26. Part 26 If wishes were simple…

Not so Helpless

30 November 2014

Part 26 If wishes were simple…

Joyce Summers AKA Doctor Maura Isles stepped out of her SUV and walked over into the pharmacy. Her designer footwear clinking and clanking on the newly polished floors of the building clearly letting everyone know she was there. Jessica Harris now in her Jane Rizzoli persona smiled as she spotted her beloved wife walking toward her. The blonde was as always dressed like a super model and Jane once more wondered how she had gotten so damned lucky. They had finally gotten their lives back. There would be no more pretending to be someone and something they were not; as sad as it was there were no lose end with that Clown having ended Harris. At one point the man had been a good friend and agent but somewhere along the line he had bought into the cover and lost himself. Jessica/Jane had been forced to play along and she too had almost lost herself to the role. It shook her deeply to think she had bought in Anthony Harris' delusions. However it was over and she was free and they had their whole lives to make up. Jessica/Jane's mind was flooded with memories and she could feel herself finally being whole and complete then again her wife was here and she knew her husband was not far away either life would work out somehow now all they had to do was find a way to let Harris rest in peace and catch the clown who had murdered him in cold blood.

The Joker sped away. It seemed it was past time to leave this little backwater. He called for Harley and his minions to load their vans and SUV's. He had his balloons and lots of money it was time to go. The world awaited his criminal master mind. Within twenty minutes they were off and headed for New York it was time for the clown king to take a bite out of the Big Apple and he would of course snack along the way. His evil laughter rang out as they ran over the welcome to Sunnydale sign.

Adam/Spike Aka William the bloody walked toward his new house. Janus was true to his word and had set him up with a very nice place. Spike paused at the doors of the rather large house and knelt down pulling a key from under a welcome mat. Now that had been stupid it was a clear invite to any big bad vampire to come on into the house. He entered it and sighed. Well it looked like Janus was not totally honest with him. He pulled out his mobile and dialed the police. He had a mess to clean up. Damn the god of chaos.

"Hey doc glad you could make it." Detective Stein said with a half smile. He thought the doctor was hot but it was such a shame she was gay. Maura easily reading his thoughts as his face hid nothing merely replied. "I see you have managed to secure the scene. Too bad you could not catch the killer. I understand that Xander called you at once while Jane tried to revive Mr. Harris. Is it a wonder this town has such a high unsolved crime rate."

Stein glared but said nothing as he was not about to cause a scene with so many witnesses. Instead he stormed out to check on the progress of the man hunt. As much as he hated to admit it the doc was right they should have caught that damned clown.

The vengeance demon popped away pleased with a job well done. The world was turned upside down and the good guys would be scrambling to fix the mix up not that they could as she was about to take a long over do vacation. It was her 2000 wish and she had a year or so of back vacation time to take so she was off to another world and sunny beaches with lots of barely clad pool boys to ogle.


27. Part 27 Chaos is good

Not So Helpless

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1 December 2014

Part 27 Chaos is good

"Ladies I realize that this may seem a bit chaotic."Janus said with a smile but this is really not mine nor Murphy's fault. We were merely attempting to even the playing field for the slayer and her friends. We had no control over the wish or the actions of the Demon. That was not planned by us and to be fair we had no idea Harris would piss off his wife to that degree. I mean the man was only supposed to be undercover and he took it too far and the lady got mad. Tell me you would not have done the same."

The six parts of Fate glared at Janus but sadly they had reviewed the situation and Anthony Harris had acted like a bastard. He deserved far worse then what Jessica had wished for and the wish had perhaps had a few positive results but, this was a mess of the first order.

"While I agree that the wish has caused the most damage your allowing your mage to play with such a deep spell has altered so much. We fully expect to hear from-"Decuma was interrupted by a clap of thunder and lightning shown around the room.

Jupiter/Zeus popped flashing into the room. He was clearly not happy. "What has happened? What has altered the timelines and timescales of three differing universe? " He spotted Murphy and Janus and said. "I might have known you two were in the middle of this mess. I received a message from the Fates requesting permission to maim you two. Give me one good reason why I should not allow them their fun?"

Murphy swallowed hard and started to edge away but a bolt of lightning quickly changed his mind.

Janus decided passing the buck in this case was wise so he simply said. "Anyanka and her boss D'Hoffryn my lord they altered the chaos spell and changed the realities by altering the personalities of the woman who made the wish and by making them the into the live versions of the costumes they wore. We cannot change it back without causing a larger mess up."

Jupiter/Zeus looked incredulous at them. This could not be happening. His mind raced over treaties that were in place and found that sadly D'Hoffryn's demon had not broken any rules or laws. There was no law against altering reality or even merging them as long as it did not lead to the end of days coming to early. He wanted to face palm. Even he the king of the gods had to be wary of vengeance demons as Hera at times had threatened to call them to take him to task. He sighed and looking at the fates decreed. "You must reweave the pattern. Do your best to merge the various lifelines and realities. When in doubt add life to the combined pairing if one is immortal make both immortal and I decree they shall not lose out because of their immortality Be they Immortal by the wish or because of the Chaos spell. I will not let evil gain a foothold or advantage because of this wish."

The Fates bowed willing to obey and almost sighing in relief because trying to untangle the mess made would be nearly impossible. Unless of course the clipped all the life lines which would be unfair to the various people, on the positive side Maura/Joyce would gain time and immortality if things went well as would Jane/Jessica with the command of the eldest of the gods. "It shall be done my lord as soon as we may." The Fates said as one. It was going to be a complicated weave with each working hard but it could be done.

"Ok Giles this is kind of weird I have a feeling like this is supposed to happen but it feels off and I am a bit concerned." Buffy said than quickly "Not that I mind you being my new dad and all but it's all kind of wiggsome like something just zapped us." Buffy said.

Janus sighed as he heard this and decided he had better ease the slayers worries or things could and would get far more complicated. With that he appeared in front of the slayer and her allies. All who suddenly looked ready for battle? "Easy there Miss Summers."

"Giles what the heck is going on?" Buffy demanded.

"I do not know Buffy but perhaps we should ask your guest?" He said looking on wary for some off reason and he set his glasses down as if to prepare himself for a fight. Not that he needed them now that Jake was fully a part of him his eyes were perfect now.

"Your watcher is right Miss Summers I am not here to cause you a problem rather to help." Janus said softly he raised his hands to show he meant no harm.

"Yeah right mystical messengers are never of the good." Buffy replied.

Janus sighed at that sadly he had to agree with her assessment as the messengers she was familiar with were often more of doom-Sayers then real help. However he was not about to be one of those he honestly wanted to help right the wrongs done to this champion and her allies. So instead of his normal way of evasion he decided to be honest and open. What the hell he had nothing to lose.

"I am Janus and I have some news that might help explain the situation you now find yourself and your family in. Yes they are all your family your friends that is. You have all chosen each other as family and that my dear slayer is a powerful thing indeed. Wishes and chaos have changed things significantly for the better for you all. However magic always has a price and evil will also try to gain an advantage. Unlike the PTB I don't let my champions hang and swing with no safety net. Your bravery and that of your friends and family has impressed me and several others deeply and because of chaos and that wish we could step in and help with the situation."

"What situation?" Giles asked. "Ethan is one of your most faithful adept and he loves to lose chaos I do not believe you would be adverse to that," He paused and then said."His pranks always shake things up and always alter reality and the way things are so what did he do to draw your personal attention this time?"

"Your friend Xander Harris altered reality and fates once. Humans have free will and choice and sometimes those Pounces that Be forget that rather significant detail. Buffy survived the Master something that was not supposed to happen." Janus said "In doing so it altered everything. In fact Buffy actually started all of this by becoming friends with Harris in the first place. Her friendship with Xander saved her and Willow who by rights should have been turned like their friend Jessie."

Buffy looked a little stunned at this. She had always felt bad and really guilty about Jessie now it seemed she had done well in saving just Xander and Willow not that losing Jessie was not a blow even if she had not known the young man as well as the others she felt badly about his dying. She just had been too overwhelmed and to new to the area to save him.

"Ok so we saved each other it's what we do."

Janus tossed his hands in the air. "Yeah and your group thing is making a mess of the fates plans not that they minded those minor adjustments stuff happens they get that. But the chaos and wishes well let me tell you that was a big splash in several ponds. The chaos mage magicked the cloths you all wore and you got that chip of computer in you. Well in another world you all were family or should have been. So we merged the realities. You are now the people you are. We tweaked it so it work. Jessica/Jane and Joyce/Maura along with you and your friends were put into witness protection. Now you get to come out and be Jane and Maura the persona's of your original moms will merely be fake id's used to protect them. "He raised his hand as Buffy was about to protest. "They still will have the memories and they still will be your moms but the rest of the world will see them as brave women who had to hide from mad men. Giles here is their husband they will have met overseas and a married in a country that allow plural marriages due to a close friendship with the ruling monarch. Jake/Giles will keep all of the memories he had and skills along with a slightly younger body and mind that will help you in slaying. His new regenerative powers will also help you out. You and your friends all get to keep the upgrades and I guess your new friends as well though I don't get why you would want to."

Buffy glared at Janus and moved to grab an axe.

He stepped back. "Now the down side, the pounces are right balance has to happen so some of the villains and heroes stay. Angel, Cordy get the upgrades and personalities to help them along but they also get the villains. Lex and Lana and the Joker along with a few other baddies they will leave the hell mouth to battle them. A few new heroes will arise in time to help them out."

"Wonderful so not just demons now but super evil baddies how will that help us all out I mean it is bad enough demons want to take over the hell mouth without evil men doing so." Giles pointed out.

Janus sighed and decided not to pull punches. "It helps because now Joyce will live a little longer and be healthier."

Buffy flew across the room god or not no-one threatened her mom. She grabbed Janus and said. "What did you do to My Mother!"

"We made her and Jane Immortal along with the watcher though he may have a bit of an edge with that micro mechanical stuff flowing in his veins. If we did not she would have died in less than three years from a brain tumor or rather complications because of it." Janus said trying to stay calm as he knew this slayer could hurt him. She would become a legend in time. Almost a goddess herself but he had to help her along to find the right path else she take over the universe.

Buffy relaxed a little. She looked worried now. "It's fixed?"

"Yes and she will live a long and happy life with her partners. You may even get more siblings out of the deal."

Giles blushed and Buffy looked shocked and worried. Dawn was enough of a problem keeping out of trouble. Two moms this could be bad.

Janus just laughed and faded away he was not called the god of chaos for nothing and dropping that bomb shell was payback for the manhandling. Plus it might be a good idea to have a few more champions around. He smirked and wondered what Buffy/Tessa would think of his plans for her and her future children. He smirked.


28. Part 28 Chaos is Bad

Not So Helpless

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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Part 28 Chaos is Bad

Spike was no stranger to murder and mayhem however he generally was the one to make the mess not the one forced to clean it up. He looked around the room and spotted several bodies the vampires who had entered this home had to have been fledglings. Just then his hackles rose as he felt the fledgling try to sneak up on him. He spun around and grabbed it by the neck. He glared at it hard.

"You made a right mess of this place."

The fledgling clearly scared and shocked that a human could have sensed him and caught him so easily glared.

"So it's not like this is your house."

Spike was not in the mood for arrogant and stupid vampires so he staked the fledgling with no ceremony or care. It shocked look was slightly amusing. Spike sighed and picked up the phone and dialed the police. He already knew his finger prints would be all over the house as Janus made it his or rather his and his family who now lay around him dead. The memories the God of Chaos gave him showed he had just arrived home from a business conference. He of course stumbled onto this horrid scene. He sighed and decided the god had a sick sense of humor. However he would suck it up and in the end be wealthy and powerful in this town.

"911 what is your emergency."

"I just arrived home and found a bit of a mess. My family…" Spike made his voice quiver hating to have to do that. "They are all dead it looks like gang work or a robbery I don't know much but…I could use the police here please."

"Hang on sir we will send you some help. I have your address here. Is this the place you call home?"

"Yes, yes it is please hurry I ….don't want them laying about…its ….a mess."

"Yes sir I will contact Doctor Isles and have her come as soon as she can as well as the detectives in homicide. I am afraid there was another murder earlier tonight so it may be a bit. Is there some place you can go for the night?"

"Yes, maybe…I …I'll wait for the police and the doctor." Spike said.

"All right please don't touch anything more." The 911 operator said "It might be best for you to wait outside."

"Of course I…I was not thinking…I checked them all and …I hoped…"

"Of course sir but be that as it may you should step outside so not to contaminate the scene more." The 911 operator said.

"Yes of course I will right now. Good bye." He hung up and was rather shocked at how professional the operator was. He stepped outside and pulled out a smoke. He never realized how annoying waiting for the cops could be. Little did he know that this next meeting would help him become closer to the slayer and her family.


Maura watched as the lab staff loaded Tony's body. He would be taken back for the autopsy not that she really expected to learn all that much nor could she be totally honest in her findings as they still had to keep his real name secret. She and Jane might be out of the bag but it was not fair to tarnish the name of the man who once been a valued associate if not friend. He had no family so it was more to honor his memory. The man he had been did not deserve to be remembered as Tony Harris. It was simply a part he played and sadly it had consumed him but the cop he had been would never be tarnished by the madness that had consumed him they owed him that much at least. As the van was loaded her phone went off.

She answered and noted Jane was walking over reading a text.

"Yes we will head right over. Detective Rizzoli is with me and we can be at the scene in about 15 minutes."

Maura listened to the details. "Yes we will ride together I think. I rode in with the van but they are taking our current victim to the morgue and will come back to the new scene after. It is necessary as I am concerned with how this man died. I don't wish cross contamination to occur."

"Of course doctor I'll let the chief know what is going on and that you and Detective Rizzoli are heading to the new scene. The man that discovered the bodies is waiting outside for you both. He did however call from inside the house. He said it's a mess."

Maura nodded even knowing the 911 clerk would not see it. "Of course we will try to get him to the hospital I am sure he is in shock."

"He sounded messed up doctor so be warned I'm not sure his state." The clerk said. "I need to go more calls coming in."

"Of course keep us updated if we are needed elsewhere tonight. With luck this will however be our last call." Maura said.

"One could hope goodnight doctor." The clerk rung off and answered more frantic calls.

Jane sighed and said. "We had better head over to the new scene. We won't get that lucky I bet."

"Not taking that one Jane, it has been a rather disturbing day already." Maura said as she let Jane guide her toward her SUV. Maura smirked at this choice it was so much better than Jane's old Crown Victoria not that she would ever say so.


29. Part 29 Pack hierarchy

Not So Helpless

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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Part 29 Pack hierarchy

Becoming a werewolf had changed Daniel Osborne in very small ways. He craved meat at times which was a bit hard to take as he was a dedicated vegetarian who was trying hard to become totally vegan. He had to spend three nights a month in a metal cage to protect those of his town. He also h ad become far more aggressive in his desire to protect those he cared for primarily Willow and the gang as he saw them as pack. His laid back nature helped him cope and kept his sane for the most part and Willow's easy acceptance of him had helped. Her calm reply that she could be a bit of a bitch at certain times of the month had him laughing loudly. Her acceptance made him feel human even if he knew he was not. The change created by the chaos god was different. He felt a little odd as he was now taller and far broader then he had been. His hair was definitely longer and he considered shaving it off until Willow pouted and said she liked it. It seemed he was going to be sporting a totally new look. On the plus side his new frame was powerful and he felt oddly at peace. It was clear after some research that the Richard Zeeman he had turned into was from the later books and clearly comfortable in his skin as a wolf. Then again Oz had for the most part also accepted that side of himself feral though it be. However the new form was much better to his mind. He was a full wolf and not a mix of the two as he had been before. He also could control the change and his human mind seemed to be there. Then there was Richard's voice in his mind guiding him along as well. That had faded somewhat but the memories were there and he was grateful because clearly Richard had lived through some interesting times and had grown in his own power. Oddly enough as he walked around the school he felt other were beings. It seemed he was not the only one conned into dressing up in the Anita Blake universe. He caught the eye of another type of wolf. Someone had dressed up as Remus from the Harry Potter books he noted that Roman was holding tightly onto the hand of his girl friend who was oddly enough sporting pink hair. Oz expert eyes could tell that was no dye job so clearly Dorothea had dressed as Tonks. Well this could prove interesting if they had magic. He heard a low grow as he passed. He turned and growled back at Roman he was an alpha and he would not be bowing to any other wolf. Buffy was his Alpha and any wolves in the school would follow them or he would deal with them. Roman growled back as his friend Stephan gave him a dark look. Glancing at him he looked warn and gaunt clearly he had been Sirius. Oz wondered briefly if the others from that universe were here as well? However he decided to play nice and he walked over to the group and whispered. "The library after class Giles can help you out."

Roman nodded and said. "She is mine." Protecting Dorothea with his body clearly showing she was his mate.

Oz smiled at this and said. "Willow is mine, no worries Roman I get it and I can help ok."

His class mate looked at him in shock as Oz never talked much but Roman nodded and relaxed clearly understanding Oz's interest was general and not personal.

"I get it the wolf's pushing just hold it together and we can explain it all."

"Ok Daniel we will hold you to that." Dorothea said she held Roman to her and caught Stephan's arm before he could attack Oz. They needed answers and given Oz hung out in the library with Buffy Summers and the librarian and strange things happened around them she was willing to take a wait and see attitude.

"Come on we will be late and I don't want to deal with Snyder." Oz said.

His classmates nodded at that and followed him to homeroom they could solve their issues later. One thing they could all agree on no one felt like putting up with Snyder in a snit.


Andrew Wells walked to his class and was stopped by several of the more overbearing jocks. He sighed with annoyance and said. "I am not the one you are looking for."

"Pete this aint the geek we want." Franklin Halbrooke III said as he moved right past the newly minted Jedi Master.

They left him and Andrew headed for class with a grin. Being a Jedi master had some real perks.


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Not So Helpless

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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Part 30

Oz sat in class and was never so happy and glad for Sunnydale syndrome as he was now. He had to admit that while he was growing used to and accustomed to his new body he did look radically different. However the willful blindness of his contemporizes was welcome as there was no way for him to explain his sudden height. While statistically Oz knew he could and should still grow at his age an added foot or so in height was ridiculous. He glanced at his classmates and had to admit they looked good. Of course getting them to all dress up had likely been Dorothea's idea. In many ways Roman, Stephan and she were the Willow, Xander and Jessie of their year group. Like Oz they were all older than the other seniors unlike him they held that position by being born late in the year. It never really bother Oz he had been held back. He knew it was his own fault for getting bored. However he was kind of glad the others were around it made him feel a little less like an old man. He grinned at that thought. If he was right then he and the boys now held the memories of 35 year old or older men.

Dorothea was also clearly older but she would still be closer to the age of the gang. He grinned at that she and Willow were friendly rivals in some ways. He hoped this change would give them a chance to become closer friends. He looked around and noticed several others seemed a bit on edge. So the spell hit a lot more of us. I do hope most dressed as at least decent people.


Across town in Sunnydale Academy a pair of students met up for their study break.

"Harry?" A worried voice asked as her friend came in looking around with caution and care.

"Hermione is that you?" He asked tossing down his leather book bag without a care. He ran over to her and hugged her tightly showing off he was still as much Hardin Charles Jamison Evans III as he was Harry James Potter.

"Yes it is me Harry. Oh god what has happened to us?" Hermione said as she clung to her friend.

Both looked up as another joined them. "Bloody Hell mate since when did you and Janie get together?"

Both looked up in shock as their friend now sporting dark red hair came in.

Both looked up in shock and pulled back neither really understanding why they ended up in each other's arms. Harry was not one to hug first. However it had felt so right as both his personalities were blending. He had fancied Janie for a while now and it seemed natural to hug and offer comfort when she needed it. He looked over at his friend Roland clearly still sporting the Weasley look. "So Ron?"

"Yeah and Roland too it seems. You in there Hardin or are you only Harry now?"

"Yep and Harry too, Janie's seems to still have a bit of Hermione in her."

"Well then no change then." Roland said jokingly ever since they had read the books as kids he had dubbed he and his friends the golden trio. Of course he never really seen himself as Ron as he was far more loyal and smarter in most things, then again they had been friends from preschool and their families were close. He sighed running his hand through his now auburn hair. "Looks like I am stuck with this. You know….I'd say someone playing a major prank except that we do kind of fit the mold."

Janie now Hermione snorted in an unlady like way. Yes they did it was why she not protested the choice of costumes which had turned out to be a good thing given the insanity of the Halloween but what did this mean? She thought it over and decided they had to have answers. "We have to -"

Just then the library doors burst open and Roland's twin foster brothers burst in. "Roland are you ok?"

"Well it looks like whatever hit us stuck." Roland said looking at his brothers. The former Mexican twins now sported red hair and were nearly identical. They had grow taller and a little paler and if he did not miss his guess would now be a match on a genetic level to himself and likely his other foster brothers and sisters would as well. He wondered if he would match Mom and Dad now. Well that would be great as no one were better parents to his mind as Margret Piet and Arturo Comadreja they had taken them all in and fostered them since they were young children. He loved them and would gladly be their biological son. He grinned as he considered that if they had all changed that deeply then no one could force them back to their biological families. Roland was glad of that. Plus it meant that Virgina really was his sister now so he could legitimately keep that prat Damon away from her. He was pulled back to the present when Fredrico smacked him.

"You know this is all your fault."

"Yeah it is we look….English now." Complained Georogio

Roland laughed at that. "Well at least you can now legitimately say your names really are Fred and George even if you two did switch it up."

The twins glared. They had done that so now they really were confused. At the time it seemed like a great prank to go as the Weasley twins now no so much as they really were "Fred and George and Fredrico and Georgio" This could get complicated. Not to mention they really did have to claim all sibs as theirs now. Then again…that was a good thing as they were now all "really" family. Fostering was always a risk. Both knew that their foster parents would have adopted them in a heartbeat but their "bio" mom worked for the mayor so that was never going to happen. Now however they grinned they were likely all switched up. It was going to be fascinating to look into.

Roland froze he knew that look Damn his brothers were going all scientific on them and that would so not be fun.


In his mansion the right honorable Richard Wilkins III looked at his reflection. He frowned this would not do at all. With a wave of his wand he was once more looking like his old self. Of course the wand was new as was his height. He looked at it in rather amused annoyance. Yes he could be amused and annoyed at the same time. He had never thought his diversion for the tribute would go so delightfully wrong and right at the same time. He felt power surge through him. Yes the ritual that the hack had done added to his power. Not to mention it gave him a backup plan for immortality. Voldermort and a Sith lord not to bad really. Even if by some off force no pun intended he was killed he would become one with the force and Riddle's Hortexes would bring him back. Yes this cock up might well be worth it.


Class ended and Oz headed out knowing the others would follow. He wondered if they would find any others affected by the chaos mage's spell? He just hoped only good got activated they had enough evil to fight as it was.

The trio of Remus, Tonks and Sirius all followed their classmate wary but in need of his rather dubious contacts. Everyone in Sunnydale High knew there was something different about Buffy Summers and her friends. They turned up to often in the weirdness that was this town for them not to have a handle on what was going on. However the three friends trusted Oz in a strange way and hoped he was right to trust Buffy and the others. Their wizard and witch personalities were wary of Muggles but the need for intelligence outweighed that not to mention the thought of being on the hell mouth they could all sense scared the poggies out of them. However any patornous they tried to send fizzled as if it could not find Dumbledore nor the ministry. Their conflicting memories was giving them worries as well. So follow the werewolf was the only option.

Remus scowled at that as he hated trusting another wolf especially one as dominate as Oz now appeared to be. He moved closer to Dora to protect her. His hand caught hers and he pulled her close. He could not, would not lose her or the baby.


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Not So Helpless

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Monday, May 04, 2015

Part 31

Giles had come in with Buffy and Dawn. He had driven them in for once as they had all wanted to be at school early. He knew Dawn was a little upset the three conflicting memories had her really upset. Giles however had been able to clam her by suggesting the strange memories were a result of the costumes they all wore and had no real basis in reality. He was not so certain of that but he loved Dawn like his own child and would do what he could to ease her fears. If that meant lying a bit until he had more concrete answers then he do that and not worry about it at all. She was as much a part of his family as Buffy and Joyce and now even Jessica. He tried not to think about the additional personalities at this time as it was complicated enough. However that being said it did not stop him from using Jake's skill to search the internet for information on this insanity. Now that the day was done he fully expected the gaggle of children to come in demanding answers, answers he did not have just yet. He knew it was some sort of ritual but beyond that he had nothing as everything he read said it should have ended when the new day dawned.


Buffy spent the day only half paying attention to her classes which was not really all that unusual for her. However the half of her that did listen had much to her surprise written down some detailed notes. She gathered the last of them together and put them in her trapper keeper. That was one school device she loved it did keep her organized at least a little.

She sighed French class had been so easy. She silently thanked Tessa for that one. Who knew being a Spanish Nobel meant she would also be fluent in French? Oh well one reason to keep her new partner. She just hoped Giles could find information to calm Dawn down. Her sister was almost freaking out and that would not due. Magic was involved Buffy knew that much but she wondered if it was all designed to distract them rather than being the real truth? If it was true well she did not care anyway as Dawn was still her sister. She could however admit Dawn having access to god like powers could be a slight problem as keeping the teen in and not patrolling was already difficult if she was a goddess or even a demi-god she have enough power to protect herself which was good but… it also meant she want to be more involved in the fight something Buffy did not want and was sure the parents would hate as well. She pulled her now packed bag onto her shoulder time to see Giles and figure out what the what was.

Tess wanted to groan at Buffy's clear mangling of the English language. While it was not a fluid or beautiful as Spanish or French it still should be spoken properly. Buffy giggled as she caught that thought. 'I'm a teenager I am supposed to mangle English. Hey speaking of mangled stuff I seem to recall you said you had an estate not far from here. I mean mom's house keeps getting wrecked with all the slayage and it's hard to defend. Maybe if we were someplace outside of town it be safer for us and everyone else.'

'I did have. It's a small ranchero and it should suit your needs it has several out buildings one of which could be turned into a training facility. We have to see if it is for sale or if the owner could be convinced to sell it."

"It would probably cost a lot." Buffy said worrying her lip.

"Maybe unless you could access some of my hidden funds, I buried several catches of golden double escudo (doblón) in various places. I could perhaps lead you to one such. There should be enough gold to buy the house at least and perhaps the lands as well.'

"Well maybe I know gold is high priced right now and rare coins are worth even more. Ok we should go see if we can find some after we talk to Giles. He wants us to meet up with him after class. I want the family safe and maybe we have room for the others as well.'

'That's not a problem the house was large and there are also several guest houses on the property. If not we could always build more. Unless they were left completely alone they should still be standing based on the buildings of this town. They might need to be updated though.'

'We could do that maybe. As long as it has at least two bathrooms I would be happy. Love our house but one bath so does not cut it.'

Tessa laughed at that. She could see how it could be a problem for Buffy. They walked to the library and went in surprised to see the additional people.

'Wow looks like a lot of people got wammied.'

The newly minted golden trio pulse the twins were standing to the side warily watching everyone. Buffy was shocked to see several of her class mates go over to them and shocked to see Stephen hug the teen male and hold onto him as if he was never going to let go. The same could be said about the bispeckled boy. He clung to Stephan as if he was a long lost friend.

'Ok this is not weird at all.' Willow thought as she came in. She knew Stephen and Roman mostly though Oz but she did know they were not close friends of the group they were hugging. Ok they might know each other through sports and the computer clubs but that by no means was a reason for the group hug thing. Or at least it wasn't until she felt the magic pulse off them and saw Dorothea's hair change colors. Willow's brain made the connections. 'They must have went as characters from Harry Potter. Harkin as Harry, Stephen as Sirius and Roman as Remus. The hugs make sense….if they each thought the others were dead. I wonder if that means we have more magical back up? Well at least we don't have their big bad here right.' Willow should have known better then to jinx herself by thinking that but for the moment her shock did not consider that perhaps some of their fellow town men might have dressed as the evil ones.

Evil took advantage of the changes. Balance had to be maintained after all. For each hero born on Halloween evil got a chance to bring forth one of its own well as long as someone had been foolish enough to dress as such a character. Magneto played with the metal balls and smirked. He would help raise mutants to power as they were far superior to the mundane humans. He had suffered once under Hitler and his people who dared to consider his people less than human never again.

Mystic also known as Raven watched her husband/lover with a smile. It was interesting to see the changes in him. He was younger stronger and the power he displayed enticed her. This time they would make it work after all they were married and she had no intention of allowing him to run away. They now had a cause and with her newly minted understanding of human psychology they would go far. She morphed into her alternates form. Shelia would check on their daughter after all one had to at least appear to care for ones offspring.


Spike stood back in the shade. He was not totally trusting of the changes in his body. Ok so he did not smolder at the first touch of the sun. However he had been a vampire far longer than he had been human and some habits die hard. He watched as the SUV pulled up and almost dropped his cigarette as the Slayer's Mum stepped out of the passenger side. This could be an issue. Then again maybe it was an opportunity?


Cordelia and Angel both knew they had to leave soon. The newly minted master criminals would soon have the standard law officers pulling out their hair. For all the advancements in science and technology they had no doubts what so ever that Luther and the Joker would be a problem. Angel packed his bags and waited for Cordelia. She had to close up her home as the Chases were now master criminals and a threat to her as well as the world. Angel vowed to keep her safe and to ensure she never regretted the change. He saw it as his shot at redemption however he was aware that being made a champion was not high on Cordelia's list of things to do. Fortunately Diana had a high regard for duty and honor so with luck….it never be an issue. Besides he had already decided to build her a palace of ice. He was certain she love it.


Not So Helpless

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Part 32

The changes that happened on Halloween would have far reaching affects not that anyone quite realized it yet. Worlds had been merged and destiny had been altered for many differing individuals on both the side of good and evil. It meant that many who would have died lived and their actions would be changed. The fates wanted to pull out their hair but as they had been commanded by the king of the gods to make it work they simply began to reweave the lives and reality of this newly melded plain. That did not mean that the three did not have plans for the evening. Dionysus would definitely have visitors at his alter this night. For if ever a goddess needed a drink…. Well today was the day. However now was the time to reweave fate itself and pray that the changes saved and did not destroy the human race.

Janus and Murphy knew they had escaped barely and both sipped a cold mug of wine. Unlike the fates they had no problem drinking on the job. Hell if they were drunk then maybe they have and excuse. Nope not really but hell this was complicated. Both gods even felt slightly guilty for the changes and chaos they caused which of course was why they were drinking. Guilt was not something either did well but with luck which was Murphy's stock and trade they would help humanity survive. Murphy could on the balance do good deeds not that he ever got credit. He swallowed his wine a bit bitter about that one. Oh well he was a god he would survive the bad press.

Magneto moved along the walk toward the local synagogue. He might not be the most religious of men but his alter ego was a Rabbi and a respected one so he would do what he could to keep up appearances. It would help his cover. As he walked to the holy place he was accosted by several Skin heads. His brow rose at this. He could not believe Sunnydale had such an element. L.A. Yes but not here in his town. He narrowed his eyes ready to see what these thugs wanted. He would be more than happy to teach them a lesson.

The young men could not believe their luck. They had stopped in this hick town to get fuel and a few snacks on their way to a rally. It looked like they found someone to have a bit of fun with as well as perhaps restock on funds. Clearly this Jewish guy was loaded by the way he was dressed. Yep it was definitely going to be worth stopping here.

"Give us your money Mister." The tallest and bulkiest skin head said. His piercings and shaved head gleaming in the sun as he cracked his knuckles clearly trying to intimidate the man of God who stood before him, he did not expect a fight as everyone knew Jews were weak and pacifists.

Ira/Magneto merely quirked a brow clearly amused at this idiots attempt at intimidation after dealing with the SS this was laughable.., and insulting to the mutant. "Why would I do that young man?"

His reply shocked the not so bright skin head but the youth plowed forward anyway. "Because if you don't I'll break every bone in your body."He pulled on a pair of metal knuckles.

Magneto merely laughed. "I think you should leave." The Ira side of his personality was nonviolent and peaceful and did try to prevent violence. However the thugs were not wise enough to take his kindness and attacked. Magneto dodge then with a flick of his hand ripped the metal from the thug's body. He screamed and fell down even as the knuckles he would have used on his opponent beat him after they had flow to and unto Magneto hands. His fellows found themselves hit by trash lids that had flown from the nearby alley. Soon all were out cold bleeding. Magneto shook his head and pulled out Ira's cell phone and dialed 911. As much as he would like to finish these thugs perhaps a better example could be made of them. He silently cursed the Rabbi's sense of morals. Oh well if it did not work….he could always deal with them later. Besides there were CCTV cameras that saw him beating these thugs no point in getting arrested. At least the trash lids had not been seen to fly. Of course if anyone asked he say someone had tossed them out then ran away not wanting to claim publicity.


Shelia/Raven headed to the school to find Willow. Her memories were jumbled and strange. While she had several children she was not a candidate for mother of the year. The cause had been too much a part of her life for that. Magneto had taken too much of her love and devotion for her to have much left over for her children. That and the worry she had if they were discovered to be hers had left her to place several up for adoption. Many might think she was a cold hearted bitch and she was the first to admit she could be. However as a child she had been hunted so perhaps she could be forgiven for trying to hide her offspring while she sought to make a better world for them. Sacrifices had to be made for the betterment of her people. She like Magneto worried that their kind would be hunted and killed. Humanity feared that which was different and stronger and mutants were that. She was not sure they were superior to other humans but she did know that even the idea of difference could get them killed. So she had hidden her children Kurt and Willow among them. Willow of course was her alter ego's child but she loved her none the less and wanted to ensure she was at least safe and secure and had sufficient funds to live on. So she was at the school to check on her daughter. As she headed inside she saw the changed students. Well well looks like there may be more of us then we thought. That made her smile even as she saw others of their kind and those from other realities as well. Hum this may change things.

Willow was walking to class when she spotted her mother. 'Ok what the heck?' Shelia never came to the school except on rare occasions for teacher conferences. "Mother how are you doing today I did not know you were coming to the school?" She asked clearly worried about this event.

"I had a little spare time Willow. I thought I would stop by and see if you can take lunch with me?"

Willow looked perplexed but nodded. "Yeah sure, I mean yes I'd like that ah but we have to get me check out. I mean I don't want to be caught skipping."

Shelia smiled at that. Willow always was responsible and mature. It made her feel good she had raised such an independent and strong young lady. "Of course dear come walk with me to the office I am sure Principle Snyder will be glad to let us have lunch together."

Willow nodded not believing that for a moment but she was worried enough about this event to go along.


"So you think these things will bring enough cash to help B an me get that place she was talking about." Faith asked Lara.

"Yes along with the accounts I gave you access to. We should go to Sunnydale First National and see about transferring some funds."

"I think I'd have to open an account first. I mean I don't have one." Faith said. She reached into her jeans and pulled out a few dollars. "I only have about fifty? Will that be enough to open an account?"

"I don't know we can ask." Lara said "I should think so as we will be transferring a large amount I doubt the bank will cause issues. Let's go. Of course we need to be wary of your American banking laws so no more than 5000.00 dollars at that is time. We can arrange for that amount to be sent weekly as part of a trust fund once we get the account open. We will need to find an attorney for that one though."

"We can ask Mrs. S. She will know. Being and Isles and all they got lots of money." Faith said.

"They have lots of money Faith."Lara corrected but smiling glad Faith was helping solve the problems of money it would do the girl a world of good to boost her confidence and feelings of self worth.

Faith mentally stuck her tongue out at her friend. It felt good though to have some answers and idea. Maybe this could work for her.


Not So Helpless

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Part 33

Shelia walked with Willow and watched the other students. There were several members of the brotherhood hanging around in the crowd as well as several X Men. She spotted Wolverine and grinned. He was always an interesting one. He was at one time a man she had considered taking on as a lover but he had been so caught up in his lust for Jean Grey that he had rejected her. Perhaps it was just as well. Jamie Connors watched Shelia go by his senses picked up mutant and he frowned as his alter ego told him who it was. He would have to warn Willow. She was a good person and had often tutored him in computers she'd need a heads up on this one.

Willow babbled telling her mother about her classes and life. It was rare she had her to herself so she was taking advantage pretending they had a normal relationship. Yes she has now Joyce's Daughter to but a part of her still longed for her "mum".

Shelia/Raven smiled. She was very proud of her daughter as she listened. She sensed she was also now a mutant and likely a powerful one which pleased her. She was also glad she was so intelligent. She wondered briefly if she had any of her or Magneto's powers? She hoped so as they would keep her safe. In any case she found she was actually enjoying speaking and listening to Willow. Perhaps now that she had her own powers and was older they could be more involved? Something to think about because surely Willow's skills with the computers could prove useful to the cause if only in raising money and getting the word out there to others of their kind; Computers offered a whole new way to communicate.

"What is going on here?" Demanded Principle Snyder as he spotted Rosenberg with a strange woman he was not happy seeing someone who was not under his control in his school.

"Principle Snyder nice to see you again Willow and I were just heading to the office to speak to you. I was hoping you would allow me to take Willow off campus for lunch?"

This drew Snyder up short his mind racing trying to remember who this woman was. However he noted the expensive business suit and air of power about her and decided to error on the side of caution for once. "Oh, why is that?"

"Well Mom and dad flew in unexpected and have a few things related to the family to discuss with me." Willow explained.

"Yes indeed. It seems her father's work will be taking us out of town for a bit and I wanted to see if Willow was still willing to spend time with Bunny …Buffy Summers and her family. Maura was kind enough to offer to have Willow over as she has become such good friends with Willow, Dawn and Faith."

"I see well normally I would decline such a request children are required to remain on campus as they must be educated.."

Willow seemed to wilt at that showing she really did want to spend time with her mother. Oddly that stirred a protective instinct in Shelia. Her dark look however was all Raven/Mystic.

"I hardly think Willow is a child nor is she a typical teen. Her report cards show this. I hardly think an hour away during her lunch period is cause for worry."

"As I said ordinarily however as you point out and rightly so Willow could easily make up any work even if she were to miss the whole afternoon, family is important so take all the time you require. I just expect to be informed if you will be gone longer then the lunch hour." Snyder said with his own dark glare. "I do take my responsibilities to the children seriously.

"Of course, I fully understand. I never intended to imply otherwise the Mayor speaks highly of your commitment to the school and Sunnydale."

'Score one for mom reminding him she has connections.' Willow thought she looked down and away as not to let the worm see her smirk.

"All right well have a nice lunch and my regards to Rabbie Rosenberg and his honor." Snyder said stalking away not at all happy that one of Summers gang was getting a treat.

"Come on Willow we should go. I have reservations for us at Dante's."

Willow's brow rose that was more the kind of place Cordellia's folks would go to so this had to be important. 'Her family was well off but they hardly flaunted it. Well at least mom's considering letting me with Buffy. It would be so much better than being alone all the time.'


The trail left Sunnydale and the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman followed. They had to catch the Joker and Lex. The world was soon in for a lot of crime and neither looked forward to dealing with it. With luck someone had dressed as Batman and Robin. 'Damn now I am thinking like Harris this is so not good.' Angel thought.


"I'm Doctor Maura Isles and this is my wife Detective Jane Rizzoli we were sent to help you with your family My condolences at your loss."

"Thank you ma'am it is horrid in there. I …I never seen anything like it they are just all dead." Spike /Adam said "Who could do such a thing."

"Sadly there are many evil people in the world." Jane said. "Maura I will take a look around outside first. Can you assist Mr?"

"Wilhelm Adam Lucas Karl Edward Reich." He'd be damned if he was taking that pouncy name the Roman god wanted to give him. He at least have a decent nick name. If he had to be a white hat then he would do it on his terms. He would go by Walker. He had always liked that show and besides he was as bad ass as Chuck Norris. "Everyone calls me Walker."

Jessica smiled at that. She could see it the guy looked like he was well build and could be a Texas Ranger with his accent.

Spike smiled and was glad Adam had spent some time in Texas he use this to further distance himself from William the Bloody. If he was to convince Buffy to give him a chance and he had to be the white hat then he'd be a white hat with attitude and modeling after a kick ass Ranger worked. Besides he kind of liked the hat he had found in the hall closet with the badge on it. It was clearly part of a Halloween costume from some past year and what the hell he was inspired. He tilted it back on his head and looked up at the doctor and detective trying hard to project sadness and loss. It was not so easy to do as he did not know the people killed but he'd make it work.


The fates cursed smart ass vampires as they raced to change the details of his cover. Why why is this such a cock up they thought.

Janus choked on his wine. Damn that was ballsy challenging him and making a whole new idea. Well at least this time it was so not his or Murphy's fault. Free will was always interesting. Janus grinned as he saw several of the PTB pop in clearly pissed and heading to shout at the fates. Well with luck the Ladies will end the PTB for us. He thought and once he wipped his mouth clear he took another long sip of wine. Damn this was good he'd so have to get more from Dionysus.


Part 34 Monkey wrench

Not So Helpless

Disclaimer: See Part One

Monday, September 14, 2015

Part 34 Monkey wrench

Giles smiled as his girls gave him the funds to help purchase their new estate. He was proud of both Buffy and Faith for stepping up and considering their new circumstances with such care. It showed that they had both grown and matured into fine young women.

"So Giles will this be enough to buy the hacienda?"

"Yes more than enough ladies though I must point out that your mothers both have large bank accounts as well. I to seem to have acquired a rather large portfolio of various Dot Com investments; that does not however mean this is not appreciated. We will need funds to help set up our new home and to purchase the supplies we need. Having money and not needing it is far better than needing and not having. I am proud that you both stepped up this way. I am certain we can make use of these funds in our work lives though I would suggest you keep some for yourselves."

"Yeah well mom and you take care of all our needs Giles. So not too worried on that front."Buffy said. She looked at Faith "You are a part of our family now too Faith. So no more flea bag rat infested hovel for my sis."

"Yeah I won't miss that place that's for certain. Ok maybe you can set up trusts for me and B and maybe D, Red and X. I mean if we are all still in the fight we will all need money and working would just get in the way at least a normal n 9-5 gig. So maybe trust funds could solve that issue."

"Great Idea Faith," Buffy said. "I mean if we got money separate from the council they won't be able to pull the strings so much especially if we do like Giles said and set up our own libraries and resource centers. It would take time and effort but maybe having a second 'council' as backup be wise I mean what happens if some big bad gets a brain and tries to take out the main HQ."

Giles cleaned his glasses never having considered that and frankly he doubted those in London did either. Travers was to arrogant to think they could be at risk. While other places had some resources they were not as extensive as the councils. Perhaps they should speak with some of the Covens and be more proactive in sharing information? He would have to think about it more but Buffy did have a good point.
"Yes well we should have a large Library regardless of the backup situation. It would never do to need a book or scroll and not have it. Of course anything we save on line will have to be checked with care we do not need another demon in the internet."
Buffy and Faith nodded at that both glad Willow was not there as that was still a very sore spot with her.

Shelia led Willow inside Dantes it was one of Sunnydale's top eateries and it did have a rather lovely Kosher menu. Both women soon ordered and sat back sipping iced tea.

"So mother what's your and father's plans now?"

"Well sadly we must travel for our various work commitments however we both realized recently we have been very neglectful of you. For that I apologize and am hoping to make some amends."

"Mom your work is important." Willow said knowing that while she love to be closer to her family their being out of Sunnydale kept them safer.

"Perhaps however we still are your parents and we should become more involved in your life. Your father and I after much discussion have decided once these last tours are completed to remain at home for a bit. To reconnect and perhaps find a way to become more involved in our own community."

"Ah, that's good I guess." Willow said sipping her tea. She had no idea what to say about this.
Shelia/Raven smiled It was the truth if not the whole truth. With members of the Brotherhood in Sunnydale as well as the X men it would be far wiser for her and Ira/Magneto to stay and work here. Who knew if the changes went beyond the city. In any case they had a good home base her why not use it. Besides she had sensed other creatures about and while Shelia's maternal instincts were almost null that could not be said for Raven's. She might be a hands off kind of mother in some ways but she had always done what she could to ensure her offspring's safety and leaving Willow here alone was not a way to do that. She could combine both goals and perhaps learn more of her daughter and maybe just maybe get her to join their movement. She was highly intelligent and if she guessed right powerful in her own right and that would be most useful to the cause.

The Joker pulled into the small airport and walked to the check in. He quickly got tickets for he and his companion. They were off the big city Crime waited on no man after all.

Spike followed the ladies out and knew something had changed. Joyce smelled different as Maura but she was still the slayer's Mum. The Detective smelled of Harris. Oh well he could live with that he supposed if he wanted to get the slayer. He just hoped his new combined personality would be enough to get the slayer to give him a chance. He wanted her badly as both Spike and Methos. He wondered if maybe he should try to become a healer in this time again? It be useful to help the slayer and maybe show he was not just a killer? Something to think about anyway, he tilted the hat and felt something stir in his mind. OH bloody hell not again. Memories flooded him and he went and sat down on a bench under a tree. Damn I so should not have put this hat one who knew the chaos magics still be going on? As he leaned back memories of the Texas Ranger whose hat he wore flooded his mind and he cursed as they melded with his memories of Methos and he suddenly realized that the Immortal had once been a ranger as well. Well damn….who'd have thought the lone ranger was real? OK I said I wanted to be a good guy and a white hat but this is ridiculous.

The PTB looked down and smirked no way they were letting the Gods run everything this should make things a lot more interesting as the Blonde vampire would now have a firm moral code to follow. The only thing they hated was that it put a partial soul of a good man in the vampire. Oh well it was all for balance and the greater good. They were sure the soul in question would not mind…much.


Part 35

Not So Helpless

Disclaimer: See Part One

December 05,2015

Part 35

"What the bloody hell." Spike said to himself softly. "Ok I guess I am going to be stuck as a white hat. I wonder if I can get Joyce to help me by introduce me to the slayer/Buffy." He wondered what this new twist would add to the mix.

Angel and Cordelia flew out after the Joker and the other major villain their lives in Sunnydale; was now over. They were now villains to catch and they would be in the spotlight even as the slayer and her allies hid in the dark. Somehow they had a feeling their jobs would be easier.

Giles research was a little shocking. He now had two wives and a whole new family. Their new persona's were legal and they could be a family at last he would be able to keep all his children safe. He smiled as he sipped his tea. His children's trust fund was now set up. Willow and Oz had managed to do most of the work online and Maura's legal team had the trusts vetted. Yes one less thing to worry about. The real estate agent had managed to secure their house and vineyards at less than three quarters of the asking price. It was a beginning. He was going to keep the children safe. They might have to fight monsters every night but they would have a safe place to rest and recover.

Maura and Jane walked together into the station. The day was to wild to believe. Memories of two differing persona's flooded them. Both wondered how the town could be so blind but grateful it was.

"Hey doc I hope you and the detective and the family can come for dinner next week Saturday. I'm BBQ the Mrs. told me to be sure to invite you and the kids. I mean Harmony and Althea and their folks are coming along with Cordellia my Vicky needs to make new friends and I am hoping that this BBQ will help our family being new to Sunnydale and all."

Jane looked at Maura and she nodded. "We would like that of course we will probably bring Xander and Willow as well as Dawn is that a problem?"

"No, actually it be good as James love to meet some guys. He is sick of being ganged up on his sister. I forgot Dawn was my Hanna's age the more the merrier." The new desk officer said.

"Sure we will be there Officer Smith." Jane said she and Maura headed for Maura's office. "Ok that was weird."

"Well someone filled him in on our being in Witsec before and he did not really know us as Jessica and Joyce so maybe it isn't so strange for him. Besides the children could use some regular friends and they might help save the others lives if they can inform them of what goes on in this town." Maura/Joyce said.

"Giles won't like it but I agree we need to be more proactive."Jane said. "Ok so we have a BBQ to attend. What should we bring?"

"I am not sure. Joyce's and my memories are still merging."

"Well a bottle of wine for certain and some food. Well we should call Smith's wife Sara and see what she needs."Jessica/Jane suggested.

"Good idea, well I have a body to deal with love." Maura said kissing Jane quickly then heading to do her autopsy.

Jessica smiled and kissed her back she liked becoming Jane it definitely had its perks. Not the least of which was getting rid of Tony. She now had Maura/Joyce and Rupert/Jake life was so much better. She headed back to her desk the sooner the paper work was cleared the sooner she could go home to her family. That had a great ring to it. Even if she still had to clear out the Harris house it be worth it.


Part 36

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Not So Helpless

Part 36

Giles hands flew over the computer key board. He winked at Willow who was sitting across from him glaring. She so could not believe he was winning. She stuck her tongue out. However the game was fun. Not to mention the fact that soon they have managed to hack and steal the funds of several major cartels and send proof of their crimes to the FBI and Interpol. Being bad to be good was fun.

Giles enjoyed the challenge. He found the firewalls to be of no real difficulty to bypass. The information he had found would help solve dozens of crimes and bring many career criminals to justice. The programming glitch he had installed or virus would forward any and all illegal emails to the FBI and local law enforcement. He thought it might seem a bit harsh but given the crimes the people he outed were as bad as the worst vampires. At least vampires and demons had excuses. These men and women did evil for profit and fun. Willow transferring of the fund to help police departments and their victims was brilliant. The small service fee she exacted was more than fair to his mind. Those funds would help them in slaying and help set up Angel and Cordelia. Not that he wasn't certain the vampire had funds but this way it would be a legal traceable income or at least it would be once Willow cleaned it some. The good guys outside of Sunnydale needed support as well.

Oz came wandering in he was wearing an oxford shirt t-shirt and Jeans. He leaned over and kissed Willow "Babe we got a meeting to go to. The new Mojo users want to know what the what is."

Giles looked up surprised at that long speech but he said. "Well I am done here. Willow you got the money?"

"Yes sir I do you betcha. Cordelia will have a really, really big trust fund now. It will look like her grandparents topped it off before they passed away. It's not connected to the Chase money in anyway so even if the feds as in the IRS find it they cannot touch it. She and Angel should be able to find a decent place to live and be comfortable."

"Ok then let's go. The sooner we find out what changes happened to your classmates the better. Oz you still look like you grown."

"Yeah over a foot, feels weird." He said.
Willow got up and hugged him. "Love it you got such cool hair now."

Oz sighed he was so not used to long locks but it did make him look like an old style rocker and the band all were sporting long hair now so getting it cut was out. Not to mention his Willow liked it so he'd deal.

"So do we really have Harry Potter?" Willow asked liking the idea of more magic users.

"Yes, more too some from the Anita verse, more wolves, cats and others it's changing everything."

"Cool, come on we have to get to the library. Buffy and the others will be annoyed if we are late."Willow said. "So am I your lupa?"

"Oh course." Oz said as if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

Willow smiled happily. At least I did not go as Anita.

Dawn raced along the path toward school. She was having so much fun. For the first time in a long time she felt whole. The power that was inside her felt calmer and far more controlled.

Her friends laughed as she tagged them for a game. She took off running easily jumping a fence to get away. Her boyfriend followed with ease. He so loved his new body. Maybe he could go out for track?

Xander was walking toward the school when he saw an accident happen. He raced over and saw the car was smashed to bits it had been fleeing a police car and spun out of control and crashed into a minivan. The doors were smashed in and there was a fire. Without thinking about it he ripped the doors off. The police came running to help. "Get these people out. I'll get the doors off the van."

The SDPD officers were not about to argue with the man who pulled off smashed car doors without the jaws of life. They jumped into the task of saving the perp who'd caused the crash. Knowing that they could not get to the lady in the van until the doors were off, so they saved this guy first, not that he deserved it. However they had to help and for the moment this was the best way. One of them shouted into his radio for an ambulance as they pulled the perp out. They then went to help the guy with the people in the van. Everyone was pulled clear as the vans exploded.

Xander was tossed back and hit the ground hard. Damn that hurt he thought before he passed out.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin cast several protective spells as they waited in the library. The place felt evil.

"So is anyone else getting bad vibes?" Sirius asked.

"Yeah from over there." Remus said pointing. His wand waved around to place protective wards. Hermione was clinging to Harry and Tonks stood guard over both kids. Ron had gone to get his family and he hoped the boy would not run into any trouble.

"Ron will be ok won't he Remus?" Harry asked.

"He is with the twins Harry. He will be fine and the sooner we are all together the better. I don't like this. I don't know how we all got here."

"Well I don't care you are all alive." Harry said. "I don't care who did it or how we are together again I will keep you all safe this time."

"Harry that is our job to keep you safe not the other way around I am an Auror you know." Tonk said she loved Harry but her cousin was a kid and should not be worrying about dark wizards. Damn Dumbledore for convincing him solving their dark lord issues was Harry's job. Knowing what she did not Tonks would kill the old fart rather than follow him. Looking at Remus and Sirius she had a feeling they would help. The voices of their counterparts agreed and it was really weird to know that two people were sharing one body. What did the Muggles call it Multiple personality….

'So not you are the intruder not me. I'll share but don't accuse me of being a voice in the head. You saw my school id.'

Tonks nodded to the voice. 'Still weird, but I suppose you have a point, just hope this Rupert Giles guy has a clue.'

Her counterpart snorted. 'If it's weird then Giles and Buffy and her gang will know.'


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Friday, October 21, 2016

Not So Helpless

Part 37

Buffy walked toward the library she had a feeling that the Scooby gang was about to face a whole new level of strange. She did have a smile on her face however as Faith joined her. It seemed that Lara had convinced her sister to enroll in school. Good she thought it will be nice to have others here to help protect everyone not that it was not far safer because of all the upgrades to various groups and individuals but it would take time for everyone to get used to their gifts and their new personalities it was going to be fun

Faith watched the scenery with wary eyes. She had never been into school. It held to many bad memories for her. She however had to admit that if one had to attend high school Sunnydale high was a great place to be. She rather liked the many open court yards and sun filled rooms. It would help with the vampire issues unless of course they got the sparkly kind in which case she was so going to shoot Janis and Murphy gods or not. She grinned at the idea of sparkly vampires not that she would ever admit reading Twilight.

Buffy walked with her in silence trying to absorb the new memories and hoping that this was not going to cause them more issues as she entered the gangs sanctuary she found it all ready occupied but several other students. Yep Giles and Willow were right their fellow students had shown up and were there looking for answers. Thinking about her friend and the strange visit she had she hoped Willow was ok with her mom. It was weird as Sheila had felt off. It was not just her sudden concern for her daughter it was something else. Then again everyone had changed so maybe Willow's parents had as well. With luck it would be a good change. If not well then the gang would find a way to deal after all Willow was now her family too.


Dante's was fantastic. For once Willow was glad her mom was around it was weird but good. It had been a long, long time since either Shelia or Ira Rosenberg had taken an active interest in their daughter. Willow was not one to hope but, she was practical. She would enjoy the time she had with her mum who knew when it would happen again. Of course her parents saying they were staying a while might make things interesting. Willow debated on if she should inform them of the hell mouth?


Giles came in and instantly felt the protective wards. He sighed it was something he should have done but he had never had the power to do. He looked over at the wizards and witch and smiled. "Hello welcome to Sunnydale Library. How can we help you?" He said as his slayers/ daughters came to his side.

"We want to know what happened to us." Harry/ Harrison blurted out. "I mean we were all just dressed up for Halloween and now we got some tag alongs."

Giles sighed and said. "Would you like some tea? I am putting on a pot and a cuppa might make this discussion easier."

Harrison rolled his eyes and looked at Buffy.

"What he is British Tea the answer to everything or so it seems."

Tonks snorted. "Yeah it is and please I could use a cuppa."

Remus looked at her and she giggled. "What you want one too. Besides I for one want answers. I mean none of this makes a lick of sense. There is no way in hell I should have a bun in the oven I mean we ah….never …."

"Yes and as glad as I am of it in our world Sirius fell through the veil." Harry said. "Tonks and Remus died in the last battle, I am not complaining they are back but….it doesn't make sense."

"Then there are the Weasley's, what are the odds?" Hermione chimed in. Their counterparts from Sunnydale stayed silent. They figured they did not even know what questions to ask so they would go with the flow for a moment."

"I get that." Buffy said with a grin. "Well Giles this is even more complicated than we thought."

Her watcher/ father sighed and cleaned his glasses as the tea pot he put on boiled. He looked up and cursed the tptb and Janis. Snyder was going to have a fit with a teen pregnancy and all that drama. On the plus side maybe the wolf would chomp him? No that would make the poor wolf sick so as amusing as the idea was it would have to be put on hold. Besides no one would want Snyder as a wolf if they were to have a pack it should be made of decent humans who respect and control the wolves.

Soon several other students joined the group. Giles cleaned his glasses and sighed. Normally as a librarian he would be glad that the student population was interested in his books but sadly that was not why they were here.

Buffy just sat back and watched eager to see who had worn what costume.


Dr. Maura Isles AKA Joyce Summers skillfully began the autopsy of the slaughtered family. It was quite clear that someone or something had taken their time and been very messy. It was still hard for the doctor to understand how someone could kill in such a brutal fashion. She hoped that the young man at the house was not involved. She could sense his upset at the scene but there was a strange disconnect as well. Jane had brought it to her attention however she had suggested that in this case it might simply be shock. Her detective was hesitant to believe that but she had been willing to consider it. After all everyone reacted differently and most people never saw such horror in their lives.

Of course the part of her that was Joyce Summers watched in fascination and a bit of her own horror as she worked carefully opening the chest of the man's dead wife. She and her counterpart were merging and fortunately for Maura her partner seemed to be willing to work with her. It was all still very complicated and confusing but it seemed that such strangeness was part of living in this strange city. Maura was glad however that she had not lost her family with the merging. In fact it had grown. She knew she and Jane/Jessica had to find out more but for now they would do their work and hope it worked out. She idly wondered if the funds she had as an Isles were still available? If so perhaps she could purchase a new vehicle the one she was currently driving was not very eco friendly. With a sigh she closed the woman she been working on. Such a waste she thought she had been very lovely in life.

Well I wanted to be a cop. Jessica/Jane thought. I wanted to be strong and I am. Who'd thought it could be possible. Well I did say I wanted to be a better example for my son and I suppose being decorated police officer is as good a way as any. I just hope that this does not blow up in our faces it feels like a set up. Of course I got two wickedly hot partners and I won't ever complain about that. She smirked as she recalled her blonde wife and her beautifully sculpted husband. She pushed back the lust as she began her report. She wanted to get her initial reactions down and start sorting the evidence. It was really all she could do until the ME aka Maura did the autopsy.


Dawn and her friends were all very happy with the new situation they found themselves in. They all felt strong and brave and knew that they could now help keep their town safe. As they raced to class they noted that several of their classmates had upgrades as well. Dawn grinned as she spotted several mutants and the teen titans. Well at least Angel and Cordy will have back up. She smiled as she knew that Wally and Heather would be moving to LA soon too. Yep it seemed that Halloween had shaken up their world. Of course she have to think about it later as she had to get to class. Principle Wollsey was not as bad as Snyder but there was no point in pushing her luck. She made a mental note to give Buffy and the gang the heads up. It seemed that maybe they had more changes then the gang had even suspected.

Murphy watched with a grin. He had always liked the youngest Summer's girl and he was bound and determined to help keep her safe. He hated the being known as Glory and would do all he could to ensure her plots and Plans failed which was why he had Strife whisper in the teens ear to go as Gods and Goddesses. One had to give the key a chance after all or they were all doomed.


Willie walked into his house carrying some grocery bags. While he might be glad of his new powers he was wise enough to know that he still had to be a good husband and father. It would surprise the Scooby gang to learn that Willie was happily married to the same female for over 30 years and had several children. His youngest son was in fact just turned 14. He froze as he saw him. Oh hell, hell no this is not good at all, damn it how did this happen?" He looked on and his 14 year old son was now 6 foot tall and dressed up as Frank Castle AKA the Punisher. Damn I got me a son who is a white hat. Willie thought. He looked around and called for his wife. She came out and he cursed again. "Honey is that you?"

"Yes Willie as you can see me and Franklin got changed some last night. Ah….do you I mean…."The worry in her voice was clear. She and Willie had been together a long time and were in a loving relationship however she was not so sure he would like the changes as she was now an Alpha mutant.

Willie was no fool despite what the slayers might think he moved with speed over to his wife and pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard on the lip. "Baby you are still the most ravishing woman I have ever seen." He did not care about appearance or anything like that. His Emmi had been perfect from the first day he met her.

His wife smiled and held him her mind reading his with ease. Willie was a half demon but he had always been a very good husband and father despite running a demon bar on the hell mouth. She held him and knew that maybe her knew gifts could help him. She was so tired of the slayers tossing him about. Now she could help provide all the intelligence they could want after all she had all of Emma Frosts gifts now. Of course she like many did not want the world to end and in a way Willie had probably provoked them but still…. Well things would change now.

"Emmi baby I think this means we might ah…."

"Yeah dad we have to help the slayer. But Dad if they try to beat you up again. I am so not going to be happy." His son cracked his knuckles.

Willie smiled. "Son its part of their job, besides if they did not do it then some of the demons might have tried to kill me. Buffy she get it now, we have and arrangement of sorts. It's been mostly for appearances for a long while now."

"Yeah well," Frank cracked his knuckles. "Maybe but they will show respect or else. I mean we don't want the world to end now do we. Just because you own a bar does not make you evil."

Willie smiled proud of his boy. "Franklin We are demons they are slayers its natural they worry about us but maybe now we can work a real truce. Besides, things are changing and they will get that."

"Sure dad, but I don't like bullies."Franklin

Willie nodded but knew deep down that until he had changed he had been a bit amoral. Not that he was not now but, sensing fear and seeing how it made people scatter and run from him well it changed something inside him. He might have the gifts but after a bit of using them he was ashamed of himself. He was after all part human and he should act it or maybe, just maybe the slayers had been right to toss him about as if he was evil. Well time to change it up. With Emmi now being able to read minds and Franklin as an enforcer he could move his bar into legitimate territory which was something he had always wanted to do. Yes he could change and so would his family and clan.

"We will have to set up a truce."Emmi said. "Besides did you not say you were friendly with the slayer's sister Franklin?"

"Yeah, Dawn's all right I guess. Ok I will try but anyone else trying to hurt you or mom goes down hard."

Willie sighed and nodded. His son had an upgrade and he would have to help him manage that anger. Maybe he could get the slayers to help him channel it to slay the evil demons? Something to think on.


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Not So Helpless

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Part 38

"How did we end up as two people?" Remus asked.

"We found that a local mage by the name of Ethan Raynes cast a spell to Janus."

Sirius sighed at that. While many in modern England did not believe in the old gods he had been raised a Black and they did follow the old ways or they had until they got caught up into pure blood surpremist ideas. He knew one of the reasons his Grandfather had never become a death eater was because he had worshiped the old gods at least in private. He had taught Sirius the old ways. It was one of the reasons he had been wary about many things that both Dumbledore and the Voldermort had believed. He had followed Dumbledore mostly because he was so close to James and Lily and the fact that the old bastard had seemed to oppose the dark wanker. Now he was not so certain.

"Janus, that sounds like he actually listened?"

Giles pulled off his glasses and cleaned them and said "Yes, Ethan has always been a most devoted follower, however in this case it seems to have been good for us all. I for one do not mind the changes."

Harrison sighed and looked away. He was close to all his friends and honestly was not sure he minded the changes. He noted Roman was protective and he clearly was not about to let his beloved be at risk. He even seemed to be content with the idea he might become a father far sooner than he had planned.

"Well I for one do not mind the idea of magic. Given what we now know about Sunnydale having it is probably of the good. However being Harry Potter might mean we have a dark lord issue that on top of the hell mouth is so not of t he good, I mean it would most certainly bollacks up things."

Giles smiled at the mixed slang. It was rather amusing to see the youth switch from Americanisms to those more like the ones he was used to. Of course it was going to complicate things a lot if the Dark creation of Voldermort was real and not fiction. It was bad enough they already had the Joker and Harley. Even Wonder Woman and Superman could cause issues not the least because of their great strength. However they were heading to L.A. so perhaps it would not be so bad. If they could track the super criminals and deal with Wolfram and Hart then life would be simpler for the gang on the hell mouth especially with new allies.

"I guess we can now help out." Roman/Remus said. "The main issue I see is we are all from differing periods of time. Not that I care much. I mean it is great to have Sirius back."

"Yeah, I agree I ….I'm glad you are all back. I almost lost it when I lost you all. You are my family." Harrison said. While he knew he was not Harry it felt like he could or should be. This was definitely going to take some getting used to.

Oz smiled he said little. He felt strong and at peace. Willow was his mate and he had to admit being glad no one had dressed as Anita. That could have been complicated.

Willow let Oz pull her close. She kind of wished she dressed as Anita Blake but she liked who she was. Her counterpart found it amusing and teased her a bit. "So looking for a few more boy toys?"

"Hey no…not boy toys," Willow's blush made it clear to Miss Mystic who Willow liked. It was not the male of the species other then perhaps Oz and her former crush Xander.

Xander watched the interplay confused. He liked his new body and form and he did not even mind some of his grandfather's memories not that they were all that clear. They were fading and a part of him was glad. It would have been weird….but he could be Captain America and he would lead by example and he would stand for the old core values….ok maybe some updates but truth and justice, duty, honor friendship faithful service that was his new motto.

Buffy grinned getting what Xander was feeling. She had an even deeper desire to protect her town and people the queen of swords merely reinforced her feeling of being a protector. She felt like the people were hers. It had to be that her alternate self was a noble. She sighed and sat down then jumped as the phone rang unexpectedly. She watched as Giles picked it up and listened.

"Hello, Rupert Giles speaking Sunnydale library."

The conversation was muffled and Gile's expression cycled through being shocked to, concerned to feral.

'Well something is up.' Buffy thought. She looked over at Xander who like herself had heard parts of the conversation. This should prove interesting and perhaps lead to a truce between slayers and demons in any case this Halloween had changed everything.

"Rupert we have some bodies." Joyce/ Dr. Isles said. She wanted to give him and Buffy the news as soon as possible. While she now understood that Willow routinely hacked the local medical examiner's office there was now no need for her to take such risks. Joyce manipulated the phone around to take a picture to send to Giles.

"Ah I see. Well I'll check my cell." Which he did with an ease he never had thought possible even a few hours earlier given his lack of comfort with technology; joining with Jake had changed everything for him. "Ah this will be complicated however the forewarning is appreciated I will of course check my books." He frowned at that. It was going to take some time.

"Of course, don't be late I'm making dinner and it will be served at 7. I should be done by then and Jane and I will be home. Be a dear and pick us up some wine and Jane's beer."

"Ah, of course, however given Jessica's past…"

"I know, we will discuss it but for now I think we may need it as we discuss the changed. I assume you will have some answers for us?"

"Yes I do have a some." Rupert said.

"Good we will see you and the children then do tell the others they are more than welcome to join us. I am making enough to feed all of Buffy's friends. Given what she has texted me I plan on feeding a small army. Are you informing the parents of her friends as well?"

"Hum, now that could prove interesting." Rupert said suddenly realizing that this could be far more complicated than he had considered. Of course having more adults in the know as it were could be helpful. "Make the dinner, I will also order pizza just on case. I'll text you about the adults after I speak with the children."

Maura/ Joyce smiled at that "Hopefully they will take it better than we did."

"Yes, indeed that would be helpful." Rupert said. "I'll see you at dinner. I Love you."

"I love you to Rupert."

The others turned red at hearing Giles speak with Joyce however it did warm Buffy heart to know he cared for her mum. She also heard the part about telling the other adults. She was torn on that. She heard a sound and looked up and saw that the Weasley family had arrived. Ok so maybe they get lucky. More magic users would be a good thing.

"My children tell me you may have some answers to the changes we have undergone Mr. Giles. My wife and I would like an to understand what has happened and why….we both now have two sets of memories and these stick things."

Giles sighed and took off his glasses and began to clean them. "Perhaps it would be best if you all come to dinner. My wives are planning on discussing the changes and how it may affect us all. Hopefully we can come to an agreement on how to make this change work for all of us and our children."

The two elder Weasley's looked at each other and nodded. "That sounds lovely. I would be happy to bring dessert." The now newly minted Mrs. Weasley said.

"Yes that would be nice. However we are expecting a rather large crowd…" Giles said a bit worried.

The lady snorted. "I have seven under normal circumstances so a bit more is a none issue. I can also bring a few sides Merlin knows my lot eat like a pack of wolves."

Oz snorted at that.

"Sorry no offence meant." Mr. Weasley said realizing there were several wolves present.

"No worries." Oz said. "We all do eat a lot."

"Yeah we do, it's a thing." Buffy said "We seem to have furnaces for metabolisms or something. Something about us needing more calories to do what we do."

"Yeah magic makes us eat like little piggies, mum could not believe how much I ate at Dante's. I guess magic makes us hungry." Willow said. "Though sticking it to mum wallet was kind of fun."

Giles glared at his daughter. While he had to admit the Rosenbergs had it coming he did not want Willow to become totally estranged from her birth family no matter that she now belonged to him and Joyce, and Jessica as well. To his mind the more family one had the better. Who knows perhaps the changes would help heal some breaches. He knew that for Xander it had already done so. With luck the others would heal as well. Family and extra homes was always a good safeguard on the hell mouth. Who knows when one might have to dive into a home to escape a vampire attack.