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A twelve year old Sasuke ran down the stairs as he heard a loud knocking on the door. It was a rainy afternoon today, and Fugaku had left earlier this morning on a mission. Sasuke couldn't help but smile when his dad had announced to him that he was leaving on a two day mission.

His dad was the second most hated person in his life. And the fact that was he was leaving for a mere two days was enough happiness for him to feel as if he could jump to the moon.


"Naruto! Be quiet!"

Sasuke groaned and knew who was behind the door before he even opened it. His new teammates. They had just returned from their mission from The Village Hidden in The Mist, and were ordered by their sensei to get at least two days of rest…in their own homes.

So what were they doing here?

Sasuke opened the door, and their stood his teammates, Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki wet from the rain.

"Aren't you going to let us in! Unlike some people, I don't like to be drenching wet!" Naruto complained.

"Wow, drenching...big word." Sasuke said sarcastically opening the door wider, and allowing the two of them to come in.

"Wow…nicely decorated place." Naruto said, which earned him a quick punch in the head from Sakura.

"Naruto!" Sakura smiled sweetly at Sasuke, "Here we brought you some cupcakes." She handed Sasuke the basket she was holding, and Sasuke regarded it for about a full minute and placed the muffins on the floor behind him.

Sakura's smile faltered, she had spent all morning baking those for him.

"How did you know where I lived?" Sasuke asked crossing his arms.

Naruto rolled his eyes, "Well, it is quite obvious. You are the only person living in this entire neighborhood. You're so weird."

Sasuke snorted, and opened the door again, "Well if that's why you guys came here, to give me sugar filled pastries your job is done, so leave."

But Sakura shook her head, her pink locks falling across her face. "No silly! We came to keep you company!" She skipped over to his living room, uninvited, and sat down on his not so comfortable couch.

Sasuke grunted, "You've got to be kidding me."

Naruto hit his shoulder, "Don't be such a teme! Jeez, Sakura woke me up to make cupcakes for you, so be a bit nicer, you jerk!"

Sasuke snarled at him, "I'm allergic to sugar." And headed to living room where Sakura had already taking off her raincoat and was staring at a family picture of the Uchiha's.

"You're mom was beautiful!" Sakura commented. Sasuke's eyes darkened, but didn't say anything.

"Eh…She's alright. But I always imagined her with a bit more wrinkles. Anyway, where's your dad?" Naruto asked heading to the kitchen.

"He's not here."

"Cool!" Naruto exclaimed opening the fridge. When he closed the fridge and he realized that the light from the fridge had really brightened up the place, it gave him an idea. "This place is way too dark."


"No, seriously, even if you turn the light on there's like no difference. The lights are just here for like decoration or something!"

"If you don't like it, then go home." Sasuke retorted, snatching the carton of milk from his hands, and placing back in the fridge.

"No, wait, I think Naruto has a great idea Sasuke-kun!" Sakura jumped up happily.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her, "What are you getting at?"

"I think we should paint your house!" Sakura looked at him happily her emerald eyes twinkling, with excitement.

"Sakura?" Sakura's eyes lit up even more.


"That has to be the dumbest thing you've ever said." Sasuke walked past her and opened his door. "Now would you two just leave?" Sasuke pointed to the door, and Sakura gathered her stuff and put on her shoe, sadly as Naruto walked silently behind her. Right before Sasuke slammed the door on their faces Naruto turned around and glared at Sasuke with hateful eyes.

"I hope you choke on your cupcake."

Sasuke went to his kitchen later that day and poured himself a glass of orange. The rain still coming down quite heavily outside. He initially had planned to go train himself to death after his annoying teammates left his house, but the rain and the quite dull house made him drowsy instead.

He needed something to get him energized.

He needed…a sugar rush.

Sasuke went back to the parlor where he dropped the cupcakes, and picked up the one that had pink frosting on it.

'This thing cannot be healthy…' Sasuke thought, but took the smallest bite of the colorful pastry. Instead of it tasting like some obnoxious muffin, it actually tasted…good.

Sasuke took another bite, maybe he was being delusional, but if possible it was even more deliciously scrumptious.

"Fuck." Sasuke cursed, after he finished the cupcake. An image of his innocent member of his team came to his mind when she happily handed him the cupcakes. And this unknown feeling started to stir in his stomach…was he feeling…guilty? "Damn it!" Sasuke cursed again, and stormed over to his black phone in the corner of the room.

"HELLO!" Sasuke heard Naruto shout from the other line.

"Naruto you don't have to scream when using the telephone."

"Sasuke-teme! Why are you calling me! My phones going to get a virus, thanks to you!"

"Shut up, you idiot. Where's Sakura?"

"Well after you rudely kicked us out, Sakura-chan went home! Why?"

Sasuke's jaw clenched and he really could not believe that he was going to belittle himself and actually have these words come out of his mouth but, "Come back with Sakura, and the stupid paint."


"You heard me."

"No, I really didn't, it's raining outside so I kind of have bad connection. What did you say, for real?"

"Shit, you are an idiot."

"What do you mean I'm an idiot!"

" Just bring Sakura and the paint, and come do the painting, or whatever you circus freaks had planned."

"Are you serious?"


"For REAL! Sakura-chan's going to be so excited!"

"Whatever. Just come over quickly, I don't have all day." Sasuke was about to cut the line when he could hear Naruto calling out his name from the other line. He put the phone back to his ear, "What?"

"A got a question for you."

"It better not be stupid."

"You ate the cupcakes didn't you?"

For the second time today, Sasuke walked down the stairs to the pounding at his door.

"Sasuke! We're baccckk!"

Sasuke opened the door and there stood Sakura and Naruto holding buckets full of paint. Sasuke instantly regretted even inviting them back.

"Hi, Sasuke." Sakura said shyly. Sasuke nodded his head in response and widened the door so they could come in. Sakura gasped when she saw her basket of cupcakes.

"Oh my gosh!" She exclaimed.

"What?" Sasuke asked looking at the basket, expecting to see a spider or something.

"The dozen cupcakes I baked are almost all done! You ate them!" She said happily. Naruto smiled at Sasuke teasingly.

Sasuke shifted uncomfortably. "No, I didn't."

Sakura blinked, "Then who did?"

"The cat."

"But," Sakura paused, "you don't have a cat."

Sasuke snorted. "Not anymore, no thanks to you. It died."

Sakura's mouth opened agape, and Naruto punched Sasuke in the arm. "Teme!"

"What? The truth hurts." Sasuke said simply sticking his arms in his pockets, this time completely ignoring Naruto and shoving him off.

Naruto narrowed his cerulean eyes, "Obviously, the truth does hurt." He said referring to Sasuke. But Sakura shrugged off Sasuke's coldness and held up the buckets.

"Well, let's start painting!" Sakura handed Sasuke a bucket of paint, and Sasuke took it with little enthusiasm. "Okay, so where should we start?"

Naruto raised his hand eagerly, "Oh! Let's start in the living room! It's so dark their as if someone died!"

Sakura punched his head, "Naruto! You can be so insensitive!" Sakura smiled nervously.







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