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I was cold. Not like the chill you get when your feet first touch the hardwood in morning. It was the gut wrenching cold, that seeped into your bones and left a dull ache. Drops of rain ran down the back of my neck as I realized I wasn't in my room, but in the middle of the forest. I recognized the location almost admittedly, it was the clearing Edward had brought me too all those years ago. Except instead of the love I felt the last I was here, I was filled with dread. How had I gotten here? I remembered falling soundly asleep after Jake and Billy left; we had fallen quickly back into the usually Friday dinners. Jake and I had done the dishes, just like old times.

So how had I ended up here, in the last place I ever wanted to be? Id promised myself that when I came back I would stay as far away from the forest as I could. Sure that wouldn't be easy when I lived in Forks, where 99.9 percent of the town was trees. But I had wanted to try, because I knew the dangers that lured there. I'm not talking about the bears or mountain lions, those I could handle, but the vampires? That was completely different story. I knew the odds of a vampire being in forks was slim to none, but I wasn't ready to test that theory.

A particularly loud crash of thunder brought me out of my thoughts. The wind shifted and the small shower turned into a down right storm.

Great Bella, you've been back, what? 6 hours? And you've already found yourself in danger.

Of course it wasn't the usually getting raced down by crazed vampires, who wanted to drain her dry. But hypothermia didn't sound like a good way to go either. Wrapping my arms tight around myself, I scanned the clearing, trying to decide which direction would lead me to the main road. But being the non-outdoorsy girl I was, I had no clue what to look for. Knowing that anything was better then just standing here, I began to walk south, or what I thought was south. Like I said, non-outdoorsy.

My feet sunk into the mud with each step I took, causing my toes to numb in a matter of seconds. As I followed the trail I had stumbled upon minutes later. After tripping on yet another tree root, I landed in the middle of it. It seemed that I had not quite gotten over my clumsiness, like I previous thought. The trail was very narrow and if I hadn't fell onto it, I would have never seen it. It was a good sign thought, right ? Trails were signs that people walked here often, and I only hoped that it meant I was close to town. Tripping yet again on a root, I cursed. At least the rain had slowed some, so I could see where I was going. Not that there was much to see. It was pitch black, expect for the occasional spot where the moon would break through the trees. Only then could I see the the endless trees around me. I walked for what seemed like forever until I heard the crunch of leaves behind me. Spinning around quickly, ready to fight for my life against a blood-thirsty vampire, only to found the trail empty. Searching the trees around me, i tried to make out anything in the darkest. When I found nothing, I laughed at my own stupidity. It was probably just a deer or a raccoon looking for shelter from the rain.

Continuing on, I would occasionally hear sounds from the trees around me. It was starting to put me on edge, seeing as every time I heard them, Id jump. Adrenaline would full my limbs and I'd search wildly for something I couldn't see. This went on for what had to be hours, a cruel game of cat and mouse. I had determined that something or someone was following me, but who would be out here in the middle of the night. Well you are, I reminded myself. It had to be a mountain lion, who was looking to make me its' midnight snack. I could only image what charlie would think when he woke up the next morning and finding me gone. They wouldn't find any remains, because there wouldn't be any. And if there were, smaller animals would take care of them, and I'd be nothing but a memory. Bella, calm down. Your fine, and aren't going to be eaten by a lion. I tired to comfort myself and it mostly worked.

Damn straight, I lived though getting chase halfway across the country by a crazy vampire. There was no way I was going to be taken down by a freaking animal for Christ sake! Quickly regaining myself, I picked up a thick stick from the forest floor. It wasn't what I preferred to use as weapon, but it was definitely better then nothing.

Holding the stick in my hand tightly, ready to use it if needed, I walked on. Minutes pass with no activity around me. I sighed in relief, but it was short lived when I realized it was too quiet. The whole night I had heard bullfrogs, and a owl somewhere in the distance. But now, it was completely silent, except my shallow breathing. My heart raced as I felt eyes on me, you know the feeling where you just know you were being watched. Raising the branch, I looked around frankly. My heart stopped as my eyes locked with a pair of red eyes only ten feet away. Vampire, and not one that I knew.

He had white blonde hair that came to his shoulders and wear a black cloak. He looked like he had walked out of the 1800 century part of my history book. This is how I had pictured vampires to look before I had met to Cullens. The Cullens had dressed, looked, and pretended to be humans. They were a mockery to the vampire that stood in front of me. He leaked this aura of power, intelligent, and death. I swallowed thickly, as my mind raced. I blinked several times to make sure he was real, and there was my mistake. Because when my eyes opened a split second later, he was standing in front of me. His red eyes starred into my chocolate brown ones. I knew what that meant, that he did not follow the same diet as the Cullens. But that he killed to survive and that he was going to kill me.

Tears bricked in my eyes, as my throat closed up. I would never see Charlie again, my mom, or Jacob. They would never find my body, because surely this century old vampire would know to cover its' tracks. My family would never know what came of their daughter, they would never have closure. And right then I hoped that they would not look for me, that they would move on with their lives and be happy. But she knew her dad, he would never stop. Tears slid down my face, as my lip trembled.

"No. Little one," the demons reached up, wiping the tears from my cheek. He had an ascent I could not place, but I would bet a million dollars, it was from somewhere in Europe. I flinched away, as his cold hands caused goose bumps to raise across my body. His hands felt like Edwards, and I wondered how I had ever found this comforting. How I once longed for this cold, hard touch.

"Don't cry," he continued as the tears fell harder. I tried to keep the sobs at bay, but it was hard. I wanted nothing more then to beg for my life, but I knew it would be no good. Vampires had no feelings. No mercy, and certainly not for a little human, who would soon be dinner.

"It wont hurt a bit. I'll be sure to make it quick and painless. You smell absolutely divine, like nothing I have ever experienced. I am almost tempted to take you with me, so I may have a taste whenever I feel the need," his words chilled me to the bone, as I prayed that he would not go through with that thought. "But I will not. Lucky for you that I am in a pleasant mood," as he says this, I breath out a sigh of relief. Because death would come quickly and that's all I could ask for now.

As he lead in to my neck, I squeezed my eyes shut and said goodbye. Just as I felt his tongue flick out to taste my jugular, he was ripped away from me. My eye shot open in surprise, and a gasp escaped my lips, as I took in the scene in front of me. Three horse sized wolfs were tearing apart the vampire, that just seconds ago was about to take my life. My mind raced, as blood filled my ears. How could these wolfs be killing this vampire? This strong, indestructible, fast vampire. My thoughts were quickly stopped as one of the wolf approached me.

Oh! Just great! I escape getting sucked dry by a vampire, only to be eaten by a pack of mutant wolfs. The height of this wolf must have reach my shoulders, it could kill me in a second. But it didn't lunged at me like I expected, instead it stared straight into my eyes. There was something about its own eyes that seems familiar, I just couldn't put my finger on it, and I never had the chance. Because my vision blurred and the last thing I remember was hearing the blasting of a fire.

I shot up in my bed, panting. I was in my bedroom and sun was shining through the window. Which was very uncommon in the rainy town of forks. I pushed my messing hair out of my face as I realized that it had only been a dream. A very real, very disturbing, dream. That there was not a vampire trying to suck every last drop of blood from my body. That she had not been saved from said vampire by a pack of huge wolfs. I laughed quietly to myself as untangled myself from the sheets. Slipping out of bed, I put on my Tom and Jerry slippers, and stood. Turning to make my bed, I froze. Because there in my bed, were mud stains.

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