Challenge Word: Creep

Warnings/Spoilers: None, pre-series Stanford drabble

100 words per MS Word Count

Poetic Thoughts

By Swellison

"The fog creeps on little cat feet." Sam opened his eyes, reading the page again. Hmmm, he thought he'd memorized this poem, but Sandburg's word was actually "moves."

"Poetry is personal," Professor Kinneck had stressed. "It's emotional, impactful and open to individual interpretation – yours." The assignment was a thousand word essay on Sandburg's "Fog" – a thousand words to describe a twenty-one word poem.

Piece of cake, as Dean would say.

Poetry is all about words –carefully chosen to convey meaning, mood, and imagery. Sandburg, despite his Pulitzers, had used simple, ordinary words, creating universally accessible poetry. Sam began his essay.

A/N: I was looking for a different way to use "creep" and I thought that Sandburg's poem was the perfect solution, until I checked the words – so Sam's mistaken memorization is really mine. However, it does work in this drabble, and gave me a Stanford drabble that is actually about an assignment, and not just a study break.:-)