Hey, guys. I hope the story isn't too slow right now. A few things about this chapter will be different the movie. But, hey it is fanfiction afterall. Thanks to all who favorited my story and such. Means a lot!

For the past several hundred years the rules of the Covenant had only ever applied to the males, never once considering the possibility of a witch. Until Cassidy came along, the only women known in the Covenant were the wives that had birthed the mens children. So when Evelyn become pregnant six months shy of her sons second birthday, William along with Reid, Pogue, and Tyler's father had no choice but to look back into the Book of Damnation only to discover that the rules had overlooked something so simple as another birth. Realizing that it only said anything about the eldest male and not the eldest female, they were left to wait until Cassidy's thirteenth birthday. A fifteen year old Caleb and his parents had been waken by Cassidy's loud screams as the power surged through her veins. It killed the three of them that there was nothing they could do to ease the young girl's pain. So they waited and after she'd fallen asleep as the pain subsided. They'd known. For the first time since the Covenant had been formed, there was now an heiress to the power. Her mother and father had warned her how seductive her powers would become on her eighteenth birthday and it scared Cassidy. The power was already so... enticing. Multiply that by a thousand and whose to say that she wouldn't be just like her father. In a vegetative state in her forties and nothing but bitter agony to show for it.

Cassidy had ended up slipping into a pair of jeans, a gray blouse, and a blue blazer before walking to her car. She'd stopped twice, her head whipping around from side to side, after feeling like someone was following her only to see nothing but leaves blowing across the pavement and a few other students lounging around the parking lot. For a minute there, she'd hoped it was Tyler coming to tell her he wanted to talk. That was unlikely though. Baby Boy might've been the youngest out of the boys but he sure wasn't the most forgiving. Her eyes panned across the mostly empty lot before sliding into her car and buckling her seatbelt. Maybe she was just being paranoid. She'd been slightly on edge after reading about the dead kid found on Old Dell Road. The cause of death hadn't been announced yet. They said they suspected foul play though.

It was only when Cassidy heard breathing besides her own in the car that she turned her head to see a pale-ish gray darkling lunging at her. It was that dead kid she'd read about! She shrieked as she swerved slightly before coming to a loud halt. Her breathing was harsh and heavy as she felt sweat forming on her face. Her head snapped to the right as her phone went off. It was Caleb. She answered it to hear his breathing nearly identical to hers. IT meant only one thing.

"You saw it, too?" She heard him ask breathlessly. She replied with a short 'yeah' as she clutched her chest gently.

"We need to talk to Reid. I'm gonna call Pogue. Ask him if he's seen anything weird lately. Make sure your at Nicky's tonight." He said to her in a firm voice. She reluctantly agreed before hanging up and letting her cell phone slip out of her hands as she attempted to ease her breathing. Her head leaned back against the back of her seat. She jumped slightly as the radio suddenly came on full blast from it's once static signal. Her hand reached to put her car into drive before speeding away from the scene and continuing to her mother's house. The ride was silent besides the soft purr of the engine before she finally turned the engine off as she sat in the driveway for a few moments. She swallowed hard before stepping out the car, the wind blow her hair back as she walked up the creaky steps of the mansion she hadn't been to in what seemed like forever. She entered with no knock to see her mother descending down the stairs, her silk robe dragging against the carpeted stairs.

"Sweetie, you came. I've missed my girl." Evelyn said softly as she and her daughter embraced for a short moment. Cassidy frowned when her mother seemed to have a hint of sadness in her movements. They way she brushed her fingers through Cassidy's hair and kissed her forehead before pulling away. Evelyn held her daughter by the hand as she smiled weakly. "Come. I have to show you something." She said as she lead Cassidy into the study that was once occupied by her father. Evelyn's shaky hands handed her daughter a picture of herself and her daughter when she was only but three months old.

"I remember when you were born. You're eyes were as dark as the sweetest chocolate, your hair softer than silk, you fussed whenever the nurses tried to take you away. I had always wanted a daughter. My wish came true when you were born. I think about the first time your father held you. He had been so stubborn about the fact that I was pregnant with a girl. It seemed impossible at the time but when he looked down at his little girl," She said before pausing for a moment.

"...the power, the Covenant, none of it mattered when he looked at you. You and your brother meant everything to your father. You were his little princess, your brother was his prince. But, we tried so hard to keep you from knowing about the Covenant. We both prayed you wouldn't become one of them." She referring to the power.

"But, we knew." She said softly as she sipped at her drink. Her tilted down to look at the floor as a silence filled the room. Cassidy could tell her mother wasn't telling her everything.

"We knew as soon as we heard that first scream on your thirteenth birthday, we knew. We had always known somewhere in the back of our minds that you being born with the power was possible. But we prayed and prayed that you would never have to go through it. The feeling of not knowing your own strength, knowing you could have anything and trying not to abuse it. We had hoped you would be spared of it... The addictiveness and the seduction that came with ascending. But, nothing could be done." Evelyn said as she lifted her glass to her lips as Cassidy scanned her eyes over the picture. She pursed her lips before setting it back down on her father's desk.

"Okay. But, what does this have to do with what you wanted to talk to me about?" She asked with a look of concern etched across her features. Her mother let out a sigh before sitting herself and her daughter down.

"The day before your thirteenth birthday your father and Mr. Parry discovered there was a page missing in The Book of Damnation. It says that if the chance of a full blood warlock's birth is ever possible that it is the key to continuing the Covenant. Everyone before you and the others assumed it was a myth. Until now." Evelyn said as she said her glass of the mirky liquid down and took her daughters hand.

"But, the only way that's possible is to have a warlock and a wi- Oh my god." She said as the sudden realization hit her.

"Yes. It's you, Cassidy." Her mother said to her before cradling her daughters face. A tear fell down her mothers aging cheek as she spoke to her daughter. Cassidy's mind was going a million miles per minute as she took in this information. How the hell could it be possible. A pure, full blooded warlock hadn't existed in centuries. "It can't be. Mom, it's not possible. A full blooded warlock can't happen unless a witch and a warlock are wed otherwise it's a bastard. It's against the law of the Covenant. I'm only sixteen, mother." She said but was cut off.

"Seventeen in April!" Her mother reminded her.

"Irregardless! I can't get married and I can't have a kid! I'm still a kid! This is insane!" Cassidy said as she struggled to rationalize this.

"Cassidy, don't you see! You are the key. You're the beginning! You are to bear a child of the Covenant when it's at its weakest." She said.

"No. I won't let it happen. I can't." Cassidy stood from her seat before stumbling back slightly and storming out of the place she once called home.

"You can't fight it! It's not your decision! It is fate, Cassidy!" She yelled after her daughter. It was only a matter of time before her daughter realized that she couldn't fight it. Maybe it wouldn't happen today or tomorrow or the day after that. But someday her womb would be carrying the first of the next generation of the Covenant. It was all a matter of time. That was all. Just a matter of time.

Tyler had made it to Nicky's later on that night, ready to make some bets, play some pool, maybe get laid if Cassidy didn't show up. He honestly didn't know what had come over him this morning. It was like he'd taken a page out of Reid's book. What if he had ended up forcing himself on Cassidy? HE shook the thought out of his head before noticing that Aaron and Brody walking, no doubt looking for an easy bet. Looks like they were in the wrong place.

"Garwin, Simms." Aaron spoke lowly as he leaned against the pool table.

"Up for a bet?" Reid asked, his voice sickeningly sweet. Aaron's eyes narrowed before taking out his wallet and placing it on the edge of the table.

"50 bucks says I can make a combo shot. I win you pay up, I lose... ah, who are we kidding?" He said as he shook his blond hair out of his eyes. Tyler's blues eyes rose to look to where Reid, Aaron, and Brody's eyes had traveled to. Fuck, Cassidy was here. Just his luck. It didn't help that was wearing that dress. That dress that clung to all the right places but was loose enough to be considered casual wear. "Easy Baby Boy. Drooling is for dogs. Right, Aaron?" Reid said with a tilt of his head as Tyler shook his own, forcing his eyes away from Cassidy who was now diving into a conversation with Kate. She acted as if she hadn't completely blown him off today.

"Hey! Where have you been? I stopped by your dorm today, you weren't there." Kate said as she offered a seat to Cassidy who simply smiled and shrugged before sitting down.

"Oh, I had to see my mot- I was just busy. That's all. Had to get a few things for my room. I got a single this year. I was terrified when I thought I might end up with Kyra. Thank, God." She said before noticing a tall, guy who looked about her brother's age walk up to their table before sitting down.

"Oh, Cassidy, this is Chase. He just transferred from Hastings. Speaking of transfers, here comes Sarah and your brother." Kate said looking over Cassidy's shoulder. Her dark hair shook slightly as she turned her head to see her brother and Sarah walking towards them. She nodded and waved at Sarah before leaning up as her brother kissed her cheek and turned slightly as she returned the sign of affection. She looked over at Chase as he began telling about the things he'd read about the kid who'd died after the party the night before. She noticed Kate beaming for some reason, but wasn't surprised when she then saw Pogue walk over to the table. Obviously not comfortable with Chase being near Kate. His eyes never left Chase as he asked if Kate wanted anything to eat. He left a moment later.

She'd ended up walking over to where the bar was to order a drink before noticing the boys gawking at a girl with her ass in the air as she leaned over for a beer. She shook her head before walking over and sliding in between Reid and Pogue, ignoring Tyler's uncomfortable shift.

"Blue, Cotton." Reid said slamming a bill down on the table.

"Mmm! Pink, Lace!" HE said before kissing the bill. She fought back a smile as he had bet on her underwear.

"Boys! That girl hasn't worn underwear since she was twelve!" Pogue exclaimed.

"I don't know, guys. Reid seems like the expert here." She said while wrapping her arm around his neck playfully.

"Well, maybe we could test that theory. How 'bout we bet on yours?" He said, kinking an eyebrow at her.

"I don't think so. Big brother is already on my case about my wardrobe decisions these days." She said with a chuckle. Truth was, she knew Tyler would win the bet, hands down. That would lead to questions and jokes of late night affair. Caleb wouldn't be too joking with stuff like that. Cassidy didn't say much after that. She simply stoood to the sidelines as she watched her boys and those creatures play pool. Her and Tyler's gaze would meet every so often. It was Cassidy who looked away each time.

But, it was Tyler who'd stayed behind when Reid , Aaron, and Bordy managed to get into a fight somewhere along the line. It was Tyler who had lead her outside with the words "Let's go and talk." To which she reluctantly nodded.