Hello, all of you readers! I have been really irresponsible when it came to keeping up with this story.

When I first started writing this, which was like in 2010 (was it really that long ago?), I thoguht I'd be finished in only a couple of months. Obviously, it really hasn't worked out that way. By about the fourth chapter, I felt like NTL was already rearing into a dead-end, complete with a predictable plot and some fluffy kissing. Maybe that's why I sort of stopped writing, or maybe because I got a pretty bad case of writer's block/depression.

Seeing as this is an update, I have some news for you all.

I have decided to completely scrap this story.

Wait! Before you jump to conclusions, it isn't what you think. I am going to be rewriting it, with a completely different plot, a charming new OC, and hopefully a less common Fremione/most fanfics these days plot. This may take a little while. So if you'd bear with me, that'd be absolutely amazing.

Hope to intereact with you again! If you're reading this, thanks!

P.S. I will probably change the title as well, so don't freak out when the name is suddenly different c: