Chapter 32 – Harmony

Seth fell to his knees and immediately started breathing in and out heavily.

"Seth?" asked Kendra, placing a hand upon her brother's shoulder, "are you okay?"

Seth didn't answer. Instead, he continued breathing heavily and started to cry, but couldn't respond.

"It's okay, Seth," said Warren, placing his hand on Seth's other shoulder. "You were fine a moment ago. But Navarog's gone now. You should be thrilled."

"It was horrible," bawled Seth. "For over a month I was possessed by that... that monster! I had to do everything he wanted! I... ate people. I killed Elise and Vanessa. I had no control. Not until you kissed me, Kendra."

Kendra blushed. Suddenly, all the fairies that had previously flown into Kendra flew out of her body, as did two balls of energy, which flew back into Raxtus and Geminus. In turn, Kendra's rainbow-colored hair turned back to normal, and her wings sunk back into her shoulder blades.

"What's going on?" asked Kendra.

"Fairyprime is a form that fairykind can assume," said Bright, flying up to Kendra's face. "Its where fairies lend you their power to harness for your own use. It'd be hazardous to attempt on someone who isn't fairykind, even if they're fairystruck."

"Is everything all right?" asked Tiara. "Where are Tanu and Vanessa?"

"Tanu got gored by Navarog," said Kendra, nearly afraid to continue. "And Vanessa was eaten."

"No!" shrieked Opal, whose smile quickly vanished. "Why?"

"We'll explain later," said Kendra, trying not to cry. "We need to find Tanu. Maybe we can still save him!"

Kendra accepted the Omega Star from Warren, and held it in her hands. "I wish that we were with Tanu."

As if she were travelling through the Translocator, the torn-open cave that Kendra was in suddenly phased out of existence, and was replaced with the garden surrounding Fablehaven. Having been teleported to this spot along with everyone else who had been in the cave, Kendra gazed up Tanu. Still a giant, Tanu was lying unconscious on the ground and bleeding massively.

"I wish Tanu was fully healed," said Kendra. "And his normal size again as well."

The Omega Star glowed, and everyone watched as Tanu shrank back to his large, but otherwise normal self, and stood up, feeling perfectly healthy.

"What's going on?" he asked, before noticing what Kendra was holding onto. "The Omega Star? My god, how did you ever get it from Navarog?"

"We'll explain later," said Warren, grabbing the Omega Star from Kendra's hands. "I wish that Vanessa was alive and well."

Everyone waited a moment for the Omega Star to respond. But nothing happened.

"It's not working," said Opal. "Why won't it work?"

"I know that it's not supposed to bring people back to life," said Warren. "But I thought that maybe..."

Warren slowly put his head down and handed the Omega Star back to Kendra, who was looking at the destroyed house."I wish that Fablehaven was restored, back to the way it was before Navarog attacked."

The Omega Star glowed in Kendra's arms, as everyone fixated their eyes on where the house once stood. Just as soon as the debris and rubble vanished, the house magically appeared in its place, completely restored. Trees that had been crushed or burned by Navarog also grew back to health, completely by magic.

"What about our family?" asked Seth.

Tanu sighed. "I don't know. If Navarog was telling the truth, then the house collapsed on them. I'm sorry."

"I only wished to restore the preserve," said Kendra. "I don't know what happened to anyone that was inside the house. If they're dead..."

"I've got an idea," said Seth. "Wish for everyone who was in the house to appear. If nothing else, at least we'll know what happened to them."

Kendra nodded. "Okay. Here goes. I wish that my mother, my father, Grandpa Sorenson, Grandma Sorenson and Dale, if they're alive, would appear before me."

The Omega Star glowed, causing all five people that Kendra requested for to suddenly appear on the ground, completely unharmed.

"What's going on?" asked Mr. Sorenson, coming to his senses and looking around.

"Mom?" asked Seth. "Dad?"

"SETH!" screamed Mrs. Sorenson, as she threw her arms around her son, shedding tears. "Oh, Seth, you're all right."

"We missed you so much," said Mr. Sorenson, hugging his son. "It's really you, right?"

Seth nodded in response, hugging his parents in return.

"You... did it," said Grandpa, eyeing the Omega Star. "You really did it."

"How did you guys survive the house collapsing?" asked Warren.

"Dale saw Navarog and warned all of us," said Grandma, hugging Seth. "So we headed down to the dungeon. The magic protecting it is like a bomb shelter, separate from the register. We were safe down there, even though we were trapped."

"What happened to Vanessa?" asked Grandpa, trying to find the missing Knight of the Dawn in the small crowd.

"Navarog ate her," said Opal, looking miserable.

The Sorenson's and Dale's jaws all dropped upon hearing the bad news. "I'm so sorry," said Grandpa.

Kendra and the others then went on to explain how Navarog fought them and managed to assemble the Omega Star, and how she was able to stand up to him as fairyprime to save Seth.

"You became fairyprime?" asked Grandma."But... that's only in legends!"

"Legend, schmegend," said Bright, "this was real!"

"I've gotta ask you guys," said Dale, "what happened with Navarog?"

"Well, we couldn't destroy him," said Warren, "so I wished for him to be banished to the knapsack. I know it's tight fit for a guy his size, but I thought it'd be a rightful punishment for him."

"You think anyone might attempt to find him?" asked Grandma.

"Doubt it," said Warren. "No one else would know to look for him in there, and I'm positive there's no way out that doesn't involve powerful magic. Besides, if he's been banished there-"

"Permanently," added Seth.

"Then he can never leave," finished Warren.

"A big dragon like him trapped in that not-so large storage room?" asked Grandpa.

"Maybe the room expanded in order to contain him," said Tanu. "Or it compressed him."

"Either way, the wish was granted," said Kendra.

"Serves him right," said Warren. "Besides, we previously took out everything of that was of any value in there, so he'd be bored to death, except for the fact that he can't die. He can't even play Yahtzee by himself."

"Thank you for saving me, guys," said Seth. "I'm sorry that it came at such a high price, with both Elise and Vanessa. Maybe I should just wish away my shadow charmer ability. It's more trouble than its worth."

"Seth," said Kendra. "Are you sure?"

"Hold everything," said Grandpa. "Seth, I know that you consider this a burden, and yes, it allowed Navarog to rise to power. But, learning how to master your hidden talent, even though its a dark one, might be the smarter choice."

"So what happens now?" asked Dale. "Now that you've recovered all five instruments of eternal power, that is."

"Let's get some shut-eye, first," said Grandpa. "We've had a very long day. Tomorrow we can decide what to do now that the Knights have finished their quest."

"I guess this is goodbye," said Bright.

"What do you mean?" asked Kendra.

"Our job was to aid you on your quest," said Geminus. "But now, your quest over. We need to return to the fairy kingdom."

"We're gonna be fairy angels now," said Clover. "We'll each have the power of fifty fairies!"

"I'm going to miss you," said Kendra, giving Bright a hug. Clover and Tiara followed by hugging Warren and Tanu respectively. Having no one to turn to, Opal hugged Kendra.

"I'll miss you, too, "said Raxtus, hugging Kendra. "But we'll come back to visit. Don't worry."

Bright, Clover, Tiara, Opal, Geminus and Raxtus all flapped their wings and took off in the direction of the naiad's pond and the newly-restored shrine of the Fairy Queen. As they flew off over the treetops, everyone back by the house bid them farewell.

Over the next few days, Grandpa and Grandma decided to entrust the Omega Star to the Fairy Queen. As useful as it was, the Omega Star was dangerously powerful, and needed to be left with someone responsible, rather than hiding it in an unsupervised vault somewhere. The Fairy Queen also promised that her realm was a safe haven for the five instruments, and that they would entrusted to a group of guards.

Before that had happened, Kendra used the Omega Star to grant two wishes. One was to remove her death records and cemetery plot from existence, if only for her to be accepted back into society.

The second was to wish Astro-Jet's consciousness into the phoenix statue at Rio Branco, and from there, transform it into a living bird. It would take some getting used to, but Astro-Jet would now be able to live a non-automated life. She chose to remain at Rio Branco, where she quickly befriended Felvanor.

Laying on his bed, Seth stared at the ceiling above him. By now Kendra and Warren had relayed their entire journey to him several times, even though they were still saddened by Vanessa's loss. Seth pondered. Why was he forced to be a sitting duck the whole time, serving as an avatar to Navarog, while they went on heroic adventures to save the world? Words could not describe how Seth felt. It wasn't unfair. It was worse.

Passing by his open door, Kendra stopped and knocked on it. "Can I come in?"

Seth rolled his eyes. "I guess. What aren't you allowed to do?"

"Seth, it wasn't your fault. Don't feel so bad."

"Easy for you to say, Little-Miss-Perfect."

"I spoke to Grandpa about your condition earlier. How I kissed you while I was in my fairyprime form."

Seth snorted. "So what?"

Kendra sighed. "He said that with you being a shadow charmer, being kissed by fairyprime may have altered you into something else entirely. You'd still have your shadow charmer-like qualities, but now fairy magic is protecting you from external dark forces.

"Really?" asked Seth. "What's this state called?"

"Dunno," said Kendra. "You're the first instance of this happening, so they haven't come up with a name for it yet."

"Kendra?" asked Warren from down the hall.

"In here."

Kendra and Seth listened as footsteps approached the door and Warren entered the room.

"Kendra," said Warren, "you almost ready to go?"

"Go where?" asked Seth.

"We're going out for dinner with Bracken, Bright and Clover," said Kendra. "To a sushi place that Warren really likes. It'll be our first time seeing them since we finished our quest."

"Yippee," said Seth sarcastically. "As if fighting a dragon robot in outer space wasn't fun enough."

"It wasn't a dragon robot," said Warren. "It was a robot dragon. There's a huge difference. But anyway, would you like to join us for dinner, maybe?"

"Nah," said Seth, "shaking his head. "I'd only get in the way. Just leave me alone right here."

The doorbell rang, and the three of them listened as the front door was opened downstairs.

"That must be them," said Kendra. "Well, see ya, Seth!"

"If you're up to it, why not say hello to our guests," said Warren, as he and Kendra raced out of the room, closing the door behind them. They then ran downstairs and were greeted by three figures.

One was Clover, now the size of a human, wings no longer visible, wearing long jeans and a green tank top. The other two were white unicorns, one with a silvery mane, the other with a rainbow-colored one.

"Clover!" exclaimed Warren, giving the fairy woman a hug.

"Bracken!" said Kendra, watching as the silver-maned unicorn stood up on his hind legs and transformed into Bracken. "You're a proper unicorn again!"

"I can't thank you enough," said Bracken, throwing his arms around Kendra. "I was able to wish for a new third horn. I missed being a unicorn so much."

"Come on in!" said Warren with a smile. "Flaunt your unicorn form to everyone!"

Kendra and Warren then took a good look at the other unicorn, as Bracken and Clover entered the house.

"Bright?" asked Kendra, watching as the unicorn shifted her shape into a human-sized Bright.

"Came to visit, huh?" asked Warren.

"I'm going to be visiting a lot," said Bright, shaking Kendra's hand. Her voice was no longer high-pitched, but still energetic. "Clover too."

"What do you mean?" asked Kendra. "You're a fairy angel now, right? Nothing personal, but why would you stick around here?"

"Clover and I have volunteered to become protectors for Fablehaven. Kind of like rangers in a sense. We'd keep the place in order. I'll be stationed around the Fairy Queen's shrine, and Clover will be stationed in the garden."

"Really?" asked Warren.

"Absolutely. We took such a liking to Fablehaven and its inhabitants that we wanted to stay with them. Of course, Opal and Tiara didn't want to confine themselves to one place, and would rather pursue other goals. But they do say hello!"

"What about Geminus?" asked Warren. "And Raxtus?"

Bright smirked. "I think they're in love. Geminus felt so alone after we lost Elise. But when she became a fairy dragon, Raxtus took an interest in her. It's like they were made for each other. So, Geminus chose to stay a dragon in the end. She went back to Wyrmroost with Raxtus."

"That's so sweet," said Kendra. "Now Raxtus doesn't have to be the only fairy dragon in existence."

Bright nodded. "Mind if I step in for a moment?"

Kendra, Warren and Bright all walked into the foyer, where Bracken and Clover were talking to the other residents of the house, including Seth. When Bright entered, Seth suddenly turned his attention to her.

"Hey, it's the rainbow fairy!" said Seth, walking up to Bright.

"You like my hair?" asked Bright with a large grin.

"On you it looks pretty cool," said Seth. "Kendra's a whole different story."

"I don't think you've been properly introduced to these two fairies," said Bracken. "Seth, the maiden with the green hair is Clover. And rainbow-locks here is Bright. My younger sister."

"Nice to meet you," said Bright, extending her hand.

"Nice hair," said Seth, accepting her hand, his eyes still fixated on Bright's hair. Everyone else couldn't help but laugh.

"Your brother is really sweet, Kendra," said Bright. "Now that I finally got a chance to meet him properly, I can see him for who he is."

"Seth," said Bracken. "Would you like to join us for sushi?"

Seth's eyes lit up. "Mom, can I?"

"Of course."

"All right!" said Seth, as he, Kendra, Warren, Bracken, Bright and Clover all walked out into the front yard. Bracken then transformed into his unicorn form, his horn gleaming with brilliance.

"Wait a moment," said Kendra. "How are we getting there? We can't just ride on your backs!"

"Guys, I'll just borrow the car," said Warren.

"Don't you know anything?" asked Bright, turning into a unicorn herself. "We can fly there."

"Too bad you're not a unicorn," said Warren, facing Clover.

"Not by nature," said Clover, as she transformed into a green unicorn on the spot. "I'm not the real thing, but it'll do. It helps to be a fairy angel, though."

Kendra then climbed onto Bracken's back, Seth got onto Bright's, while Warren did the same with Clover. The three unicorns then galloped off across the lawn, then leapt into the air and flew away across the forest.

The next day, Kendra was relaxing in the swimming pool, sitting on an inflatable chair. Underneath her sunglasses, her eyes were closed as she basked in the warmth of the noon hour sun. Her life was blissful once again. Not a care in the world.

Without any warning, a heavy force came from under the water and knocked her entire body off of the chair, directly into the pool.

"SETH!" blared Kendra, as she stumbled to stand up in the pool. She glared at her brother, who was too busy laughing at her misfortune.

"I gotcha good!" laughed Seth.

At this point, several fairies from around the garden flew up to Kendra's side.

"What'll it be?" asked one of the fairies. "A seal? An otter? A pink flamingo?"

Kendra shook her head. "Vengeance has its place, but not against my brother."

Kendra walked over to Seth and slammed her arms against the surface of the water, letting a large wave splash him in the face. Seth shook his head in response, spitting water out of his mouth.

"Kendra!" said Seth. "I... I..."


"I love you," said Seth, throwing his arms around his sister, giving her a firm hug.

The End

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