AN: SO first off I guess I should say that this is a somewhat sexual story but it's not just sentences thrown together to get right to smut. This does have a plot line and will be several chapters. Secondly, here's the trailer to my story. Just remove the spaces.

His hand felt so wonderful as it gripped her waist tightly, the other tugging at her dark hair. She could feel him grinning against my lips before a devious smirk came upon his own and he pulled away. She was left panting, her chest heaving slightly as his thumb traced the outline of those sweet, bloated lips. This had been happening more and more often and yet Tyler couldn't bring it upon himself to feel guilty about the frisky actions he and his best friend's little sister committed every chance they could. They'd done everything but sex. It seemed no matter how much kissing, biting, and moaning that happened that sex still seemed like a taboo in the 'relationship' if you could call it that. He refused to let himself think that it was because he was afraid of screwing her first time up. He was by no means a virgin. But, it just seemed... different with her. It was strange how hard she could make him and yet she did nothing but bat those long lashes and moan when his lips hit just the right spot on her neck.

His forehead leaned against her as his hands ran greedily along those perfect hips. "Fuck, Cassidy." He hissed into her hair as she shifted slightly brushing against his hardness. Her hand traveled to the back of his neck as she licked her lips. Cassidy ignored the fact that the tree bark was pushing into her skin through her shirt before kissing Tyler once more, barely managing to keep it chaste. She smiled as he reluctantly moved away from him.

"Is Little Tyler gonna be okay?" She asked with a chuckle to which he answered with a glare before he placed an arm next to her head before speaking as her dark brown hues met his icy blue ones. "If you didn't moan and squirm the way you did than we wouldn't have a problem." He said before slamming his hips into hers, eliciting a gasp from her. Cassidy's eyes turned black before she suddenly disappeared from Tyler's grasp, appearing a few seconds laters at the top of the hill that lead the back to the Spencer Academy parking lot. He shook his head as she gave a small wave and walked back to the party, her appearance not giving the slightest appearance that she given the youngest Son of Ipswich hormone's a wilds ride.

This... thing between them wasn't planned it just kind of happened. IT was surprising how a fire and a tutoring session turned into Tyler pinning her against carpeted floor and kissing her senseless before quickly pushing away from each other as his parents suddenly came home from their date. IT didn't happen again until she transferred from her performing arts school to Spencer Academy. He'd offered to help her move her stuff in, forgetting that when she got hot during the summer that she wore nothing but those jeans shorts and white tank top. Needless to say, they were attracted to each other.

They drove to pick up her brother in silence as his hand stayed wrapped firmly around the steering wheel crossed one of her legs over the other as she saw Caleb walk out the door. She unlocked her door before letting Caleb slide in. Her brother's dark eyes glanced at her outfit before speaking. "You know, if you're cold we could drive back to the dorms and let you put some jeans on real quick." He siad before coughing shortly. Cassidy rolled her eyes as she smiled. "Caleb, my outfit is fine. Layoff, the big brother mode tonight. Mmkay, boo boo?" She said with a short grin before looking at the road ahead of them.

Cassidy had let out of series of insults and frustrated sighs after picking Pogue up only to discover that Reid was not at his house. "How much do you wanna bet his off fucking the new girl from the Boston public. I think she's rooming with Kate or something." She said just as they pulled into the empty area near Old Dell Road. When she'd heard Reid's excuse for not being at his house she couldn't help but roll her eyes. She rolled them again when she heard the fury in her brothers voice as Reid allowed himself to billow down to the ground below them. Her name was the next to be yelled as she followed Reid and Tyler's lead and dropped down to the ground and finally walking to the party.

Cassidy was disappointed when the cops broke the party up not even fifteen minutes after they'd gotten there. But, not entirely though seeing as she'd 'accidentally' left her phone in Tyler's car and he was then 'forced' to give it back to her at the dorms. Which lead to them falling asleep in her dorm room after some 'tutoring'. Maybe, cops weren't so bad after all.