The Rokudaime Hokage sighed loudly. A month had passed since he had taken office, and things had been quiet in Konoha. Almost too quiet. He had worked tirelessly to help strengthen Konoha's alliances with Sunagakure, which were tentative at best, but luckily the Godaime Kazekage, Gaara, was just as eager as he was for a strong alliance between the two villages. While, he detested those two old bats on Konoha's Council, he also got to work with the different clan heads, which was beneficial not just for the individual clans, but all of Konoha. After an hour of nothing to do in his office, Arashi finally decided to quit for the day.

"Shizune," he called for his assistant.

"Yes Arashi-sama?," asked Tsunade's former protege, who decided to stay on as the Rokudaime's assistant.

"Are there any more meetings scheduled for today?" asked Arashi.

"No. Your next meeting isn't until tomorrow at noon, and all of the paperwork for today has been filed," answered Shizune.

"Alright, then I will be at the training grounds. Send an ANBU if I am needed," said the Rokudaime, as he shed the official robes and Hokage's hat.

"Yes sir," said Shizune, nodding at her superior's orders.

Arashi sat in the middle of the training ring, meditating. He could feel his chakra move fluidly through his body, ever changing and always flowing. He felt at peace, while also feeling the always present energy in the air.

"Hey Arashi-sama," came the voice of the energetic blonde ninja. Arashi opened his eye, and looked up to see his brother, and his two students standing there.

"What can I do for you three?" asked Arashi, as he stood up.

"Well, we finished our mission, and went to turn in our report, but Shizune said you were here," answered Kakashi.

"I finished my work earlier, and decided to train," said Arashi.

"How about a spar, Arashi-sama?" suggested Naruto, with a smile at the thought of taking on the Hokage.

"Alright," said Arashi, with a twinkle in his eye.

"Uh oh, I know that look," said Kakashi. as he studied his younger brother's face.

"What do you mean, Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sakura.

"I mean that Arashi is gonna go all out for this match," answered Kakashi.

"Well, we haven't actually seen the Hokage fight, so we won't know what to expect," said Sakura.

"I've seen Arashi fight before. Hell, I taught him most of what he knows, but things have changed over the last eight years, so who knows how much my brother's skills have changed," said Kakashi, as he studied the fighting stance his brother fell into.

"I'm ready when you are, Naruto," said Arashi.

"I may only be a genin, but I can take what you dish out. iShadow Clone Jutsu/i," said Naruto, confidently, as he split into five different versions of himself.

"Hmmm... clones, interesting tactic," said Arashi, while grinning.

"We are Uzumaki Naruto, and we'll beat you. Believe it!" said the five Narutos, as they began to circle the Hokage.

"Looks like Naruto has Arashi-sama surrounded," said Sakura.

"Arashi has something up his sleeve," said Kakashi, as he studied his brother's carefree face.

"Come on, let's get him," said the Narutos, as they began to simultaneously jump onto the Hokage. Arashi simply dodge them, until he was on the opposite side of the field, back in his fighting stance.

"Naruto, you should know better than to think outnumbering an opponent and sheer strength is the best way to go. Try this on for size. iEarth Release: Earth Flow River/i," said Arashi, making the appropriate seals, and slamming his hands onto the ground. The ground beneath the five Narutos soften, and turned into a soft mud, and latched itself on the Narutos' legs.

"Awww crap, we can't move," said the Narutos, as they tried to lift their legs.

"It's time to end this. iEarth Release: Rising Stone Spears/i," said Arashi, as four sharpened stone pillars rose out of the ground, and impaled the four Uzumaki clones, causing them to disappear into nothingness.

"Alright, I give," huffed Naruto.

"Very well," said Arashi, as the mud released Naruto's legs from their dirt prison.

"Wow, I can't believe how fast that match was," said Sakura.

"What did you expect? Arashi was a high-ranking jounin before becoming Hokage. He could have defeated Naruto at the beginning of the match with one move, but he obviously wanted to see what Naruto had in him," commented Kakashi looking up from his book.

"Well, now that I know what kind of moves you use, I'm gonna train extra hard, so that I'll be able to beat you," shouted Naruto, as he pumped his fist in the air.

"I look forward to our next match, Naruto," said Arashi, smiling.

"I'm gonna beat you. Believe it!" said Naruto, with a fire in his eyes.

~Outside Konohagakure~

"Are you sure we're in the right place?" asked Fred.

"I believe so, from the spell text, we should have been transported to the village where that demon fox was sealed away," said the former watcher.

"I hope we can find a way to stop those things. That fox monster was pretty scary-looking," said Cordelia.

"What did the text say exactly?" asked Angel.

"It said that the giant nine-tailed fox was sealed away at the village hidden in the leaves by someone called the Yondaime Hokage," answered Wesley.

"So we're gonna find this Yo-yo guy , and tell him about Cordy's vision, and ask him how he sealed the demon fox before?" asked Gunn, as the group continued to walk down the forest path.

"That sums it up," said Wesley.

"Well, we better find this place soon because these heels were not made for trekking through the woods," huffed Cordy.

"Hey y'all, look," said Fred, pointing. Just ahead of the group was a large gate wall. The entryway was adorned with a leaf-like symbol.

"My word, I think we found the village," said Wesley. Just as the members of Angel Investigations approached the gate, two dark figures descended from the top of the wall.

"Halt outsiders," said the figure, wearing a mask that resembled a wolf. The second figure, who had a feminine curve, kept her hand on the kitana strapped to her side.

"What is your business here?" asked the wolf-masked figure.

"We have information on the demon fox," said Angel, taking the lead. The two masked figures seemed to gasp in shock.

"We have to take you to see the Hokage," said the cat-masked woman. The large gate swung open revealing a sprawling village.

"Wow," said Fred.

"It does appear to be a rather large community," said Wesley.

"This is cool," said Gunn.

"Follow us," said the masked man, as he lead the group of outsiders into the village.

"You're taking us to see who exactly?" asked Angel, as he and his friends followed the masked figures.

"You will be seeing the Hokage. He is our village leader and one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, people in this entire country," answered the masked woman.

"Look at that," said Fred, as she gasped looking at the large mountain that seemed to have five faces carved in it.

"It's like Mount Rushmore," said Cordelia.

"That is the Hokage Monument. It honors our past leaders, for the sacrifices and hardships they faced leading us," said the man.

"We're here," said the woman, as the group stopped in front of a large building.

"This is the Hokage Tower. You'll be meeting with the Rokudaime Hokage. You will tell him everything you know, and if you're lucky he might believe you," said the man, not trusting these outsiders with this so-called information on the Kyuubi.

"Wolf, go back to the gate. I'll escort these people into the Hokage's office," said the woman.

"As you wish, Yuugao," said the man, as he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"How did he do that?" asked Fred.

"I can't answer that. It would violate procedure. You must wait and speak with the Lord Hokage," said the woman now identified as Yuugao. The group entered the building, and proceeded to an area, where a woman with short dark hair was sitting behind a desk.

"Shizune-san, these outsiders need to speak with the Hokage," said Yuugao.

"He's not in his office right now. He finished all of his paperwork, and went to the training ground for a workout," said Shizune, with a smile.

"Shizune, this is an important matter. These people claim to have information on the nine-tailed fox," said Yuugao.

"I see," and with a snap of her fingers two more masked figures appeared out of nowhere.

"How do they keep doin' that?" murmured Gunn.

"I'm not detecting any type of magic," said Wesley.

"You two, report to the training grounds, and inform Hokage-sama that he has visitors to attend to," ordered Shizune.

"HAI!" exclaimed both masked men, as they disappeared.

"You may wait in the Hokage's office. He should be here in a matter of minutes," said Shizune.

"Thank you," said Angel, as he and the others entered the office.

"This guy has nice taste," said Cordelia, as she seated herself on a rather comfy sofa.

"Wes, didn't you say that the one who sealed the fox was the Yondaime Hokage?" asked Angel.

"Yes, but this man was referred to as the Rokudaime Hokage," observed Wesley.

"Well, then this guy is obviously a different person, but maybe he knows how to seal the demon fox away too," said Fred.

"I am sorry to have kept you wait-," said a voice that three members of Angel Investigations easily recognized.

"XANDER!" screeched Cordelia.

"Shit," said the Rokudaime Hokage.