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Someone Special

Chapter Two

The ride up to the fourteenth floor turned into one of the most excruciating Danny had ever faced. Lucy's interrogation skills were on a par with Mac's. Questions about babies and Mommies and Daddies left him groping for age appropriate answers while his face heated at the thought of explaining the facts of life to his daughter in front of an audience. He had a feeling that an explanation of cabbage patches and storks would not cut much slack with her and he was proved correct.

It was easy enough to explain that the baby had come from inside Aunt Stella's tummy, but that was not enough for Lucy; she wanted to know how it had got there. The look of scepticism on her face almost made him choke when he tentatively offered a response about babies coming from special places that only Moms and Dads knew about.

As they reached their floor, finally, he exhaled in mortification, diving through the other occupants to reach the doors as soon as they opened, pulling Lucy with him.

"You got a cute kid there," a young doctor commented as he disembarked. "Some nice answers you came up with." With a chuckle, he strolled off.

"Yeah, yeah, thanks buddy," Danny muttered, hefting Lucy's backpack onto his shoulder, remembering just in time that her young ears were attuned to pick up any hint of a curse from him, and that she would inform Lindsay at the nearest opportunity.

Fortunately, very fortunately, the exodus from the elevator proved a distraction, and she was too busy gazing at the bustle of a busy hospital corridor to ask any more questions. Feeling his cheeks cool, Danny took hold of her hand again and led her forwards.

After a few steps, she began to lag and asked if she could be carried. He debated briefly before tucking the slightly flattened flowers through the handle of the backpack, swinging her into his arms and balancing her against his hip. The kiss she planted on his cheek after wrapping her arms round his shoulders was more than worth any discomfort he decided, forgiving all the embarrassment of the elevator as well.

A few steps further and she asked, "Daddy, can I talk to Alexander?"

Her question was abrupt and he looked quizzically at her, slowing his steps. "Sure you can talk to him, if he's awake. But he might be asleep..."

"Asleep?" She looked puzzled.

"Babies need lots of sleep, even in the day time." He grinned at her. "Even you did when you were a baby. You used to sleep after your lunch, every day."

He well remembered the times he and Lindsay had crawled into bed or simply dropped asleep on the couch, snatching every spare minute of sleep that they could.

"So I can't talk to him if he's asleep." She looked resigned.

"Afraid not, baby girl," he said. "And he's not going to be able to say anything back to you. You know babies can't talk."

"I know, Daddy," she sighed. "Why did Uncle Mac and Aunt Stella want a baby? They're kind of boring."

Stopping for a moment, he shifted Lucy into a more comfortable position for his back before smirking at her. "They wanted to have one for the same reason me and your Mom wanted to have you, because having a baby is very special." Even though it had come as a shock and it had taken him time to get used to the idea, he spoke the truth.

"Huh," Lucy rolled her eyes, unimpressed as she fiddled with the collar of his shirt. "I don't see they're so special, they can't do a whole lot of stuff."

"Well, when you get older, you might think differently," Danny said, somewhat absently, as time began to spin forwards against his will again, accelerating the years in his mind. The last four years had fled past, although there were moments when the world seemed to stop; when something seized the ordinary, making him realise the extraordinary – that he was a father.

And so he gave another smile to his daughter. "Lots of people like babies and there's plenty of stuff they can do..."

"What stuff?" she demanded, staring at him.

He shrugged. "They can sleep, drink milk or formula, sleep some more, cry, poop in their diapers..."

"Daddy!" She was gleefully outraged. "You said a bad word! You said 'poop'! Mommy says that's rude." Her hands pressed against his cheeks, squashing them together as Danny chuckled.

"Hey, no attacking Daddy." She moved her hands a fraction, but her brown eyes bored into his, her face pressed close to his, and he gave her a lopsided grin. "Okay, I'm sorry for saying a bad word, it won't happen again," he winked at her, dropping his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "Just don't tell your Mom."

Lucy considered. "Okay," she conceded, looking stern, her hands still cupping his face as she patted it to emphasise each word. "But you got to promise you don't say it again..."

He managed to disguise the laugh that slipped out as a cough, hearing a mimic of her mother in her response. "You got my word."

"And you got to get me a blueberry pancake," she added, giving him a grin so wide he could see all her neat little white teeth.

He laughed and shook his head. "No blackmailing Daddy either... but we'll see. Maybe on the way back home the cab might find its way to our pancake place, okay?"

"Okay." Satisfied, Lucy let her hands drop, one draping round the back of his neck, the other tangling in the chain of his dog tags. They snagged her interest and she turned them in her hands, studying the surface of them intently as he walked on in a thoughtful silence, dwelling on memories of Lucy's babyhood, now past and gone.

"Are we there yet, Daddy?" Lucy's voice, bordering on plaintive, brought him out of his reverie.

"Almost," he replied, glancing at the numbers on the doors of the rooms and private wards and comparing them to the number he'd scrawled on the back of his hand. "Little bit further." So he hoped anyway; his back was beginning to rebel against the weight he was carrying. "How about you get down and walk now, baby girl?"

"I'm not a baby," she groused, nevertheless sliding out of his arms and down to the ground. "I can do stuff babies can't."

Grinning to himself, Danny sighed and plastered a look of mock sadness on his face, guessing the reason for her sudden dislike of the affectionate term. "Aw, gee, Luce. Does that mean if you're not my baby girl anymore you're too old and big and grown up to have blueberry pancakes with me after we've seen Alexander?"

Horror dropped onto Lucy's face and she halted in the middle of the floor, causing a hurrying man to perform a neatly-executed dodge round her. Danny threw him a look of apology.

"I'm not too big and old and grown up for blueberry pancakes!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Really? You're really, truly, honestly, cross your heart not too big for blueberry pancakes?" Danny folded his arms and bounced on his heels as he regarded her as seriously as he could.

"Really, really, honestly, truly, cross my heart and promise not too big!" She drew two lines across her chest with her finger as she spoke. "And besides," she added triumphantly. "You got to be a grown up to eat pancakes."

"Well then, I guess I'll just have to believe you," Danny grinned and took hold of her hand again. "So, we got a deal? You can manage pancakes after all that strawberry milkshake?" He hoped so as she nodded vigorously, suffering a twitch of doubt about the somewhat rash promise he had just made.

Lucy soon piped up again as she trotted along. "I feel sorry for babies." Danny looked at her, raising a questioning eyebrow. "They can't eat pancakes," she explained. "Which is sad, 'cause pancakes are one of the bestest things in the world."

He laughed. "Got to agree with you there, Luce; pancakes, baseball, and most of all, your Mom and you. Best and most special things in the world."

Ruffling her hair, his heart grew mighty as she wrapped her arms round him in a sudden hug. "You're best too, Daddy, and so's Mommy."

"Yes she is," he swooped her into his arms again; ignoring his back and muffling the gruffness of his voice in her hair as they reached the door they had been searching for. "She sure is."

Pausing for a moment outside, Danny cleared his throat. "Okay, you want to knock?"

"Sure." From his arms, Lucy leaned over and gave a gentle tap to the surface before scrunching her fists up under her chin and giving a shiver of excitement as she beamed at him. "I hope Alexander's awake," she whispered loudly.

Stella's voice, in low tones, called them in. Feeling anticipation himself at seeing the new parents and their baby for the first time, Danny pushed the door open, a smile broadening across his face at the scene revealed. The light and airy room seemed filled with flowers and cards, but it was the occupants that drew his attention.

Sitting on the bed, dressed more casually than he had ever seen her before in a loose shirt and dark sweat pants, Stella looked tired but bright-eyed. Mac, who had stood up at their entrance, offering a welcome in an undertone, held their sleeping, day-old son against his shoulder. The baby had his face turned towards his father, his tiny fist in a shell-like shape against his face. A thicket of dark hair stood out on his head which Danny grinned at the sight of; remembering Lucy's fine wisps of hair at birth.

"Hey you two," Stella spoke softly, smiling and holding her arms out to Lucy. "It's good to see you guys."

Returning her greeting, Danny made to put Lucy down, but to his surprise, she shook her head fiercely and hid her face against his neck. A look of hurt, gone almost as soon as it had appeared, flashed onto Stella's face, to be replaced by curiosity.

"What's up, Luce?" Danny asked, twisting his head at an awkward angle to look at her. "You not giving your Aunt Stella a hug?"

Stepping further into the room, he gave Stella a bewildered shrug as Lucy shook her head again and clung on.

"What's made you shy all of a sudden?" Danny ran his hand down Lucy's back, but she stayed as she was, hiding her face, and he decided not to press the issue, turning instead back to Stella, who now had sympathy in her features.

"I guess this is all a little overwhelming. Hospitals can be pretty scary," she suggested, glancing up at Mac who nodded, his hand coming to rest on her shoulder before he moved it to stroke the baby's head as he had begun to grizzle.

"I know you're not crazy about them either, as you've reminded me several times today," he gave her an amused glance in return for the face she pulled at him before he turned to his goddaughter. "That's a very colourful outfit you're wearing, Lucy," he said gently, half a smile on his face as he peered round to see her. "Did you choose it yourself?"

Lucy raised her head for a moment and nodded before burying it again in Danny's shoulder.

He gave Mac a wry look. "I had nothing to do with it. Anyhow," he added before running an appraising look over his co-workers. "How you guys doing?"

The last time he had seen both of them had been three days ago; when Mac had looked fraught and strung tighter than a wire and Stella had been laid out on the couch in his office, complaining that she felt like a porpoise, could hardly move, and wanted this baby to be out already.

"We're good," Mac replied the smile still on his face as he patted Alexander's back.

Danny pursed up his mouth and nodded, seeing the truth. "You look good." With a smirk, he addressed his next words to Stella, "I see you've lost a little weight."

She slid him a narrow-eyed look. "Thanks, Danny. As I'm sure Lindsay can explain to you, it's a side-effect of giving birth to a ten pound baby. He's really not such a little guy, believe me," she said dryly.

"Ten pounds? You serious?" Danny winced, unwilling to take his mind any further. It had been enough for him witnessing what Lindsay had been through giving birth to Lucy, who had been substantially smaller.

Mac, after exchanging another glance with Stella, full of unspoken feeling as their eyes met, answered Danny. "Ten pounds and two ounces. According to my Mom, Taylor babies are born big." His hand came to rest briefly on the back of Stella's neck, giving it a caress before he transferred it to his son's back again, soothing him. "But we're all doing pretty good and should be going home later today when we get the all-clear."

"That's great." Danny was pleased at the news, knowing Lindsay would also be happy to hear that. "Is your Mom going to be seeing her grandson anytime soon?"

"She's flying out here tomorrow," Mac answered a smile lighting his whole face, revealing the tremendous pride he so clearly had at being a father.

"I'm happy for you guys. Truly, all of us are." Emotions rose in him and he snuggled his head against Lucy, who had not made a murmur yet.

As both Mac and Stella's attention turned to their waking son he took a few moments to observe them both. Their happiness was radiant, despite the weariness that was clear on their faces as well. A small smile crossed his face, as he recognised the dazed but euphoric look of new parents they possessed. It had been the same for Lindsay and him. Even weeks after Lucy's birth they had still been reeling from the seismic shifting of their lives; wondering what exactly had hit them and knowing that life would never be the same again.

And here he was now, with Lucy four years old and two people that he cared about embarking on the same huge adventure Lindsay and he had done. The memory of the hospital room they were in after Lindsay had given birth gleamed in his mind's eye; he remembered with new insight Mac and Stella standing together and the looks shared between them as they had held his newborn daughter. With the progression of time, certain things made sense. Although at that moment all he had been capable of processing, and that barely, was that he and Lindsay had a new little life they were entirely responsible for.

Holding Lucy in his arms, still with his eyes on the trio in front of him, he took the opportunity to ask her if she wanted to get down to see Alexander and say hello to her Aunt and Uncle. There was a pause before she moved her head to look at him, but after a moment staring at him, she nodded and he set her down, handing her the now rather squashed bouquet of flowers. She took it but kept hold of him, her arm wrapped round his legs as she gazed round the room.

Turning her eyes from her son and seeing Lucy out of her father's arms, Stella smiled. Keeping her voice soft, she invited her to come and sit by her. With a wide-eyed glance up at Danny, Lucy nodded and with a finger hooked into her mouth, pulling him with her, she crossed the floor to the bed.

Stella shifted over carefully and patted the cover beside her. "There's a space here just big enough for you, sweetie," she coaxed, offering her hand to Lucy. "You know, your Uncle Mac and me and Alexander have been excited about you coming to see us, haven't we?" She cast her gaze up to Mac who added his confirmation. Watching, Danny was relieved to note that a tiny smile appeared on Lucy's face at that and she held out the flowers to Stella who exclaimed in delight at them and placed them on the cabinet next to the bed. Smiling more confidently, Lucy released Danny's hand and let him help her up onto the bed, leaning into her Aunt's side as she placed her arm round her.

Stella dropped a kiss on the top of Lucy's head as she cuddled her, lowering her head so her curls dangled around her face. "Have you and your Daddy had a fun morning together?"

Lucy giggled and nodded. "Your hair's tickling me, Aunt Stella." She brushed Stella's hair away from her face. "Will Alexander have curly hair like you?" She lifted one of the curls in question.

Stella threw a grin towards Mac as she answered. "I think he's going to have hair like your Uncle Mac; straight and sensible, not crazy and curly like mine."

"But I like your hair, Aunt Stella," Lucy gazed solemnly at her and let go of the curl she had hold of. "It's springy."

Danny snorted, Stella laughed outright and even Mac chuckled as he continued to pace around the room with his son.

"Why thank you, Lucy, that's nice of you to say." Stella gave a friendly tug to one of Lucy's locks. "And you have very pretty hair."

"I brushed it all by myself," Lucy answered, puffing up with pride as Stella admired it.

"You did a great job, honey." She grinned up at Danny quickly. "And you did a great job choosing your clothes as well." Lucy beamed as Stella continued, turning her attention to her fully, "But I've got a real important question to ask you; because you've made a special visit to come see us and because you're such a grown-up girl, would you like to have a hold of Alexander?"

Lucy's eyes became round and wide and she nodded mutely as she stared awe-struck at Stella, clutching her skirt, her feet wiggling with the enormity of the offer.

"You sure that's okay, Stella?" Danny asked, dropping Lucy's backpack onto the floor and thrusting his hands into his pockets, realising momentarily that the princess shoes that had caused so much fuss earlier had been forgotten about.

"Sure, Danny." She smiled at Lucy. "Lucy can sit right where she is next to me and they'll both be fine."

Still nervous, but trusting his daughter, Danny stepped out of the way as Mac came round to the side of the bed Lucy was sitting on. Stella moved over a little more, keeping one arm round Lucy and Mac lowered a just-waking Alexander into the little girl's waiting arms with care. As soon as he was placed in them, she inhaled and emitted a small 'ooh!' which Danny recognised as being an indication of both excitement and nervousness. Stella kept one hand under her son's head and her other round Lucy's waist, offering a few reassurances to her.

At first Lucy sat rigid, staring down at the baby who blinked at her, her mouth wide open in wonderment at the tiny being in her arms. The three adults in the room were silent, watching. Remembering the camera he had caught up just before they left, Danny groped about in his pockets and located it, remembering to disable the flash before he captured the image to show his wife.

Alexander, however, as soon as the picture had been taken, seemed to realise that he had left the security of his father's arms. His fists began to flail, his face crumpled and turned a deep shade of puce and he let everyone know that he was deeply unhappy using the full force of day-old lungs. It amazed Danny all over again after his experience with Lucy how someone so small could produce a sound so loud.

The look on Lucy's face changed in an instant from wonder to absolute terror and in a moment two sets of cries had erupted.

"Make him stop! Make him stop, Daddy!" she howled as Stella swiftly took charge of Alexander, lifting him out of the little girl's arms and rocking him against her chest.

"Oh, it's okay, sweetie, don't be upset," she said, between her soothing murmurings to her son. "That's what babies do when they want something. He's bothered about something, but I'm sorry he's scaring you..."

Lucy was too far gone to heed her though; her howls increased in intensity, so Danny scooped her up off the bed and carried her outside.

"Come on, honey, let's get you calmed down and let Aunt Stella and Uncle Mac settle Alexander," he told her as they moved out into the corridor, acutely aware of the glances he was receiving from passers-by.

At first all he could do was stand against the wall swaying Lucy in his arms as she wailed with her arms wrapped round his neck and her legs around his waist.

Little by little her clinging grip eased and the wails subsided to sobs. Finally they faded to gasps and hiccups as he continued to pat her back and assure her she was okay. Her small shoulders still shuddered, buffeted by the storm of tears, but she managed to raise her head.

"Feeling better, Lucy-girl?" He set her down on the floor and wiped her face with a wad of Kleenex a kindly nurse had passed to him.

She shook her head, her mouth scrunched up and her eyes puffy. "He... he hurt my ears," she hiccupped, aggrieved and offended. "He's very bad, Daddy. He's a bad baby; a noisy, bad baby. I don't... don't like him..." Another sob shook her and she covered her face.

Danny sighed, the signs of a tired and overwrought little girl all too apparent. "He didn't mean to, honey," he said, tucking a few strands of hair behind the poor hurt ears and giving them a gentle rub. "He was just letting us know he was unhappy and because he can't talk, he's got to do that by crying. Just like when you ain't happy, you get upset, so does he."

Lucy peeped at him through her fingers, her breath still hitching. "Still don't like him," she mumbled.

Alexander's cries had softened from the ear-jangling pitch they had been at to a muted whimpering, so Danny made a decision.

"How about we go say goodbye then head home?" He hunkered down to her level. "What do you think, huh?"

Lucy wiped her eyes with the heel of her hand, but her face was set stubbornly. "Okay. But I'm not saying goodbye to Alexander, 'cause he might cry again."

Danny dabbed at her tear-smudged cheeks with the heap of Kleenex. "I don't think he will. He's probably feeling sleepy now after all that crying."

"He better not cry," Lucy's bottom lip protruded and she rubbed her nose with the sleeve of her sweater.

Letting the muttered comment pass, Danny took her hand again. "Let's go say goodbye then, because that's polite when you've been visiting people and your Aunt Stella and Uncle Mac will be sad if you don't, okay?"

"'Kay," Lucy sniffed, coughing a couple more times as she recovered herself. "I'll say goodbye..." she darted him a look from underneath lowered eyebrows, "To Aunt Stella and Uncle Mac." Danny simply shrugged, determined to keep the issue low-key and led her back into the room.

Inside, they found a sleep-lulled Alexander being rocked in Stella's arms, his hand splayed against her chest while Mac sat beside her at an angle, his arm round her hips as he stroked the baby's leg with a finger.

Lucy trailed into the room behind her father and hung back, listening in silence as Stella told her they were sorry Alexander had frightened her; Mac adding that he hoped she still wanted to come and visit him again. But the minutest of smiles appeared on her face as she stood with her arms folded, twisting her body from side to side when he complimented her on how sensible and grown-up she had been to hold Alexander and not drop him even when she was scared.

Seeing the opportunity for reward and mending Lucy's mood even further, Danny reminded her about Dora doll and how she had wanted to show her to her Aunt and Uncle and Alexander. Dora was duly retrieved and shown off; Mac and Stella admiring her, while Alexander clutched Lucy's finger to her delight.

Shortly afterwards, when it came to making their goodbyes, even Alexander received a dab of a kiss on his cheek. Lucy departed cheerfully, the sun shining in her face as she waved from the door and caught the kiss Stella blew to her with a giggle.

As soon as they left the hospital, she reminded him of his promise of pancakes so they included a detour in their homeward journey. Two hours later, it was a very sticky and very sleepy little girl that Danny ushered through the front door - an extra pancake had been the price paid for the fact that he had forgotten to remind her about wearing her princess shoes in the hospital room.

They spent the rest of the evening sprawled on the couch together with books and DVDs until bath and bed time. Pleas and protests arose at this point, Lucy doing her best to persuade him to let her stay up until Mommy got home, but Danny was adamant. A sulk was narrowly avoided when he reminded her how sensible and grown-up she'd been all day and promised that she could tell Mommy all about meeting Alexander if she was still awake when she got home. That appeased her and she took her bath with enjoyment and the usual mountains of bubbles and rubber duck water sports.

Even Danny found himself yawning alongside Lucy as he tucked her in and switched on her night light. As he bent over to kiss her goodnight, she wriggled about and admitted that maybe she'd be okay to see Alexander again, as long as he was good and didn't cry. Danny grinned at her, ruffled her hair and told her he was proud of her. She was asleep with a look of pure contentment on her face before he left the room.

He was dozing on the couch, when the front door clicked open and Lindsay's light footfalls were heard in the hallway.

"Hey, babe," he called in an undertone, rousing himself, "You okay? I'm on the couch, Lucy's in bed, your dinner's on the coffee table."

"Hey." Lindsay walked in, dropped her purse on the floor and collapsed next to him, lifting her legs over his and flopping her head onto his chest.

"Long day?" he asked, kissing the crown of her head.

She nodded with a groan, bumping his chin. "Oh yeah. A long day. You know how pushed we are without Mac and Stella, I thought I was never going to leave..."

"I'm sorry," he murmured into her hair, combing the long strands through his fingers. "Luce and me missed you."

"I missed you too, honey," she sighed, shifting to gaze up at him as her fingers traced the stubble on his jaw line. "I wish I could have come with you."

"So did we," he grinned. "But who'd have kept the lab running without you there?"

"Danny!" She swatted him, but failed to hide a grin as she continued. "Did you have a good day? How are Mac and Stella and Alexander? What did Lucy think?"

"What is this, twenty questions?" Danny asked, remembering the elevator experience with Lucy earlier which he knew Lindsay would enjoy hearing about.

He filled her in on the events of the day and satisfied all her queries as they spent the next twenty minutes eating the sandwiches he'd prepared, cuddling and catching up with each other. As they talked though, and as he massaged her legs lightly, from her body language, he sensed there was something she was holding back on. But he didn't press her; she would tell him when she was ready.

After he finished regaling her with Lucy's reaction to Alexander, he was perturbed at the strange look that crossed her face.

He frowned. "What's up, babe? Thought you might've found that funny."

She did not answer immediately. Instead, as Lucy had done earlier, she fiddled with his dog tags.

Stilling her hand with his, he asked in a soft voice, "Something bothering you, Linds?"

There was a mingling of excitement and anxiety in her face. "I was just... just wondering, how, uh, how Lucy'd be... how she'd react to a little brother or sister... how she'd feel about being a big sister..."

There was silence.

Danny's heart rate increased as his hand squeezed his wife's, the implications of what she was saying seeping into his cognition. "Uh... are we talking theory here or actually?"

Her hand curled underneath his, clenching round the dog tags as she stared at him, a trace of nervousness beneath the surface of her eyes. "I'm pretty certain..."

"For real? Another baby? Is that what you're telling me?"

She nodded, biting her lip, her fingers now lacing with his. "I'd kind of wondered for a couple of days, but didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure... So I did a couple of tests today... okay, four to be exact, and, well, the verdict was unanimous..." She dropped her eyes for a moment before lifting them to his with a small grin. "I guess despite what we said Lucy isn't going to be an only child for much longer."

Danny blinked and swallowed, his voice lost for a moment. Until he gathered a few coherent words together and spoke them hoarsely. "Wow... another baby? We're going to have two kids?"

The tumult of joy, trepidation and amazement almost washed him away. So he did the only thing he could in the circumstances, clung to his wife in an embrace.

"You're okay with that?" she asked, a trace of anxiety quivering in her voice.

"I'm more than okay, Linds. You've made me the happiest man on earth," he murmured against the soft skin of her face. "And Lucy's going to be the best big sister there is."

There was still doubt in Lindsay's eyes though, which he sought to expel. "Hey," he whispered. "You and Luce? The best things that ever happened to me; the best things on earth and if we're going to have another baby, then that's just going to make thing even better. Maybe it'll take a little getting used to at first, but all of us have been through tough times and this'll be a breeze, promise."

He brushed the pad of his thumb across Lindsay's cheekbone and she gave him a smile with eyes that sparkled. "I believe you, Danny Messer. Despite everything, you've never broken a promise to me yet..."

A little voice interrupted them. "Mommy? Daddy?" Clutching Dora doll and rubbing her eyes, a small person in pyjamas stood by the living room door. "Mommy, you haven't kissed me goodnight." The corners of her mouth turned down as she shuffled into the room and over to them.

"Oh honey, Mommy's sorry, but she can give you a hug and a kiss right now." Swinging her legs down off the couch, Lindsay swept her daughter up, laying kisses on her cheek and settling her on her knee, while Danny wrapped his arms round both of them, joining all of them together.

Stroking her mother's face with her fingertips, Lucy gazed up at her. "Can I tell you about Alexander? Daddy said I could if I was awake." She tipped her head on one side, looking hopeful.

After an amused glance at Danny, Lindsay turned to Lucy with a smile. "Sure you can, baby girl, but first of all, we've got something very special to tell you..."

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