman knew of this and planned accordingly.

"Really? You haven't heard anything? Not from anyone?"

"Uh... Mizuki-san...?" Tsukune asked but with good reason as Mizuki's line of questioning was rather suspicious to both he and Alex.

"Is that so..." Both Tsukune and Alex couldn't help but feel dread from the look upon Mizuki's face as he said those words. Only to be shocked out their own minds as Mizuki smiled a wide grin and patted his shoulder. "It's okay if you haven't, sorry to have suspected you! Don't take it to heart; it's just a rumor after all!"

'For the love of- He nearly gave us a heart attack!' Alex exclaimed.

"And also, you should be quite strong. If the Anti-Thesis decides to you must get rid of them like you did before. Bye bye!" Mizuki stated.

"Hold on, how did you know?"


"I've never mentioned that I fought Anti-Thesis before. So why did you say 'get rid of them like you did before'..?" Tsukune questioned with the cold wave of stark realization. "You must be-" Tsukune turned back towards Mizuki, but he was no longer present. Tsukune then looked around for any signs of Mizuki.

'Ah crap!' Alex cursed in annoyance. 'Don't tell me we got one who can turn invisible.'

"So how do we-" Tsukune began.

'Termal vision should work.' Alex answered.

"What a headache, it was a slip of the tongue and yet..." Just then the disfigured, mole-like form of Mizuki emerged from the ground and grasped onto Tsukune's leg. "I planned to get more information about the school before I killed you." He smirked as he dragged the sealed ghoul into the ground.

"So you ARE an Outcast Monstrel from Anti-Thesis!" Mizuki simply responded by grasping onto Tsukune's skull and dragged him deeper into the earth with him.

"Correct Aono Tsukune!" Mizuki taunted as Tsukune struggled to free himself from the monstrel's grasp.

'Looks like it's one of those life or death situations. Time to put that training to the test!'

'Right!' Tsukune mentally agreed as he summoned the supernatural aura of the vampiric blood to wrestle free from Mizuki's grasp. However, in an attempt to summon the needed strength to break free, his forearms morphed into the Musclemass ability of the Blacklight virus, though thankfully it did not cause the links of the Holy Lock to be ruptured if barely.

"Wh-What?! You're a monstrel as well?! But why-" Before Mizuki could even complete his inquiry, Tsukune took a firm grip of earth with one hand and grasped Mizuki's neck with the other and tossed the monstrel spy into a nearby wall where his body slammed with terrible force that it knocked him out.

"That was too close." Tsukune mused as he stared back at his now mutated arms.

'On a lot of accounts.' Alex mused. 'We'd better have a better hand at controlling that kind of response. I'm not sure if we can handle such extreme changes without harming the links. Hell, I'm not even sure if we can make a repeat with Muscle Mass.'

"Tsukune-kun!" Tsukuen turned to meet the twin blurs of blue and violet hair as they collided with him.

"Tsukune-kun!" Hokuto cried out as he rushed towards Tsukune. The Newspaper Club gathered around in worry, though they were glad that nothing too serious had happened thanks to Derick's and Ura Moka's training. "I've heard about it... Mizuki is actually a mole...! I'm sorry; It's my fault that you were targeted and if anything had ever happened-"

Tsukune then gripped Hokuto's shoulder in reassurance. "Please don't back down. I also want peace in the school. Hokuto-san, let's work together... We won't back down from Anti-Thesis."

"...Okay! We will work together and change the school for the better!"

Meanwhile, some distance away, Derick and Mikogami observed the reactions of the group though their attention was mostly towards Hokuto as he left the Newspaper Club that were gathered there alone. "You know, you really should have told him a lot more than 'go here'."

"I know perfectly well what I am doing." Mikogami answered. "It's all going according to my plan."

"Are you sure you wanna do this 'all according to plan' shit?" Derick questioned. "I'm still recovering from the first time you did that shit on me back then, and you're definitely not helping."

"Still, I see something special deep within him." Mikogami continued. "The speed in which he learned how to control his yoki is proof of that. He may very well have the power to decide the fate of both the yokai and human worlds."

"Assuming that you let him live long enough with all those crazy assignments you'll probably give him." Derick raised an eyebrow. "I almost feel sorry for the kid already."

Well what do you know? There are two, count 'em TWO surprises in this chapter. Not only do you all know who the mysterious "Chester" was from the previous chapter, but we dive a little bit into the lore that is the Second Season of the manga with the Paradise training montage- well, it's technically not a montage, but you get the point. So how will this new training regiment help Tsukune and the RosaVamp gang against Anti-Thesis? Well, you'll find out in the next chapter of Double of Blacklight to Vampire...eventually...

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