A special meeting. I wanted to make this as realistic as possible, but I can't help putting in some unrealistic things where fate just gets a bit too playful in order to make this story work, heheh. Sorry if anyone would have preferred it to go otherwise.

The moment the team reached the area, it had been closed off, but the usual crowd of nosy on-lookers surrounded it. It was another alley, similar to the one that the most recent victim had been found at. It also wasn't too far off from said area, and that meant the killer had visited the dump site. Ichigo took it down as a mental note and followed Urahara as the team walked around it and approached the crime scene investigator who was working on processing the evidence. Ichigo noticed the bloody mess before the crouched man who was busy writing on his clipboard. They were definitely organs, dumped at the side with a bloody writing of two foreign words on the wall above it. Ichigo could make out that the words appeared to be in Spanish, and then the signature of the number six below it. Renji was the one to step forward and speak.

"Kira?" Renji called. The blond, gloomy looking man turned around and recognized Renji immediately.

"Abarai-san?" the investigator looked surprised. The rest of the detective team noticed the man and greeted him as well. Ichigo, though just watched them. Apparently these guys knew each other. Now that he thought about it, he just remembered that he was the only outsider in the group of police academy graduates. The rest of them seem to know each other before entering the school. He felt a little lonely then, but he figured he should be used to it. It had been that way for a long time after all.

"So, Kira, what do you have here? Animal or human organs?" Renji asked.

"We got a call for this an hour ago. We've clarified that they're human organs, possibly from last night's victim because they're still not at a bad stage of decomposition. We'll match with the DNA later. I found that it's been refrigerated, and the cold weather here affected its state, so it might take a bit more time for me to calculate when this was placed here."

"Uh, Kira-san?" Ichigo spoke up the first time he got there. Everyone looked at him. "Do you know what the writing in blood says?" Ichigo pointed to the wall.

"Well it's in Spanish, and I don't know the language and neither does anyone in the place, so I'd have to get back to get the translation," Kira replied. "Don't worry, I'll take photos, get the words and translation, and send them to all of you."

"Thanks," Ichigo told him with a slight smile.

"Keep us posted, will ya?" Renji said. Kira nodded and gave a smile as he got back to work. The rest of the team too, doing what they had been assigned to do. Ichigo meanwhile went to observe the crowd of on-lookers. He didn't want to look at the blood or the organs too long. It might make him… itch. He distracted himself with his work and scoured the crowd that was about a hundred feet away from him.

Some criminals mix in the crowd to watch the reaction of on-lookers, or to watch the authorities. For this crowd… he saw no one suspicious in particular. Everyone was just trying to have a look at the bloody mess. 'What was wrong with people?' Ichigo shook his head with a frown. 'But then again, I'm probably the most fucked up one.'

But just as he was about to look away from the people, a lone figure amidst the crowd stopped Ichigo in his tracks and got his attention. The man wasn't doing anything in particular, just standing and watching. He looked normal too. He was quite tall, and wore a dark baggy pullover and jeans, and had the hood up along with a trucker cap covering his head. Ichigo saw sharp features on his face, but couldn't really get a good look with other people in the crowd moving their heads all over just to take a look at the crime scene. But Ichigo could at least make out his expression. He looked too calm, almost disinterested with that deep scowl on his face, yet he stood there watching intently. Occasionally something seemed to have caught his attention and his lips twitched up into what seemed like a smile. He even had that arrogant air around him.

Wait. Ichigo's eyes widened as he recalled the crime scene that morning. He walked towards the crowd quickly. "Excuse me sir!" A number of heads looked at him, but not the man. "Sir! The one with the hoodie!" Ichigo called out. The man turned to look at him. Sharp nose and chin, high cheekbones and… icy cold blue eyes. Ichigo motioned to the man to come to him. The man narrowed his eyes at him, and Ichigo felt a surge of annoyance running through him from the man's expression. Ichigo motioned at him to come forward, but the man didn't move. Instead, he just stared at Ichigo for a moment before his lips split into a malicious grin. Like a predator that had found its prey. Ichigo froze up for some reason.

It's him! The voice in his head said excitedly.

The man with the cap began to step back and walk away, disappearing almost instantly into the crowd. Ichigo got back to his senses. "Shit!" He began to move and tried to go to the back of the crowd, hoping to find the man exiting or at least running away from the crowd. But he wasn't. Ichigo looked around, but everyone looked almost the same. There were no distinctive features that Ichigo could follow to separate him from the crowd. Except for those eyes and that grin. It actually struck some sort of fear in him but it wasn't just fear stirring inside him, but excitement. Ichigo stared at his trembling hand.

"Ichigo?" Someone had tapped the orange-haired man on his shoulder and Ichigo stepped back, startled. Rukia looked at him with concern. "Are you okay, Ichigo? You've been looking so pale ever since we got here. Did your last case drain you that much? Or is it this case?"

"No, I…" Ichigo sighed. "I'm just tired. And I haven't eaten, so I'm getting shaky." Rukia didn't seem to buy it. She was the closest one to him ever since the academy, and he sometimes didn't like that she had that uncanny ability to read his mind.

"Tell me, Ichigo," Rukia demanded. Ichigo shook his head.

"I'm serious. I'm very tired," Ichigo told her firmly. Rukia seemed to relent.

"Fine, but tell Urahara to cut you some slack if you're really that exhausted," Rukia scolded lightly. "…Remember I've got your back, Ichigo. And so does Renji, Ikkaku and Yumichika." Ichigo smiled slightly. Rukia went back to her duties, while Ichigo decided he'd have to tell Urahara about this.


He was having fun. People were aghast, some disgusted, some terrified. Even some of the police look shaken. He smiled slightly. But it was only a glimpse of what he'd been doing. He hadn't shown them all of the skeletons in the closet. And he was saying that literally.

The blue haired man was watching the show the police were putting on that day. He had put on his usual clothes but was careful not to forget to cover his hair. He didn't mind the attention he got from it, but sometimes it was inconvenient. Now he was just to be some by-stander watching the police investigating the mere organs that he'd dumped at some dirty corner. If they were so interested, he had more from where that came from. But then came along a bunch of weird looking group of people. One was bald, the other an effeminate looking one with a bob hairdo, a crimson haired one with tattoos, a small dark-haired woman and an orange haired man. He'd seen the latter from last night. And from what he knew, the man was a detective. He'd seen him before in the papers, for being a talented crime buster despite his young age. How interesting. Perhaps he was part of the team that was gathered to investigate his case just as the news had reported? He smirked at their attempt to track him. He was a skilled predator. He'd left nothing behind.

He considered giving them more clues. Four bodies was not even a scratch on the surface, and this dumping was just for fun. The words he wrote there didn't even really mean anything. Just a simple taunt for them to get excited about. He watched the blond CSI work on the organs intently and wondered what the hell he can get from such a thing. Only thing they would find out is that who it belonged to but not where it came from.

Then he heard someone shouting. He looked to his right and saw that orange-haired man looking straight at him. He beckoned him to where he was. He wasn't stupid, he wouldn't do such a thing. But he took the opportunity to have a good look at the man's face.

He was young, slightly tanned and that bright orange hair was actually breath-taking when the strands were caught in the early afternoon sun. His features were boyish, but handsome and matured as well. He could see, even with the clothes and the coat that the younger man was fit, lean and was trained to fight. He could tell from the hands, the shoulders, the chest. And what he liked most was the orange haired man's expression. It was a scowl yet his brown eyes just burned with something he didn't understand. But he also recognized what those eyes and expression were hiding. And that was what had him hooked. He didn't mean to, but he felt himself smile at the younger man, causing the other's expression to change into something like realization, fear and… there was something unidentifiable as well. Like relief or recognition. As if he had just seen someone just like him.

He felt a rush of excitement run through him. The urge was rising, but it was far too soon. He began to back away, to blend into the crowd and he watched as the orange haired man panicked and chased after him but he was too late. He'd disappear and no one would ever see him again. Unless he lets them, of course.

He walked away, unnoticed and thrilled to have found something interesting. He himself wasn't sure whether the man was prey – he seemed to be more than just that. But he definitely wasn't an equal; the detective denied his true self too much. No one who denies his own real identity deserves to be his equal… though it appeared as if the orange-haired man was still unsure of himself. Should he watch and see where the man would end up? He could always provoke him, make him act out. He didn't mind making contact. He knew how to without being traced back.

He smirked and walked back to his den. He had some things to occupy himself with now.


"Ichigo, Urahara-san wants us to collect the report from the head coroner," Renji said when they got back to their office.

"Can that wait? I need to tell Urahara-san something important," Ichigo told him as he gestured to the captain's office.

"Urahara's not here. He's out for some meeting and won't be back for a while," Renji informed him and Ichigo frowned slightly. Trust the man to not be around when he needed him most. He sighed and scratched his head. "Fine." He got a lot of work to occupy himself with anyway.

He followed Renji into the coroner's room – which was practically the morgue. He hated stepping into that place, but then again who does, except for sadistic, weird freaks like the head coroner they were meeting. They had been told that the big shots would be involved for this serial case, which included the head coroner of the whole forensics unit in Karakura. "Kurotsuchi-san," Renji greeted the weird looking man with the skull-like painted mask of black and white. Were they tattoos? The coroner also wore a strange white pointy hat that pointed to his right; he was not only weird with strange fashion sense, but fucking creepy. Ichigo wondered how he was allowed to even wear such things to work without compromising the evidence and bodies he had to work with. The even weirder thing was the man had a daughter, who was working there as an assistant with him.

"Abarai Renji, yes?" the head coroner asked. Ichigo hated the way the man looked at people. Especially towards the bodies. There wasn't any respect, just that they were experimental objects to be studied. But he had a different look to his eye. Kurotsuchi Mayuri didn't want to kill, he only wanted to study and experiment. He wasn't the same as him. Just probably a bit more fucked up, Ichigo thought. He brushed his thoughts away and stepped nearer towards the table where the latest victim's body had been laid out. Nemu, Kurotsuchi's daughter, was standing over the body and had just finished stitching up the neck where the victim had been slashed.

"Can we have the autopsy report?" Renji asked, looking uncomfortable around the mad man.

"Yes, yes, you'll get it," Kurotsuchi replied irritably. "Nemu, the report!" The girl with black braided hair nodded silently and quickly went to get a clipboard. She passed it to her father who snatched it from her hand and looked through the papers on it.

"Um… so is it exactly the same as all the other victims?" Ichigo asked, trying to break the dead silence that filled the morgue. No pun intended. The coroner looked up and eyed him briefly.

"Yes," Kurotsuchi said. He pointed a trimmed, blue-painted finger at the stitched neck. "Time of death was around 1 a.m. Cause of death is a slash to the throat like victims one to three. The cuts are wide and deep, aiming to sever both exterior and interior jugulars. Bruises were from blunt force trauma – most likely punches – before the death."

"Why would he bash someone up before killing them? Why not just kill him straight?" Renji asked.

"That's your job to find out," Kurotsuchi told him. He continued with his report. "Punches were violent, cracking a few ribs and he broke a leg, which probably disabled the victim from moving much. A sitting duck, just for No. 6." The man grinned and he wiggled the creepy looking middle finger with the long fingernail. Renji just looked absolutely creeped out by the man while Ichigo tried to ignore him.

"Anything else?" Ichigo inquired.

"As for this hole," Kurotsuchi shoved back the white sheet that covered half the body to reveal the gaping hole through the torso. It had been cleaned, but it was still grotesque. Renji stepped back slightly. "The circular cut was made with the murder weapon, which has been identified as a combat knife. Which kind, however, you can ask the weapons expert. "

"We'll see Kensei-san then," Ichigo said to Renji. Kurotsuchi continued as if he didn't hear him.

"He took the stomach and both intestines, cutting it off from the end of the esophagus. Part of the spine had also been cut out to make the gaping hole. He'd have to use a lot of force with that knife to cut through the bone. Interestingly, the digging of the insides out appears to be by hand," the coroner's lips curled upwards in amusement.

"You mean he ripped his organs out with his bare hands?" Renji looked sick now. Ichigo couldn't blame him. He was feeling the same, though he couldn't hide the feeling of awe that mixed with it.

"Yes," Kurotsuchi replied curtly with a creepy, yellow-teethed grin. He cocked his head to the side slightly and pointed at the edge of the hole. "Claw-like marks made by human fingers. No traces of the killer though, pity."

"So… no traces of the killer at all? No fibers, nails, hair, whatever stuck to the victim or his clothes?" Ichigo asked. How can that be? How meticulously can someone carry out a murder this messy to not even leave a trace?

"No, nothing at all," Kurotsuchi replied him, looking as disappointed as he probably was. "Clothes were all clean. Wallet with everything including money intact."

He's good, aibou, the voice in his head said. I like him already.

Ichigo squeezed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose as he sighed. "Is that all?"

"All that is new. Everything else is pretty much the same as the previous cases," the coroner stated. He moved to another table, where he beckoned them to. "Today's serving is human stomach and intestines." Kurotsuchi showed them the organs that were laid out neatly on the cold metal table. "Blood verified that it belonged to victim number four. Refrigeration of it meddled with the time, but it's been found that these were placed in that alley almost 8 or 9 hours after the victim died."

"Isn't that…"

"The killer put the organs there 2 hours after you discovered the body, within the area you people were investigating the crime scene where the body was and while the investigation was still on-going. Interestingly police officers were out searching the area when he dumped these," Kurotsuchi laid it out pretty nicely with that nasty grin of his. Renji muttered something that sounded like a cuss under his breath, while Ichigo just shook his head slightly.

Just as he thought, the guy really could go unnoticed. He frowned slightly and took the clipboard of reports from Kurotsuchi. "Any more?"

"Nothing," the skull-faced coroner said simply as he scratched himself with that creepy long fingernail. "The organs are just that, refrigerated and put out for display. Like normal, frozen meat to be sold at the market."

"…Is it just me, or are you insinuating that the killer… actually stored this in some freezer for… food?" Renji asked slowly. Kurotsuchi Mayuri smiled his creepiest, widest, yellow-teethed smile.

"Why else would you refrigerate meat, Detective Abarai?"


"Kurosaki," Ichigo looked up to the voice he hadn't heard in a while. A bespectacled man in a white lab coat and dark hair frowned at him.

"Ah, Ishida, you got the evidence processed?" Ichigo asked tiredly. Ishida shook his head slightly.

"Most of them but I'm finishing soon. There's very little evidence, so I have to process them very carefully to ensure I don't miss anything so it might take a while. I'm here to pass you the photos Kira-san took at the organ dumping site." Ishida passed him an enclosed brown envelope, which Ichigo took and opened promptly.

"Ma-la… su..er-te?" Ichigo attempted as he read the bloody writing off the photos.

"'Mala Suerte'," Ishida corrected. "It means 'tough luck' in Spanish."

"The bastard's taunting us," Ichigo scowled. "In a foreign language too."

"Who's taunting us?" Ikkaku asked as he walked over from his desk. He looked very restless. He wasn't the type to sit still. Well, he wasn't the type for desk jobs in the first place.

"The killer, who else?" Ichigo said.

"What? What'd he say?" Ikkaku was one to be easily provoked as well.

"'Tough luck'," Ichigo told him. He was too tired to bother. Rukia and Yumichika entered the room then, looking tired and pissed off at the same time. "Hey Rukia."

"Ugh these people are annoying!" Yumichika cried, his frown marring his feminine face. He went to get himself a cup of coffee while Rukia explained his behavior.

"People won't talk. Either they're afraid of the killer, or it's just because we were in a shady neighborhood where people keep everything to themselves," Rukia said as she sat down on her desk chair. She saw the bespectacled man and gave him a smile. "Hey Ishida."

"Kuchiki-san," Ishida nodded in return. "I should get back to my work. I'll update you guys when I've completed it."

"Thanks, Ishida," the team said in unison. Everyone sounded tired.

"What about the victim's family and friends? Did they at least say anything about the victims?" Ichigo turned back to Rukia as the bespectacled forensic examiner left the room.

"They did say that the victims were capable of fighting, a couple of them were experts and one kept a knife for self-defense since they were in that shady part of town," Rukia replied.

"That at least says something about the killer's level of combat," Ikkaku chipped in, looking quite excited by the conclusion. Ichigo remembered how he shared the same love for fighting and combat as his captain, which explained his restlessness during desk jobs. Rukia nodded thoughtfully.

"But that was the most we got. Other than that, zilch," Rukia sighed. "So what about you guys? Anything new?" Rukia asked. Yumichika got back and passed her a cup of coffee which she took gratefully.

"No suspects, no trace evidence from crime scenes or bodies other than the victims' own… nothing to go on with really," Ichigo said with a shrug.

"Can't go through the database without a single clue of who we're looking for," Ikkaku added.

"Then we've gotta look through what we do know so far," Renji said, now entering the room with a box of evidence and papers. "These are evidences and reports from the previous victims. We can cross-reference them with this new victim and see what else we can learn. And I also got the murder weapon identified from Kensei-san - Is it just me or are the staff here a little crazy sometimes? He looked excited and even said the killer made 'a simple but nice choice of weapon'."

"Seeing that Kensei-san's a fan of combat knives, I guess it's pretty normal," Ichigo uttered, though he knew everyone heard it.

"…Right. Anyways," Renji placed the report and a combat knife on his desk. He held the knife up. "This is the same type of combat knife that he used. A standard US military combat knife, the USMC KA-BAR. This might be the lead we needed, guys."

"This is great, we're getting somewhere," Rukia said excitedly, looking hopeful. "This guy has some military background or he got it somewhere. Either way we'll be able to narrow the list of suspects through the database or registration of weapons."

"I'll look through the database to see if anyone fits the bill," Yumichika volunteered. "I don't mind facing the computer after going through all the faces of those disgusting people."

'Highly unlikely,' Ichigo thought to himself as the team immediately got to work. He didn't mean to be pessimistic, but he just felt like the man wasn't that easy to find. The killer was probably good at camouflaging himself, his backgrounds, his life, everything. Well, that was just his personal opinion and gut feeling as usual.

It took hours for the team to look through reports from eyewitnesses, the coroner, the forensics, then to look through the few evidences that they actually got from the cases. It was only until the end of the day that they decided to conclude the session, without finding anything that could be a potential break for the case.

Ichigo decided to do his own private investigation in his free time alone later, with the blue-haired man as his lead. He wouldn't tell the others since they had shown their skepticism towards it earlier.

The others waved each other goodbye. All of them needed the few hours of sleep before they needed to wake up and get back to work again. Rukia had stopped by his desk and patted him on the shoulder after telling him to 'go sleep or I'll report to Urahara to force you to have a day off'. Ichigo had nodded and smiled to her, telling her that he would after packing his stuff. But he still had one thing left to do for the day before leaving the office. He still had to tell Urahara of his encounter that afternoon. He waited for the others to leave before he approached Urahara's office. He peered through the half-open blinds at the window by the door to see if the man was there, and saw the silhouette of the man sitting at his desk.

Ichigo was about to knock on his door when he heard the man having a conversation with somebody, probably over the phone. Ichigo wasn't one to eavesdrop, but when he heard his name amidst the conversation, he stopped, and tried to listen in.

"…yes, detective Kurosaki will be there to collect the psychological profile from you… when will your report will be ready by… …a week from now?... …yeah, I'd like you to talk to him and access him a bit as well," Urahara said. It was soft but Ichigo swore he heard the man right. He wanted the person on the line, whom he assumed to be a psychiatrist, to access him as well. Ichigo felt himself clench his fists. The conversation continued, but this time Urahara spoke softer, and Ichigo had to strain his ears. "…no not trauma from a police shooting… his past… he'd been talking out loud… himself… he's like… …killers… I can tell he has those… urges…" Ichigo immediately tore himself away from the door when he heard that. He walked away quickly, his breath becoming heavy. All thoughts of wanting to tell Urahara about the man that afternoon disappeared into mixed emotions of anger and betrayal.

It seemed like Urahara knew about his… condition. But if he knew why didn't he take him off the case, or even the force? And to schedule him for an assessment with a psychiatrist without his knowledge… it was like Urahara was scared or suspicious of him… as if he thought Ichigo was mad, which he very well could be.

Ichigo stopped walking when he realized he'd reach his apartment and leaned against the door. He breathed in deeply before moving to open the door and entering it. He didn't want to think about it, and decided to occupy his mind with something else. Taking the reports of eyewitnesses and victims he had copied down by hand, Ichigo went to his work desk at the balcony and began his private investigation.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx End of chapter 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I don't know if you guys like how they first uh, 'met', but this is how I planned it. Things will probably go haywire from here on out… hm I don't know, but I hope the story's still okay so far. Please excuse the lack of realism, detail etc. I mean, it's Bleach and reality. It works but doesn't work.

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