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I Need a Girl

Chapter 8: New Side

"I'm pretty sure you know enough about me, Natsume. Are you telling me you don't find me boring yet?"

I almost gaped at her. What kind of question was that? Was she asking if she was boring? She really needed to get her head checked. I had been following her for an hour or two, my trusty pencil and notebook in hand, taking notes of her every move. It might sound strangely stalkish, but it's okay. It's not like she'd get a restraining order on me. Right? I mean if she hadn't called the campus police, it must be alright.

"Why would I find you boring? The definition of boring is watching Ruka painstakingly put all the dishes away by size, shape, and color. He does that every Saturday and trust me, that is really boring. From what I can see, you certainly aren't Ruka or a plate." I told her simply, making her roll her eyes and continue walking back to her dorm. Someday, I'd be in that dorm and I will be in there all night long. Just the thought of it made me want to snatch Polka up and run to her room, or mine.

"Don't you think it's time to take a break?" Polka asked, her head turning a little to look at me with her beautiful eyes, making me gulp and loosen my tie. Damn, even her eyes made me sweat.

"No! You aren't going to lose me that easily!" I argued back, glaring at her for even making the assumption that she'd get rid of me so easily.

Then she started nodding thoughtfully, "Ahh, I see you're that type of guy."

That was all she said and it made me almost stop in my tracks. What the hell was that supposed to mean? It was like one of those things that girls say that get stuck in your mind for hours and then you end up breaking down and you start beating the crap out of everything.

I quickened my pace to walk next to her and she eyed me, an eyebrow raised. "What type of guy am I?" I asked, wanting to get an answer before I exploded later.

"You know," She drawled on, "those guys who are obsessed and like to do things their own way."

"Is that bad?"

She gave me another questioning look, "Umm, I don't know maybe?"

"You mean I have to change that about me too? Damnit! You're a hard one to please! But, fine! What kind of guy do you like?" I asked, running my hands through my hair violently. We rounded the corner of the dorms and she stopped in front of the door, fully turning to me.

"Shouldn't you find out that yourself?" She asked, her voice teasing and mischievous. It was definitely very sexy. Damn, I wonder what floor she lives on. I'll have to find out later. I gave her my best smirk, my voice growing husky, "Well, why don't I show you what kind of man I can really me? I'll show you I'm your type."

Her soft laughter filled my ears as she shook her head, "No way, you're a real pervert. I'm going before you get any weird ideas. Good night, Natsume. And please don't follow me to my room, you're getting that perverted look on your face again."

I straightened my face, what look was she talking about? I didn't have some weird perverted look on my face. I mean, I would know if I did because well, it's my handsome face. I shoved my hands in my pocket, "I have no such look. And fine, I'll try to follow, but if you find that one of your panties are missing, it's not my fault, okay?"

Mikan blinked a couple times, trying to register what I just said, the look on her face priceless, making me smirk widely. I watched as her face turned as red as a strawberry and how to puffed up her cheeks before landing a hard blow onto my foot.

"Oww! That hurt! What was that for?" I yelled at her, jumping up and down on my uninjured foot as I rubbed at the spot where a bruise would surely appear. She raised her small fist at me, shaking it in front of my face before she turned on her heel and stomped into the building. I could have sworn I heard some unmentionable words spilling out of her mouth.

I blew out my breath and turned around to walk back to my dorm. Maybe strange stalker isn't the right way to go, which means that I'll need to find out what kind of guy she really does like. How was I supposed to find that out? Gather every type of guy I can find and show it to her? No, then she might like them instead, which means I'll need to try something else.

Then it donned on me. I had the most perfect idea, it even rivaled my food idea! With my new found idea, I ran down the sidewalk all the way to my door to plan everything out.


"Natsume, isn't this, you know, a bit strange?"

My eyes traveled to Ruka, who was walking nervously beside me as we headed to class. This was the first stage in my master plan in finding out what type of guy Mikan likes and I think it's going to go over pretty well. She probably hasn't even thought about it! She'll be so surprised and just have to fall in love with me!

"No, no I don't think this is strange! If you ask me, this is a pretty great idea! Come on, live with me a little!" I told him, slamming my hand on his back repeatedly as I heard the satisfying sound of him losing air.

"Uhh I do live with you, Natsume."

I stopped in my tracks, my hand clenching Ruka's shoulder causing him to wince. I hate when he uses those statements to mess with the cool thing I just said. I always have to think of a comeback with him.

"No, you don't! For the sake of this conversation and my amazing words, you now live with Koko and Kitsune!"

Ruka raised his eyebrows, sighed and continued walking, "I think I might have to give up on you."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" I asked angrily, running after him as he placed his hand on the doorknob of our classroom and pulled it open. He was about to close it, when I caught the door and stopped my fierceness.

I straightened my clothes, pushing the invisible wrinkles down, and took a deep breath as I walked into the classroom quietly. Class hadn't started yet, but there was quite an amount of people already there, including Polka. I smirked, but quickly wiped it off as I walked to our desk and slid in next to her.

"Oh, I'm sorry this seat is takeā€¦ Huh?" Mikan turned to me and her face was priceless. I'd definitely pay for a picture. Her chocolate eyes widened and they searched my entire body with her mouth gaped wide open.

"Please, Sakura-San, don't stare at me like that, you're embarrassing me." I told her politely and she nearly fell out of chair, literally she had to slam her hand on the desk to steady herself. The others students in the classroom also looked and they had the same face as her, except hers was a thousand times more beautiful.

I wouldn't blame them, if I didn't know what the hell I was doing I would be shocked myself. Probably so shocked I'd jump out the window, I mean with what I was doing to my handsome body, I wanted to jump out the window. I dressed myself as a nerd today, more like Ruka and Yuu combined. I combed my sexy unruly hair back and forced it back with some gel, and this time I actually wore my uniform properly. Neatly pressed slacks and a neatly pressed blazer, the button down undershirt button up all the way and the ribbon perfectly tied into a bow. I even added some of those nerdy glasses the class rep wears all the time and carried an actually school bag and carried Ruka's rabbit. The whole nerdy look was killing me, but it was alright.

"What happened to you?" Mikan asked, she was now pointing an accusing finger at me, but I placed my hand on top of hers and pushed it down. The softness of her skin was really driving me crazy.

"Pointing is bad manners for a lovely woman like yourself, Sakura-San, we wouldn't want your elegant beauty tainted by that pointing."

If her eyes could have opened wider, they would have been out of her head by now. She snatched her hand away from me and instantly turned around.

"Ruka! Ruka! What the hell happened to him? Did he fall down the stairs or something?"

I bit the inside of my cheek to prevent myself from arguing with her, Ruka would probably explain it for me.

"You know, I don't know. Probably, but maybe he was hanging out with Koko too much. Where he gets these ideas, I think I'll ever know." Ruka just shook his head, disapprovingly.

"If someone is insinuating that Natsume fell down the stairs, he didn't! He just banged his head on the headboard too hard while I was pounding him last night!"

Oh fuck. Not him. Why does he always come at the wrong time and always as to say something inappropriate before he even walks into the room?

Like the weirdo Koko is, he jumped into the room dramatically and cut in between Mikan and I. He looked me up and down, his hand to his face like the detective guy, what was his name? Man, his name had something to do with a house and a lock, maybe? Whatever, that doesn't matter. What mattered was the strange lusty swirls in his eyes as they traveled from the front of me to the back.

My eyebrow began to twitch uncontrollably as I tried to hold myself back from pounding his face into the next building. "Yome-San, I would very much like you to stop staring at me like that." I told him through gritted teeth. Wrong move. The entire class including Koko gasped at me and I held my groan in.

"Oh my gawd! Natsume! We're roleplaying right now? Damnit! How come you didn't message my wall!" Koko screeched loud enough for people to start covering their ears.

"Because Yome-San," I drawled on, "You don't have a Facebook. Your wall consists of an actual stone wall you put up next to your dorm room. I apologize, but I would rather not talk to a wall." Really, a few months back, Koko argued that he would not follow the mainstream and decided that if people wanted to post something on his wall, they would do it right on his actual wall.

"Now, if you do not mind, I have intelligent nerdy things to do right now, like umm, cleaning my glasses with non-animal tested materials." I told him, pushing my glasses up on the bridge of my nose.

"Oh my! I have never been more proud of you, Natsume! Please, I don't want to cry here!" Ruka sniffled, holding his sky blue handkerchief to his face as he wiped his tears away. Mikan patted his back gently, nodding her head in agreement. The hell? Why doesn't she do that to me? I swear, I'm going to kill Ruka later on.

"Yeah, I think I did pound him too ha-"

"Alright my lovely love dumplings! Enough chit chat about how Koko probably pounded Natsume into the headboard too hard last night, I have an important announcement!" Naru announced as he literally twirled into the classroom, his disgusting pink tutu, making me want to shove a bottle of laxatives down his throat to see if he would crap out a rainbow. Actually, gross. Never mind.

"What is it Narumi-Sensei?" Some random girl in class asked.

"Well today, we're going to have some fun and go outside! You're going to be partnered up with your partner all day today and draw each other to your heart's content!" Naru gave another gayish twirl and out of nowhere, like that purple dinosaur, pulled a basket of drawing equipment.

The class was either filled with cheers or complaints, some wanted to go outside and others felt that going outside to draw would be pointless since they couldn't draw to save their lives. And I was one of those people that cheered silently, a completely different category just for myself. This was great! I could spend all day with Mikan and she'd have to go with it, since she's one of those goody two shoes that like to follow rules.

My eyes traveled to her and met her eyes. She rolled her eyes at me, "Shouldn't you put those eye balls back in your head? I thought you were going to be equal with Ruka and Yuu, not as pervy as Koko."

I coughed lightly into my closed fist, "I am equal with them, Sakura-San. Let us get our supplies." This nice crap was getting annoying. How Ruka and Yuu can do this sort of thing on a regular basis, I'll never know.

"Well then, Hyuuga-San. I guess we should." Her face lit up into a sly smirk as she walked toward the front of the room. I stood there stunned. What the hell? She was using my polite act against me! She's crazy if she thinks that she can out polite me! I had to face another round of public humiliation, there was no way I was going to cut out now, not with what was out stake.

Her heart.


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