On Chuck's eighteenth birthday, he celebrates it with Nathaniel, Natalie, Blair, Serena, and Carter. The three girls send the day kicking and splashing in the pool. Carter occasionally joining them but staying particularly close to Natalie. Chuck can see the the way Carter's hand rests on the small of Natalie's back and she does nothing to stop. She almost welcomes it! The sight turns Chuck stomach slightly at the thought of Carter taking advantage of sixteen year old Natalie. They've all paired off by the end of the night. Somewhere between cocktails, marshmallows, and volleyball, Carter has decided that the expanse of Serena's throat is much more fascinating than anything else and takes it upon himself to navigate every inch of it with his tongue. Blair cringes, Nate scowls, and Natalie simply walks back to the pool and sticks her dainty feet into the water.

"There's nothing wrong with you." He says as he walks over. He knows this routine because he's been through it before with Blair. Nate pays more attention to Serena, Blair's insecurites come to light and Chuck swats them away before any tears can be shed. It's when Natalie turns her head away and her shoulders shake slightly that he realizes he must have missed his cue because she's already crying.

"Shit..." He mouths to himself, shaking his head. Crying is something Chuck cannot handle but he his legs ache from swimming and he can't find a reason to push himself off the ground.

"Nat, don't cr- damn it, a moron like Carter Baizen isn't worth crying over." Chuck says and Natalie turns her head. Her eyes red rimmed, puffy and she hiccups slightly.

"What do you care, Chuck? You're just like him, you know." He can tell by the way her eyes roll that she wants to hurt him so someone else is hurting too but it doesn't work. Instead he chuckles.

"Why did you even bring him here?" He asks her and she shrugs as she wipes at her face.

"I dunno. He was nice and he said he liked swimming a few times before. I thought that he..."

"You thought he would be your first. Well, Little One. Guess you aren't so little anymore!" He states as he grips the edge of the pool.

"I did not. I just thought he liked me... he said I was good kisser, better than the other girls, bett-"

"Better than any girl or any person able to kiss, right?" When he finishes her sentence her cheeks flush and her stomach drops painfully because she realizes that she was played, all the while making sure she didn't get played!

"What kind of kiss was it?" Chuck asks, taking a sip of his drink as she shrugs once more.

"It was okay. His face was stubbly the first time, so it was kind of weird but in a good way." He shakes his head before turning her head and kissing her. He finds it hard to believe she's only ever kissed Carter. Her mouth tastes delightful and her faded cherry gloss is making him dizzy. Her eyes are dancing when he pulls away she's beginning to slide into the pool and he whispers into her ear.

"You're already falling for me." It's too cheesy for her not to laugh and too cheesy for Chuck to say and he helps her stand before speaking. "Follow my lead." He picks her up and places a glass a champagne glass in her hands before she fakes a drunken slumber and he corries her past his peers.

"Is she okay?"
"I told you it was a bad year."
"Her lips are bright red! Is she allergic?"

They all sputter out questions and Chuck answers them coolly with an 'I dunno' shrug before taking her over to the beach to sober up. They both needed to get away from that pool and so he takes her to the gazebo, his father had built for his mother so many years ago and lays her down there.

They don't speak of this kiss when he opens up the roof to let the sun in. They just lay in the sun and he admires how she just seems to soak up every ray of sun before he sees the water beginning to sizzle on her skin as it drips from her hair. "You're gonna burn." He says but she's nearly asleep when he tries to hand her the sunscreen. Instead he globs it into the palm of his hand begins to smooth it over her skin. She gasps as the cool liquid wakes her back up. She doesn't yell or move away because his hands feel kind of nice on her back, her legs, and her neck.

His eyes bulge when she begins to unties her bikini top and ten realizes why she has no tan lines but it doesn't help the bulge in his swim trunks. He rubs the lotion in a little more and keeps rubbing until his fingers just barely brush against the swell of her breast and she shivers. Noticeably. She turns over her by herself and hold her top against herself, they're kissing again and she's shifting beneath him slightly and lays down against the floor of the gazebo. He pulls away from her to close the roof. She's inhaling deeply when the darkness surrouns them and reaches out for her before his hands realizes it isn't her cheek that his thumb is stroking. He apologizes and she says 'okay'. Chuck had always kind of known that he would be Natalie's first. Even if she didn't. It was an unspoken kind of thing. She cries at first, not loudly, not like before. But, he knows the water against his cheek ins't from her wet hair or from his own. He quiets her before beginning to move, the darkness blinds her, taking away one sense and heightening all others. The first time is so gentle she gasps and scratches down his back when she experiences an orgasm. The blanket their laying on is now draped across them as he traces dirt words against her side and shechuckles before she speaks. He's frozen after he hears those two words, he's never heard only two hours after a deflowering.

"Fuck me."

It sounds so innocent and dirty that there wasn't a chance of him saying no from the start. He rolls over on her, the blanket slipping and sliding until it's just barely covering them but it doesn't matter because it's dark in here and out there. She isn't fully developed at fifteen but she's so gorgeuos already and he wants to scream at himself for thinking so. But, he doesn't. Instead, he kisses down her stomach. He goes down on her. It licks and slurps and suckles until she's so close it hurt. She slows down then. Each lick teasingly slow and his tongue gently swirls around her clit and she bucks until he thrusts into her. His hips slam against hers, spreading her legs a little more so he can tighten her a little more and when he does she's almost there. He pulls her flush against, her back red and bruised slightly from rolling and bumping and sliding against the hardwood floor but she's too busy being fucked too notice.
It's almost too good and when he makes her cum it's heaven. She tightens around him and whimpers, her leg locks around, her face buried in his neck as he empties himself inside of her. It was good and it happens again an hour later. A day later. Then a week, and a year later, soon it's happening until one day he decides he doesn't like driving all the way over to her house for sex and tells her she's staying with him for a while. Besides, her current apartment is well.. shit. And he is the shit. They sleep in the same bed and she laughs when he gets serious out of no where and he smirks when she says she's not in the mood because that means she's had a hard day andthat is the perfect mood.

Natalie and Chuck.

Chuck and Natalie.

It started at a pool that he...