Rebuild of Third Genesis


Instrumentality came to the Earth as chaos rippled outward, bells ringing and alarms wailing. The Geofront of Tokyo-3 was cracked open like a egg by a Near Nuclear weapon, or N2 device. Armed forces were mobilized, NERV itself was targeted both by military forces and the mass production Evangelions were deployed. It was madness and chaos, then the EVENT happened.

Instrumentality wasn't global, however it looked at the time. The 'tang effect' as one scientist sarcastically called it was localized around NERV bases, though there were random people around the world hit too. Anyone with a weak sense of self, or some degree of unknown susceptibility reverted to a LCL state, leaving behind empty clothes to flow into one of many 'lakes' around the world.

The skies went red as priests babbled about the rapture. Madmen ran in the streets screaming that the apocalypse had come, one simply put off from the near miss of Second Impact. Strange flying figures were seen, glowing patterns danced across the sky, and the world held it's breath as they awaited some kind of final judgment.

Only... it didn't happen.

Somewhere in the strange group mind of Instrumentality, a choice was made for humanity. The people caught up in the merge looked godhood and perfection in the eye, and turned away. The lights in the sky faded, the hallucination of a giant woman (assuming it was a hallucination) crumbled in on itself and collapsed, and people began emerging from the pools of LCL around the world.

Of course, there were consequences.

In the chaos of the attack on Tokyo-3, someone dumped computer files into the world internet. The secret plans and plots of the cabal known as SEELE were released to the world, along with proof of their crimes. For nearly a half century they had manipulated mankind, and now all their dirty deeds were exposed to the world.

In the days following the release, many were killed and others retreated from the public into fortress like homes. Keel Lorenz, the head of SEELE, was ironically killed by instrumentality itself. His flesh and blood body was reverted to LCL, leaving behind the cybernetics that kept him alive. When he reverted to flesh and blood afterward with many missing parts... it was messy.

Emergency teams rushed to NERV facilities around the world to help the survivors and to try to find out what happened, the teams all finding similar chaos. Lakes of LCL at each site shimmered and rolled as they spat out humans determined to be individuals, while others chose to remain in the eternal group mind.

Only hours after the madness ended around Tokyo-3 emergency response teams found a deserted city, mangled, shredded mass production Evangelions and a strange, unearthly lake of LCL. At the edge of the newborn lake two teenagers had washed up, both at far extremes of health. The boy was unharmed but physically unresponsive, staring up at the sky blankly, while the girl was in a torn plugsuit and covered with healed over wounds.

"Let me go!" Asuka Soryu Langley roared as she punched the medical technician, sending him staggering backwards. A knee to the nuts sent a young man sprawling back, then with a bestial yell she charged the rest of them, eyes blazing.

Doctor Suema Kazuko dodged, the thirty something woman moving with surprising agility as she side-stepped the attack then karate chopped her across the neck, catching her as she slumped. "There," the black haired woman said as she gently laid the girl down.

"How did you...?" Saki blinked in astonishment.

"A friend of mine does martial arts," Suema said as she looked the girl over. She carefully pried the one eye open and flashed a light into it, frowning thoughtfully. "No automatic responses," she noted, frowning. She waved over the interns, "Get them to the medical tents, we need to check her over once she's conscious."

A alarmed cry drew their attention to the lake as a figure stumbled out of the ooze, bare-assed naked as he collapsed to the ground. The brown haired young man shuddered and moaned as he lay on the ground, medical staff rushing over to help him.

"Sir, don't move," Sakura Yamagishi said, the light brown haired nurse helping him roll onto his back, faintly shocked at the look of wide eyed horror in his gaze.

"Shigeru Aoba," he mumbled, "NERV serial number..."

"He's NERV?" Suema murmured, wondering what could have happened to inspire such terror in him. Putting a hand on his shoulder she gently asked him, "What happened here?"

Aoba looked at her blankly a moment, then quietly murmured, "WE were attacked... military forces invaded... guns firing, no control, the center cannot hold."

"And then?" Sakura pressed.

"Rei," Aoba's mouth twisted in a rictus grin as he began to repeat, "Rei. Rei. REI! REI! REII!" Aoba began to thrash wildly, jerking and twisting as the staff scrambled to hold him down.

"Someone tranquilize him!" Suema yelped, pinning him down with her body as a nurse scrambled with a needle.

"Oh hell, here come more of them," Sakura sighed as more people began to emerge from the lake of mysterious goo.

No one, thankfully, was as traumatized as Aoba, in fact the emerging people had wildly different reactions. Misato Katsuragi seemed the most unaffected by the experience, borrowing some clothes and swiftly helping the teams taking care of the emerging people. Others were shell shocked, stunned, and in quite a few cases almost possessed of a... religious experience.

The lake seemed to 'shrink' as people emerged one by one, dwindling away as people pulled themselves out. People described the experience within the lake like a 'group mind' or 'oversoul,' as if all barriers between people had broken down and they were united as one. Some people had adapted to it well, others... not so much.

More than a week after the 'event' Misato looked down at the now calmly sleeping Aoba, her expression gently sad. "He was... a very independent person," she mused, "is that why he reacted so badly to this?"

"We've gotten some descriptions of what happened with others," Suema noted quietly, "they all described friends and loved ones appearing."

"I saw Kaji," Misato admitted somewhat reluctantly as she asked, "so?"

"If I understood his description," Suema said as she put her hands in her labcoat, looking down at him compassionately, "he didn't have anyone close to him, so it seems a army of Rei copies just... overwhelmed him, somehow."

Misato visibly winced. "Do you think he'll recover?" she asked gently, looking down at the man she had served beside so long.

"The more time that passes, the calmer he gets," Suema answered her evasively, "other than that, I do not know."

The two women left the medical tent, standing out in the bulldozed area near what was the LCL lake. Parts of Tokyo-3 were being brought back up and running by engineering teams and rebuilding within the now blasted out Geofront was proceeding, helped in part by the ongoing mystery of what the hell happened. Researchers were combing through the Magi files and other sources, but figuring everything out was going to be a long term project.

"Do you think we'll ever fully understand what happened?" Misato guessed as they looked out over the wreckage.

"I don't know," Suema admitted, frowning. "I've skimmed the SEELE files, this mess goes back years, Miss Katsuragi."

"Misato," she corrected.

"Misato," Suema smiled slightly, nodding. Seriously she continued, "It looks like SEELE had their own ideas for Instrumentality, as did Gendo Ikari."

"And for all we know, Yui too," Misato added wryly. She shook her head, "I suppose it doesn't matter who plotted what, at this point. We still have the consequences to deal with."

What Misato was referring to was the arrival of military forces attempting to 'take charge' of the situation. Misato had quite thoroughly cowed them by sheer force of personality, but they were still trying to run things. They had taken one of the returnees into custody based on recovered files from the Magi, charging Ritsuko Akagi with murder.

"Have you decided how you're going to handle this?" Suema asked curiously.

"I'm going over their heads," Misato answered, smiling grimly.

Suema smiled wryly, "Does this relate to why you've been using a secure line to contact the United Nations?"

Misato just smirked.

As they talked Sakura came over, the nurse carrying a clipboard. "I got the list of returnees you wanted, Major," she said, handing over the paperwork then excusing herself.

Watching her at work Suema was struck by how powerful the force of personality Misato had. Whatever part of the experience that had broken poor Aoba seemed to have strengthened Misato, giving her a depth she apparently hadn't had before. She seemed to instantly know what to say and how to say it, but without the edge of being a obvious manipulator. It was fascinating, and Suema wished she could remain to observe more closely.

"I'm surprised how many people and families want to stay for the rebuild," Misato noted as she read through the list. She frowned occasionally too, then looked over at Suema, "Does anyone know why some injuries were healed and some not?"

"Mass, I think," Suema offered thoughtfully. "You and some others went into the LCL mostly intact, while others did not," she added, "though it's all a theory at this point."

"That explains Toji," Misato sighed. She looked over at Suema thoughtfully, "Have you decided about my offer?"

"It's tempting," Suema admitted as she looked out over the ruins, the intact buildings being lowered from the wrecked roof of the Geofront to the ground, the NERV pyramid now at the center of a reforming city.

"Either way, thank you for your help," Misato shook her hand firmly as she added, "your teams have done marvels." Wryly she added, "Unlike those quacks at the hospital."

"Asuka?" Suema guessed, having heard of the difficulties the extremely traumatized girl was having. She wasn't sleeping, and the doctors attempts to put her out with needles had not gone well. Asuka had busted up a ward and was not in a private room, while they tried to figure out how to best treat her.

Shinji Ikari was worse off, laying in a hospital room unresponsive. It didn't resemble a traditional coma, but he wasn't sleeping either. If it wasn't for the minimal brain activity the doctors would think he was brain dead...

The walked along the LCL lake a moment, Suema considering what had gone on, as well as the further challenges this strange city might bring. "If I stay on," she asked, "can we get some psychiatric staff in here, too? After everything that's happened, I think your staff needs it."

"Agreed," Misato said promptly. "I advocated for them years ago, but the commander said no."

Suema turned to her with a smile, nodding once. "I'll need to take care of things with my practice," she cautioned as she extended a hand, "but I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Good," Misato shook it firmly, "welcome aboard."

To be continued...

Notes: I replaced Ami Mizuno with Suema, for various reasons. This rewrite will be less obviously a crossover than the earlier version, and I wanted a medical doctor on staff, along with other medical personnel. I'm also tossing out my original explanation 'it was all a dream/hallucination' since it didn't really cover everything from Eva.