Rosario to Human

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Chapter 8: Aftermath of Change

Nearly a day after the encounter with the Public Safety Commission, Tsukune took his turn in the care of Moka's unconscious room as he entered the pinkette human's dorm room to relieve a still worried witch.

"Will Moka-nee wake up soon desu?" Yukari asked.

"I do not know myself, but I have faith that Akashiya-san will recover soon. She is stronger than she looks." Tsukune reassured the young witch.

"But still… Moka-nee's human and-"

"Have faith," Tsukune interrupted as he patted Yukari upon her head. "That is the most we can do." She agreed and left the dorm room in the young vampire's care, though somewhere deep within her very heart, she hoped that Tsukune would take advantage of the situation though remote the possibility was at the moment in time. One could not fault the young witch in her fantacies….to an extent.

Tsukune, with a packet of special herbs, readied an ice cold towel to be placed upon the pinkette human's forehead to cool down the strange feaver that she had gained after she had passed out the previous worried the young vampire in that her body might have an adversed reaction to his vampyric blood and could not help but blame himself for such an outcome.

Koumori, as always, noticed Tsukune's discontent and self-loathing. "Tsukune-sama, you should not blame yourself chuu. You did what you could do to help Akashiya-san chuu."

"I understand completely." The young vampire replied as he placed the wet towel upon Moka's head. "Yet, I cannot help myself but contemplate that-"

"IIIIEEEEE!" Moka suddenly sat up and screamed from the terrible phantasm she had experienced and had just then woken up and back into the waking world. It was sudden enough for both Tsukune and Koumori to have their heart race as they dashed away in surprise. When the pinkette human heard the sudden shout of surprise, she shrieked in surprise as well before she realized who they were. "Tsukune? Kou-chan? What are you doing here?"

"We were supposed to look after you after you passed out when-" Koumori began when the dorm room door opened up and Yukari emerged.

"Tsukune-nii, what was that-" Quickly did the young witch discovered that the pinkette human was now awake and she leaped into Moka's arms and tackled her onto the bed. "Moka-nee! I was so worried desu!" She clung to Moka's frame and began to cry tears of joy as her head was patted to calm her down.

However, Yukari's hands started to wander towards Moka's chest and would have reached their target had it not been for Tsukune's timing to pull the young witch away from the recovering human. "I strongly doubt that Akashiya-san would appreciate what you were about to do after such an ordeal with the Public Safety Comission." Naturally, the young witch pouted as she was placed some distance away from Moka Akashiya.

"Oh! Which reminds me, how did we get out of that trouble?" Moka asked, to the bewilderment of Tsukune, Yukari, and Koumori.


"We obviously got away from the PSC right?" Moka asked. "I'm just wondering what happened."

"You don't remember anything chuu?" Koumori asked.

"Should I?" The pinkette human cocked her head to the side in innocent confusion.

"It is not important," Tsukuen answered. "The important matter is that you are well. Though I imagine that you are quite famished by now after such an experience."

"I can cook-" Moka began as she began to slip out of bed.

"Stay." Tsukune interrupted. "You still need to recover."

"I can help cook too!" Yukari declared. "I know how to roast newt eyes real well desu!" Both Tsukune and Moka were unsure of how to respond to the statement properly, but knew that it would be best if the young vampire lead the food preparation process.

The next day, the three students of Yokai Academy plus one Bake-Bake bat entered the hallways to start the academic day when they were confronted by the Kurono Twins. "Moka-chan! It's great that you're all better now!" Kichirou greeted.

"Gomen!" Moka apologized. "I wasn't much help earlier with Kuyo."

"What are you talking about?" Kurumru exclaimed. "Of course you were! I mean it must have really took it out of ya to-" Before the bluenette succubus could complete her sentence, she and her twin were pulled off to the side by both Tsukune and Yukari. "Tsukune-kun, what's going on?"

"Yeah, what gives?" Kichirou asked as well.

"It would be best for the time being if Akashiya does not know of what transpired the other day." Tsukune advised, careful to make sure that the pinkette human did not easedrop.


"Moka-nee doesn't remember anything desu." Yukari answered. "So we shouldn't worry her too much about it or else she might go into shock or worse desu."

"Could it be that…" Kurumu began.

"What's going on?" Moka walked up to the group in curiosity. "Did something happen?"

"Oh, nothing really!" The group collectively denied as Kurumu continued. "I mean it's all in the past right? Over and done with, so we don't have to worry about it."

"I guess so…." Moka replied with an unsure air.

"Yo, Moka-chan!" Gin greeted the pinkette human. "I gotta say that I've fallen for ya even more! I mean especially when you- GUH!" Before the werewolf, in his ignorance, could reveal the truth, the young witch summoned a massive morning star upon his head with such force that it both knocked him out and had him reverted to his true form.

"What was that all about?"

"Gin-sempai being Gin-sempai, what else is new?" Kichirou half lied. Tsukune, meanwhile, could not help himself but wonder if this was the best course of action.

Later on that day in the boy's restroom, Tsukune reflected upon recent events as he washed his hands. "Am I even pursuing the correct course of action? Am I truly in the right in what I must do for Akashiya-san's sake?"

"You are doing what you believe is the best option, Tsukune-sama," Koumori reassured his vampire charge. "There is no shame in such a judgement, chuu. I can only presume that you will tell Akashiya-san what transpired once she had enough-" He paused as he felt a presence. "Tsukune-sama, I-"

"I've noticed as well." Tsukune interrupted as he noticed not only the presence of another monster, but the hint of a killer intent in the aura as well. "If we ignore it, we will not be dragged in whatever this individual wants."

"So you're the Aono Tsukune's everyone's talkin' about." Tsukune growled in annoyance, held fast to the hypothesis that there was someone or something on high that relishes in his jeopardy and broken hopes. "You left ya back wide open fool!"

"Why must such events happen to me…?" Tsukune wondered under his breath as he rolled his eyes.

"The name's Chopper Rikishi of the Wrestling Club!" The bulk muscled brute announced with dumb bells in each of his hands. "Next time I see an opening, I'm throwin' a Cobra Twist at- Where ya going?!" Chopper Rikishi demanded as Tsukune took a paper towel to dry off his hands.

"Whatever the proposal, I have no interest whatsoever." Tsukune said dryly.

"I ain't finished with ya!" Rikishi declared. "I've had my eye on Kuyo for a long time, to beat the punk to show that I'm the strongest there ez on the Wrestling Club. Yet you come waltzin' in and beat him up before I even had the chance to do it myself!"

"I fail to see how this concerns me. If you wish to have a match with the leader of the Public Safety Comission, you have ample opportunity to-"

"Nope, not gonna fly." Rikishi stated. "Ya see, I gotta beat a strong opponent to prove that I'm the strongest, the best. And since you smashed the shit outta Kuyo, guess who I gotta beat up next-"

"I wouldn't if I were you." Gin entered the restroom. "If you knew what kind of monster Tsukune-kun here is, you'd think twice before tryin' to fight him."

Chopper Rikishi snorted in annoyance. "Whatever." He then turned towards Tsukune as he left the restroom. "I'll be seein you later Aono."

"With baited breath…" Tsukune rolled his eyes, annoyed that he had found himself in another situation that was beyond his control. He had other, more important affairs to contend with and he did not need another annoyance to distract him.

"That Rikishi's a real trip." Tsukune turned towards Gin, only to turn immediately away when the unzipped werewolf stood before the urninal. "Even the other musclemen don't like him, at all! He's pretty famous, or rather infamous, for pullin' full body attacks at the drop of a hat. He's liable to jump you at any time!"

"Are your manners absent!?" Tsukune exclaimed as he adverted his eyes. "There is certain etiquette to be followed when one is in the restroom!"


"At the very least don't….'hold'… yourself when you speak to another! It is quite crude!"

"Shouldn't that be the least of your worries?" Gin asked. "I mean you did inject your blood into Moka-chan if I remember correctly."

"So what of it?"

"Doesn't that mean that she'd become a vampire just by the bite alone like in those Dracula movies and stories?"

"I will forgive your ignorance this one time and one time only." Tsukune warned. "That is the characteristic of the undead Nosferatu. I, however, am a Vurdulaka. Just because Nosferatu and Vurdulaka are vampires does not equate both to be one and the same. Be mindful of that fact."

"So all that happened the other day was just-"

"Temporary at best for as far as I am aware." Tsukune answered. "Akashiya-san is still human."

"Though too much vampyric vurdulaka blood over time can turn a human into a ghoul, chuu." Koumori added, which came to much a surprise to Tsukune.

"I beg your pardon?"

"It would be a worst case than when unchase humans are bitten by Nosferatu, especially Moroi Nosferatu in that the ghoul would be an uncontrollable- URK!" Koumori found himself uncomfortably in the vice-like grip of a rather displeased vampire.

"And when were you to inform me of such a side effect, Koumori?!" Tsukune growled.

"To be honest, Tsukune-sama, it had not crossed my mind until now chuu." The Bake-Bake bat admitted.

Some time had past back in class and Moka became increasingly worried when Tsukue had not returned from the restroom. Her concern for the young vampire was so great that she paid little attention to the lesson at hand.

"After the defeat of both the First Lords of Shadow, Satan and the Forgotten One in 1047," a student read from the textbook out-loud. "The Dark Lord Dracul, formerly known as Gabriel Belmont, and his then recently acquired vassals including his vampire-born daughter of his wife Marie went into seclusion."

'Tsukune's been gone for a while now.' Moka thought. 'He already missed two classes.'

"It was only with the arrival of the former Dark Lord of the Necromancers, Zobrek, located the Dark Lord Centuries later and implored him for aid against Satan's return did Dracul returned to the world at large in the turn of the eighteenth century. It was through Zobrek's magic was the relics of the First Lords of Shadow Dracul had gained were purified to allow for the confrontation against Satan and his acrolytes to make up for the loss of the Combat Cross during the battle against the Fallen One in the Underworld." The student concluded.

"Arigato." Nekonome gestured the student to return to his seat as she turned her head towards Mizore. "Shirayuki-san."

"Hai." Mizore stood up with the text book and read. "Though Dracul was joined by his vassals, the future Second Lords of Shadow, and Zobrek, he was also joined by the descendents of his human-born son of Marie and inheritor of the Belmont name Richter and Victor in the quest to prevent Satan's entry into the mortal world."

'And why is everyone acting so weird today?' Moka continued to wonder.

"After various trials and encounters upon the islands Mallet, Dumary, and Fortuna along with the dark tower Temen-ni-gru, the Dark Lord Dracul and his party faced off the acolytes and ultimately Satan at the ruins of Ubar transformed through supernatural energies into a formidable fortress for the arrival of the fallen angel."

'Could it have been something to do with Tsukune? Or perhaps with the Public Safety Commission the other day?'

"Though ultimately Satan's plot was foiled through the Dark Lord Dracul's sacrifice of his immortality, it was not without consequence as a fatal blow was delivered upon the now mortal Dark Lord. Before his death, the Dark Lord Dracul bequeathed the Cyclone Boots to the future Dark Lord of the Oni, the Dark Gauntlet to the future Dark Lord of the Yasha, and the Seraph Wings to his daughter and future Dark Lord of the Vampires."

'Did something bad happen then?' Moka inquired internally, as if the answer would come to her in her thoughts. 'But we did come out of it okay; Tsukune did defeat that Kuyo guy right?'

"Yet, upon his dying breathe he ascended into heaven just as Zobrek, Carmilla, and Cornel ascended into heaven centuries earlier. From this accention he recalled a terrible truth that, though the angels reassured him that he would continue to exist no matter what happened to his corporeal body, his body was given new life due to the dark energies the Dark Lord Dracul had gained in life and was reborn as Orlock Lucard; the beast that would burn the continent in its quest to destroy the human world."

'I just wish I knew what could be bothering Tsukune…?' Moka thought. 'I might be able to-'

"Akashiya-san?" Nekonome asked one more time which broke the pinkette human's train of thought.

"Eh?" Moka then realized that it was her turn to read the text book. She quickly stood up and tried, for the life of her; where she was supposed to read.

"Chapter Six, paragraph fifty-two, line four." Mizore whispered.

"Arigato." Moka thanked back before she cleared her throat and continued. "To fully accomplish its goal, Orlock Lucard sought two terrible relics that would lead to the undoing of the human world: The Devil Mask that Zobrek, Dark Lord of the Necromancers, once owned and the original Necromicon that was penned by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred."

Some time later, Tsukune continued to lean against the railings of the rooftop in self pity. He wondered internally how he could have done such a foolish act such as the injection of his vampire blood into Moka's body. Though she was close to death from the injuries inflicted upon her frail body by Kuyo, did the young vampire even have the right to try such a despirate and dangerous procedure as the transfusion. Such questioned plagued his mind despite the reassurances of his vassal Bake-Bake bat.

"Tsukune?" The young vampire turned and saw the pinkette human emerge from the stairwell within the rooftop access shed and onto the open space. "There you are! I was getting so worried that you didn't show up. The next period is about to start so we should leave soon." It was then that Moka saw that Tsukune adverted his eyes from her. "Tsukune? What's wrong?"

"Akashiya-san," Tsukune began, though with much effort. "I have done a terrible and foolish deed with out your concent."

"Tsukune-sama, it was-" Koumori began.

"The truth must be told!" Tsukune ordered before he turned back to Moka. "Akashiya-san, you must understand that I did not mean any harm unto you intentionally. That I had labored to keep you alive with what options were available to me and with the consequences that I had known then."

"Tsukune…you're starting to scare me." Moka's voice trembled with worry.

"I had injected my blood into your body to save you. But there had been unforeseen consequences that were not illuminated until recently."

"What are you talking about?" Moka asked, afraid of the answer that was to come. Yet the answer was delayed when Chopper Rikishi emerged from the rooftop access shed.

"Not exactly da best place for a fight, but beggers can't be choosers." Rikishi smirked. "And dat girlfriend of yas better not interfere or are ya a runt so weak that you need-" Before the wrestler could complete his taunt, he found that his face unfortunately made contact with the rooftop as Tsukune slammed the unfortunate yokai down with such anger and rage.

"Call me 'weak' one more time. Come forth, say the words!" Tsukune growled. "I dare you!"

"Tsukune!" Moka called out in worry, which was enough to break the young vampire's rage and recall his earlier depression. "Look, whatever happened earlier doesn't matter. It's okay-"

"No, the transfusion was a deed that should never have been contemplated even in the state of minde I was under." Tsukune interrupted in grief. "That time fortuned smiled upon us, but any more of my blood were to be introduced into your system would rob you of your very humanity, your very soul."

"But I'm fine now, really!" Moka reassured the worried vampire. "I mean I'm still alive and the PSC isn't bothering us any more. Especially after you defeated Kuyo-"

"But I did not land the final blow." Tsukune answered. "It was you."

"Dat's just too funny." Chopper Rikishi, who revealed himself to be a troll. "So I guess the rumors weren't dat true after all. You had to be so pathetically weak as da have ya vamp girlfriend 'ere fight ya-" The troll was unable to complete his taunt as Tsukune performed a powerful, yet masculinly painful kick to the groin with enough force to send the young monster into a steep, ballistic trajectory into the sky.

"Does that blow not feel like that of a weakling?!" Tsukune roared. "Is it?! Tell me!"

"Tsukune, calm down!" Moka pleaded. "I don't understand what's going on with the blood transfusion, but I know deep in my heart that you did a good deed and that's all that matters. In fact, I should thank you for saving my life."

"Akashiya-san, I-"

"The conversation's closed!" The pinkette human declared. "Anyway, we don't want to be late for class, now do we?" And with all improbability, Moka dragged Tsukune back to the classroom.

"Tsukune-sama has much to learn chuu." Koumori chuckled as he flew after the duo.

The First Year Math Teacher, Kagome Ririko, had just begun to write mathematical formulas for that day's lecture when Moka and Tsukune entered the classroom. "Oh my, you two were almost tarty."

"My apologies, Ririko-sensei." Tsukune apologized. "There were some…'personal' matters that must be contended with beforehand."

"I understand." Ririko agreed. "Just do not make it a habit out of it. The trimester finals are coming up soon and you need the upmost concentration in order to pass."

"Trimester finals already?" Tsukune stated in mild shock and surprise. "I am surprised that it has approached us already."

"Time dues fly for the youthful Tsukune-sama, chuu." Koumori agreed.

"Well then, we must do our best in order to- Akashiya-san?" Tsukune turned towards the pinkette human whose shocked eyes and stiff stance was such that one could imagine Moka as a statue that was terribly cracked and quickly erroted away by the wind. "Are you well?"

Internally, Moka could not believe that the finals were already here and she did not recognize a single formula upon the blackboard. She had felt the familiar dread many students have experienced for seemingly time immemorial.

Meanwhile, within a wing of the academy's hospital annex, Kuyo in casts fumed in the defeat at the hands of the Newspaper Club, especially one Tsukune Aono and one Moka Akashiya as he recovered from his injuries.

"I don't care if it takes me a thousand reincarnations, I will make them pay for what they did to me- what's that sound?" Kuyo questioned his lieutenant Keito.

"I think it sounds like screaming-" Before the spider woman could answer, Chopper Rikishi smashed through the ceiling, into Kuyo's hospital bed, and through two stories before the two unfortunate casualties were stopped by the Love Love Alliance trio who were recovering from Tsukune's attacks from days earlier. "Kuyo-sama! Are you alright?" She called out through the hole in the floor.

"….medic….!" Chopper Rikishi, Kuyo, and the Love Love Alliance trio painfully called out.

"And that is the sole reason." Tsukune explained to the rest of the Newspaper Club as the pinkette human metaphorically sulked in the corner.

"I can understand, but we can't slack off simply because trimester finals are coming up." Gin reasoned. "We do have that trip to the human world to plan and prepare for summer break."

"And I believe that it would be prudent if all of the members are to pass the trimester final." Tsukune argued. "Otherwise it would be difficult for this 'investigative reporting' Nekonome-sensei had planned for us with so few."

"Yeah, but we gotta take into account that some of us might not be able to pass the- Why's everyone lookin' at me like that?" Gin questioned the group.

"I know that I'll pass the finals because I have the best motivation." Kurumu declared as she embraced Tsukune's face into her bosom. "I don't want a loose a single moment without my Destined One!"

"Hands off cow." Mizore pulled Tsukune free from Kurumu's hold, only to keep fast the young vampire's body to her own. "Tsukune is to be MY husband."

"What was that stalker girl?!" Kurumu pulled Tsukune back. "And what makes you think that you'll pass? All you've done is shadow Tsukune-kun for the entire trimester!"

"I'm protecting him from your molestation!" Mizore argued back.

"If anyone's gonna molest Tsukune-nii, it's Moka-nee and I!" Yukari added her hand, medaphorically, to the argument. Much to the chagrin of the young vampire and pinkette human in addition to the ire of the lycantrope president of the Newspaper Club.

"Aid me…." Tsukune pleaded while deep within the quagmire of the estrogine malestrome.

"It would be most beneficial if the Newspaper Club were to study as a group in preparation of the final tests, chuu." Koumori suggested.

"The bat's right." Kichirou gestured with his thumb. "The more minds we have in studying for the finals, the better our chances are in passing and not having to go to remedial classes."

"Y-yeah." Moka agreed, finally out of her scholastic depression. "We can really help each other out."

'And to spend more time with Tsukune…' The witch, succubus, and yuki onna thought sinisterly.

"You guys do whateva you want; I got this in the bag!" Gin declared. "However, we can't take too much club time in this group study over planning-"

"If you got it SO much, why don't you do all the trip planning and let us do the study group." Kurumu teased.

"WHAT?! By myself!?" Gin exclaimed just as Nekonome entered the club room.

"Konichiwa Newspaper Club!" Nekonome energetically announced. "I have some good news! We have a new member to our little family so allow me to introduce to you Kano-"

"NAGARE?!" Kurumu and Tsukune exclaimed with such venom and rage that it made the young slug monster cringe.

"Um…you three have met?" Nekonome questioned.

"Unfortunately." Tsukune growled as Nagare had flashbacks of what the young vampire had nearly done to him.

"Um…well….I was kind of kicked out of the Photography Club for uh….various reasons so I was wondering uh….." Nagare began his explanations as he fealt the deadly aura produced by the young vampire and succubus. "Let bygones be…bygones?"

To an outsider, one would have thought that to haze a new member of the Newspaper Club was a standard tradition. To those who were knowledgable of the bad history that occurred mere days ago, they were conflicted as to if they should feel the action justified or empathy for the poor slug monster.

Later on, the group organized the desks into an impromptu meeting table as Yukari began a lecture on numerous calculus topics such as tangents and various equations that were to be used in the math final. The bluenette succubus struggled, but was not so spaced out by the mathematical terminologies as she might have been if she had been more lack with her academic studies. Her drive was to enjoy every moment of summer break with her Destined One that was brought about when her twin brother gave attention to such a goal earlier.

"To find the area under the function g(x), on the other hand, you might divide the area into rectangles of area g(x)dx desu." Yukari concluded. "That is principle of intergral calculus desu."

"There!" Kurumu explained as she completed the math problem presented before the group. "I think I got it now!"

Tsukuen looked onto her notes and tilted his head to the side in curiocity. "I am unsure how you got the answer of 'fourty-two' from the equation."

"N-nani ga?!" The bluenette succubus exclaimed when she turned towards the vampire youth. "You mean I got it wrong? Moh! I'm never gonna get it!"

"Well it shouldn't be that surprising, Boobie Monster," Yukari teesed. "All the blood needed for such complicated thoughts is taken up into your fat-"

"Don't call me stupid!" Kurumu growled as she took a hold of the young witch's collar. "I've slaved all of my free time that I would have spent with my Destined One in my studies-" The succubus was silenced when a washbin slamed upon her skull.

"Sounds more like it won't be enough for you to avoid remedial classes desu." Yukari cackled, which was just the trigger for Kurumu to tackle the young witch to the ground and ignited a venerable street brawl between the two monster girls.

"Maybe they were sworn enemies in a past life?" Kichirou suggested in jest.

"And they are not right now?" Mizore inquired.

"Point." The bluenette incubus shrugged in defeat. Nagare, meanwhile, struggled against his urge to immortalize this contest in photograph due to lewd logic yet unwilling to find himself an accidental participant with the injuries he still had to recover from the earlier encounter.

"Anno…" Tsukune then turned back towards Moka. "Did I do this one right?"

The young vampire looked over the mathematical labor of the pinkette human for but a moment before he passed judgement. "Somewhat rough, but the results shall suffice."

"Really! Arigato!" Moka nearly squealed in delight.

"Tsukune…" Mizore seized the opportunity for more intimate contact with the young vampire as the bluenette and witch continued with their physical argument when she showed him the results of her work. "Is this correct as well..?"

"Yes, though um….how must I put this in more delicate words…?" Tsukune began as he took note of the numerous scribbles of his name written around the problem along with not too subtle doodles of him and the yuki onna in matrimony bliss. "Your attention appears to be….elsewhere other than the task at hand."

"What do you mean?" Mizore honestly questioned. The vampire was at a loss of words when Moka intervened and explained the situation not as delicately as Tsukune would have liked. Though he honestly did not thought that the pinkette human knew such crude words of curse.

"So what are we going to do for Club Activities during the Summer Break?" Nagare asked with great hope that the change in topic would be enough distraction.

"Other than the Investigative Reporting that Nekonome-sensei said, I really haven't gotten a clue." Kichirou shrugged in ignorance. "You'd think that she'd tell us what we're investigating exactly."

"Well, it is kind of exiting." Nagare admitted.

"I kinda doubt that it's about those rumors of used panty vending machines in the human world." Kichirou joked. "I seriously doubt that they're even real- You alright Tsukune-san?" The bluenette incubus asked as the rest of the group halted their activities when the vampire youth slammed his head onto the desktop in frustration and annoyance.

"Why must you bring such a topic to my attention..?" Tsukuen groaned, which was enough for even Kichirou to know that the vampire had some knowledge of the subject between he and the slug monster.

"Are you alright Tsukune-kun?" Kurumu asked after she got up from the floor.

"To condense a complicated and uncomfortable recollection," Tsukune began. "My cousin dragged me to confirm their existence. It was a horrible sojourn."

"You mean they're real?" Nagare asked with wide eyes.

"Holy shit!" Kichirou exclaimed as he grabbed Nagare's collar. "We gotta pass!"

The rest of the Newspaper Club were troubled in how serious the incubus and slug monster had taken their studies in light of their current motivation. Gin, however, was slightly curious about the subject but he internally questioned himself why he should be so exited about such a vending machine. After all, he could get used underwere at his leisure thanks to his lycanthrope ancestry.

The bell that signaled the end of all extracurricular activities had sounded and the Newspaper Club began to exit the club room to begin their own individual studies as their own group session had already completed their own collective review of the trimester final topics, barely.

"Aono!" The group turned to find that Saizou had appeared to confront the young vampire, who knew from past experience that he should be ready for whatever the larger First Year would try.

However the unexpected occurred when Saizou kowtowed before Tsukune and begged. "Please tutor me, I beg of you!" Nearly all but the young vampire's faces encountered the floor their feet previoucly occupied from this sudden request that was strongly out of character for the delinquent.

"Um….I can attempt such a labor." Tsukune began as the rest of the Newspaper Club recovered from the shock. "In presumption, you must have needs other than academia for such a demand."

"If Momm- I mean if my parents learned how bad my grades were, they'll kill me!" Saizou explained. "I can't catch up on my own, I tried! Onegai, you must help me!"

"You do sound sincere enough in your desperation." Tsukune answered. "So what parts of calculus do you wish to be informed of?"

"Everything!" Saizou exclaimed. "Like the difference between 'differentiation and integration' and 'addition and subtraction'! I always get confused and get the two mixed up and- why are you all looking at me like that?" The delinquent monster spied the group who were visibly dumbfounded on how completely lost he was when it came to mathematics.

"I suppose," Tsukune cleared his throat. "I could attempt the task ahead-"

"Or you can allow me to tutor you myself." The assembled group turned to find that the math teacher Ririko had listened in on Saizou's dilemma. "To think that I have not motivated you enough to take your studies seriously and troubled in keeping up with class makes me feel that I had become a failure as your sensei."

"Um..I-" Saizou began.

"To rectify this, why don't you come to my remedial classroom tomarrow after club activities and I'll personally make sure that you'll pass the final and enjoy math as much as any student should." Ririko stated as she gently caressed Saizou's face. "I'll teach you that studying can be quite fun."

"I..I guess I could try. But I don't really-"

"Good, now don't be late now." Ririko stated with a disturbing amount of glee before she left Saizou and the rest of the Newspaper Club to their own devices.

Some moments of strange silence past before Kichirou spoke out. "What the fuck just happened?"

The next day afterschool, Saizou approached the remedial classroom door and knocked. "Excuse me, this is Komiya Saizou of Year One, Class Three. I'm here for tutoring." He then opened the sliding door and immediately felt a foreboding atmosphere saturated with dread as he spied the candle-lit room. Every synapse of his body cried out to him to run away, fast.

"You came, Saizou-kun." Saizou turned and saw that Ririko wore a rather provocative, black leather outfit that many would assume was the standard uniform of S&M mistresses.

"Wh-Why are you wearing that?!" Saizou exclaimed, though he found additional horror when he felt the warm, crimson liquid leak from his nose.

"Well I thought that this would motivate you to study harder Saizou-kun."

"Study? No!" Saizou countered. "Harder? Eh….I think that's a matter of opinion."

"I just don't think this will really work out for me Ririko-sensei," Saizou then apologized. "I think it's just too weird-" It was then that the delinquent monster felt a sharp sting across his right cheek. He touched it and felt the familiar liquid that drained from his nose just a moment before.

"'Weird'?" Ririko inquired as whips cracked all around her. "How could this be weird? I'm a teacher. A teacher is a respected leader in the field of education. The student is the teacher's slave."

Saizou, meanwhile, mentally cursed himself as he wondered what had he gotten himself into and almost wished that he was soundly defeated by Tsukune. Almost. "My tutouring sessions aren't painless, Saizou-kun. But in the end, it is for your own benefit. Oh how I love teaching."

"As weird as it may sound," Nagare began as the group worked on their collective studies for the trimester finals. "I kinda worry about Komiya-san."

"What do you mean, desu?" Yukari asked the slug monster youth.

"I mean I heard a lot of disturbing things about Ririko-sensei."

"Well it does sound like her." Kurumu began. "I mean she can be very passionate, but she does have a one-track mind and she tends to go way overboard."

"That is something that I have noticed in her lecture habbits in her class sessions." Tsukune recalled.

"Hai, and as if that wasn't bad enough, all the boy's love her because she's stacked!" Kurumu exclaimed. "I swear, she's trying to show me up!"

"Jealous of Ririko-sensei's boobies, desu?" Yukari cackled just as both Mizore and Moka looked down upon their own natural attributes in appraisal. "That's just so immature, desu!"

"You're one to call someone immature." The blunette succubus jeered as she patted the young witche's still-in-development chest area. "Look how flat chested you are!"

"There's more to maturity then that desu!"

"Of course there is, Yukari-chan. And someday you'll be mature enough to understand what that is."

"Hai, I quite understand everything that's mature upon you now desu. You and your big, useless utters desu!"

"I'm popular not for size, but softness!"

"How naïve desu! Mine are desired for their youthfulness and supple smallness!"

"It's still flat!"

"How did Saizou-san and Ririko-sensei turn into a debate on bust sizes?" Kichirou inquired. "Not that I mind, but still."

"An unexplained mystery of the universe at large and its inner workings perhaps?" Tsukune answered in a kind of jest.

"Tsukune-san, you seriously lost me there."

Tsukune sighed in response; he should have known that his attempt at humor was too much for the incubus to handle. Thus, he had to recall another joke that he had overheard some time in the past that he believes would be around Kichirou's intellect level or at least some sense of familiarity. "Um…the same reason why women go into the restroom at the same time?"

"Oh! I get it now!" Kichirou exclaimed. "Not the issue itself, but I get the comparision. Ya know what I mean."

"Indubitably." Tsukune replied just as he completed his copy of study notes. "I require a critique on this copy."

"Sure, what do you- Holy!" Kichirou exclaimed as he saw how utterly complex the vampire youth's were in the case of mathematics. He didn't even want to know what his science notes looked like. "Um….what advice are ya looking for Tsukune-san?"

"Would these notes be easy to comprehend for someone of Komiya-san's level of intellect?"

"No offense to the guy, but I'm a lot smarter than he is in that department and even I'M lost."

"I can only hypothesize that my arithromania does not allow me to transcribe simpler study notations." Tsukune sighed in defeat.

"Tsukune-san, what are you doing?" The pinkette human asked.

"Since Komiya-san had asked for my aid in mathematics, I was under the presumption that he would be more appreciative if I had granted aid for the finals through these notes." Tsukune answered. "It would be the least I could do for one who had begged for such assistance. It might even help in his tutor sessions with Ririko-sensei."

"So how much did you- Oh my!" Moka gasped as she saw what might as well have been hand written computer command lines for an Operating System that were presented before her. "Um…have you tried to write it in simpler terms?"

"This was as simple as I was able to transcribe them." Both Moka and Kichirou cringed at the thought of what was considered complex to the young vampire. "I assume that I have failed?"

"Maybe I can help." Moka offered as she pulled out a blank notebook along with her own study notes. With the pinkette human's aid, Tsukune began to write out Saizou Komiya's study notes of mathematics up to calculus.

The next afternoon, with a completed notebook in hand, the vampire youth went in search of the aforementioned delinquent monster. Soon enough, he found Saizou wander the hallways in an aimless daze.

"Ah! Komiya-san, I have located you at last." The vampire youth then presented the aforementioned monster with the completed notebook. "Since you had requested my aid the other day, I thought that I could- uh….are you alright?" Tsukune then waved his hand before the delinquent monster. "Anyone home?"

Saizou continued to stand there, unresponsive with the exemption of his chants of mathematical formulas. "….Right, anyway these notes should be helpful in your studies when-" Just after Tsukune placed the notebook into his hand, but the object fell fell onto the floor.

Some time later on, Tsukune relayed the incident to the pinkette human. "'Study burnout'?" She inquired.

"That would be the only coclusion I had come up with for Komiya-san's near vegetative state." The young vampire answered. "I could scaresly imagine how much strain his mind has gone under to absorb so much knowledge that he had forsaken weeks ago. As much as I hate to admit for someone like him, it would have been too cruel to give him extra study materiel when he is in such a state of mind."

"I heard about another guy Ririko-sensei personally tutored desu." The vampire youth and pinkette human overheard Yukari as she talked to the Kurono twins. "He got really good at math, but he turned into some kind of slave or something."

"I'll assume that such is evidence of less than noble methods, let alone legal?" Tsukune asked and caused the young witch and bluenette twins to turn towards him.

"Tsukune-kun!" Kurumu exclaimed as she embraced the vampire into her bosom, much to Moka and Yukari's chagrin who solved it with a simple washbin conjure.

"So how'd it go with the note thing with Saizou-san?" Kichirou asked after Tsukune recovered.

"It was unsuccessful." Tsukuen answered. "He was too burnt out mentally to even respond."

"You do know that this is Komiya Saizou we're talking about right?"

"What do you mean?" Yukari asked.

"Well he began to mumble mathematical formulas." Tsukune thought back. "Especially advanced formulas that we have yet to learn until next trimester at the earliest. It seemed quite queer…"

"I don't know," Kichirou added. "He seemed straight to me."

"Pardon?" Tsukune turned towards the blunette incubus in puzzled confusion.

"You don't think that Ririko-sensei is turing him into a slave like that other guy?" Kurumu asked as she recovered from the minor concussion.

"It would be useless to speculate without hard facts." Tsukune noted. "Ultimately, we will have to ask Ririko-sensei about it."

"She won't be very truthful." Mizore suddenly appeared behind a tree and caused all but the young vampire to jump in surprise. "I heard strange noises from the classroom, disturbing noises. And I think she compared him to his father a few times."

"Wait, why were you over there anyway?" Moka questioned.

"A teacher wanted me to deliver some documents and I got lost." Mizore shrugged.

"That sounds hard to believe." Kurumu stated with hands upon her hips.

"Tsukune never needed remedial classes, so I didn't memorize that part of school." The Bake-Bake bat admitted.

The young vampire then cupped his chin and pondered. "I am unsure if I should be surprised or disturbed by this."

The bluenette incubus leaned in and whispered. "I'd lean towards 'disturbed'."

The group then slid opened the door that lead into Ririko's remedial classroom to find what could be best described as gothic torture when they spied the math teacher in her true form and force fed knowledge into Saizou's mind.

"Who interrupts my lessons?!" Ririko growled in annoyance.

"Wh- You can't do that!" Moka exclaimed. "That's torture!"

"The student should never question their sensei's-"

"Before we debat on the ethics of what is presented before us, allow me to ask Komiya-san his stance on the situation." Tsukune interrupted just before he threw the notebook at Saizou's head with enough force to break him out of the trance.

"Itai! What was that-" Saizou then recalled his current delema and cowered away from Ririko. "Aah! No more!"


"Huh?" Saizou then turned towards the vampire. "Aono-"

"How despirate are you to pass the trimester finals?" The question caught Saizou by surprise.

"Um…very despirate!"

"Are you willing to suffer to get the grades that would make your parents proud of you?"

"Of course!"

Tsukune then ushered the group out of the room before he turned back towards Ririko. "My apologies then, Ririko-sensei. You may continue one with your tutelage of Komiya-san." And with those words, he promptly slid the door closed.

As Ririko attempted to process what had just happened, Saizou felt a cold chill crawl up his spine. He had just failed a test and he didn't even know he had taken one.

"You're just gonna leave him there?" Kichirou voiced what the rest of the group thought internally.

"You have heard how adamant Komiya-san was with his need to pass the trimester finals." Tsukune answered. "I couldn't very well force him to-"

"I changed my mind, help me!" Saizou called out.

"So fickle." Tsukune sighed as he turned back towards the remedial classroom and entered.

"I will not tolerate any more interuptions to my lessons!" Rirkiko roared as she swung her petal bulb towards Tsukune, who effortlessly caught the attack. "Let me go!"

"As you wish, Sensei." Tsukune then tossed the bulb behind him with enough force to force the Lamia to impact the vampire's extended fist to knock her out as the rest of her body coiled against the hallway.

"That was rather anti-climactic." Kichirou noted as Tsukune approached Ririko.

"I was not in best of mindsets." Tsukune shrugged before he bent down before the Lamia and gently patted her cheek to barely bring her into consciousness. "I think it would be best for all if you are on administrative leave to reflect upon your actions and return wiser." Rirkiko slipped into unconsciousness afterwards.

"You could have done that from the start!" Saizou complained.

"I simply did not want to interpret the situation incorrectly." Tsukune answered. "You had stated your intentions to pass, which comes to the question of what you have learned."

Saizou moved his lips in reply when he was struck with a terrible revelation. "AAAAH! I don't remember a thing!"

"Pity then." Tsukune then picked up the discarded notebook. "Anything of value gained quickly is just as quickly lost. It would appear that you are left with the only option of old fashioned study."

Saizou took the notebook. "Over whatever Rirkiko-sensei did to me, I won't complain. But I just don't understand that you'd still help me after-"

"You asked for aid, I provide it. Nothing more." Tsukune answered. "Though it would be wise to be more stable in the choices you have made."

"How was I supposed to know that you would just abandon me like that?"

"Past encounters should have been evidence."

Saizou then paused for but a moment. "…Okay, I should have seen that one." He then browsed through the notes. "They seem pretty easy to understand."

"Praise should be showed upon Akashiya-san." Tsukune gestured, whom shifted her feet in embarrassment.

"Which is an improvement to what Tsukune-san had in mind." Kichirou then showed Saizou one of the young vampire's previous attempts.

"Why do you have that?"

"To see the look on his face." Kichirou gestured.

"Why? What could be so bad about- Fuck me!" Saizou's eyes went wide in shock and horror. "If this was the initial plan, I was better off with Ririko-sensei."

"If that is what you want, I can always rise-"

"No! No!"

Nagare then turned towards Kichirou. "Too bad he doesn't have our motivation eh?"

"What motivation?" Saizou questioned.

"And why are you being so friendly with him anyway?" Kurumru complained. "You do realize that-"

"Well how can I not feel pity for the guy after what you did to him?" Kichirou answered honestly. "Granted, I don't support what he did but I think that was a bit harsh."

"What motivation?" Saizou repeated.

"Just that there are acual vending machines in the human realm that deal out used panties."

"I doubt that is the true subject of the-" Tsukune began.

"They're real?" Saizou exclaimed in surprise. "Then I gotta join! I gotta pass!"

Deep within the headquarters of the Royal Order of Prodestant Knights, beneath the human occupied levels seen by "public" eyes where vampires dwell and await their orders, an eleven year old Tsukune Aono of House Lee fought against the Hellsing Organization's trump card, the No-Life King Alucard.

Tsukune did not wish to have such an event when his adopted family went to the British Isles for vacation, yet here he found himself in near-mortal combat with the aforementioned Moroi Nosferatu not only was it because he was a vampire, but that he was a Aluca Vurdulaka; a living, mortal vampire as opposed to the supernatural undead that the organization was more intimately familiar. A simple series of tests and testimony by both Tsukue and his Bake-Bake vassal would have been sufficient, yet data had to be collected to compare the two sides of the vampire coin. Few could say "no" to Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, though he had tried. He had tried to argue that his abilities have been trunticated by the Rosario upon his neck and that any data collected would be incomplete. Yet Sir Hellsing waved the debate off and ordered Alucard to attack but to keep his blows in check.

"This is so exiting!" Alucard roared with glee as the silver bullet from his Jackal handgun lanced towards Tsukune and missed him by mere millimeters which did little to ease the young vampire's discomfort of the whole situation. "I am having so much fun, yet you are but limited! Oh if I could only face you at your full strength! It'll be the best fun I've had in ages!"

"I am unsure how I should respond to your 'amusement' when it is produced at my unfortunate expense!" Tsukune growled in annouance as he parried each possible aimed shot at his head with the Koumori Saber. He had fought but a handful of demons and a horde or two of monsters back in Japan with little effort on his part, yet he struggled to keep up with Vlad Dracula III at Level Two. He could extrapolate that he could possibly match this demon in vampire form at his highest release state if his seal was removed, but he knew not of what other tricks and abilities Alucard had at his disposal at such a yoki apex. If he was to be victorious, it would by phyyric at best though the thought of the end results to be lethal was not beyond his mind. If he survives this little "friendly spar" he would never again return to England.

"Then show me your rage! Attack me! Try to kill me! Stop holding yourself back!" Alucard ordered as he fired multiple silver rounds, all but one missed as a single silver bullet grazed Tsukune's right shoulder. To the Aluca Vurdulaka, the mere flesh wound burned terribly and even the regenerative abilities were stunted due to the presense of silver. "See? A Nosferatu would have lost a limb from a mere scratch! Yet you can still fight on without worry! Now come at me!"

"Even if I were to take this seriously enough to consider the act of extinquishing your life, I doubt that your master would be pleased if I did miraculously succeed in the labor!" Tsukune argued as he swung the Koumori Lance in defense.

"Keep your mind on the here and now, between you and me! Now fight!" Alucard roared as he charged towards Tsukune who parried the ram attack with the Koumori Shield.

"And to think, Okaa-san was so adiment to visit England.." Tsukune groaned in annoyance.

"Enough talk, have at you!" Alucard then performed a feint which caused Tsukune's head to be mere centimeters from the muzzle of the No-Life King's Casull pistol. Then the trigger was pulled and-

Tsukune then awoke from the nightmarish phantasm with a powerful gasp. "Such an omen for the end of the trimester. And it just had to be that memory to enrich the ill fortune!"

Many students have struggled with their trimester finals. Many would pass the minimum, some would go above and beyond the par, and the unfortunate few would waste away their precious break in remedial classes.

Only one of the Newspaper Club failed to pass as one Ginei Morioka would find out.

Well, that's basically it for now. It should be obvious by now exactly which franchise I was talking about by now. And as it should be obvious by now, the Newspaper Club's next adventure would involve witches and man-eating plants. But wait! I have a little surprise for you all that I'm personally surprised that I haven't even thought up until now.

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