Last Time on Untold Hero Luigi: Our heroes have finally rescued Princess Daisy, defeated King Boo, and restored Ken to his body. Now, it's time for the epilogue and for some Luigi X Daisy action.

Luigi was driving his go-kart with Daisy in the back and Ken flying overhead [strangly, he still has some of his ghostly abilities.] as they came to Sarasaland and Daisy's castle when they came to a stop.

"Thanks for saving me Luigi and Ken." Daisy thanked them.

"Don't mention it. It's what we do." Ken told her as he examined his hands, happy that he had his usual gloved hands instead of stubby ghost hands.

"Yeah, it was nothing Daisy." Luigi assured her with his hand behind his head. Daisy gave Luigi a peck on the cheek, but Daisy gave a sly smile as she embraced Luigi and the began kissing.

"Finally." Ken mumbled as the 2 of them were kissing.

10 minutes later...

"Ok...this is severely unnatural." Ken commented as he saw the couple still sucking face. "Get a room!" Ken shouted at the couple, who had finally broke away from their session.

"So uh..." Luigi started trying to break the awkwardness, "Ken, where will you be staying?"

"At the mansion since the ghost are gone." Ken told them. Daisy walked up to Luigi and kissed him on the cheek again.

"Thanks again for saving me." Daisy told him.

"Uh...where's my thanks?" Ken asked, obviously getting ignored. Suddenly, Luigi blasted coins from the Poltergust 5000 into a sack and gave it to Ken. "This is good." Ken said as he shook hands with Luigi. "Thanks for helping me reclaim my body."

"Thanks for helping me save Daisy." Luigi thanked back. Ken then jumped into the air and flew away back to the mansion as Luigi and Daisy went home to sleep.

Me: That's all folks! The story has finally ended!

Ken: Seriously! What about me? I just get my body and the story ends?

Me: Pretty much, but it isn't completely over.

Ken:...What do you mean?

Me: Sequel! And this time, you'll be the star!

Ken: :D

Me: By Thursday, there will be a sequel to Untold Hero Luigi! So please read it. Ken will have his own adventure.

Ken: Don't forget to review this!