Rebuild of Third Genesis

Chapter 27

Mayumi Yamagashi tried not to feel a twinge at seeing her old girlfriend and her famous and good looking date.

"Are you all right?" Maria Vincennes murmured to her lover softly, the two doing another dance together. They would be taking off for their honeymoon soon...

"Sorry," Mayumi said a bit sheepishly as she explained, "I still feel bad with how I ended things with Satoko,"

"Lesbians. We even try to stay friends with our exes, even if it's not the best idea," Maria noted, the blonde teasing gently.

"Fair enough," Mayumi agreed, her long braid swinging behind her. "Why couldn't your ex crash our wedding?" she pouted.

"Sadly my few relationships have all been in the states," Maria admitted.

Meanwhile, Misato and Satoko had danced twice, and were now sharing some cake. "Please hold me to having one piece," Misato noted.

"Why?" Satoko asked curiously.

Misato sighed, "It goes straight to my ass."

Satoko looked her over then drawled, "I fail to see the problem."

"Ha!" Misato snorted. "Then YOU get to help me run it off."

Satoko was very tempted to suggest another activity to burn off the calories... but she didn't have the guts.

Misato noticed her look, "What?"

Before Satoko could reply, there was a loud bang as the doors to the ball room were violently slammed open. "This is a robbery!" the leader of three armed men yelled.

"... we're all NERV or contractor staff, basically," Misato mused. "Wonder how many of us are armed?" she wondered aloud.

As she said that, a LOT of military contractors and such drew weapons. The guys with rifles were faced with a LOT of guns, some semi-auto.

"Uh... wrong room?" the leader started, then the three gunmen fled.

Satoko burst out laughing. "I think I'm the only person unarmed," she said wryly.

"Well, I promise to protect you," Misato said impulsively.

(The security forces for NERV quickly rounded up the robbers before they could try anything else. All three complained bitterly about their bad luck to run into the well armed contractors and such. Luckily for them they failed at actually robbing anyone, and were only given light sentences and community service.)


The next morning, Misato yawned as she drank her cup of coffee. It had been a LONG night. She, Ritsuko and Maya were meeting in the cafeteria to get some coffee before work officially started. Plus both women wanted to hear about Misato's date,

"Wait. Someone tried to rob the wedding?!" Ritsuko broke into laughter when Misato got to that bit of the story.

"Yup. Though once all the US types, NERV staffers and military contractors all drew guns, they decided it was a bad idea," Misato agreed.

"I hope it didn't ruin your date," Maya said, also visibly amused.

"Well, we were going to leave the wedding reception soon anyway," Misato shrugged off the attempted robbery casually.

Ritsuko looked over her sleepy friend and came to the obvious conclusion. "So, did you sleep with her?" she asked.

Misato choked on her swallow of coffee.

"Senpai! That's too blunt!" Maya complained.

A bit sheepishly Ritsuko said, "Sorry."

"And no, we did NOT," Misato said. She paused as she added, "She did give me a good night kiss though."

Ritsuko was amused to see a dreamy look appear on Misato's face. "Was she a good kisser?" she asked teasingly.

"Hmm, yeah," Misato smiled.

"But you didn't invite her in?" Ritsuko frowned.

"It was our second date! You don't sleep with someone on the second date," Misato said. And, honestly, she was NOT bringing a women back to the apartment and trying to sneak her past Asuka and Rei. She'd die of embarrassment.

Having finished her cup Maya got up as she asked, "More coffee? We also need to figure out today's schedule."

"Right," Misato shook herself.

Ritsuko pouted, she wanted to hear more about the date.

"I was thinking we should have Rei try out the weapons, since this is sort of her first time with then," Misato noted.

"True," Ritsuko conceded. What Rei did or did not know was an issue too. She had been consulting with the psychologist, Iowa, on figuring out Rei's mental state.

"I want to see Asuka or Mari try out the sword prototype," Maya added, "I'm curious to see if it's practical or not."

"You're not sure?" Misato asked curiously.

"Using a sword requires coordination, balance and agility," Maya shrugged, "sometimes the pilots have difficulty managing that."

Misato nodded, "Plus there's some control lag."

"I'm just hoping no one cuts their leg or arm off...," Ritsuko sighed.

"When they try it, have the power off for the sword...," Misato agreed.


Catherine Iowa smiled as Asuka cried quietly. "Fuck I hate crying," Asuka grumbled softly.

Catherine handed her some tissues. "I know you hate talking about what happened to your mother," she said gently.

"No shit," Asuka grumbled.

Catherine ignored that, but did give her a bit of time to recover. "Now, I understand you made contact with your mother's consciousness during the MP Evangelion attack. Have you been able to since then?" she asked.

Asuka made a face as she admitted, "I can... sort of feel something there, but that's it. I don't think she's conscious."

'Thank goodness,' Catherine thought. She didn't want to imagine being trapped in a huge, semi-human war machine.

Aloud Catherine continued on, "How do you feel about Mari and Mana sharing piloting duties on Unit-02?"

"Am I jealous, you mean?" Asuka challenged.

"Or any other emotions you might be feeling," Catherine replied mildly.

Asuka made a face, "It's odd. I certainly don't like knowing I could be replaced, even if I understand the need."

Catherine wondered if she should bring up the cloning issue. Mana had told her about it in confidence, after all.

"And yes, I know about the clone thing," Asuka added bluntly. "Mana told Mari and I."

"Well, on the plus side you just gained two sisters," Catherine offered as a bright side.

Asuka just scowled.

"Or not," Catherine conceded.


Satoko Shinden practically bounced out of her car, as she arrived at NERV. They had kissed! Finally! And it was a good kiss!

Satoko noted the security officer gave her a thumbs up, but just ignored that. She had an office on NERV's administration level, and went up there and dropped off her briefcase.

There was a brisk knock on her door, and Satoko saw Ritsuko Akagi standing there. "Come in," she nodded.

"I'll make this quick," Ritsuko said, "I've known Misato for years, she's my best friend. If you break her heart, I can easily kill you and they'd never find the body."

"Uh...," Satoko blinked.

"Have a good morning," Ritsuko turned and left.

Later that afternoon, Satoko finally tracked Misato down. She was at her station supervising the bridge while doing paperwork. "You have the oddest look on your face," Misato noticed.

"I've just been threatened with death if I hurt you by the entire senior staff," Satoko noted wryly. "Even old man Suzuhara down in Engineering got into it."

Misato burst into giggles.

"I was kind of shocked for graphic Maya got," Satoko added. "She seems so meek and quiet."

"Sorry," Misato recovered from her chuckles to answer, "when you've been through the sort of things we have, you end up bonding fairly tightly." She added, "They didn't scare you off did they?"

Satoko took her hand and smiled, "Not at all..."

To be continued...