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it. This story takes place after "To Catch A Duck".

Have His Conscious
By: Tazura Avey

Duke strolled down the corridors on his way back to his quarters
when a figure clothed in black leaped out of the shadows with his sword
drawn. Duke instantly recognized his assailant as a member of the Black
Jade Assassin's Society and the young duck drew his own sword, parrying
the sweep that was meant to separate his head from his shoulders.
"You are good," commented the assassin. "My employer will be glad
that his money was well earned."
The thief smiled as he blocked the attacks. "Sorry, Black Jade,
but I don't think this is your lucky day," he growled, the sound of their
battle echoing through the halls.
As the two danced around each other with their swords flashing,
Duke began wondering where the other members of the Brotherhood were. So
far, their fight had attracted no curious spectators and yet, they
weren't that far from the living quarters. Shrugging it off for the
moment, Duke concentrated on breaking through the assassin's defense.
If this lasts much longer, I'm in BIG trouble, thought the young
leader of the Brotherhood as he ducked another swipe to the head. For
several minutes, they fought when the assassin's sword struck Duke's
beak. Reeling back from the pain, Duke looked up as the assassin
prepared himself for the killing blow.
"It will be a shame to kill you," remarked the assassin,
disappointed. "You are a worthy opponent."
"NO!" screamed a new voice. Startled, the assassin looked up
as a pregnant duck slammed into him with her sword out and ready. "You're
not going to hurt him!" she snarled, her sword held ready.
Duke struggled to his feet. "Starfire, get out of here NOW!" he
barked, gripping his own sword tightly. She shook her head, her golden
hair swirling around her head. "You are way too stubborn for your own
The assassin checked Starfire into the wall and Duke tackled him
around his waist. The assassin shoved his elbow back into Duke's face,
the spike on his elbow striking Duke in his eye and forcing him back
"You were a fool to interfere in matters that were none of your
concern, girl!" hissed the assassin, lunging for Starfire. She dodged to
one side, but his blade sliced her arm. Screaming in pain, she slid down
the wall and the assassin threw a blade at her, slicing her shoulder.
"Starfire!" cried Duke, his face twisted with agony. He glared
at the assassin with his one good eye before attacking with a fury.
Startled at this attack, the assassin was driven back before Duke tied
him up with a bolo puck. He crouched next to Starfire and cradled her
form close to him. "Don't worry," he soothed. "The doctors will help you."
She coughed and reached up to wiped trickle of blood off of his
dark gray feathers. "Don't worry about me," she whispered, smiling. Duke
pushed the fabric away from the cut on her shoulder and gasped. The
wound was puffy and green from poison. Starfire held up her saber.
"Take this," she stated, pressing it into his hand. "That way
I'll always be with you." As Duke watched, Starfire closed her eyes and
succumbed to the poison.
"NO!" screamed Duke as tears streamed down his face.

Gasping, Duke sat up in bed and turned on the light. His legs
were tangled in the sheets and sweat had plastered his hair to his
face. Snarling, Duke untangled his legs and hugged his knees to his
chest as he tried to stop the tears that ran down his face.
Why now? he wondered. Why is the nightmare coming back now
after all this time? It had been a week since Duke had put Fal Cone
behind bars and helped stop Dragaunus from conquering the Earth.
Standing up, he walked to his bathroom and splashed cold water
on his face, washing away both the tears and the sweat. Behind him,
there was a soft knock at his door and he slipped his eyepatch on as
he walked over to the door. He blinked in surprise when he found
Wildwing standing there with a concerned look on his face.
"Everything all right?" asked the white duck. "I heard you
Duke nodded. "Just an old nightmare," he replied, sadly. "I
thought it was over."
Wildwing smiled, understandingly. "If you ever want to talk
about it, I'm always willing to listen," he stated before leaving
Duke alone with his thoughts.
The ex-thief closed the door and crawled back under his covers.
Turning out the light, he fell asleep with a single tear escaping his
good eye.

The next day during practice, a messenger entered the Pond and
knocked on the Plexiglas to get the ducks' attention. "I have a telegram
for Duke L'Orange," he called.
Duke skated over. "You're lookin' at him," he stated. The
messenger held out a clip board and after Duke signed for the telegram,
he handed the duck an envelope before leaving. Frowning, Duke opened
the envelope as the others gathered around and withdrew a piece of paper.
I will finish what was started with my Black Jade
Assassin. Either meet me on the cliffs outside of
Anaheim or you will loose much more than an eye this time.

Growling, Duke skated for the locker room and the note fell
from his hand, forgotten in his rage. He quickly changed out of his
hockey gear and tossed everything in his locker before turning to find
Wildwing blocking his way.
"Duke, what's going on?" demanded the masked duck, his voice
showing a mix of anger and surprise.
"Outta my way, Wildwing," growled Duke, his temper barely
controlled. "This is personal and doesn't involve the team."
Wildwing shook his head. "Unless you can give me a better
explanation than that I can't let you go," he stated firmly.
Duke shrugged. "Then you leave me no choice," apologized the
gray duck before slugging Wildwing and knocking him to the floor. "Like
I said, this is personal." He entered the elevator as the rest of the
team raced into the locker room. A few minutes later, a lone duckcycle
burst out of the hidden vehicle ramp and roared through the city on it's
way to the cliffs.
Meanwhile, Mallory helped Wildwing off of the locker room floor
and he rubbed his jaw. "To the Migrator," he ordered, changing into his
battle gear. "I don't know what's going on, but Duke might need back
up." They scrambled into place and soon, the Migrator was trailing after
Duke steered his duckcycle through the streets at a reckless
speed, but he didn't care. Nothing mattered to him except confronting
the one who murdered his Starfire. Finally, he pulled to a stop behind
a lone figure who was staring out over the sea.
"So good of you to come, chap," greeted Fal Cone as he turned
around to face Duke, his sword out and ready.
Duke took off his helmet and threw it to the ground as he drew
his own saber. "Shut up and fight, murderer," he ordered, lunging at
Fal Cone. Startled, the falcon raised his sword in time to block Duke's
blade and the two began dancing around and trading blows. When the
Migrator pulled up, the other ducks could only stare at the ferocity of
Duke's attack. They left the Migrator and watched, helpless, as the
adversaries fought.
Snarling, Duke slowly pushed Fal Cone back until they were next
to the edge. They locked blades for a minute and Duke twisted Fal Cone's
saber out of his hands, sending it flying. Placing his saber point at
Fal Cone's throat, Duke glared at his opponent.
"I'm gonna tell you a story, Fal Cone," he announced, pulling out
a silver saber with diamonds inscribing the letters 'SF' in the guard.
Fal Cone gasped at the sight of it and Duke smiled, humorlessly. "Good.
You DO recognize this. The Black Jade you sent after me failed in his
assignment, but he did kill someone that day. He poisoned Starfire when
she saved my life, but sadly, she wasn't the only fatality. It seems she
was four months pregnant with her first child when your assassin showed
up. But then you wouldn't have know she was married to Darkon and
expecting since the Brotherhood grapevine doesn't include federal
prison." His face twisted with rage. "I know killing you won't bring
her back, but boy would it make me feel good!"
"Duke, no!" cried Wildwing, rushing over to them and laying a
hand o Duke's arm. "He's not worth it."
Duke looked at Wildwing for a few tense minutes before lowering
his saber. "Get him out of my sight!" he snarled. "If I ever see him
again, all bet's are off." Turning, Duke walked back to his duckcycle
and drove back to the Pond. Wildwing tied Fal Cone up and loaded him
into the Migrator with Grin sitting close by.

Once Fal Cone was securely behind bars again, Wildwing once more
found himself in front of Duke's door. Reluctantly, he reached up and
knocked on the metal surface. There was a barely audible 'Come in' and
Wildwing opened the door to find Duke sitting on his couch with the two
sabers in his hands.
"I'd appreciate an explanation," stated the Team Captain. He had
removed the Mask and changed into civilian clothes.
Duke shrugged. "You might as well know the full story," he said,
sadly. "It was five years ago when I was heading for my apartments in
the Brotherhood and a Black Jade assassin jumped me. For several minutes
we fought when he got lucky and nicked my beak. I stumbled back and the
assassin was ready to end my career then when Starfire checked him into
the wall before drawing her own saber. Being pregnant didn't stop her any
and there was no way I could get her out of there. The assassin shoved
her into the wall and I tackled him, which he rewarded me by shoving his
elbow spike into my eye. Turning he threw a knife at Starfire and sliced
her shoulder. Furious, I managed to beat him back and tied him up before
I could even think about helping her. Too late, I remembered that the
Black Jades dip their throwing knives in poison and there was nothing
I could do for either of them."
Wildwing watched Duke. "There's more to this than that," he
said in an encouraging tone.
Duke smiled slightly. "Starfire was the nickname I gave her
when we were both children," he stated. "Her real name was Lady
L'Orange and she was my younger sister. We made each other's sabers when
we both joined the Brotherhood and in my hilt, she sealed one of her
feathers in it. Said that way she would always be with me no matter
where I was." He held up the two sabers. "And now these are all I have
left of the only family I ever knew."
The younger duck laid a comforting hand on the ex-thief's
shoulder. Before he could say anything, an alarm ripped through the
Pond and both ducks scrambled for the door. In his haste, Duke dropped
the silver saber on the couch and replaced his on his shoulder. As he
did so, a giggle no louder than a whisper echoed through his room and
Duke glanced around startled before shrugging.
"I'm always with you, brother," whispered a soft voice as Duke
left the room to join his team mates.

The end.

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