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Cassidy chose to ignore the eery silence that lingered between her and Tyler.

She chose to ignore the whoosh of wind that blew past them, the rustle of leaves sliding against gravel.

His hand reached to clasp around the back of his neck. The nervous habit he had formed over the years, appearing almost instantly. He felt the prickle of sweat against his palm before rubbing it off onto his worn jeans, the rough fabric rustling against his skin. Any move they made seemed to be heightened in the hypersensitive climate. The crackle of her deck shoes against rock and gravel made his eardrum twitch slightly, making the need to speak even greater.

"I really am sorry about today." He said. Pressuring a girl to have sex with him was an unfamiliar area to him. Apologizing for it... that was fresh, unmarked territory. The fact that she seemed a bit more uncomfortable than him added to the wooden atmosphere. The stabbing sensation in his gut worsened when she avoided his gaze.

"I know." She replied before crossing her arms over her chest. Her answer was curt and short, saying nothing more than necessary.

"You look really pretty tonight." Tyler began, the contrast of the white dress and tank skin sent his mind reeling.

"Thanks. Kate made me wear it. I forgot I even had it." She muttered softly, tapping the top of her shoe against the ground. Cassidy had never been this uneasy around him before, another foreign territory he wished not to explore. He yearned to give her a romantic moment, step closer and kiss the uncertainty away. But, this wasn't a romantic comedy and he didn't know how to make this awkward feeling subside.

Tyler took a step forward, his hand reaching out to run up the length of her arm, traveling to gentle grasp the curve that connected her thin shoulder to her neck. Her eyes met his for the first time that night, and for the first time he saw fear.

She was scared of him.

She was scared of him, of all people. Tyler 'Baby Boy' Simms scared her. The thought of Tyler bringing fear upon anyone was enough to make the most dedicated mime let a chuckle escape. It was yet another foreign area for both of them. Brown eyes that had once gazed at him with playfulness, perhaps adoration even, were now fearful. And that gave Tyler a sick, empty knot-like sensation in his stomach.

"I don't want you to be scared of me." He stated, forcing her to look at him. Cassidy's lips parted slightly, unsure of how to respond. What was she supposed to say to that? Okay, sure thing, no problem. This wasn't exactly an easy thing to answer.

"I don't either." Cassidy said, swallowing the lump in her throat. "A lot is going on right. Caleb's ascension, school's starting back, you and the others are graduating this year. Everything is just so chaotic and maybe what happened was a good thing. Maybe it's sign or something, to just step away from this... just for a while."

Tyler could only nod in agreement, feeling it best to let her make this decision. He took a baby step toward her, hands gliding down to wrap around her waist. "We both know this isn't going away. You and me... we fit. Isn't some unspoken rule that you're supposed to end up with one of the Covenant?" Tyler asked, brows furrowing together slightly.

'You are the key. You're the beginning! You are to bear a child of the Covenant when it's at its weakest.' Her mother's voice echoed in her head, the sudden reminder of their conversation enough to make Cassidy pull away from Tyler.

"No!" Cassidy immediately pulled herself from Tyler's grasp, her palms pushing against his chest. He stumbled back a bit, startled by the sudden change of mood. Cassidy glared angrily, grinding her teeth together for a moment. "I don't have to be with you. Or Pogue or Reid, for that matter. I'm not a thing. I'm not property of your little Covenant." She spat, taking a few steps back.

"OH, come off it, Cass. I'm trying to apologize to you!" He couldn't believe this. He was practically pouring everything out of him, trying to make sure she was okay after today and she picks a fight! "What the hell is your problem?"

"You! Ever since we started this all you think about is getting into my pants!"

"Today was the first and only time I ever pressured you."

"Congratulations. You want a lollipop for your discipline?"

They went back and forth, throwing out any and every insult that could come to mind before he uttered two final words.

Fuck you.

It was this statement that made Cassidy raise an eyebrow, quiet herself just make sure she'd heard him right. She clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, taking small strides over to him until they were chest-to-chest. She heard his breath become shallow, his Adam's apple bob slightly.

"You wish."

Tyler Simms had been struck speechless by Cassidy Danvers.

Cassidy Danvers had put Tyler Simms into his place.

Reid Garwin had seen the whole thing.