Author's note: No rhyme or reason for updating this. Just felt like it, due to 6th edition adding interesting rules.

New over-watch rules:

Shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot it! FUCKING SHOOT IT!

Feel no pain:

*BANG!* "Oh look, a part of my brain just got blown off... What was I doing again?"

Chaos Heldrake:

"Where the hell did they get a fucking dragon from!?" -Imperial Guard general

New Ally rules:

"Sir, the dark eldar are working with the space wolves to attack us!"


New assault rules:

"In the emperor's name, charge!" (rolls double 1's) "Arrrgh! Leg Cramp!"

New challenge system:

"I challenge you to Mortal Kombat!" (denies challenge) "Get back here you pussy!"

New hull-point/vehicle damage system:

F*ck necrons and their Gauss weapons!

New vector strike rules:

"Oh God! Get it off! Get it off!"-imperial guard jet pilot

New snap fire rules:

"See that target over there? I can hit it while moving, and with my eyes closed!"

New reserve rules:

"The enemy isn't here yet? We've won!"

"But sir, they're on their way right n-"

"I SAID we won!"

New night fighting rules:

"I can't see shit! This the 41st millennium! Shouldn't we have night vision goggles or something by now!?"

"No sir! All we have are flashlights!"

"What kind of bullsh*t is this!?"