Hello! This is my first fic in a while, I went inactive here, lol ^^U Anyway this isn't really about Saint Seiya, but it takes place in the Saint Seiya world, it's about my OC, Nyx, the mother of my main OC, Nike. I hope you all enjoy reading this.

Nyx (c) Me

Saint Seiya (c) Masami Kurumada

Nyx glared at him, standing over her mortal body, watching the blood ooze out. In her final moments before the blade lodged in her throat, everything flashed before her. What she was, why she was a mortal and what she was meant to be. "You…" she said, rage being encrypted in her.

"Hello," he said in that soft velvet voice she knew well, the voice that whispered in her ears as love was made in her realm.

"You who banished me to that body! You of all Gods, the one to banish me! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BRING ME BACK!" she screamed at him.

"On the contrary, my dear Nyx, I can very well remove your banishment, since I was the one who banished you," he said, calmly, a smirk forming on his lips.

Nyx growled, "Erebeus, you cruel, sick bastard, WHAT ABOUT MY HUSBAND? MY CHILD?" she yelled, slapping him.

"What about the family you left behind?" he asked calmly, not caring about the slap.

"Don't play that game with me! You were the one to send me away!" she yelled.

"Nyx, stop this foolish mortal behavior," he said, sternly.

"This…foolish…mortal…behavior," she said slowly. Erebeus smiled thinking, he won their argument. "…" She slowly looked up at him and slapped him as hard as she could. "You, despicable! Disrespecting! No balls for a man!" she screeched slapping him with every word. She panted, pent up rage still tearing at her, wanting release as she glared him down. Erbeus touched his cheeks watching her, surprise evident in his actions.

He slapped her back, Nyx stood there. Her cheek was stinging, she still glared at him. "My opinion of you is lowered," she hissed at him and turned walking away, "You will never claim me again, the Goddess of the Night."