Title: Sneaking Around Konoha

Author: enchanted nightingale

BETAs: nightjar, pussycatadamah

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me. I only use them in my plot for fun.

Summary: Loneliness was not for him, Harry knew that. Then he met Kakashi and he found a solution to his problem.

Pair: Harry Potter/ Kakashi Hatake


Chapter 1

It was Asuma Sarutobi's bachelor party of a fashion. The Hokage's son was going to marry Kurenai in three days, as soon as the kunoichi and her team returned from their diplomatic mission to Suna. As it happened most of their age class were in Konoha that day so they threw that party at the last minute. Kakashi had been invited as well even though he did not have the best of relationships with his peers, absently realizing that he had been a brat when he was younger. So he went and even made a mental note to actually buy the two shinobi a present for the wedding, perhaps he could rope Sakura in to help him some. He had a feeling that weapons were not a proper present.

So here the genius was trying to ignore a very drunk Gai that had started singing praises to Asuma and had now started flirting with Anko of all people. The purple haired woman was there as well, claiming it was to reign over them in case Asuma did something to betray Kurenai, but she too was drunk, and currently giggling about something. Ibiki was there as well and he and Inoichi were involved in a drinking contest, Asuma too.

Kakashi had drunk a few shots, that mask of his always in place but he was not in the mood to celebrate. Happy occasions like this always made him sombre, having him thinking over the dangers of life as a shinobi and that cynical voice in the not so back of his mind kept gambling how long it would be till either of the pair died on some mission. Pakkun had told him that Kurenai was pregnant and it only made him moodier. The Hokage already had a grandchild from his other son, who had died before his own son Konohamaru was born. For Shinobi life sucked and it was worse for those who wanted families. It was no wonder that outside of the clans, shinobi seldom married or had children.

Not one of his comrades sensed his morbid line of thought but one of the other patrons at the bar must have sensed something because Kakashi saw him moving closer, bringing his drink along and signalling old man Sano to bring the shinobi another drink.

"Hello," the stranger welcomed.

Kakashi immediately scanned the man. He was shorter than him that was obvious. He had the dark raven hair the Uchiha had and it was messier than his nest of hair. He also had the greenest emerald eyes he had ever seen on, well, anyone. They were eerily luminous, like he was feeding them with chakra, yet the man had not an ounce of chakra flowing under his skin. A civilian, Kakashi surmised.

'And a handsome one at that,' his mind added.

While the Hatake was not one to indulge in sex often, no matter what his colleagues or students thought of him because of Jiraya's books. He did not trust people and during sex he was a bit more vulnerable and one never knew where an enemy might strike. He also loathed to get involved with shinobi or kunoichi, gender mattered little to him, as they were often more dangerous and unbalanced. Being killed by an enemy Kakashi could take, killed by a spurned lover though was not glorious or the way he imagined he would go. It was why he had ignored Rin's crush on him. He had noticed the looks Kurenai had given him five years ago and many other people along the line that had tried to approach, but he had shunned most of them, except for those who sought the same thing he did, release and a brief moment of pleasure amidst all the pain.

"You seemed bored, and moody," the civilian continued.

Kakashi shrugged.

"If you aren't the groom you shouldn't be like this," the other teased.

Kakashi quirked an eyebrow at the raven haired man. Finally he offered his name.



The shinobi blinked at the obviously foreign accent.

"You are not from Konoha," Kakashi observed.

"Not really. But I have been staying here for the past three years or so. Does it really matter though?"

Kakashi gave him a blank look, making Harry roll his eyes.

"Do you want it spelled? I like you, at least as far as I can see. And it has been a while for me. Are those enough clues?"

Kakashi smirked behind his mask. The civilian had guts. It also posed an interesting suggestion for him as it had been a while for him as well. He eyed the man, Harry. He certainly looked like he was in a good shape. Very attractive looks, not too masculine but not a girly man either. And the lust in those eyes was one more reason for the shinobi to accept the invitation.

"Don't expect cuddling," Kakashi told him.

The other laughed. "If I did I would not ask this from a shinobi."

Kakashi nodded then he informed him that his place was out of the question.

"Mine is no good either," Harry told him. "But there's an inn next door."

"Acceptable," Kakashi replied. He picked up the drink Harry had bought him and lifted the glass in a toast. Harry smiled and lifted his as well.

Konoha, the Hidden Village of Leaf. Few years ago he had never even heard of the place. But then again, few years ago he had not really expected to survive his years in Hogwarts. Between Voldemort and the Ministry he thought his chances were not good. But he had survived in the end, not unscathed, no one had among the survivors whether they were victors or losers. He lost friends but he earned a family in the final battle. When Remus and Nymphadora were killed their son Teddy had only him and Andromeda. As Europe celebrated Voldemort's demise, Harry moved in with Teddy and Andromeda. The Black witch was nothing like her sisters but the war had left her with too many losses. Her will to live on, even for her grandson, was not enough. At the end of the summer, Harry returned to Hogwarts for his last year of school, to replenish for what he had missed when hunting down the Horcruxes. Teddy went with him as his godfather would never even consider leaving the baby to anyone else.

The time Harry, Ron and Hermione had spent in the wilderness hiding had honed many of the trio's skills. After Voldemort's defeat Harry found out that he no longer had any trouble with his spells, power came to him a lot easier these days. He had tried to use his old holly and phoenix wand but after a while the magic left the wand and the wizard was made to use the Elder Wand. None other would choose him. Harry still kept his first wand for the memories it held.

He was offered a position in the Auror training program as soon as he graduated from Hogwarts and he did follow up with their training but just before he got his credentials Harry decided to drop out. He no longer wanted that career, one that he had chosen out of sheer stubbornness to butt heads with Umbridge. He knew he could do well and he liked Kingsley as a Minister but the government could change and he was not about to be found under the power of any politician. So he did what he thought was right, took his godson and decided to travel, he was due for some holiday and relaxation. So he did, and he found his curious nature leading him to many adventures. He was careful, especially with Teddy depending on him, but trouble seemed to find him anyway. He was visiting an old colleague of Bill Weasley in Egypt when the other wizard had told him to pursue a career as a relic hunter for magical objects. The Gryffindor in Harry jumped at the suggestion and within two years time Harry had made quite the name for himself. It was how he got into the spot he was in now.

One false lead, one burst of magic; add to that Harry's tendency to attract trouble and his freaky luck and you end up stranded in another world. He had never expected this to be true. He knew magic was odd and it followed no Muggle logic but it still surprised him it did not follow wizard logic and rules either. One reprieve Harry Potter got when he woke up with a pounding headache in the middle of Suna's desert was that his five year old godson was safe and their bag of belongings intact. The other one was that of his communications mirror and he had contacted Hermione as soon as he finished swearing at the new twist of fate. He had not just fallen down a rabbit hole with no way back (perhaps he did but was not aware yet) but the point was that he had a saving grace in all this. He was not alone, he was alive and he still had his friends. So he kept on living.

Harry arrived at Konoha after he and Teddy travelled the 'Hidden Lands' as he called them. He left Suna and the Land of Wind, through the lands of Water and Grass till he reached the Land of Earth and their extensive empty lands before the attacks from rogue bandits and missing nin made him worried about Teddy and his own safety. Harry then decided to quit with putting his godson in trouble and they turned back. They had to cut through the lands surrounding Takigakure, the Village Hidden in a Waterfall, before finally reaching Fire Country. During the adventure that was the tour of the foreign lands he and Teddy picked up the language and the culture that was startlingly similar to the Japanese culture back in their home dimension.

And Teddy was growing. He was as mischievous as his father, with Mooney's brains and Nymph's tendency to find trouble and trip on her feet. It was adorable as well. When they reached Konoha his godson had barely been five years old. Now, three years later Teddy was eight, healthy, happy, training to be a ninja while Harry led a quiet but respectable life as herbalist. They had a house at the outer part of the town, near the forest and the rivers that ran through the hidden village of Leaf. They had their own back garden where Harry grew all the herbs he needed for his potions (he had gotten better over the years though not even close to Hermione's level), his peace and quiet as well as privacy to train his godson to use his magic and his metamorphmagus' skills.

It was a nice life, if a bit hectic. And when Harry needed a thrill he did the same thing he was doing now, getting out of his house, drinking and of course unwinding in the best way he knew. While it was not Harry's habit to pick up strangers in bars, it was a nice place to meet people. He did not go for the opposite sex so chatting up a girl in the market was out of the question. And civilian men were too boring, not thrilling at all and less likely to go for another man. Now the male ninjas were another matter altogether. This was the reason Harry was leading Kakashi to the inn next door, never at home where his godson was sleeping innocently.

As soon as their privacy was assured Kakashi let go of his tight control. Harry only got a glimpse of the pale skin of his handsome face before the ninja was kissing his breath and mind away. He was aggressive and bold and Harry loved when he started giving his hard crotch little squeezes. Harry eagerly returned the favour as he expertly undid the man's vest and slipped his rough palms under the plain black top. The shinobi had a scorching hot, hard body and his fingers could already feel the various scars on the skin, running his thumbs over them. Kakashi ground his groin against the shorter man, the pressure and the friction. He abruptly pulled away from Harry.

"Strip," he ordered the raven haired man.

Harry smirked and acquiesced; the clothes were annoying him as well. As he toed off his shoes and undid his shirt he noticed Kakashi copying his movements. It was sexy and it made him even more eager to have the silver haired man. But then again if he understood that look those mismatched eyes were giving him, he was about to be very, very sore tomorrow. Soon enough clothes littered the floor and the two men were again upon each other kissing hungrily as they hit the floor, too far from the simple mattress. Harry found himself on his stomach with the ninja behind him. The mere thought of a predator, someone that might be stronger than him or equally dangerous gave him a heady feeling. There were no gentle caresses or soft touches.

Kakashi barely prepared Harry before he entered him and the wizard had no problem whatsoever at this. In fact it only heightened the pleasure for the green eyed man. And it seems like Kakashi knows exactly what he is doing. The way he moves behind him thrusting hard but steadily, his muscles aiding him well, one agile hand leaving finger marks on the skin on Harry's waist. The wizard is pumping his own erection along with Kakashi's thrusts.

"Oh, yesss," Harry hissed, easily losing his mind to the feelings the silver haired man was giving him. Harry being more vocal than his lover for the night but he can feel and hear Kakashi is not unaffected. His breathing grows laboured and then, abruptly he pulls out of him much to the wizard's distress. The ninja now is facing him and to the former Gryffindor he looks what sin should be like. That pale, hard chest glittering with sweat and Harry has the sudden urge to feel exactly how firm those abs really are and whether those silvery scars are as soft as he wants them to be. He does not though. He was a warrior as well at some point and human contact had been a reason to attack, not relish in.

"Kakashi," Harry breathily muttered the ninja's name.

"Sh, I'm not done yet," Kakashi's deep voice assured him and he was inside the smaller man again, making Harry gasp at the sensations, his back arching away from the floor.

The wizard kept his hands firmly on his sides, even in the haze of lust not moving to really touch his lover. Kakashi noticed this and he leaned his body closer, using one arm to support himself and another to pull Harry's strong legs around his waist.

"You can touch," he finally said and Harry did, using his hands to brace against the man as he started thrusting again, driving Harry out of his mind.

"Oh, god," Harry panted. His eyes were closed as he let go and enjoyed himself, unaware of Kakashi's smouldering gaze.

The sharigan was shining brightly in the room taking in every detail of the man, how those strong thighs squeezed him and drove him deeper in that tight heat. It was a wonderful feeling and it had been too long since he had done this, it had built up inside him. Soon he was tipping over the edge. His orgasm was quiet but the shuddering of his body was enough to alert his partner. He came, his breath catching while he climaxed but he was hard soon after. He met Harry's green eyes and he offered the man a wolfish smirk. Harry had not achieved his own orgasm yet but he was very close.

"Now to make you have fun…"

Harry moaned. The promise behind those words; he just knew he was in for a long night.

Next morning…

It was the uneven breathing that woke him, Kakashi realized. He was sprawled on the mattress, somewhat, while one of his arms had a mind of its own and had latched onto the nearest heat source. He woke immediately. Having slept like this next to a stranger… but then his muscles protested and the ninja know as the Copy Cat realized that at one point during his and Harry's many rounds of sex he had tired himself out.

"What time's it?" the civilian muttered as he turned on his back. The hiss and the muttered curse that followed made Kakashi's lips twitch.

"Dawn," he informed Harry. "Though the sun has yet to properly rise."

Green eyes shot open. "Shit!"

Kakashi watched with some amusement as the raven haired man, whose looks were not unlike those of the Uchiha or even the Hyuuga until one noticed those eyes, jumped out of the mattress. He did not bother hiding his body and the ninja noticed Harry's body was a right mess. There were bruises on those hips and thighs, bite marks all over that toned torso and quite a few hickeys on that slender shoulder. And there was a mark further up that neck that no turtleneck could hide. Kakashi felt a dose of smugness at Harry's discomfort while walking.

"Shit, shit , shit," Harry kept chanting. He threw his clothes on as fast as his sore body could go.

"Bitsy wife at home?" Kakashi queried. He was more curious than angry or even bothered. After all the night before had been something wonderfully mutual between two adults.

"No, never had one of those," Harry absently replied. "But I do have a kid that will be soon wanting breakfast." He was fully dressed not long after he stopped talking. "Thanks for a wonderful night."

"Right back at you," Kakashi replied. He received a final smile and Harry was out of that room.

Teddy Remus Lupin was normally a quiet child; he loved reading books, practicing whatever exercise the Academy instructors assigned him, but normally ended when his mischievous streak made itself known and trouble began. He could prank with the best of them, get into trouble, cause a world of chaos and enjoyed the mess he created. His godfather, practically a father really, was his authority figure, his brother and best friend all in one. He was the only other wizard in these Hidden Lands; the only remaining link to his parents, the only one who understood why he was feeling a bit more feral when the full moon rose in the skies, why his senses were better than that of most jounins, why his strength was far better than that of a human, why he could blend so easily when he morphed, having no need whatsoever for the clones the shinobi used. He was a wizard born with dominant werewolf traits not quite human not really a beast. And Harry made everything better as the wolf did not trust the inferior mortals around him. Teddy was not an Alpha, he was too young to show these traits yet. He needed a pack though and Harry was it, his whole world.

He was understandably worried when he suddenly woke up in the middle of the night to find the house empty of his most favourite person. He padded through every room, just in case his senses were mistaken. When he realized that Harry was not in the house the young wizard fell in distress. Logically he knew that he was in no danger, after all Konoha had shinobi guards everywhere at all times of the day and Harry was a fully qualified wizard who knew to take care of himself. Worried, Teddy crawled into Harry's bed and fell into a fitful sleep.

That was where Harry found his godson upon his return at dawn. He decided not to wake his godson and headed straight to the bathroom to wash all evidence of the night with Kakashi away before he slipped into a comfortable pair of pyjamas and slid into bed with the blue haired child. He knew why Teddy was in his bed, he had woken up and did not find him at home. Harry sighed at this. He knew the boy would have questions.

In fact he was half asleep when Teddy did wake. The child rubbed the sleep from his eyes when he saw Harry lying next to him.

Harry's eyes opened slowly and the older wizard smiled at the boy. "'Morning Teddy," he said in a low voice.

Teddy shot up in bed and tackled Harry's form. "Where have you been? I've been so worried!"

The green eyed wizard hugged the boy to him. He was not very tall, unlike Teddy who had taken after Remus and no doubt in a few years he would be taller than Harry.

"All's okay little wolf. How about I cook some breakfast while you go get ready for the Academy?"


"We'll talk," Harry promised him. "And I'll tell you later, okay?"

Teddy pouted but agreed anyway. Just like that a crisis for Harry was averted and the wizard set about making breakfast for Teddy.

He had set the table and a full English breakfast by the time Teddy came in the kitchen dressed in the outfit he had chosen as his shinobi uniform. He wore a pair of dark grey trousers that were tucked in a pair of dragon hide boots Harry had given him upon his enrolment in the Academy. For a top he favoured a tight fitting, black blouse with an orange leaf symbol on each upper arm. It looked good on the boy and it would look even better once he had more muscle on him. Still, it seemed that the boy already had a few admirers from his class.

Harry's lips twitched. Those girls had taken to stalking Teddy and the boy often grew frustrated at their annoying squeals and yelling. The older wizard had asked Teddy's Academy Instructor, one Umino Iruka whether he should be worried or at least complain to the girls' families about this annoying behaviour.

"Hm, Potter-san, those are daughters of civilians mostly. Girls from ninja clans or at least with ninja parents do not tend to follow this habit, usually that is. Teddy is pretty good for his age and as soon as je pashed the exam to enter a genin team he will leave them well behind. Most of these girls can never even hope to become kunoichi and will drop out after this."

Harry had thanked the man and walked away while he later told Teddy this.

"Well, I won't just sit and take it," the boy had announced.

The proud godfather turned a blind eye when a few of Teddy's most annoying stalkers fell victims to pranks, some of the harmless, others more cruel, depending on the fan girl really. He never reprimanded Teddy as the boy knew when to draw the line, and one time, when Iruka had realized who played those pranks he had shaken his head but in the end he too did nothing as most of it was fair and just retribution and it annoyed only the girls and not the whole class and village.

"Sit down and eat properly," Harry sternly told Teddy. "I'll walk you to the Academy today as I have a few errands to run, okay?"

"Fine, but don't get all the girls drooling again."

"Hey! It's not like I enjoy it brat," Harry said, throwing a cinnamon roll at Teddy who caught it and placed it on his plate.

"Mine now," the boy said. "And I'm your favourite brat, you know this…"

Harry smiled. "Just eat little demon."

Kakashi and the other Jounin instructors were gathered in Tsunade's office. The Academy Instructors were there as well and Kakashi dreaded what their leader would ask of them. He waited calmly, his Icha Icha book carefully tucked away in his jounin vest in order to escape the Godaime's wrath.

"Listen up," Tsunade yelled, making her subordinates pay attention. "There's a new batch of firsties finishing the Academy. Most of you brats have already reached chunin or Jounin level while others already joined our Anbu troops."

"I don't like where this is going," Genma muttered. "Why's Asuma not here?"

"Because he's getting married shortly," Tsunade replied. "I just wanted to announce that you are taking new genin team the details you can learn later."

"Even me?" Anko incredulously asked. The jounin present gave Tsunade incredulous looks.

"Yes, even you. Now get out of my sight."

Kakashi was more than happy to comply with the Godaime's order. He had to work on his form a bit and train with his dogs, it had been a while since he summoned them and he would probably find them pouting. He got ready to lose his wallet to treating them at the Akimichi's grill.

Harry was working on the garden in the back of his home when Teddy returned from the Academy, tearing through the house like a tornado. He was so excited his hair kept changing colour.

"Dear Merlin and Morgana, what happened now?" Harry asked as he lifted his head from the herbs.

His godson skidded to a stop before him and started bouncing.

"Harry! Harry! Harry! Guess what! Guess!"

Harry grinned. "I assume it's good news?"

Teddy nodded his head so hard that the older wizard feared he was going to hurt his neck. And the boy was bouncing on his feet again, making the adult sigh and stand from his crouch on the ground. A cleaning spell later and Harry placed his palms on his godson to keep him a bit steady.

"Did something wonderfully good happen at the Academy?" Harry asked.

"I skipped a grade!" Teddy announced. "And not just one! A teacher saw me sparring, not from the ones in the Academy and he told Iruka-sensei I was good and the other instructors talked and Iruka-sensei then told me I was going to be placed with the big kids…"

"Breathe little wolf," Harry told the boy. He tried to wrap his mind around this new development. He knew his godson was strong and he had trained him well and that in the Academy Teddy hardly faced a challenge, at least not with his peers. He knew that the life of shinobi was not easy and they had very big chances to lose their lives for the village or even in those bloody exams to level up their rank. But the boy would have been unhappy as a civilian. Harry had decided to live this life and he could attest it was boring. And as Teddy had enrolled in the Academy already he was not about to hold him back or pull him out. So all there was to do was support the child and do his best to protect him from the worst.

End of chapter