hello me an- my sisters and I would like to tell you our story of finding true love in the most unusual places.

My first fanfic. SethxOC BradyxOc CollinxOC and EmbryxOC i gots alotta orginal characters huh?

Sokay. My name might be Giia(gi-ea),Emilina(em-i-lean-a),Bianna(bi-ah-na) and/or Avexia(a-vex-ea).

"Stop joking around,Vex."

(Vex flexes her jaw in irritation)"Thank you, Bio(for ruining the aura of mystery).'kay seriously my name is Avexia and i don't like boys or cats for that matter 'cause we had a cats once and it pretended to like me when everyone else was there but when everybody left it try to attack me with claws that went unclipped 'cause my mom thought it was animal abuse.I got scars from that fluffy little demon."

"As you can see she is easily distracted. Okay so my name is Bianna and I LOVE BOOKS. I can read anything and contributes to me being smart and called 'Nerdy Na-Na'."

"Really, Vexy, 'a cats'."

"Can you guys stop picking on me?"

Giia, Emilina and Bianna look at each other and chours"NOPE!"

"Hi my name is Emilina and I've already planned all my sisters-and my own-weddings,parties and funerals. I have everything sorted out: the dresses,our hair-dos,make-up, what to do if they all refuse to wear what I choose for them,accesories, decorations heck i even have the dates set-well except our funerals. The only thing ,besides giving up before trying, i despise is not knowing whats going to happen."

"From what you can see my sisters get off track faster than a girl who is tied to one and was just freed by a hot cowboy dude. I'm Giia and i guess you could call me gothic but, I'm really fun to be around once you get to know me."

Okay so as far you can see we are the most different people-from our looks to our personalities- on the known planet and we're sisters. The only thing that we have in common is that we will protect each other from anything. Even if nobody else gives us a second thought. We have a rough backround here's brief look:

Mom got married to one hell of a man

Gave birth to Giia, two years later Bianna and Emilina, then 3 years later me

Our mom was killed by our drunken dad

The old man deserted us afterwards

We have to loook after ourselves

And we have powers.

um,hi this is my first fanfic and just review and don't hold back HOPE Y'ALL LOVE IT