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Fred walked into the crowded Weasley kitchen, with George following. Pots and pans were scattered everywhere. The large table was filled with the whole family; Percy, Charlie, Bill, Fleur, Ron, Ginny, Harry, the parents and Hermione. Hermione sat still in the chair, playing with her hands, eyes on the table, staring at an invisible object. Fred thought she looked beautiful, despite her nervous stance.

" Look who's here," George whispered," Our room is available for any privacy that you two-"

" Welcome home, Fred!" Mrs Weasley cried , running to her son, arms outstretched.

"Welcome home, Fred." the room echoed.

" Happy to be home!" Fred laughed, grinning.

One by one, Fred received hugs and kisses from the family. Hermione stopped in front of him and pushed her hair out of her face. Looking into Fred's eyes, she extended her hand. He laughed and grabbed her hand, pulling her into a big hug. It lasted just a little too long for a friendly hug. It was as if Fred was taunting her. No one commented, to Hermione's relief. After blushing, she stumbled back into her seat.

Dinner was served. It floated around the table, giving a portion to everyone. Roast turkey, chicken soup, vegetable stuffing, and treacle tart for dessert. Hermione ate silently, trying to keep her mind occupied. It was hard, having him so close to her. Fred stared intently toward her, not looking away. She occasionally glanced at him, but turned away. No one seemed to notice their little game; everybody kept on chatting away.

" Charlie, did you here? I've been promoted to executive assistant of the new minister. They felt my service at the battle deserved the slot. "

"Mum, I'll be applying for a job next weekend."

"Oh yes, the shop is great !"

The night was going well. The family having a good time chatting and eating. Hermione didn't understand how anyone could dislike this life. Smiles and laughs were heard, spoons and knives clanging on the table. It was like a family out of a movie, Hermione thought. Except she had her own problems, and couldn't really enjoy anything. Fred was on her mind and she didn't want him to be. What happened to the innocent friendship they had while attending Hogwarts? Well, the Weasley's were all getting older, and so was she. Could anything have to with hormones… or something?

Bill stood up, holding his glass of pumpkin juice, " Excuse me, I'd like to make an announcement."

Everyone nodded. Bill grabbed his wife's hands.

"Well, yesterday we -Fleur and I- we…..uhh, got some news."


" Fleur is… pregnant." Bill finished.

" What?"

" Really?"

" Bloody hell!" Ron exclaimed," Bill, you got Fleur pregnant?"

" Why, jah. Eet eez going to be a girl." Fleur beamed.

" Er…. congratulations, you guys."

" Oh, Ronald! I'm so 'appy that you are 'appy!" Fleur said hugging Ron tightly.

He sighed and hugged her back. Ron still hadn't gotten over his crush. What a pig, Hermione thought. If only Bill knew what a great brother Ronald was. Suddenly, Fleur froze, stopping her happy moment. She leaned her head on Ron's shoulder, green faced. Bill reached for her, but it was too late. She puked all over Ron, getting his hair, face, and shirt. Before he could react- or even make a face- Fleur collapsed. Ron stumbled as her weight fell on him. Before he could fall, Bill scooped her up and headed towards the door.

" I've got to get her home. We'll talk tomorrow." Bill informed, " Sorry Ron." He pulled out his wand and apparated away.

The news seemed to shock everyone, especially Ron. Bill and Fleur had hardly been married a year, and already… they were expecting. It must have been nice, though; to know that a little baby is on the way. One that they have to care and love for. Hermione never thought about having a family. Or even who she might want as the father. The idea was so intriguing. Hermione having her own baby, with cute curly hair and adorable eyes. While completing her studies, none of that nonsense occurred. But now, as her life was really starting, the thought…..

Mrs Weasley clapped, " Alright, off to bed! The lot of you! Charlie and Percy, you'd better get home. Ron, go bathe. Fred and George- you are staying here tonight. I've got your clothes already. Oh- Bill and Fleur will be back tomorrow- don't worry! Chop, chop!"

Hermione hadn't slept a wink since she climbed into bed. She had thought her sleeping patterns had gone back to normal, but ever since Monday… Throwing her quilt aside, she attempted to get up. The bed squealed in protest. Ginny stirred slightly, pulling the pillow closer. Hermione stopped, waiting for Ginny to stay still. Stepping as silently as she could, she made it out of the room. Hermione smiled approvingly and walked into the hallway.

Arms suddenly wrapped around her, a hand holding her mouth. They threw Hermione over their shoulder and jogged down the stairs, to the family room. She punched and kicked, uselessly. Could anybody here a thing? Hermione was being kidnapped! They couldn't hear her being carried down and away? Fred would hear, he would save her. She just knew he would. Feeling the way they felt meant Fred would certainly save her. Like a brave knight, he would swoop down and kick the kidnapper, saving the fair maiden.

It was deatheaters. The aurors hadn't gotten them all. They had come back for Harry. But first they had to get rid of the evidence. Thus, kidnapping Hermione. Terror filled her eyes, and she screamed uselessly. The hand clamped down over her mouth harder, muffling the scream. This was it, Hermione was going to die. Just as she thought she'd come from the war in one piece, it was over. One after another, the Weasleys were to be murdered. The deatheaters would surely safe Harry for last, torturing him the most. Tears dripped off of Hermione's face.

The kidnapper dropped Hermione onto the chair, binding her hands. After blowing the hair from her face, she looked up. Hermione couldn't see a thing. As if reading her thoughts, the light turned on. It was over. Expecting to see a hooked nose and scary scars, she found the face of George Weasley. She should've known. Who else would really kidnap her? Ginny was the young, useful one. Any sensible person would take Ginny, not Hermione. At least, nobody but the twins. They always went out of their way to bother her. Or was it to impress? Either way, they still pushed Hermione's buttons.

" George! You git! Let me out of this rope so I can punch you…" Hermione whisper yelled.

" Violent one, you are, Granger. " George replied.

Behind, Fred appeared. What had Hermione been thinking? He was definitely not her knight in shining armor. More like a joker with rubber chickens. Especially not then, with his red flannel pajamas, black night robe and crazy hair flying in all directions. Well, actually, he looked kind of...cute. Innocent and full of dazzling smiles. Had she never noticed how adorable Fred looked before? Hermione felt so hopeless around this boy. One minute she was saving his life and the next she wanted to knock Fred out cold.

" Good evening, Hermione." Fred said quietly.

" Shut up." Hermione snapped.

George growled, " Grrr. Angry lioness."

" You too, George."

" Fine, fine."

Hermione sighed loudly, " Where are your parents?"

" Left a note. I assume to go help out Fleur and Bill. Won't be back till tomorrow afternoon. Fred and I are in charge." George said.

" Oh wonderful! My kidnappers are babysitting me!"

George smiled, " Not exactly babysitting-"

Fred continued, " But making sure you kids don't-"

" Do anything bad." They completed together.

" Fred. Are you thinking what I thinking?"

" Yeah,"

" The twins are back!" They chorused.

" Shush! You'll wake everyone up!" Hermione said, glancing towards the stairs.

" Don't worry," Fred replied.

" We put silencing charms on all the doors." George picked up his wand and tapped it on his head.

Well that's why no one heard me, Hermione though.

George sat on the sofa next to her, " So, Hermione, we hear you are having sleeping troubles."

" That's none of you business."

" No, it's not. But, we'd like to help you sleep." Fred sat on her other side.

George held out a large vile, " Here, have some of our sleeping potions."

" Complete with the same formula for our patented daydreams." Fred grinned.

" Why, thank you, George and Fred."

" Only trying to help," George said with an evil grin upon his face.

The three stared at each other for a few seconds. Although they were silent, George got the message and went upstairs to his room.

" Fred, we need to talk. About Monday." Hermione said sincerely.

" I know. We do."

" You.. you know that-"

" Wait. I want to ask you some questions."

" Questions?"

" Yes, I will not talk unless I get some answers first. "

" No."

" Yes."

"Whatever. If you must. But get me out of these ropes." Hermione compromised. Fred nodded and undid the rope on her hand.

" Okay, was snogging me pleasurable? Did you enjoy it? Would you consider it an experience ?"

" Fred, this is not very reasonable," Hermione said uncomfortably.

" Yes it is. So answer it."

" Well, I guess so. I enjoyed it and it was really an experience."

Fred grinned, " Excellent."

Hermione thought for a second, " And me? Do I kiss well?"

" Yes, better than I ever thought."

" Good…"

They sat silently for a few moments. Hermione knew what was Fred's mind. It was obvious.

" Wanna kiss again?" he asked, proving her thoughts correct.

Hermione hesitated, but nodded. As much as she didn't want to , she did. Fred was so irresistible. She leaned into him, carefully, slowly. She almost touched his lips when she stopped. What was Hermione thinking? She didn't like Fred romantically. It was just some hormonal thing. She didn't actually like him. And Ron was her boyfriend. This was considered cheating. She and Fred probably felt the need to like each other because Hermione had saved him. He just wanted to thank her. Nothing else. Fred knew better than to snog Ron's girlfriend. He did.

" Fred, I can't do this."

" What?"

" I can't do this."

" Is it the age difference? Usually, Hermione, dating someone older is cool. "

" No, it's not that."

" Are you sure? Because that doesn't matter. I mean, you're going to turn eighteen next week, right? Eighteen and twenty. Not bad-"

" No Fred."

" Well, is it because I'm a bad snogger? You lied, didn't you?"

" No." Hermione tried her best not to smile.

" Is it because I'm ugly? Or something? Give me some answers."

" Fred, I'm dating your brother! If I snog you, that's called cheating."

" Oh… I forgot about him." Fred frowned.

" Yes, exactly why I can't."

" Well, there is an easy solution."

Hermione cocked an eyebrow," Really?"

"It's simple: just break up with him."

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