When Chuck cheats on Natalie with Poppy Lifton, she's livid. She cries and yells at him and throws her tiny fists at his chest before turning to leave.

"Natalie!" He yelled, pulling on her arm and effectively stopping her from leaving. The tears in her eyes are because of him and he knows it. The foreign model had been so enticing and alluring and... he was Chuck Bass. It was expected of him. Blair had forgiven him time and time again for things much worse than this. Why couldn't Natalie?

"I trusted you! You knew how I scared Iwas that you would do this. But, you said 'Oh, no! You're the only one for me, Natalie!', 'I'd never do that to you, Natalie', 'You're perfect, Natalie'!" She screams at him through sobs.

"I hate you!" She spat at him and his soft expression turned deadly and he pulls her petite frame against him. The tears are still running down her face and she winces at his tight grip on her arm. "Chuck, you're hurting me!" Natalie tried to reason with him, but he only smirks.

"You hurt me!"

"You cheated on me with that thing. You hurt me! Do you know what's it like having to find out that you're boyfriend slept with Poppy Lifton in front of everyone? Having to find out at a party that you threw for him? Everyone warned me but I was stupid and I said no, they're just trying to protect me from nothing. God, how cliché was I? Now, let go of my arms!" The blonde cried. He listened to her and then his twisted mind realizes she didn't sa about her back, perfectly plump bottom, or her elegant swan neck. He walks forward until she is pinned against the back of the couch, one arm on each side of her.

"Stop it." She whispered. He's making this harder and harder and her heart is shattering as they continue this little game.

"Stop what?" He asked as he let his left index finger slip into the waist band of her skirt, tracing the top of her panties. She shoves his hand away.

"Stop it! You can't sleep with someone else and expect to fall back into your bed the next minute." She exclaims.

"You didn't let me answer your question!" He says, keeping her pinned against the couch. "I know exactly how it feels to find out the person you're seeing slept with someone else. Let's see there was Carter, Dan, and oh, let's not forget Scott! Two brothers in one year. Congratulations!" He murmurs,

"Yeah. But, the difference is that we weren't seeing each other then. Another one is that you were sleeping with other people too. What? It's okay for you but not me?"

"Precisely!" He kisses her and for a moment he feels her kiss. He can't remember why he slept with Poppy right now and can't imagine ever making this beautiful creature cry ever again. She arches into his touch and lets herself melt into him. He pushes the jacket off her arms and runs his hands up and down her bare arms. He lifts her up, perching her on top of the couch. "I love you." She muttered and he pulled his lips away from her soft, creamy flesh. She swallowed hard, her bottom lip trembling when she's met with silence. She looks down at the floor and fresh tears replace the dried ones on her cheeks. He stalks back over to her and pulls her lips to his, wrapping her legs around his waist and plunging his hard cock inside of her.

"Say. It. Again." Punctuating each of his words with hard, thrust. She whimpers at the force, hair falling out its ponytail as she leans back slightly. She tells him she loves him as takes her, she tells him he loves her when they wash off, she tells him she loves him even if he doesn't love himself, even if he can't love her back. He tells her she shouldn't love, tells her he doesn't love himself, tells her that he loves everything about her. He tells her that he loves her.

She tells him that she wants to hear him say it when her legs aren't thrown over his shoulder.

He tells her he loves her after he wakes her up with a quickie.