Challenge Word: Independent

Warnings: No warnings, pre-series

100 Words (per MS Word Count)

A Door Opens...

by Swellison

Sam gulped, steeling himself to open the plain wooden door.

Confident. Independent. Ready.

He unlocked and opened the door, surprised to find a teenager seated at one of the twin desks inside the dorm room. The dark-haired freshman sprang to his feet, smiling. "Hi, I'm Zach Warren, your roommate."

"Sam." Sam ignored the "Sammy" that ghosted through his mind. "Sam Winchester."

Zach pointed to the closet, dresser, twin bed and desk along the left wall, mirrored on the room's other half. "Y'have a preference?"

Sam glanced at the two beds, both equidistant from the door. "Either one's fine with me."

A/N: Okay, there's a lot of subtext that's supposed to be going on underneath this, sure hoping it comes across. Happy Independence Day to everyone!