WARNINGS: Blood play, torture, femslash, don't read if you know you can't handle those sorts of things

Chapter 2 - Games of torture

Hermione glanced around the room but found no trace of the black-haired witch. She felt her heart beating faster again, but this time from excitement. She peered down at her leg and realised she probably wouldn't make it further than to the door before she collapsed. It hurt like hell even when she was sitting still so how was she supposed to walk?

'I should at least try' She grabbed her left thigh and tried to lift her leg over the other while gritting her teeth in pain.

Using her full strength she rolled over and ended up in a heap on the floor. She had managed not to scream by biting her lip, where tiny droplets of blood were now visible, trickling down her chin. Now she also saw her palms had been fully healed, there was nothing left of her wounds but two scars in the shape of her nails.

The only thought running trough her head while she was laying completely naked on the floor, was how on earth she would be able to survive this. Everything around her was a constant reminder of the humiliation and the pain she had been withstanding and every second of her awakened state she wished she could just fall asleep and forget. But even though she had been trapped in this place for weeks there was a small part of her that kept fighting, a part of her that would never give up and succumb to the darkness.

"And where do you think you're going?" The dry voice of Bellatrix Lestrange reached her and she jumped in surprise, her thoughts interrupted. It seemed her escape plans had failed. Bellatrix was standing in the doorway watching her with a gleam in her eyes that Hermione hadn't seen before. She felt something stir in the pit of her stomach and swallowed hard anticipating her next move.

She tried to find a position where she could hide her private parts and ended up sitting with her knees touching each other, her arms still covering her ample breasts. Her face was beet red from embarrassment. She was too occupied to notice the change of behaviour in the other witch who slowly eyed her up and down, her fists clenching and unclenching.

"Tsk tsk..I believe this calls for a punishment" She breathed out slowly and walked across the floor to where Hermione was sitting. She looked up at the dark witch and felt her whole body tremble in fear. Numerous times had she been crucioed and each and every time she had longed for death. Punishment seemed unavoidable when being around the female death eater.

"Why are you not wearing any clothes?" Bellatrix asked, her wand pointing at the floor. Hermione frowned in confusion.

"You..you just told me to take them off!" She said in frustration. Bloody hell this witch wasn't only crazy she was also suffering from dementia it seemed. Bellatrix gave her a half smile, her eyes squinting madly.

"I don't think so. You think I don't know what I've said? Huh? You think I'm stupid?" She asked her voice trembling dangerously, her wand now aimed at her chest.

Hermione didn't dare answer that question. Instead she silently hoped that she would just end her silly games and leave her alone.

"ANSWER ME!" Bellatrix yelled, her wand connecting with Hermiones collarbone. The wood was cold against her bare skin and she shivered.

"No, of course not" She answered and hung her head in defeat. What else could she say?

"I know you're lying but what else could you do, little slut" She stepped behind the younger witch and grabbed her hair, yanking it back as far as her head would go. Hermione groaned and tried to pry her fingers off resulting in Bellatrix slapping her injured thigh. She screamed and swore loudly, her eyes filling with tears.

She felt Bellatrix stand up behind her and tried to focus on breathing until she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck.

"Ah!" Hermione felt her skin break as Bella's teeth dug deeply into her neck. She could hear a sucking noise coming from her and realised that she was actually drinking her blood.

"Be still" Bella murmured against her neck and Hermione stopped squirming. Her limbs went numb, her arms dangling onto the floor, her body only held up by the powerful witch feasting on her blood. The following seconds all she could hear was the soft sucking and licking as Bella continued to ravish her neck. Suddenly feeling exstatic Hermione moaned and couldn't help but pressing her palms against the other womans thighs. She felt Bellatrix let go of her and quickly missed the close contact.

Bella chuckled as she watched the girl in front of her. Her neck was covered in blood running down all the way to her torso. She looked absolutely beautiful. Hermione shivered under her gaze before waking up from her trance.

"..The fuck..." She whispered, panic beginning to settle in as she took in the sight of the blood on her body and on Bellatrix's face. "What did you do to me?"

"I transformed you" Bellatrix's dark laughter filled the room and now Hermione could see the fangs, though stained with blood.

"No, no this can't be happening..!" She shook her head in disbelief. How could she have failed to notice? Feeling faint from the loss of blood she laid down and drifted into unconsciousness.

"Granger, get over here" Bellatrix Lestrange was sitting in a black armchair, her hair tied up into a loose pony-tail. She was wearing a red corset with black satin sleeves and a black velvet skirt that ended just above her knees. Next to her on the table was a wineglass filled with a dark red liquid.

Soundlessly Hermione ambled over to her and kneeled down in front of her mistress. She was clad in a black tight-fitting dress, a necklace with a black rose around her neck. Her skin was paler than ever and her lips ruby red from the lipstick she was forced to wear. Her hair had gotten longer and was now in a dark shade of brown. She looked up at Bellatrix who surveyed her in content.

"Here" she held out her arm and offered her hand. Hermione hesitated for a second but gave in quickly as her thirst grew too strong. When she was satisfied she let go of her hand and Bellatrix smiled at her.

"It makes me glad to see you've finally accepted who you are" she spoke and stood from the chair. Hermione let her kiss her, their tongues in a mix of saliva and blood. It had taken weeks before Hermione finally gave in and drank her first droplets of blood. She had promptly refused, causing Bella to curse her over and over again.

Hermione broke the kiss and they stared into each others eyes. The sun had set hours ago and the night was theirs.

"We will hunt tonight my love" Bellatrix whispered huskily and kissed her again, this time with fervor.

The girl had been easy to capture, a preteenager separated from her parents during camping. Of course Bellatrix didn't do the actual hunting, that was left to her servants. Hermione got the privilege to taste her first and as the idea at first made her nauseous she soon found both comfort and release in drinking human blood.

She knew it was wrong, of course. But it was too late, she was a vampire, she belonged to the dark. She belonged to her.

"Don't fear what you've become, embrace it" Those were the first words Bella had spoken to her after her transformation. She had refused and cried for hours, until Bella crucioed the hell out of her.

"You're right, this is who I am" She admitted and shoved the little girl away, her body nothing but an empty shell. Her eyes were empty and hollow as she continued to speak. "I will never hesitate to kill again"

"That's my girl, now sleep" Bellatrix cooed and softly patted her hair. Hermione laid down on the bed and closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep. Within a month she would forget what it was like to be human, and within a year she would be one of the most dangerous vampires in England. Bellatrix Lestrange would stay by her side until a vampire hunter finally managed to slay her, his body now in several pieces after being torn apart by a furious Miss Granger.

The end

AN: I'm reading a manga about vampires which gave me the inspiration to write this... oh vampires..mmm...