Authors Note

Warning: Some minor swearing!

To the idiots who keep sending me PM's and crap flaming me for not updating often enough:

Dear Buttfaces,

I truly am sorry, for having a life that does not revolve around pleasing a bunch of people I don't even know.

I am sorry that we had to take my mom to the hospital again and I didn't have time to please the ignorant jerks who think updating is more important than my FAMILY!

I'm sorry that I am an adult, that has actual responsibilities that do not allow me to sit in front of the computer all day and indulge my hobby. Writing is exactly that for me: A hobby. It is not something I have the luxery of doing every day.

I am sorry your life is so lacking that you have nothing better to do than troll a fanfiction site and pick on people who do not meet your expectations. I'm sorry that a simple story means so much to you, that you don't have anything else to devote your time to. (May I suggest getting a pet?)

I'm sorry that there are so many of you and I'm sorry that you chose me to pick on.

To conclude: I have a real life and I will not abandon it for you. I will write in my own time and nothing you have to say will change that. If anything, these stupid messages only delay the next chapter. The time I spent writing this little note could have been put towards my next chapter.

If you do not like waiting so long for my next chapter, then take me off your alert list (Assuming I was there to begin with.) and do not read my story. There are plenty of decent readers, who will not harrass me. I do not need you to drive up my 'hits', or your reviews. I do enjoy getting reviews, but I do not need them. They are not why I write, losing you as a reader will not hurt me in the least, so stop threatening me with it. I don't care, by all means, never contact me again. Please?

To the asshole who sent me this:

"diugusting u rite this 4 yrs wats so hard use words 2 tell the story simple if u cant just quit n b dun wit it. h8 it anyway bad gramer ppl like u make me so mad hope u get herpeas"

Please allow me to offer a few helpful suggestions. Capatilazation, punctuation, and spelling. They're all important!

Dis...Gus...Ting. See how I did that? I sounded out the word. It helps get the spelling right.

Words aren't always spelled like they sound. Herpes, for example. You got the first half right, but 'peas' is a food.

Using numbers as words? Where do I start with that one? Oh, yeah. You're a moron. I do not care for your two cents worth. Again, see how I done that? I spelled the words, like a human being and not coked up monkey.

'.' this is a period, it ends a sentence. '?' this is a question mark, it goes at the end of a sentence that asks a question. It's very simple. See?

Abbrebeations like "ppl" are for emergency situations only. Say you intend to go to a costume party wearing nothing but your grandmothers underwear. Only, you get there and discover you're the only one wearing a costume. You text someone an 'sos' message for help. That is an emergency, therefore abbrevations are acceptable.

Also, if you wish to critique someone elses writing ability, you would have more credibility if you displayed more than a modicum of intillegence. As it is, I'm considering the possibility that you may be the missing link.

This is to my readers, the real ones who didn't flame me for no reason:

This message was not meant for anyone but the dipwads who have been sending me messages for awhile now and I got frustrated. Alone the messages are not enough to upset me, I simply deleted them and went on with my life.

Add together months of recieving reprimands and chastizement and it tends to get extremely annoying. I do not know if this AN will stop anyone from flaming me in the future, (I somehow doubt it will.) but venting makes me feel better. Besides, I hope my flamers read it.

Don't worry, I am not abandoning this story. I will finish it, eventually. I have some readers who have been with me since I posted the first chapter, I will do my best not to dissappoint them. I am writing, and working very hard to make each chapter better and more exciting than the last.

Chronic Chaos x2