Title: Temporary Home

By: BloodyTears87

Pairing: SasuNaru

Warning: Yaoi, Language, Violence, Attempted Rape

Summery: song fic to the song Temporary home by Carrie Underwood. Naruto is an orphan after losing his parents at the age of six. After years in the orphanage Iruka Umino would like to adopt him but Naruto's been around long enough to know that things never work out… or do they? Yaoi

"Naruto, this is Iruka Umino. He's going to be your guardian from now on." Shizune said to the blond boy in front of her who was listening with little interest before turning back to his book.

"How many times have I heard that?" he wondered out loud, disregarding the others in the room.

"I'm sorry Mr. Umino, could you give us a moment." Shizune said to the long haired brunette next to her.

"Of course," Iruka said before walking out of the room. Once the door was closed Shizune turned to Naruto and heaved a sigh.

"Look Naruto, I know you've been threw a lot of homes since you came when you were six. This time however is going to be different I promise, he's considering adopting you!" Shizune tried to reason with the boy.

"Yeah sure," Naruto said still uninterested. "Why can't I just stay here till I'm eighteen? It's only a few years away."

"Because Naruto, we have other children coming in all the time. This is only suppose to be a temporary home Naruto." Shizune said with a sigh.

"Everywhere is only a temporary home for me so what dose it matter? I'm tired of moving all my stuff back and forth and I know by the time I come back you will have given my room away, again." Naruto said getting annoyed.

"Naruto you don't have a choice in this I'm sorry." She said before walking out of the room where Mr. Umino was waiting.

"Mr. Umino, if you would follow me to my office we can get the paper work done." Shizune said. Iruka nodded and they turned to leave but Naruto stepped out of his room to give Shizune one last piece of his mind.

"Yes, Naruto?" She asked warily.

"I just thought I'd let you know that you can't keep treating children like stay animals… just because you keep finding them homes doesn't mean that everything is going to be ok." He said before going back into his room and shutting the door softly.

"You'll have to forgive him, Naruto has been here since his parents abandoned him at the age of six. That was ten years ago now." Shizune explained while walking to her office. "He tries to be tough but he's more fragile then he seems. For him every place it just a temporary home, he doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere and most people think he's too broken to be fixed."

"Sounds like he's had a hard life," Iruka commented solemnly.

"Yes, He never stays with foster parents long. He doesn't act up he just dose nothing at all." Shizune said. "He's hyperactive most of the time when he's around people and he just has that natural charisma that draws people in and his real smile can light up a room, but he'd rather push people away."

"Why would he do that?" Iruka wondered out loud.

"From what I can tell from the few times he's opened up, he doesn't want people to get close because he doesn't want others burdened with his problems. In general he doesn't want to be a burden at all so he stays here, where he's out of the way and no one needs to be concerned with him." she told Iruka. "His last home was promising but the man died, he was quite elderly and however. I knew it would end up that way but when the man said Naruto reminded him of his son, Naruto couldn't say no. He's too kind for his own good." They reached her office in silence. They did the necessary paper work and when they finished they went to see if Naruto was done packing.

Naruto placed the last of his clothing into his book bag. He wondered how long this home would last. Part of him wanted his to be more then just another temporary home but the other part of him who knew better tried to suppress the thought. There was just something about him that couldn't be fixed. A part of him that told him that he had no place where he belonged. Heaving a sigh he sat on his bed and pulled his favorite old beat up black chucks on. Naruto was brought from his thoughts by a knock on the door.

"It's open," Naruto said. Shizune walked in with Iruka behind her.

"Paper work's set," Shizune said. Naruto hung his head. "Look Naruto, it's not going to be so bad. And if it doesn't work out at lest you didn't waste your whole summer vacation here right?"

"Sure," Naruto said getting up and grabbing his bag. "I'll see you around I guess. Tell Tsunade-baa-chan goodbye for me will ya?"

"Of course," Shizune said. She walked Naruto and Iruka to the door of the care home to see them off and waved goodbye as they left. She just hoped that Naruto would make this home work for him.

The car ride was silent for the most part. Iruka had tried to start a conversation but Naruto wouldn't say more then he had to. After fifteen minutes or so they pulled into a driveway. The house was two stories from what Naruto could see. It was painted pale blue and had a huge bay window in the front. Iruka shut the call off and he and Naruto got out. The blond slung his orange book bag over his shoulder and followed Iruka inside.

"Kakashi! I'm home!" the brunette yelled once they were inside the living room area. There was a moment of silence before they could hear foot steps coming down the stairs.

"Iruka!" a man with silver gray hair and half his face covered by a navy blue turtle neck collar came in and hugged Iruka before turning to Naruto.

"You must be Naruto," Kakashi said holding his hand out for Naruto to shake.

"Yea," Naruto said taking the mans hand.

"I'm Kakashi, Iruka's boyfriend." Kakashi explained. "My own foster son lives here as well. He's being anti social right now so you'll have to meet him later."

"Sure," Naruto said not really caring if he met the other boy or not.

"Well then let me show you to your new room." Iruka said leading Naruto up the stairs.

Naruto's room was the third door on the left side of the hallway. Iruka told him the bathroom was the right by the stairs, there was a second one down stairs as well. Naruto looked around his room. It had plain white walls and a hard wood floor. There was an wooden dresser, a bed and a desk with a chair.

"I know it's a little plain but your welcome to do whatever you want with it, paint the walls and whatever." Iruka said, reading the look on Naruto's face. The blond just nodded and Iruka took it as his cue to leave.

"I doubt I'll be here that long…" Naruto sighed to himself.

Shoving his thoughts aside he decided he might as well unpack his bag. It didn't take him long. He only had a couple pairs of jeans and eight shirts, and some socks and boxers. He placed his only other possessions on the desk, a slightly worn out sketch book and a case with Naruto's art supplies, pens and pencils. Naruto heaved a sigh and sat on his bed. Naruto wondered what Sasuke was like. Kakashi said he was being anti social but Naruto didn't know if it was normal or because he was there now. The blond flopped back on his bed with his hands behind his head. Closing his eyes he tried to drift of to sleep. Before he knew it Naruto was awoken by a knock on his door.

"Naruto? Time for dinner," He heard Iruka's voice from the other side of the door. Naruto rolled out of bed and walked to the door. He opened it just as Iruka was going to knock again. "Oh your up, good." He said signaling for Naruto to follow him to the dinning room.

Kakashi and a raven haired boy with onyx eyes who he assumed was Sasuke were already seated on opposite sides of the table. Naruto could tell Kakashi was smiling behind his mask. Sasuke on the other hand was scowling but it looked natural on the boy like it was just his normal facial expression.

"Ah Naruto, finally decided to join us I see." Kakashi said.

"Sorry, I fell asleep I guess," Naruto said softly and almost timidly.

"It's alright," Iruka said cheerfully. "This is Sasuke, by the way." he said gesturing to the raven haired boy. Naruto smiled at the boy but it didn't reach his eyes. Sasuke merely nodded. Iruka took his seat next to Kakashi so Naruto was forced to sit by Sasuke.

"Since this is your first night here why don't you tell us something about your self," Kakashi suggested.

"Not a whole lot to tell," Naruto sighed but decided to humor them. "My parents abandoned me when I was six. I don't know why, they never said anything. I left for school one morning and when I got home they had left and took all their stuff with them." Iruka didn't look surprised but Naruto guessed that Shizune had told him. Kakashi looked sympathetic while Sasuke's face held no expression.

"Don't pity me, Kakashi." Naruto said with a scowled. Kakashi looked apologetic then nodded for Naruto to continue.

"Well my next door nabors call the police for me. A missing persons report was filed and I was sent to the care home." Naruto told them while taking a bit of the pizza Iruka had served him. "I don't stay in one place too long. I was only back at the care home for about a month before you took me out today. I don't know why Tsunade-baa-chan just wont let me stay their."

"Maybe she wants you to find a family?" Iruka said kindly.

"Family, heh I've forgotten what that is." Naruto laughed humorlessly. "Every place I've been to in the last ten years is just a temporary home." the room was silent after that. Iruka changed the subject to their boys plans for there summer vacation.

"Probably dodging Ino and her fan girl crazed friends," Sasuke said with a scowl. "I'm thinking of getting a part time job or maybe just taking some summer classes."

"I'm going to be starting back to work at The Great Escape," Naruto said lightly.

"That sounds like fun," Iruka said happily. "How long have you been working there?"

"Since I've had my working papers, I think I got them at 14." Naruto said thoughtfully. "So this will be my third summer."

"I see, what do you usually do there?" Kakashi asked.

"I usually run sky costar or sometimes I get stuck in the gift shops," Naruto told them. "I don't get much for hours but the pay is alright and next summer I might be promoted to manager."

"Well that's awesome," Iruka smiled.

"Yea," Naruto said finishing his pizza. "Hey would it be ok if I went to the store?"

"Sure what do you need?" Kakashi asked. "Some one could drive you."

"I just need some stuff for my room," Naruto said. "I'm used to walking it's no big deal."

"I'll drive you after dinner, I need to get some stuff myself," Sasuke said surprising Iruka and Kakashi. Both were shocked to say the lest. The raven never volunteered for anything but they said nothing not wanting to discourage the sudden socialism of the young Uchiha.

The warm summer breeze blew threw Naruto hair as they drove threw town to the art supply store Naruto had requested they go to. Neither boy started a conversation but the silence wasn't an uncomfortable one. They arrived at the art supply store within minutes. Naruto got out, surprisingly followed by Sasuke. Naruto had been to this store may times before. One of the workers who thought he had Naruto pegged to a tee was always trying to make a move on the blond.

"Hey, dick less, I haven't seen you in a while." came the voice of Sai. Naruto did his best not to react to the crude nickname that the older boy had given him.

"I've been busy, Sai." Naruto said calmly as he could. "I just need some paint."

"Fine," Sai said with a fake smile and lead Naruto back to the paints. "What kind of paint are you looking for?"

"Oil, but I'm going to need it in the bigger cans not the tubes." Naruto said simply. Sai stopped dead in his tracks before turning to Naruto a little shocked.

"But you haven't used that media since-" he was cut off by Naruto.

"I know," Naruto sighed. "I'm starting a long project, I think..."

They searched threw the paints with Sai "accidentally" bumping into Naruto and brushing up against him as much as possible. Sasuke would of thought them lovers if it wasn't for the look of total discomfort on the blonde's face. When the pale boy had Naruto pressed up against a shelf Sasuke had seen enough. The look in Naruto's eyes was sad and begging for help even if the boy would never say it out loud.

"If you're done trying to feeling him up, could we get the things he needs? I have places to be." the raven said coldly. Sai smirked before continuing to get Naruto's paint together along with some charcoal and brushes that Naruto also requested.

They headed home with seven cans of oil based paint and the rest of Naruto's art supplies. Sasuke stopped to a music store on the way back to pick up a guitar he was having repaired.

"You play," Naruto said. It was more of a statement then a question.

"A little, when I have the time." Sasuke answered.

"Me too," Naruto admitted. "I'm not vary good though. Art is more my thing."

"Hn," Sasuke said. "Maybe I could show you sometime."

"I would like that," Naruto said without thinking. He was slowly letting his guard down around the raven haired boy. Naruto shook his head a little as he pondered why that was happening.

"Are you ok?" Sasuke asked noticing the head shake.

"I just don't understand what it is that makes me fell like I…" Naruto trailed off since he didn't really know what he was feeling. "I don't know…"

"Hmm," Sasuke said thoughtfully.

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