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Chapter 1: Betrayed

"You have to make a decision…either you save the village or watch the destruction of the leaf."

It was a bright and sunny day in Konoha, and no one from the outside of the Hokage's tower would have noticed anything particularly strange, or of extreme importance going on within the Third Hokage's office. In fact a decision that caused a major turning point in Konoha's history was taking place, and some civilians were walking their dogs.

The Third Hokage sat at the head of the table with his hands crossed gently, but yet firmly in front of him. Besides him sat the elders of Konoha, each with identical stern expressions on their faces.

"So what is your choice?" Asked one of the elderly men, his eyebrows rose, deepening the creases in his forehead.


"But remember we will still respect you as a ninja if you choose to decline this mission. It's not every day where it is asked for the shinobi's ninja life and personal life to merge," stated the Third Hokage.

The shinobi nodded respectfully. "I understand that Hokage-sama, and I understand the consequences of accepting this mission, but I accept."

"You do?" an Elder asked doubtfully.


"So you have accepted the mission to annihilate the Uchiha Clan?" The Elder asked for clearlity.

"Yes, but I ask for one condition."

The Elders looked slightly startled. Hardly do the ninja's they hire ever ask for conditions on missions that they are handed to, but then again this was a very special mission.

"You may ask." The Fourth Hokage stated.

The shinobi took a step closer to the round table and bowed his head, "I will not kill one person."


"Sasuke Uchiha."

The room remained silent, but a distant noise could be heard of children running about outside, and birds chirping, the usual.

"I do not think we can accept that re-"

The Third Hokage cut in, "agreed."

The elders looked startled, "What do you mean agreed? The mission is to annihilate the entire Uchiha Clan, they are a danger to the peace of this village! There can be no exceptions!"

"Danzo that's enough," The Third Hokage looked over at the shinobi, whose careful onyx eyes were staring intently into his wizened ones, anticipating his answer. "We cannot murder the youngest Uchiha member, who is completely clueless about his clan's plans."

He stood up and walked over to the shinobi and placed his hands on the shinobi's shoulder, "The Village Hidden in the Leaf is in forever in your debt, Itachi Uchiha."

Itachi nodded solemnly, and turned to walk out the office.

"Oh, Itachi." The Third Hokage called out.

Itachi paused his back still facing the Hokage and the Elders.

"I'm sorry." The Third Hokage said sadly, "If there was any way to avoid this situation, you know we wouldn't have to put you through this. And as well, we won't inform any civilian or ninja not at classed as an anbu or higher, of this. To everyone else you will be considered as a traitor to Konoha, and for that I am greatly and deeply sorry."

Itachi simply nodded as a signal of accepting his apology, which was not enough to cover the aching feeling in his stomach. Regret was it? Guilt? He wasn't sure, but he was at least thankful for one thing.

Sasuke will live…

"Okay, class dismissed!" Iruka declared. Children sprinted from their seats running towards the exit. Iruka sighed tiredly, When will they ever learn that only one child can fit through the door at once…

Two children remained in the class well after the class room had emptied, one who looked liked they had no where better to go, no home, no friends…no family.

The other stayed thinking that even if the class was over, there could still be an extra hidden lesson waiting to explode once all the extra underachieving students had left…which is not happening.

Iruka sighed a second time, "Sasuke, Naruto, it's time to go home. School's over today, kids."

The determined little boy named Sasuke got up silently in defeat and packed his books into his bag.

"You know you did very well this term, Sasuke. Topped the class! Congratuations! Make sure you tell your mom, that you are the star of the school!" Iruka said encouraging his young pupil. Sasuke's rare smile formed on his face, his cheeks slightly turning red.


"Che. Watever! Making good grades in the third grade isn't a big deal! It doesn't determine whether you get to be Hokage!" The young mischievous Naruto shouted from the back of the room. Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"Being the class retard won't help you become Hokage either, especially when you're showing signs of being such a loser in the third grade!" he retorted bitterly.

"What! You can't say that! Iruka-sensei!" Naruto ran down to his teacher, the only one in this entire village that seemed to actually cared to hear what he had to say and grabbed onto his sleeve, pointing accusingly at Sasuke. "Tell him he can't say that, Iruka-sensei!" He continued.

Iruka laughed half-heartedly, "But, Sasuke's right. All the great ninja's of today, started showing signs of greatness at a young age. Especially Sasuke's older brother, one of the greatest ninjas in history, Itachi Uchiha!"

Sasuke's smile faded as quickly as it came, and silently packed his books and walked angrily out of the room.

Iruka and Naruto stood there bewildered at the youngest Uchiha's reaction,

Whoa, was it something I said? The young teacher wondered.

"I have to go to a meeting," Fugaku Uchiha, announced to his wife at their coffee table.

"Huh, really? About that plan?" His wife, Mikoto asked taking a sip of her coffee. "When?"

"Right now actually." He replied wiping his mouth a napkin, and gearing up.

"Oh," his wife answered softly, "But you just came back from one. I didn't know you were going on another."

"Its top secret, when Itachi gets home tell him to meet me at Area 73, I would have told him myself, but I have no idea where that stubborn boy has run off to."

"Sure…" his wife said distantly, and Fugaku took notice of this.

"Mikoto, do not start this again."

"I haven't-"

"You know with this brilliant idea, the Uchiha Clan will rise to the top, and no longer will our family have to secluded to a corner of Konoha. It will benefit us," he reasoned, embracing his wife in his arms. Even though he comes off as the cold, emotionless leader of the Uchiha Clan, but he cared so deeply for his wife. "Plus, if this plan succeeds you'll get that brand new kitchen you've always dreamed about." He added, and kissed her softly on her head.

Mikoto laughed softly. He released her once he was sure she was convinced, and placed his kunai in his pouch and nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Sasuke ran home, trying to shake of the comment Iruka had said.

"Especially Sasuke's older brother, one of the greatest ninjas in history, Itachi Uchiha!"

Sasuke frowned, if there's one thing this young Uchiha did not like, was being compared to his brother Itachi. Yes, he gets it, Itachi is this mega celebrity-like ninja that everyone adores. Even his own father prefers Itachi, over him.

Sasuke gripped hold of the report card in his hand, 'Maybe when father sees this he'll finally acknowledge that I am as great as Itachi, even better!'

Sasuke smiled once more and busted through the gates of the Uchiha compound overjoyed to see the reaction on his father's face…but something wasn't right.

There was blood all over the compound, stores torn down, homes burnt to the ground, his cousins, uncles, aunties, lay on the ground…unmoving.

"W-what!" Sasuke managed to stuttered…shaking uncontrollably. He felt tears forming in his eyes, but shook them off, "N-no! A ninja must be strong! A ninja must see through the unseen! It's probably a genjutsu!" He tried to convince himself, forcing his feet to move forward back home.

Once he reached his own home, he paused. "M-Mom?" He called out. But all he got was an eerie silence.

"Dad?" After hearing no reply Sasuke opened the door slowly, his fingers trembling with fear. "N-n-no! A ninja does not get scared. A ninja does not get scared. A ninja is brave. The Uchiha is brave!" Sasuke said to himself and before he lost the courage, pushed open the door.

There, right before his eyes he watched as a giant sword cut right through his mother's chest, her blood splattering on the walls.

"No!" Sasuke screamed, those unshed tears escaped down his face. But soon, the tears weren't because he was sad that his mother was dead, but selfishly…he was scared. "I don't want to die…" he whispered his voice faded.

The figure that killed his mother didn't respond, but just stood there amongst the shadows.

"I-I don't want to die!" He shouted hysterically. He attempted to back away to the door, but tumbled over his two feet and fell to the floor. The figure took one step out of the shadows, the light from the full moon caressing the murderer's face.

Sasuke's eyes widened when the light revealed a blood thirsty Sharigan staring right back at him.

What…but, only Uchiha's can have the Sharigan… Sasuke thought, what evil cousin could he possibly have that would slaughter their own family? Quickly, his pupils dilated, and he was able to see clearly in the dark, and recognize the strange lines on both side of his evil cousin's nose. And the long black hair tied in a slick ponytail..and the familiar scorn expression played out on…his..face…

"Itachi?" Sasuke asked, in a half whisper. Itachi turned fully towards Sasuke completely stepping out of the light. "Itachi! Why would you do this brother! Why would you kill Mother?" He demanded gaining courage.

Suddenly he realized something, and he stood up. "What have you done to Father?" He watched as Itachi's eyes widened in surprise for a split second, but then returned to normal.

"I'm sure you'll find him, once they clear this place of its dead bodies."

Sasuke's eyes widened, and his fist tightened, and before he knew what he was doing he was charging towards Itachi.

His only brother, the one he secretly admired, his best friend.

But, before he could lay even single blow, Itachi quickly punched him in the stomach, causing him to fly backwards. His back slammed hard against the wall, and he vomited.

He's too strong…I can't do anything… i-I'm too weak…

Sasuke's eyes remained casted towards the ground, but he could hear Itachi's footsteps getting closer, and closer.

"Hn, you're pathetic."


"So weak, so breakable…"


"I could kill you right now…" Itachi added, removing his sword for its sheath. He placed it right under Sasuke's chin, forcing Sasuke to look at him. Sasuke's teeth chattered against the metal of the sword.

"P-please…" Sasuke started, his teeth shaking so much from fear he found it hard to speak. "P-please…"

Itachi raised a single eyebrow.

"Please! Don't kill me! I don't want to die! Please brother!" Sasuke cried, tears falling from the floor uncontrollably.

Itachi watched as his nine year old brother broke down in front of him, looking so different then he was used to him seeing, and felt that familiar ache in his stomach, but pushed it a side. He stared straight into his eyes as he spoke,

"…I won't."

Sasuke's eyes lit up.

"You're too weak to be killed…"


"Instead, fight and become stronger, and when you have the same eyes as me. Come and fight me, and try to kill me."

"W-when I h-have the same eyes? The Sharigan?"

Itachi smirked mischievously, "No, when you have these eyes…" Suddenly his normal Sharigan, that every Uchiha knew had, changed…and he blacked out.

Itachi jumped onto of the wall that surrounds the entire leaf village, protecting it from danger. He sensed someone standing next to him and turned his head slightly to see someone dressed in a black cloak, his face completely hidden.

"Have you done your share?" The cloaked figure asked.

"It is amazing how you can compare me killing my own family members to 'sharing'." Itachi spat sarcastically.

"Whoa, I thought there'd be no hard feelings here."

"There aren't. I am…grateful for your help, but this alliance you think you may have formed with me, is done from this point on."

The cloaked man laughed, "I hear, I hear. Shall we part ways then?"


"Oh, you sure have a way with words." He laughed again, ready to disappear, but then Itachi called out to him. "Yes?"

"Did you kill Fugaku Uchiha?"

"Your father?"

"Just answer the question."

"Well…I don't recall that I did, why didn't you?"

"…N-" but then Itachi stopped, and changed his mind quickly. "Oh yes I did, in my living room, I must've forgotten." He lied. The cloak figure hesitated slightly, but decided to shake it off.

"Goodbye, then. I hope to see you soon."

"Whatever," Itachi muttered. The cloak figure disappeared, and it was only left with him sitting on the wall staring out to his beloved village for the last time. He recapped the last few scenes in his head, wondering if it was a mistake to reveal Sasuke to the Mangekyou Sharigan at such a young age, but thought against it.

This is no time for regrets…he thought. But then wondered again, if leaving his father alive will come back and haunt him in the future?

It's not my fault I he wasn't around to be massacred Itachi reasoned and turned his back to Konoha, prepared from hand signs, and disappeared into the night sky.

Fugaku Uchiha strolled through the gates of Konoha slightly angry that Itachi never showed up to the meeting. It was quite important as well. Arrogant son, Fugaku thought bitterly. His son, may be a child prodigy, but was quite disobedient at times. If he doesn't pull his part of the deal, there is no way the Uchiha Clan will ever rise to become the clan it is meant to be.

As he walked through the town, he noticed that everyone was staring at him. The usual people that would always greet him in the morning, like the mailman and the newspaper boy, were now staring at him like they've just seen a ghost.

As he walked deeper into the city the stares doubled, and now there were whispers, to faint for him to hear. One elderly man actually ran away just from the sight of him.

What is going on here? He thought to himself. He mentally ran through how many days he left the village and he only counted three days. Could he have physically changed so dramatically that everyone would stare at him?

Suddenly he felt a small tug at the back of his pants and looked down and saw that little nine-tailed fox blonde haired kid staring straight back at him, his blue eyes wide with amazement.

"Aren't you supposed to be dead?" He asked boldly.

"What?" Fugaku demanded, glaring down at the boy. This little brat holds a demon inside of him and is now asking him, the leader of the Uchiha Clan, if he is supposed to be dead?

"All the Uchihas are dead now right? Well except for Sasuke, you're supposed to be dead."

"What barbaric rubbish are you mumbling Naruto?"

"It's true!"

"The Uchihas are dead?"

"Duh! Everyone knows!"

Fugaku stared at the boy in disbelief and then heard the whispers that the crowd had been whispering just a little bit clearly.

"I thought he was dead?" One villager said.

"I guess not…whoa, so Sasuke isn't a little orphan anymore."

"Poor guy, Mikoto was such a lovely lady; it'll be hard for him to catch a wife that lovely again."

Fugaku brushed through the crowd and dashed towards the Hokage Tower. Something cannot be right here.

He walked right into the Hokage's office, not even bothering to knock and ignoring all the shocked stares from ninjas who happened to be around, the Third Hokage looked up from his desk, startled.

"Oh my!" He gasped his hands flying over his chest. "Oh my!" He repeated again.

"What happened!" He demanded forgetting to respect his Third Hokage. Whether he was secretly planning to overrule his ruling in the near future, he cannot afford to blow his 'obedient cover' and give anyone any reason to doubt his loyalty.

"H-how are you still alive?"

"Are you asking me?"

The Third Hokage sat up properly in his chair and crossed his hands subtly infront of him, regaining his composure.

"Where were you the night of the Uchiha Massacre?" He demanded.

"I travelled." He responded quickly.

"Without notifying anyone?"

"My wife knew."

"You know very well, Fugaku, that that is not enough. Permission should have been sought. Or someone would have seen you if you had done it legally." He pried, raising a single eyebrow.

Fugaku cleared his throat, "My family has just been murdered, Hokage-sama, and you are asking me about my whereabouts that night? The more important issue here, I think is who murdered my innocent clan!"

But the Third Hokage did not flinch at his raised voice and replied, "You and I both know that the Uchiha Clan was not as innocent as you make it seem, Fugaku."

"W-What do you mean?" He struggled.

"I mean, that I and the Elders are clearly aware of what you had up your sleeves this entire time."


He continued, "And it is no coincidence that the Uchiha Clan was 'massacred' by none other than Itachi Uchiha…is it?"

"!" Fugaku was at a loss of words and fell to his knees. "I-itachi, I-I don't…" his voice trailed off. "So what is going to happen now, prison, execution?" He whispered in defeat.

"Neither. This secret will remain a secret. The only thing that we ask from you is that you maintain a normal behavior for the sake of Sasuke."


"Yes Sasuke…the only other survivor. You're lucky Fugaku Uchiha, very lucky, but the next time you decide to endanger the peace of Leaf Village, just know that you won't be lucky again. So tell whoever you went to go meet that the plan is cancelled."

"Yes, sir." Fugaku said hoarsely and rose to his feet and headed out the door.

"Oh and Fugaku?"

"Yes Hokage-sama?"

"Make sure you pick up Sasuke from the hospital, he's being dispatched today."

Sasuke took the first step into his home after that dreadful night, but still to his great surprise his father was right behind him. When he walked into his room, his face very stern and straight, he thought the atrocious genjutsu that Itachi cast him under for the past 48 hours hadn't finished its effects on his mind.

It wasn't until, the nurse checked him out and he realized that a kunai hadn't stabbed him dead, or a sword hadn't slashed his head off, did he realize that he might be real. But the entire walk home, neither one of them had spoken to each other. Sasuke's secret reason…he didn't want the illusion to end. This could be the final walk he would ever have with his has father, and if him speaking triggered the hidden kunai to come flying out of nowhere to stab his father in the chest, then he rather not speak.

But once he entered the home, and he couldn't smell his mothers cooking, or hear Itachi working out in the backyard, but he could defiantly feel the emptiness growing within his stomach, he figured what could be worse?

So once he turned the lights on in the house and turned around to see his father staring at him his expression…unreadable, Sasuke opened his mouth, "Father are you re-"

But his sentence was cut off but a fist that seemed to appear from nowhere and collided right into his mouth, causing him to tumble to the floor. His hands flew to his face, and he could feel blood oozing from the corners from his mouth. He looked up at his father and saw that he was clenching his fist his blood covering it.

"Shut up."

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