"Dad I'm going to miss you," I said pulling him in for a hug. It was unexpected how close we had became in my few short months in forks. I had started to see our similarities and enjoy the time we spent together. Most of our Friday nights consisted of yelling at the flat screen whenever the team he was rooting for struck out. I didn't have a preference of teams, but made sure to yell and cheer at all the appropriate times. Some nights Jacob and Billy Black join us, I enjoyed those nights the most. Billy would bring his legendary fish fry.

After dinner dad and billy would make their way to the living room, beer in hand, already placing bets. Jacob and I staying to clean up. His cheerful chatter and sunshine like smile always kept things from getting quiet. Which is what often happened when I was involved in a conversation. It had been that was for months, ever since he had left...

"I'll miss you to honey. You can come home whenever you want, you know that right? This will always be your home and if you decide in a couple week that you want to come back? I'll have you on the first flight back," charlie was getting all soft on me and if I didn't leave now, then I never would.

"Aww, dad your getting all choked up!" I pulled him in for another tight hug and placed a kiss on his cheek. "I love you dad, so much. Thank you for everything, and I'll call you whenever I get a chance" I said pulling back.

"Bella, there is no reason to thank me? I have loved having you here. I got to bond with my little girl again, well your not much of a little girl anymore... but you know what I mean. Damn, Bella. I'm so bad with these types of things. So just know I love you, okay ?" By the time he was done with his speech, he was tearing up. He quickly rubbed them away and turned, embarrassed. I hugged him from behind and reminded him that I would always be his little girl.

I turned to Jake who had stood by watching me and charlie silently. He has a sad smile on his face, it didn't look right compared to his usual sunny expression. Even though I wasn't the best company the past couple months, Jake insisted on spending as much time as possible with me. It hit me hard as I realized I was also leaving behind my best friend. I would miss Jake. Id miss the days spent in his garage drinking warm soda. Id miss the morning breakfast at the diner with both of our fathers. Last I would miss his hugs. The way his large form would engulf my tiny one, and how I could hear his heart beat. So strong. I never realized how much I missed human contact until I had it with Jake. Having grown so use to the cold, hard chest of him...

I pulled Jake into a hug, which he gladly returned. His hand found its way to my head holding it against his chest. I could hear his heart. Fast and strong. I felt him lean down and place a single kiss on the top of my left temple. Then his mouth was right next to my ear. "I'll miss you Bells. You come back one day, you hear? This isn't goodbye, its only see you later. Be sure you call me, every week, and if you ever need to anything? I'm here. No matter the time, you just call me, and we'll figure it out together. Okay bells? Promise me?" his voice cracked and my heart broke. I gave him only last squeeze and pulled away, placing a kiss over his heart.

"I promise Jake and ill see you soon," I promised, not knowing if it was entirely true. Trust me I loved forks. I would miss my friends and charlie so much. But the memories in this town are what I could not stand. I could not be in my bedroom, the school, or my truck without the memories flooding back. Without my crest clenched and threatening to tear me apart. The pain I felt over the lost of him and his family was still unbearable. Which is why I had to get away from this town. I had to heal.

Last call for Jacksonville Florida

The finally announcement came for my flight, and I knew I had put off leaving as long as possible. With one last hug to Jake and charlie, I was heading towards my plane. I had already been thorough security, so the worst was already over. As I boarded the plane, I said see you later to my home, because this was not goodbye.