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Naruto: Sand And Ink

13 Drabbles

Installment: Set Gamma

By Tiger5913

Naruto Drabble #1 Ocean, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

The shore was surprisingly serene, Gaara mused to himself. He didn't think he could feel this at ease when he was so close to such a large body of water. Especially when he didn't know how to swim.

Ever modest, he donned a full body suit and quietly remained seated on the sandy beach, waiting for his boyfriend to join him. Upon hearing his approach, Gaara turned to greet him, and the words immediately faded.

He was greatly astonished by Sai's brazen choice of swimwear, to the point where he barely noticed being pulled toward the edge of the water.

Naruto Drabble #2 Follow Me, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

"Try to catch me... Gaara-sama."

With a shrill whoosh, the ink bird carried the Leaf shinobi away, brisk breeze slicing through the short strands of his dark hair.

Gaara smirked at the issued challenge while calmly watching the departure. Try? Sai was certainly confident in the speed of his ink bird.

When compared to most others, the concept of playing games was quite a bit different for the socially challenged couple. They could find amusement in activities deemed immature, simply because they didn't harbor that mindset.

His body swiftly dissolved into sand as he gave chase to his elusive boyfriend.

Naruto Drabble #3 Glow, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

There was no denying the vivid warmth in Gaara's furtive smiles, nor the evident glow of happiness emanating from his twin turquoise depths. The light that was taken away with Sai whenever he left.

"Guess he's good for him..." the puppeteer grumbled in resignation. He was worried about his little brother - could anyone really blame him for that?

"You idiot," Temari griped while swatting the back of his head, "I told you Gaara knows what he's doing."

"You mean, who he's doing?" Kankuro retaliated with an impish grin, intentionally aggravating his sister.

"Hey! I don't need the mental images!"

Naruto Drabble #4 Fear, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

Kankuro snuck a glance from the corner of his eye their sister was in the kitchen, out of range from hearing. That was good, because if she heard his next question, she would definitely try to pummel him.

"Hey, little brother," he prompted the redhead sitting next to him, "Does he... make you happy?"

Gaara turned to face his brother, unfazed by the question. He knew that Kankuro needed much more convincing about Sai than Temari. And more time to get used to the idea of their relationship.

A small smile to add emphasis to his reply; "Yes, Kankuro."

Naruto Drabble #5 Quirky, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

"...Your boyfriend is who."

"You're shitting us, right? Hahaha, Gaara, very funny."

Gaara gave his siblings a peculiar look. He hadn't expected them to react this way. There was a brief pause as he deciphered the meaning of the slang phrase, since he took most things too literally. "No. I don't practice humor."

Temari, at least, seemed more receptive to the notion than Kankuro, who immediately started dissing the Leaf ANBU. Hopefully, he was just speaking as a protective older brother.

The redhead crossed his arms over his chest, bearing a stern expression, as he sought to counter each point.

Naruto Drabble #6 Avarice, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

Sai wasn't greedy by nature. At least... not outwardly.

He could hide his frustration behind a plastic smile, deliver ambiguous quips that had people second-guessing his true intentions, and be discreet with his fixated observation.

For his part, Gaara tried not to neglect him, as he included Sai in his leisure periods, but was left longing at each separation.

When the administrative building was empty and after he coaxed the devoted Kazekage away from his desk, he finally had Gaara's attention all to himself. And as always, he made sure the time they spent together was well worth the wait.

Naruto Drabble #7 Tell, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

"EHHHHH? YOU'RE DATING WHO?" Naruto shrieked in shock.

Sakura promptly smacked his face to the ground, yelling back, "Don't scream so loud right next to my ear, idiot!"

Sai casually looked on, used to seeing his former teammates act this way. With a slight head tilt, he asked to clarify, "Are you deaf, Naruto-kun? I said my boyfriend is Gaara-sama. You should know who that is. He is your friend, right?"

The blond was still sputtering, clearly unable to answer, and so Sai turned to the pink-haired kunoichi, hoping she had understood him. Likely, since she was smarter than Naruto.

Naruto Drabble #8 Heartbeat, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

He could feel the way his heart started to race, faster and faster, thudding harder with each wet sweep of his clever tongue. He writhed even more in his lap; lithe fingers tugged on his hair and pulled his head back to grant better access to unblemished skin. Pushing his partner further, testing the limits of his restraint before he would finally give a fervent reaction.


With that single word, Gaara grabbed his shoulders and swiftly shoved him back down on the bed. He descended rapidly to steal his breath away, as well as control of their heated embrace.

Naruto Drabble #9 Dance, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

Dancing with Sai made the redhead realize just how ungraceful he himself was. The Leaf ninja had an airy way of gliding smoothly across the floor, nimble body turning in the air and footsteps acutely in-tune with the music.

One, two... One, two...

Gaara was so focused on getting the steps right that he didn't focus on the movement of his own form. He nearly collided with another dancing couple behind him, barely avoiding it due to his partner's well-timed interference.

Sai chuckled lightly at the sight, his dark coal eyes crinkling with mild cheer, as he drew Gaara closer.

Naruto Drabble #10 Time, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

The hours seemed to speed up when they were together, but slow down when they were apart.

A light sigh eased out of Gaara as he read the same sentence on the sheet for the third time. He leaned forward in his seat and rubbed his temples, giving his eyes a brief reprieve from tedious analysis.

He couldn't be reduced to this state at each instance of departure... How would Sai react if he saw him like this? It was... pathetic to falter so easily, wasn't it?

In spite of that thought, his gaze lifted to the calendar once again.

Naruto Drabble #11 Power, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

Of all people, Sai knew the importance of not being fooled by appearances. He was a renowned spy; tactics of deception were second nature to him. Although Gaara seemed frail and delicate by looks alone, the artist knew there was a great deal of power lying within that small body.

Power that Sai trusted in, especially now, with sandy tendrils binding his arms and legs to the wall. Gaara was less than a yard away, watching him tentatively, seeming unsure of himself.

"Don't hold back," he assured him, eager to witness sides of his boyfriend unseen and unknown by others.

Naruto Drabble #12 Down, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

No matter which village, women could be very difficult and catty, Sai quickly realized.

He continued smiling at the hormonal teenage girls even as they hurled rude remarks at him. He wasn't sure about the reason behind their ruthless behavior, and ventured a guess with an accusation of jealousy.

He hit it right on the mark.

The more patient Sai remained, the more frustrated the girls grew. He really didn't care what they said about him. Insults were meaningless. Besides, their reactions were... amusing.

The chatter suddenly died with the unexpected arrival of their Kazekage.

"Stand down," Gaara ordered icily.

Naruto Drabble #13 Desserts, 100 words, Sai x Gaara

To alleviate the heat in his body, the Leaf ninja avidly sucked on an ice cream pop, lithe limbs unfurled upon the couch. He finished it within minutes and threw the stick away.

Dessert was nice, but he preferred the main course much, much more.

Without any notice of his intentions, Sai deftly ducked underneath the young Kazekage's desk, which induced confusion.

At feeling his robes getting lifted, Gaara paused in his reading and started to lower his gaze.

And when the zipper to his pants started getting pulled down, he promptly dropped the documents that were in his hands.

End of Set Delta

Bonus: Addiction, 300 words, Sai x Gaara dedicated to Blithe

Many observers bore the misconception that Gaara had haptephobia the fear of being touched but that was far from the truth. Simply put, he wasn't used to it. Aside from his deceased maternal uncle, most people didn't go near him throughout his life. Even after reconciliation with his siblings, affectionate gestures such as hugging just weren't commonly shared between them. Gaara didn't have the time or experience to become accustomed to physical contact.

Sai, on the other hand, had no inhibitions regarding physical contact. He didn't see a reason to refrain, having little to no understanding in the concept of personal space. Naruto's reaction to his attempt at offering comfort admittedly confused him, as Sai wasn't aware of his friend's assumptions, wrong as they were.

He regarded Gaara with mild concern, wondering what he had done wrong this time, and whether or not he would respond in a similar manner to Naruto. It wasn't until Gaara quietly explained the reason for his hesitation that Sai started to understand. He had no qualms with easing the redhead into becoming comfortable, especially after Gaara gave him consent: free reign over his body.

Sai had studied enough materials to feel confident about what he was doing, even if he didn't have prior experience to draw on. He paid close attention to each response: every slight shift of his boyfriend's lean form, every soft sigh that slipped free from his lips, and coveted the first time he heard Gaara murmuring his name in a low, breathy tone.

It didn't take long at all for the tentative redhead to begin desiring his touch, his kiss, as he slowly began to shed his own inhibitions.

It was almost easy to become addicted to physical contact, Gaara mused with silent intrigue, after the fact.

End of Installment

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